Vacation Spots For Couples On A Budget

Travelling as a couple is always a great idea as this is one of the ways that will help both of you to get to know each other well. Some couples are vacationing as their way of bonding, while there are some who are vacationing for their honeymoon. But a lot of people think that majority if the best vacation spots are very expensive to go to and that’s why they cross them out of their list. 

What people don’t know is that some of the best spots in the world are affordable and can fit the budget that you have. But with the number of vacation spots today, it can be challenging to find a vacation spot that will not break the bank. That’s why I have gathered the list of the best vacation spots that will surely fit every budget that couples have.

So whether you are looking for vacation spots for your honeymoon or simply just for vacation, the list below will surely help you travel in different parts of the world.

1. Thailand

Every budget traveler knows that Thailand is one of the best countries to visit without putting a hold in the pocket. It is in Asia, where the best beaches are located and a lot of travelers have already visited the place because of its beauty. One of the best things about Thailand is that everything there is affordable, from attractions, local buses, food, and even the guesthouses. 

There are also luxurious accommodations in the country, but the maximum amount that you can spend in a luxurious one is USD 60, which is relatively still cheaper than others. If you and your partner are on a budget, Thailand is the first country that you should definitely visit. 

2. South Korea

Not everyone is talking and has been in South Korea, which makes it one of the most undiscovered budget-friendly travel destinations today. The country is also perfect for budget couple travelers, as they have affordable food and accommodations. The country is high tech enough to blow everyone’s mind, and delicious foods that will satisfy your palates. 

One of the best things about South Korea is that the countryside is definitely beautiful. A lot of people travel to the countryside because of how amazing the view looks and how peaceful it seems. Also, you can enjoy Korean BBQ with your partner and drinks that are affordable for you to enjoy in the countryside. Everything in South Korea is cheap so if you are and your partner is on a budget, booking a flight now would be perfect.

3. Cambodia

Another country in Southeast Asia is Cambodia, which became one of the favorites of most travels. The reason behind this is because of the hospitable locals, beautiful scenery, and affordable stuff that you and your partner can buy and eat in the country. The country has affordable accommodations, wherein you can enjoy a beautiful air-conditioned room for only USD 30.

You can even enjoy street food for a couple of dollars especially if you want to try their local foods. The country has the best vacation spots, where temples are often visited by travelers. Cambodia is also famous for backpackers simply because of the countries the low cost of living.

4. Fiji

A lot of people don’t know this, but Fiji is amongst the most affordable go-to for travelers and backpackers. As a couple, you will surely enjoy Fiji because of its amazing scenery and spots that can be visited for an affordable price. But take note that there are still resorts that are quite expensive, so if you are on a budget, it would be best to check out the affordable ones. 

Fiji has one of the most pristine beaches in the world, wherein it also became a world-class diving for divers. There is also a lot of delicious food and beverages that you and your partner can enjoy. Locals are also very friendly so there’s nothing to worry about. Visit Fiji soon and enjoy their affordable transportations and guesthouses.

5. India


Another affordable but beautiful country that you can visit as a couple in India. Enjoying their country is relatively cheap because of its affordable accommodation and local foods. If you are going to stay in a five-star hotel and only consume western meals, expect your bills to be high. But if you are going to stay in affordable but cheap guesthouses and take public transportations, you don’t have to worry about anything then. 

India also has the most amazing food, which will satisfy your palate, especially if you are into food that’s a lot of spices. Some of the best things about India is its rich cultural history, tea, food, and the curious yet very friendly locals. India is a big country, which means that there are a lot of places to explore.

6. Australia

Yes, Australia can be an expensive destination but know that it can also be cheap. Backpackers love Australia not only because of their beautiful destinations, but also because of their budget-friendly groceries and hotels. Remember that it will be up to you on how you can visit Australia using the budget that you have. All you need to do is to be smart and get to know some tricks by visiting the trails of backpackers today. 

Based on studies, Australia became affordable because of the drop in the Australian dollar by 20%. So if you want to make the most out of it, this is the best time to visit the country,

7. Portugal

Portugal may be part of Europe, but this one is the most affordable one. A lot of people fell in love with the country the first time, simply because of their historic cities, beautiful beaches, stunning cliffs, jovial locals, delicious food, and wine. But know that the place became crowded nowadays because of its popularity so don’t be surprise seeing a lot of people. 

Nonetheless, Portugal is one of the best places to visit especially if you want to travel and on a budget.

8. Eastern Europe

When I say Eastern Europe, this means the Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, and Ukraine as they are the cheapest part of Europe. A lot of people don’t know but travelers can actually get a room for only USD 8 or get a liter of beer for only USD 1.50. One of the best things about Eastern Europe is that they are not as crowded as Barcelona, Prague, and Paris.

With the beauty and charm of Eastern Europe, you will surely be able to relax here and just enjoy the scenery that the place has to offer. 

9. Central America

If you and your partner are into food, surfing, and jungle, you will surely enjoy Central America. Some of the best countries to visit in Central America are Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. There are affordable hotels here which you can get for $16 per night and your meals can range from $3 to $5. Transportation is also affordable so there’s nothing to worry about going around. 

Some of the countries that are quite expensive in Central America are Costa Rica, Panama, and Belize. Some backpackers go here and spend roughly $40 per day. 

10. San Antonio, Texas

If you and your partner love Mexican food, then San Antonio, Texas is the one that you should visit. There is a lot of places that you can visit since the state is rich in historic sites, including the San Fernando Cathedral. If you and your partner plan to go there during the weekend make sure to check out Pearl Brewery at the farmer’s market. This is usually the first stop of most tourists.

11. Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, Mexico may be the largest city, but tourists will hardly be seen here. Usually, couples go here because of the tranquil atmosphere. If you are planning to go to Puebla, then make sure to try the Mole sauce which is popular in the city amongst tourists and locals.

12. South Atlantic Ocean

You and your parents will surely love to go to St. Helena, which is located in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most affordable destinations that you can go to. Hikers love the place because it’s very remote and quiet. They also love the remote golf course where you and your partner can enjoy. Of course, the food here is amazing, which means that you and your partner will surely be able to enjoy it. 

13. El Nido Palawan, Philippines

The Philippines is a country where the best beaches in Southeast Asia is located. One of the best places to visit in the country is El Nido, which is located in the province of Palawan. The island can cater to any budget, which means that if you and your partner are on a budget, you will surely have a place to stay on the island. 

El Nido is popular because of its crystal clear blue waters, wherein you can actually see whatever is under the water. There are a lot of backpackers and honeymooners on this island because of its amazing view. Also, you should never miss out on their local food because they serve the best dishes in Asia.

14. Hungary

One of the best cities to visit in Hungary is Budapest, where travelers are often seen. There are also a lot of universities in the area which will give you a student vibe. The city is covered in red bricks and has an amazing culture to share with its tourists. If you and your partner are into greenery and parks, then Budapest in Hungary is the one for you.

15. Ecuador

One of the cities in Ecuador that you should visit is Cuenca. Honeymooners are often here because of the romantic vibe that the city gives. You can enjoy the city filled with romantic details and roses. Besides the romantic spots, you can also both enjoy rainforest treks, volcano hikes, and hot springs. Worry not because Ecuador has the cheapest cities that you can visit.

16. Tulum, Mexico

If you both enjoy the beach and are looking for an affordable vacation, then Tulum in Mexico would be the perfect place. There are a lot of affordable hotels in the area and you can enjoy the beautiful and serene look of the beach. There are cabins along the beach, where you can stay and enjoy the beach all day and night. If you are looking for a budget-friendly beach, Tulum in Mexico would be the best.

17. Havasupai, Arizona

Now if you and your partner love activities that are adrenaline pumping, then the Havasupai in Arizona would be the perfect place. This place is not yet popular with tourists, which means that you can enjoy the romantic vibe that the place offers. Every scenery in this place is picture-worthy.

Havasupai in Arizona offers cheap hotels and amazing food, so you will surely enjoy your vacation here. 

18. Puerto Rico

If you are into a Caribbean vacation and have been planning with it, then staying in Puerto Rico, especially in San Juan will not break the bank. The place has affordable airfare and the beaches are astonishingly breathtaking, which is perfect for every couple who are on a vacation. 

You can find affordable hotels and amazing dinners that have a romantic view. Visiting the place will surely be worth it. 

19. Southern United States

Lastly, you can go to the Southern United States, specifically in Nashville Tennessee and enjoy the city. It has the best vacation spots for every couple on a budget. The reason behind this is because of the youthful vibe that the place has to offer. There are also bars that you can choose from, where you can drink and enjoy their amazing food. 

With all these amazing vacation spots, you and your partner will surely have a lot of options to choose from depending on your budget. Choose the ones that you like and make sure to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the place has to offer. 




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