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Are you a keen motor head? Do you need a brand new set of the best value tires? Are you in the market for some tires at discount prices that offer ultra high performance, a brilliant speed rating, and a comfortable ride on wet surfaces? Well, you’re in luck. Today we’re taking you through the best tires for your money – making sure the price tag of your new tires doesn’t break the bank.

Before we showcase the 15 picks we’ll be answering all your questions about the different kinds of discounted tires for sale. If you’re wondering “what is the best tire brand?”, we have you covered.

We’ll also be discussing some key considerations you need to think of when you’re shopping around for the latest tires at a discounted price. So, look no further and have a read of our handy guide to buying tires.

15 Best Budget Tires in 2020

Okay drivers, here is our complete list of tires in 2020. Each is equipped with the embedded Amazon links, so you can follow straight through to see what different vehicle owners are saying in the comments about their models. Customers’ feedback is always useful to look at, because manufacturers may make an improvement based off of this.

We guarantee you’ll find something for you here, you don’t have a reason not to!

1. Goodyear Eagle Radial Tire

Best Features: Durability and Wear Capacity. Wet Surface Traction.

Our first pick is the Goodyear Radial Tire in LS-2 (235/45R18 94V). It’s a great tire for a great price, with an excellent speed rating and performance capacity. One of the greatest picks for the money- they’re some of the best under $80.


Size: 195/60R15  | Wet Grip: 4×4

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2. Kumho Solus All-Season Tire

Best Features: Exceptional Grip. Premium Comfort for a Smooth Drive.

Our second pick is the Kumho All-Season Radial Tire TA71 (245/45R18XL 100W). Its tiny gripping edges are fine-tuned to give great tread life on cold or slick surfaces. Some of the best all season models we’ve seen, and some of the best ones under $100.


Size: 13inc.  | Tread depth: 10/32″ | Rim size: 17.00 inches

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3. MICHELIN Premier All-Season Tire

MICHELIN Premier All-Season Tire - best tires under $100

Best Features: Handling. Price Point.

Our third pick comes from MICHELIN, with the Premier A/S Tire (215/55R17 94V). They’re brilliant for safety and comfort, giving you a quiet ride complete with a 60,000 mile manufacturer tread life limited warranty and an excellent speed rating.


Tread depth: 8.5/32  | Rim size: 18.00 inches

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4.Goodyear Wrangler Tire

Goodyear Wrangler Radial Tire - best economy tires

Best Features: Tread Life. Price Point.

Another Goodyear tire, this pick is the Wrangler SR-A 275/60R20 114S tire. At a wonderful price and brilliant speed rating and tread life, you can’t beat this quality of tire. Other makes, such as the General Altimax, just can’t compare.


Tread depth: 11/32

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5. Mickey Thompson All-Terrain Tire

Mickey Thompson All-Terrain Radial Tire - best tire

Best Features: Perfect Grip. Impressive Quiet Volume.

The next pick we have is the Deegan 38 A/T Radial Tire (275/55R20 117T). Its sophisticated traction-ensuring tires give you a brilliant tread life on all terrains.


Size: 17 inc. |Tread depth: 9.9

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6. Toyo Open Country All Terrain Tire

Toyo Open Country All Terrain Radial Tire - cheapest tires

Best Features: Brilliant Tread Life/Depth. Great for Off-Roading.

Our sixth pick is the Toyo A/T Radial Tire (265/75R16 123R). Its speed rating, sturdy tread life, and other brilliant features make it a perfect pick.


Size: 265/75R15 112S

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7. Toyo Open Country 10 Ply Tire

Toyo Open Country 10 Ply Radial Tire - best affordable tires

Best Features: Smooth Ride. Quiet and Effective.

Another pick from Toyo, it’s the R/T 10 Ply Tire (35/12.5R18 123Q). With their sleek and sturdy design including grooves on the tires, they hold the Toyo name with pride – just like pick 6. Customer reviews indicate they’re quiet, run easily, and are one of the better products in value for money. Better deals than your average options, these tires can be found on the Amazon website.


Rim size: 127

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8. Mickey Thompson Street Performance Tire

Mickey Thompson Street Performance Radial Tire - best inexpensive tires

Best Features: Lightweight. Asymmetric tread design.

Our eighth pick is from Mickey Thompson, and it’s the Street Comp Performance Radial Tire (245/40R18 97Y). They give a superior feel and performance, wet or dry, the key takeaway from these tires is that this company provides you with amazing choices and a wonderful treadlife warranty. Different companies and their promotions may not offer the great pricing and value of this tire. Great for family vehicles and other things, such as Coupes.

Get a fab performing tire for a fraction of the price. Don’t believe the result? Read comments from users of Amazon and other websites.


Tread depth: 20 inc  | Rim size: 15 inc

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9. Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/T Performance Tire

Best Features: Radial Construction for High Mileage. Flat Tread Profile for Improved Handling.

The ninth pick we’ve got for you is the Sportsman Performance Radial Tire P255/60R15 102T) from Mickey Thompson. Like pick 8, it’s clear to see why this brand is so trusted and works for everyone. With these fab tires, you don’t have to spare your very last dollar – the expense is comparatively minimal, compared to other makes such as the General Altimax.


Size: P235/60R15 | Tread depth: 2/32 inc

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10. Mastercraft Stratus All Season Tire

Mastercraft Stratus All Season Tire - discounted tires

Best Features: Runs Smoothly with Minimal Balancing. Great Value for Quality.

Our tenth pick is one of the best budget all season tires, it’s the Mastercraft Stratus AS Tire (205/75R14 95T). With a 50,000 mile tread wear protection and spiral nylon overwrap, they don’t call this company Mastercraft for nothing!


Load Capacity: 2680 pounds  | Rim size: 16.00 inc.

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11.Vercelli Strada All-Season Tire

Vercelli Strada All-Season Radial Tire - best tire

Best Features: Durability. Price Point.

Nearly at the end! Our eleventh pick is the Vercelli VC295 All Season Strada II Radial Tire (225/40R18 92W). Its soft directional pattern grooves give an excellent noise reduction quality, for a quiet comfortable ride.

What’s more, the solid center rib gives high driving stability and the tire includes large blocks for exquisite performance handling.


Size: 245/45R20  | Tread depth: 12.7 32nd  | Rim size: 18.00

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12.Michelin Energy Saver All Season Tire

Michelin Energy Saver All Season Tire - tire for sales

Best Features: MaxTouch Construction Evenly Distributes Force. Silica-based Tread Compound Ensuring Traction.

Our next option comes from MICHELIN, and is the Energy Saver A/S Radial Tire (P205/65R16 94S). The excellent Energy Saver construction combined with the one of a kind tread rubber keeps the tire cooler and improve fuel efficiency by reducing C02 emissions. Want a discount tire that can weather all weather conditions AND give you an environmentally conscious driving experience? Look no further. These are some quality tires for those with budgets.


Size: 205/55R16  | Fuel efficiency: 8%

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13.General Tire Grabber All-Season Tire

General Tire Grabber All-Season Radial Tire - high performance

Best Features: Resistance Compounds Providing Stability. Absorption Layer Protects on the Roads.

Our next choice pick comes from General Tire, and is the Grabber HTS60 All-Season Radial Tire (265/ 75R15 112S). This make offers a tough, all season tire that provides the perfect balance of comfort and durability for a light truck, SUV and Crossover. Suitable for all road surfaces due to the durable materials.


Load Capacity: 104

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14.Nexen Roadian All Season Tire

Nexen Roadian All Season Radial Tire - best tire for the money

Best Features: Great Wear Capacity. Smooth Ride in All Weathers.

Our penultimate pick comes from NEXEN, and is the Roadian AT Pro RA8 A/S Tire (275/ 60R20 115S). Their tires are a universal fit and have a load capacity of 2679. They are also perfect for those that are a fan of limited wear and brilliant responsiveness.


Rim size: 22.00 inches

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15.Bridgestone Dueler Highway Terrain SUV Tire

Bridgestone Dueler Highway Terrain SUV Tire - best budget tires

Best Features: Good Fuel Economy. Durability.

Our final pick is perfect for you if you have an SUV, it’s the Bridgestone H/L Alenza Highway Terrain SUV Tire (P275/55R20 111S). While a good model, any Arkansas-based readers will unfortunately be unable to purchase.


Size: P265/65R17  | Rim size: 17.00 inches

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Best Budget Tires

Our pick for the best budget model is pick 14, the NEXEN Roadian AT Pro RA8 A/S Tire (275/ 60R20 115S). Nobody in the industry is doing it like NEXEN: the tread patterns, tire quality and tire pressure, speed ratings, and more, make this tire one of the best with some of the most agreeable tire prices.

People express satisfaction with this model, from those with Sedans, to those with smaller passenger cars. Feel free to research consumer reports to see what else others have to say about this brilliant piece of technology, outside of the Amazon site.

Best Budget Tires - discount on tires

Size: 275/60R20 | Rim Size: 20 

Cheapest Tires Available

The best cheap tire is pick 11, the Vercelli VC295 All Season Strada II Radial Tire (225/40R18 92W). Some of the top tires in the United States, these tires offer a brilliant tread pattern and tire size, and comes top in our product ratings. The amount of positive reviews is promising guidance – feel free to reply to comments to gain more information, and as always, check out the terms and conditions – on things such as mileage warranty and other warranties – to see which factors are most important in your option.

These tires offer a range of capabilities which is reflected in the many positive scores.

Cheapest Tires Available - best budget all season tires

Rim Size: 18.00 Inches

Buyers’ Guide When Choosing Tires

Here we’ll expand a little more into the considerations we gave you right at the start. We’ll be running through:

  • Whether to pick standard or all-season touring tires
  • What tread-wear means and why it’s important
  • High performance tires
  • Sizing
  • Speed rating and loading index
  • Braking, handling and traction
  • Fuel economy rating
  • Ride comfort and road noise level

1. Standard or all-season?

All season tires are a good option to go for because they offer a balance of capabilities, giving you the best performance in wet or dry conditions. These tires also give you good traction in snow. They’re built for the average driver and provide a good rolling resistance for lots of different models such as minivans.

Standard tires generally include summer tires, whereas all season tires are more similar to winter tires, or snow tires. Summer tires will generally give you a good level of wheel control, but will not fare as well in adverse weather.

2. Tread wear

A tread wear grade compares the wear rates of the tire when tested under controlled conditions, in order to show you how the tire performs in different weathers and on different terrains. These are controlled with government test tracks, and your tires’ tests will have to meet a range of compliance and safety standards. Keep tread wear in mind when looking at tire reviews.

3. High performance tires

Tires designed to enhance performance are generally tailored to cars with sportier handling, fast responsiveness, and superior grip – if you like to ‘feel the road’ when driving, these tires may be for you.

4. Sizing

If you refer back to our considerations section, we’ve explained tire sizing for you in an accessible and easy manner. Make sure you pay attention to tire sizing to ensure the purchase you make will fit your vehicle.

5. Speed and Loading

The speed rating indicates the max speed a tire can carry its specific load, which is indicated by the load index. These two factors will balance each other out, as load index and thus weight generally impedes upon the max speed of a tire.

6. Braking and traction

Another great tip if you don’t want to be calling roadside assistance all the time is to have a look at your tire’s traction/ tread efficacy and the impact this has on braking performance. If you have worn tires with a lower tread depth, this can cause a loss of traction in breaking.

7. Fuel economy

According to recent studies, 20-30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption is tire related. This means that the type of tire you buy can very well affect your fuel economy. Generally, Goodyear tires are a shining example of tires that give you a lower and more efficient fuel economy, with Hankook coming at the top also.

8. Ride comfort

Tires can also play a key part in ride comfort and quality. Generally, larger and heavier models result in a rougher ride, which you’d expect on trickier or rocky terrains if you’re, for example, off-roading. Smaller and thicker models can give a smoother ride without any massive change to the car, but beware – don’t change the size too drastically as this can cause issues.

Road noise is also a major factor, as some tires can be noisier than others. If tread depths are more unbalanced, tires will emit loud noises when driving due to irregular tire movements. Therefore, tires with an aggressive tread pattern, i.e. winter or snow models, will generally be a bit noisier.

Are Cheap Tires Any Good?

Of course, you may be wondering if cheap models are actually any good, or if it’s worth just investing in some pricier models. However, we think our handy buying guide and list of 15 top picks shows that inexpensive tires are attainable and good quality; most customers review their models as having plenty of settings and benefits for whichever place they need to go. This way, you know that you’re in for a bargain, but a quality bargain.

Who Has the Best Deal on Tires?

Generally, our top 15 have shown you a variety of picks that you can buy with just a click of a mouse and your VISA card details. For this reason, online retailers like Amazon present the very greatest of brands such as Michelin and Goodyear, who all have wonderful deals on tire models.

Michelin is one of our favourites, purely for their excellent Energy Saving tire that we’ve listed here. This is an ideal pick for those that want to ensure an efficient fuel economy rating and prevent climate change in doing so…

How Do I Get the Best Deal on Tires?

On all the categories of models, from anything you need, in whatever packages, we think that it’s pretty easy to get a good deal on tire models. Shop around, keep our considerations in mind, and soon enough you’ll have access to a network of models that perfectly balance your needs against that low, low cost.

For fans of efficiency, this process is issue- free and couldn’t be easier. No metaphorical bumps in the road here – make your orders now.

Types of Tires Available

Of course, the discounts tires offer are well worth it across the board – there are lots of different types of tires that are worth your money. So, what are they? Here are the three most common types of tire for sales:

An all season tire does what it says on the can – it performs well in all seasons, meaning it can perform with ultra high capabilities in all weathers, such as snow. This article will take you through the budget all season tires, among others.

An all terrain tire can be driven for as many as 50,000 miles across all different surfaces – they have fab wear capacity for their price.

An ultra high performance tire is better equipped to handle high speed, and has a better cornering performance. Though, these tires have a weakened wear capacity.

Typical Cost of Cheap Tires

The next question you’ll want to consider is, “what are the best inexpensive tires”? Well, in order to do that you’ll need to know the cost of different tires and how the cost differs, in order to find the right discount on tires for your budget.

The price of tires generally differs based on features like: speed rating, tread life, the type of tire – for example all season tires versus best radial tires, and the performance output on your vehicle.

A high quality, cheap tire will cost anywhere between $100 and $500, depending on the features we’ve listed above. Whilst the price is variable, so some tires require you to splash a bit more money, the quality is consistent. Most come with road hazard warranty and treadwear warranty/ tread warranty, so no matter what your ride quality is insured.

Considerations for Choosing Cheap Tires On a Budget

Considering the difference in price and the variety of types in the best cheap tires we have for you, here are some key considerations you’ll need to think of before you type in your email address and reach for your card details:

Your car’s needs

The very first thing to think of when you’re selecting new tires is your car’s needs: what are your priorities when selecting the good tires? What features are you looking for? Do you want a car with maximum tread life and an impressive speed rating, or are you looking for tires with a better grip on wet surfaces?

In order to do this, consider: the type of driving you do, and the conditions you’ll ordinarily drive in, as well as the best and worse case scenario of conditions – you’ll want to be sure your tires can withstand a variety of conditions.

If you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your car’s needs and potential, you could look at accessories such as the best budget OBD2 scanners.

Tire Size

Next, you obviously need to think about your car and the size of tires it will support – construct your owner’s manual (or the placard on the door of the driver’s side) to find recommended tire measurements. The label should look like: “P225/ 70R16 91S”, or something similar. The different parts are explained below:

Part 1: P225/70R16 refers to the tire’s measurements like width and diameter.

Part 2: 91 refers to the tire’s load index, meaning how much weight each tire can support.

Part 3: S indicates the speed rating – which generally can vary in relation to the load index.

Tire Type

Finally, as we mentioned before, you’ll need to consider the type of driving you do and what car you actually have in order to consult the type of tire you’ll need.

All Season Tires are generally better for mainstream cars and SUVs.

High Performance Tires are more suited to those with upgraded wheels of high speed, like sports cars.

Snow and Mud Tires are suited to the terrains which contain either a lot of snow, or mud – depending! If you frequently off-road, mud tires would be a good consideration. If you live up north where it’s constantly cold, you’ll want a model with good snow traction.

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