Why are GoPros so Expensive?

Go Pro is undoubtedly the best world wide action and adventure camera brand on the market. With the lightweight handheld accessory, the possibilities for action videos are endless. However, what makes these products stand out from the average DSLR camera you can buy from Canon or Sony?

From underwater photos to mountain climbing videos, the capabilities of these products include pushing them to their limit. The unique compact size, the ability to strap them to a part of your body and the various other features are what makes these products so extraordinary in the industry. With various different types of products you can get, it is important to research what kind of GoPro camera will be right for you. Whether you’re after a lightweight video camera, a 360 degree camera or a small compact gadget to pop in your bag on the go, a GoPro is probably the right choice for you.

The Average Price of a GoPro

The average price of a GoPro varies between each model. The cheapest option there is starts at around £150 and then climbs to about £400 for the flagship model. You can also get them slightly cheaper second hand so it is worth researching the various prices that are on the market.

There are a variety of different options when choosing your Go Pro, so it is worth checking out different retailers to see what products they have. From the Hero models to the Go Pro Max, there is bound to be a model that’s within your price range and executes the quality you are looking for.

The GoPro series prices depends on what kind of quality and resolution you are after. It is useful to compare types to find out which one is best for you.

5 Reasons Why a GoPro is Worth the Price Point

Battery Life

The battery life of each GoPro will of course depend on what model you have. For instance, the Hero5 Black has a lasting duration of 2 hours when recording video in 1080p, opposed to the Hero 4 Black that can only record for an hour and a half. Apart from the Hero7 Black, all the types past the Hero 5 session have a lasting duration of 2 hours.

As well as the particular appliance, the duration of the gadget will also depend on what settings you are using, whether you are connected to Wi-Fi and what resolution you are shooting in. There is the opportunity to buy replacement batteries to swap out when one runs low or to buy on the go charging kits. This will expand the usage duration significantly.

However, the battery’s duration is very good for such a small device and at first, 2 hours might seem low, but it is infact a great usage time.

Video Quality

Again, this will depend on the type of Go Pro you are after. The Hero 3 does not shoot in 4k, whereas from the Hero4 Black on wards, all types shoot in between 30 and 60 fps in 4k. The quality starts at 720p and goes up to 4k, but not all cameras do all of the variants.

The cameras that provide the best film quality are all the black Heros 6, 7 and 8 – meaning that the consumer can shoot their New Zealand mountain biking footage, even in low light and still achieve great video.

The HyperSmooth stabilisation means that the video quality will be superb, even when filming something whilst moving. This feature affords the consumer to create smooth videos when on the go.

Advanced Features

One of the advanced features on the GoPro is the field of view, which makes for a wide angle action shot. The variation of shot you can achieve on your GoPro makes for the most unique camera on the market.

Enabling Wifi means that you can view what you are shooting on your phone screen or tablet. This is useful for wanting to share your adventure with another standing on the side lines. It also means that you can control what’s happening on your gadget from your device.

As previously mentioned, the GoPro also has Electronic Image Stabilisation which is great for someone with a shaky hand. This mode is excellent when doing sports and wanting to capture their activities without the photo being extremely blurry or having low picture quality.

Premium Footage for All Adventures

As mentioned before, the exceptional video is perfect for adventures. Whether you are a keen nature photographer, have a passion for mountain biking and skiing or enjoy water sports, this brand is perfect for you. Its waterproof lens and casing means that you can get great pictures and images to share with friends and family.

The target consumers were originally those who wanted a small gadget to get the ideal shot of the adventure and Go Pro certainly provides that.

As you will read below, the variety of extras you can get for your GoPro camera makes it really easy to document your adventures. This gadget is the perfect accessory to record your child’s first bike ride or your first swim with your significant other. It really is top of the range for versatility in use and can be pushed to the limit in terms of where you take it. Although it might seem fairly costly, the GoPro cameras are really a small price to pay for such great portraits.

Range of Accessories

Furthermore, there are also lots of extras that you can buy for your GoPro to make them easier to use. For example, there is the Hero 8 Display Mod that is perfect for a vlogger. This mod has a flip up screen which makes it super easy for the person to see what they are filming. That combined with the Media Mod means that you can connect an additional microphone and also has two additional HDMI outputs which are super useful for easily accessing what you have taken.

For the more adventurous person, GoPro has created a buoyancy aid for the gadget. This means that it definitely won’t sink if you’re after the perfect underwater shot. This gadget will keep your mind at peace when trying to create those cool portraits.

The rechargeable batteries are super useful when using your camera for a long period of time. The battery’s duration for most types is between 1.5-2 hours, so if you are getting a lot of use out of your gadget without the ability to recharge it, an extra battery would be a good investment.

If you want to film your day to day activity, there are some really cool mounts you can buy for your GoPro, including chest mounts and one that can attach to your hat or helmet. These can give a really cool effect when running, cycling or skating or perhaps if you just want to document what you get up to in the day without having to hold the camera all the time. The tripods can also be another great alternative to just holding the gadget, meaning you can go hands free.

Lastly, there are a variety of protective housing you can buy for your GoPro. Most of the cameras provide water resistance up to 10m but you might want to dive further. If that is the case, it might be worth investing in extra protective housing for your gadget. This would be a great choice for a scuba diver, or any person who wants to jump from great heights with their camera. This housing is great for video features for people that are wanting to film differently.

GoPro versus Generic DSLR: What’s the Difference?

When looking to buy a new camera, there are many options on the market right now. The obvious option might be a DSLR (which stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex) but you should definitely consider a GoPro too.

One of the most obvious differences between the different types of cameras is the size and weight. Most DSLRs are quite chunky in capacity and weight a considerable amount. The GoPro is considerably smaller and can usually fit in one hand. The weight and size is a worthwhile consideration when deciding what camera to buy, especially when looking for a kind of gadget for more on the go. The GoPro is lightweight and compact, perfect for travel.

Another big difference between them is that with DSLRs, you can normally buy different lenses, meaning that you can get a bigger versatility of image quality. This is wise to consider if you are really into photography and want to be able to shoot portraits and landscapes. However, the field of view on the GoPro, as mentioned earlier can make the action camera look more like DSLR images. The linear 90 degree angle view can compete with your average Sony to create the money shot.

Due to the capacity difference, the DSLR can shoot in better quality. However, for someone that wants a gadget to capture for on the go, the GoPro is undoubtedly the best choice. The GoPro comes with Bluetooth and WiFi, meaning that it’s easy to transport images from the camera itself onto your device, whereas the DSLRs (unless you are buying a really expensive one) usually have to be connected by wire or memory card.

Furthermore, the GoPro has more extras you can buy to enhance quality and usage, whereas for DSLRs you can usually only buy extra microphones and tripods.

Lastly, one of the winning features of the GoPro which DSLRs do not have is that they are waterproof and shockproof. This means that they are fine to go underwater (some types will need specific casing) and you can drop them without worrying about them breaking. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for DSLRs. There is a possibility for them to be waterproof, but you’d have to buy pretty secure and expensive casing. The GoPro trumps DSLRs quite considerably in terms of durability and versatility and is something to consider when looking for your perfect device.

DSLRs are a good investment if you are looking to take professional looking images, however, it will be worthwhile researching into the GoPro and seeing if they can do all and more of what you want a camera for. The GoPro is perfect for a keen adventurer who wants to take cool underwater photos and doesn’t want to worry about the product being knocked about when being used. Both cameras have a lot to offer, but there is a significant difference between how you can use each one.

The Best GoPro Models for 2020

The best GoPro for you depends on how much you’re willing to spend and what exactly you want it for. The new GoPro Hero 9 Black has just been released for about £345. Although this top of the series GoPro is the best money can buy right now, there are older types that are still really great in 2020. Below are some of the top products you can buy from GoPro right now, including a list of pros cons.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Retailing for about £280, the GoPro Hero8 is one of the newer cameras with 4K video and a design that is more streamlined. This version has easy access for changing power supply, which means it is perfect for anyone using it on the go. The Hyper Smooth 2.0 stabilisation means that the consumer is able to achieve super fluid images and create excelled slow mos.

Furthermore, this camera includes voice control, making it easy for the consumer to take charge of the capturing memories and filming independently. It also has a new design which means that you can attach the gadget directly to a mount without the consumer having to purchase special casing. This brings down the cost significantly, as you do not have to buy extra gadgets to go with it. Also along with the sleek design, it means the gadget is easier to transport meaning that it’s the perfect companion for those wild expeditions.

Another unique factor for this GoPro, is that you can complete post-production using the app on your device. This means that it is a lot easier to edit and share video and photos with loved ones. Overall, it seems like this camera is super easy to use, also with a battery lifespan of two hours.


  • Don’t need a lot of extra accessories to use
  • Small and easy to transport
  • Easy to connect to the app
  • Shaky photo stabilisation
  • Sleek design
  • Live streaming in 1080p


  • Fairly pricey
  • For beginners, it might be too technical
  • Better GoPro cameras available

GoPro Max

Slightly on the pricier side, the GoPro Max retails for around £400. This brand has three cameras in one, meaning that you can achieve that excelled 360 degree look. This also means you can take panoramic photographs to capture those true moments. This camera is an excellent choice for those who want to create stunning image of an adventure or a natural environment.

The Max makes it easy to edit with transferring all images straight to your phone. This means you can edit quickly and easily. The four lenses in the camera means less editing in post production and variation of shots you can create. Like the Hero8, the Max also has HyperSmooth stabilisation, making for steady and stable photos.

This particular version has six microphones, meaning that the audio is really clean with barely any interference. This is useful for those who want to use the gadget for lifestyle vlogging rather than just of expeditions.


  • Waterproof
  • Live streaming in 1080p
  • Max HyperSmooth stabilisation
  • Great for sports
  • Amazing audio


  • Pricey
  • May not be great for beginners
  • Not as many resolution settings as the Hero8
  • No 4k video

GoPro Hero7 Silver

This silver GoPro comes in significantly cheaper at around £150. This camera has a lot of the core GoPro features such as voice recognition and shooting in 4k, but for significantly less. This is a great gadget for someone who has never had a GoPro before and wants to be immersed in the universe of easy and transportable cameras. This waterproof camera makes it easy to shoot cool images underwater and also cute selfies with your friends.

This camera has the opportunity to shoot in portrait mode, which is super useful for social media posts. The feature of burst mode means that the lens can take 15 photos in one second, meaning that it’s super easy to capture those moments that seem to fly by. Further to this, the timer on the gadget means that it’s also easier to take a great photo, if you want everyone in the image.

Not as great as the newer models, this silver camera still has smooth stabilisation technology, which is a mark up from the Hero 3 and the Hero 4. The life duration is better than the previous models but you are not able to remove the battery from the gadget. This is easier in terms of not having so many pieces but could be a slight issue if you want to use it for a long period of time and need to swap batteries. With a lifespan of two hours, it is better than the Hero7 Black version and is pretty much half the cost.


  • More affordable version
  • Touch screen
  • Streamlined
  • 4K video
  • Voice command
  • Lighter weight


  • Quite small
  • Lower photo quality than other models
  • No removable battery
  • More premium models are available

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