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Backpacks is one of the most popular type of adventures activity. When you plan an adventurous trip, all your essential and belongings need to be properly carried. Some people even wish to carry their laptops or tablets along – especially if it is a college trip. For such situations, getting the right backpack that suits your requirements is a must.

With growing competition, the market is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Today, there are a host of best budget backpacking packs available in the market with different colors, shapes, sizes, features, design and prices.

It is a common phenomenon to buy branded backpacks, as they are considered to be trustworthy and long lasting. But, the market is wide enough to offer various choices, as multiple brands have stepped into the market. Good quality backpacks are not merely useful, but they also give a push to your status as they are one of the few things people generally judge you on.

As days pass by, there are activities that you are involved in. Some of these activities require that you carry a backpack. A backpack is a type of a bag that has shoulder straps, that makes it possible for you to lug it on your back.

It is imperative to buy a comfortable and easy to use backpack that you will be carrying along during your trips. For many people, adventure is their ultimate goal. But this adventurous dream is accompanied by a number of problems, and to provide comfort during the journey, one needs to have a good companion in form of the best budget backpacking pack.

Choosing the best budget backpacking pack for travel is a difficult task, as it needs to factor in both safety as well as comfort. Though the backpack is meant to carry all your hiking gear in one place, it itself is a very important component to be considered before taking a trip.

However, you need to have a fair idea before you buy the best budget backpacking pack. This guide is specially designed to provide you with some useful information on how to choose some of the best budget backpacking packs. Getting the wrong backpack will only lead to unnecessary frustration and expenses.


Top 10 Best Budget Backpacking Packs 2020

1. Venture Pal Lightweight Packable

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Best Features: Comes in several colors. It’s made with a waterproof material to keep the interior dry. It’s durable. It has multiple compartments for easy organization. Has ample storage space for a day trip. Has two-way heavy-duty zipper. It has well-padded shoulder straps and a chest strap.

Capacity:1 Gallon / 74OZ  | 

Whether it is a day trip or a short excursion for hiking, bicycling, school events and any other activity, the fun doubles up with the use of a perfectly suited daypack. A good backpack offers convenience to carry all that you will require in one location and thus enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The Venture Pal Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack is crucial for easily storing, organizing, keep your stuff safe. It helps you to pay more attention to enjoyment, rather than constantly look after your belongings and its safety. The Venture Pal is made of waterproof material that protects your belongings from bad weather and moisture.

Additionally, it is also strong enough to not undergo wear and tear, thus offering a long life. The backpack has a well-built and spacious main compartment along with a separator, that provides better scope for organizing things within. It has many smaller compartments to fit it all those tiny necessities that are unavoidable and it offers easy access to them. It offers a good 35 liters of storage space that makes it the apt option day trips or travels that last for a week.

It consists of heavy duty zippers that provide two-way reliability, for quick access to the main compartments from both the sides. Furthermore, it has bar tack reinforcements at stress points, and a double layered bottom to improve its durability.

This Venture Pal is unequivocally your good friend, as it is made from mesh fabric that is adjustable. The shoulder straps also feature padding and offers protection from shoulder strain and sweat. The chest strap attached provides extra security and safety.

You can fold the backpack into a zippered pocket for small space storage when not in use, thus offering excellent flexibility. The Venture product comes with a lifetime warranty for return or exchange.

All in all, the Venture Pal Travel Backpack is a combination of all the useful requirements at an affordable rate. It terms of storage space, durability in design and weight, it exceeds most of the top brands and models with a higher price tag attached to them. As such, the Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack is the best budget backpacking pack 2018 on our list.


Capacity: 40L | Material: BPA Free Plastic Capacity: 1 Gallon / 74OZ

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2. AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking

AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rainfly

Best Features: Provides ample space for hiking with a capacity of 70L. Has many pockets for storing small items. Has a lumber pad for back support and airflow. Made using polyester which is durable. It is water repellant, water-resistant and comes with a waterproof cover. Comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.

The AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is a simple, yet stylish backpack specially designed for long duration travels. It has a volume of 70L along with a 5L extended collar capacity. The backpack consists of a large storage compartment, that has the capacity to stuff in all your gear, clothing and essentials.

It also has many small pockets for extra storage, and also a sleeping bag compartment. This hiking backpack comes with compression straps to keep it compact in size and thus, consume minimum space.
The backpack is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly on the shoulders. It has adjustable straps to meet various needs.

Also, the pack’s back has an open-cell foam lumbar pad and molded channels that provide lower back support and airflow. It is water repellent as well as resistant. This internal-frame best budget backpacking pack has a total of 55 L capacity, and is made of durable polyester material, that is apt for hiking and camping.

It is integrated with water-resistant rainfly for light rain, and also includes waterproof cover in cases of heavy rain. It measures 35 inches long, and offers a limited one-year warranty by the manufacturer.


Capacity: 55 L

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3. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack; High-Performance Backpack for Backpacking, Hiking, Camping; Sewn-in Rain Cover

Best Features: Suitable for lightweight backpackers. It is comfortable with lumbar support and padded straps. Beautiful design that camouflages with the surroundings. It has gear loops and bungee for extra gear. Has a double drawstring closure to keep everything in place.

The Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is basically targeted to grab the attention of young travel enthusiasts, and at the youth and light backpackers of the backpacking world. It is an extremely comfortable and affordable backpacking pack.

This best budget backpacking pack includes features like aluminum stays, padded waist and shoulder straps, and lumbar support. The Teton pack is manufactured from a strong fabric, and designed provide amazing durability and sturdiness to survive the daily wear and tear of the average backpack.

It has additional gear loops, compression straps and bungee that allow the user to carry extra equipment on the outside. It makes use of a double drawstring closure that keeps everything in. On the other hand, the integrated rainfly keeps everything out. The Teton Sports Scout is made from 600D ripstop material, and offers a torso harness adjustment between 15 inches and 19.5 inches. Also, it has a waist belt that is adjustable from 26 inches up to 60 inches. The pack is hydration compatible and can easily fit a bladder of up to 3 liters


Capacity: 55 L | Size: Large | Material: Rib-stop

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4. OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack 50L

Best Features: Offers 50L of storage capacity. It comes with a waterproof rain cover. Has a well-padded laptop compartment. Has adjustable, padded shoulder pads and breathable mesh. There are multiple sized pockets for storing knick-knacks. It not bulky since it’s made from lightweight materials. Has a great price.

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a multi-purpose and multi-utility backpack that offers 50 liters of space capacity. This backpack is an ideal choice for hiking, traveling, camping and also for an airline carry-on luggage. It has a waterproof rain cover attached to it, along with a padded laptop compartment.

This backpack is manufactured from very lightweight materials, thus it provides exceptional comfort while carrying it around. It features adjustable padded shoulder straps and mesh ventilation. It offers both small as well as large pockets and also external attachment points that enable you to hold your bottles comfortably. Additionally, there are also ample of places to occupy your sleeping bag and trekking poles.

The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is one of the best budgets backpacking pack and is truly a value for money. Though the pack does not include high end materials and is also not the best in design and looks, but it is exceptionally well and offers amazing durability for an economical price. The OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack comes with a 6 months cent percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

If you are searching for a affordable, yet sturdy backpack that can be used for your outdoor travel trips and also for daily usage, then it is recommended that you give OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack a try. The main USP of the backpack is its affordable price factor. It has a good storage capacity, so you will not have to try to fit in everything. All in all, OutdoorMaster Hiking Backpack is a nice backpack available at an inexpensive price.


Capacity: 50L

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5. Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack

Best Features: It is a comfortable bag to carry around when hiking or camping. It is water-resistant. It has comfortable straps for extra security. Shoulder straps have form pads for additional comfort. It has powerful zips to keep everything in the bag. It has a hip belt.

If you are looking forward for an amazing camping trip experience and want to roam around out with confidence and comfort of having been adequately equipped for the trip, then you must have a good and steady backpack with you.

The Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack is a decent backpack that that needs to be on your list. It can be used anytime, regardless of the time of the year. Whether it is summer, winter, autumn or spring, the Mountaintop Hiking backpack is going to be your support system and a good pal always.

It will stand by your side during extreme weather conditions, across swamps and rugged topography. The Osprey Packs Daylite Daypack hiking backpack comes in different sizes to suit various needs, and also fits well according to your body size and shape. It is made of high quality material and is very efficient.

If you own this backpack, you will be easily able to facilitate your camping requirements by packing all you might need from food, tents, clothes, a sleeping bag, footwear and any other essentials. Its design fairly matches the style of a military backpacking pack. Apart from this, the backpack will stay steady, and is easy to carry around, as it has special designated features.

When you are on an outdoor camp, you cannot really predict what will happen next, and what you might need. In such situations, the mountaintop 40-liter backpack is the best as it is precisely made of a water resistant fabric, that prevents your belonging from soaking in water and getting damaged. Additionally, it consists of a surface that empowers it to resist strong winds.

The Mountaintop backpack has well-embedded straps for tying the backpack perfectly. It helps you to hang your sleeping bag, some mats, hammock, and tripods comfortably. These straps also provide stability, while you are on a walking rough topography that might make you stumble. These straps also fasten the backpack adequately, thus you will not lose your balance.


Capacity: 13 liter | Material: Nylon

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6. The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack

Best Features: It is water-resistant. It is foldable into a small carry case for little luggage. Comes with a pouch for storing when not in use. It has padded shoulder straps. It’s divided into two internal storage compartments. It’s made with a durable material.

The The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack is a full size backpack mainly targeted towards adult users. It is specially designed to offer a blend of durability, size, lightweight, compactness and style. When the backpack is not in use, you can simply fold it into its self containing pouch, and transform it into a compact handheld carry bag effortlessly.

It makes use of a top loading pouch with a drawstring lock. This unique feature allows you to fit more into your backpack. Thus, you will not be restricted zipper locks.

There a divider inside the main compartment of the backpack. This main compartment, protected with a top double sided pouch, provides extra storage. It also safely connects to the top of your pack with an adjustable strap system. The bottom is double lined for additional durability and comfort.

Its top double sided pouch can be used to keep small things, thus making organizing an easy and accessible affair, with The North Face Women’s Jester Backpack. You can use the exterior top pouch to store items. It has a nicely padded strap that offers excellent comfort, along with chest clips, to help tighten the backpack against your body. This makes carrying the backpack more secure and comfortable.


Material: Nylon

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7. The North Face Recon

Best Features: Has a storage capacity of 55L. It has multiple pockets for storing small items. The backpack is built to last. It is water-resistant and is made of rip-stop polyester. Comes with shoulder and waist straps for weight distribution. Has a back form panel for lumbar support and airflow. It is affordable.

If you are planning a hiking trip or going camping, then The North Face Recon internal frame backpack will be your best companion in your journey. The North Face Recon hiking backpacking precisely accommodates all your requirements.

It has a number of pockets that enable you to keep different stuffs, in different pockets, in an organized order. It also has straps that have you buckled up and tightened, relieving you from the weight. The backpack is durable, strong and will not wear out due to frequent use.

This best budget backpacking pack is designed with Water-resistant Rip-stop polyester that prevents water from penetrating into the bagi

It thus enhances the comfortability of the backpack The backpack is molded with a black foam panel and contains airflow channels. All these features, make this the best budget backpacking pack available in the market.


Capacity: 2 Pounds | Size: 1

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8. TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack

Best Features: Has a sleek, clean design. It is water and scratch-resistant. It has a storage capacity of 35L. It has multiple inside pockets for organization. It is made with lightweight rip-stop nylon.

TETON Sports Oasis 1100 Hydration Pack is a water-resistant hiking backpack that is made of high quality thickened nylon fabric. The pack is scratch-resistant, so one can freely walk through rainforests or rocky areas.

It is spacious and roomy, with a total capacity of 35L. It can easily occupy a 13” laptop along with many other items. It is also collapsible and folds easily into its own pocket.

It features one main compartment, two front zip pockets, two mesh side pockets and several inside pockets. Thus, it makes your packing experience organized and easy. It provides enough room for traveling, overnight trip, camping, day hiking and vocation.
It is easy to use, as well as easy to store, as it is foldable and fits anywhere with comfort.


Capacity: 122 Cubic Inches / 2 Liters | Size: 18 L | Material: Rib-stop

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9. Osprey Sirrus 24

Best Features: It is water-resistant and low friction. It has breathable, padded shoulder straps. Comes with a foam which allows airflow. It is cost-effective. It has high-quality features. It has a sleeping bag compartment.

The Osprey Sirrus 24 is a combination of rich and high-end features. The backpack has a huge capacity for storage, thus making it much easier to pack your belongings.

It has a voluminous main compartment, along with two zipped compartments that holds your extra stuff easily. Additionally, it offers a sleeping bag compartment. It also has two side-mesh pockets at the exterior of the bag.

The backpack has an impressive build. It is designed to last longer than the average backpacks available. It includes a high-quality tear polyester and nylon fibre combination, and also has an anti-scratch design.

Also, it has a strong hanging system that helps you carry more items in a secondary container. The backpack offers a low-friction, waterproof nylon fabric. It also comes with a waterproof rain cover.

The Osprey Sirrus 24 comes with a breathable mesh shoulder straps, and also provides an extra layer of padding on the straps that are engineered to relieve the load stress and weight pressure on your shoulder. It also comes with molded foam to assist convenient airflow around your back.

It has a highly adjustable shoulder strap and waist straps, to perfectly fit your body shape and size. It can be made to fit any waist size from 28 inches. Thus, all these extraordinary features make it the best budget backpacking pack available in the market.


Capacity: 25 LBS | Material: Nylon,Ripstop

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10. Osprey Hikelite 26

Best Features: It has an air cushion that reduces pressure on the body. Strong alloys zippers. It takes care of the body during hiking. Has padded shoulder pads.

The Osprey Hikelite 26 can carry your all your essentials when you are on a trip. The manufacturers have kept in mind the human body, while designing the backpack.

The backpack’s zippers are made from zinc alloy and resin, to ensure maximum durability. The inside of the bag has the ability to absorb shocks. The backpack reduces the pressure induced on the body, to ensure that you remain comfortable and at ease while carrying it. It also offers an air cushion that makes it light for the body.

This brings us to the end of our best budget backpack guide. Since there are numerous options available, if you choose wisely, you will surely find the perfect one according to your needs. Make sure you clearly know your requirements before making any investment. This is what the guide was aimed to do, provide you with the essential information, to make a wise decision and enjoy your trip conveniently.


Capacity: 26 litres | Size: One | Material: Nylon

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Factors To Consider Before Buying Backpacking Pack

One cannot really have a travel experience, without proper resources. Thus, if you wish to enjoy your trip, hike or long camps, it is very important that you are equipped with the proper and adequate equipment for the same. One of the most crucial pieces of this necessary equipment is your backpack. A good backpack is what gives you the power to carry each and every necessity along with your wherever you head next!

Whether you are planning to go on a six day relaxing trip in the mountains, or just planning a one-day hike amidst the beauty of natural forests, the main factor of your backpack must undoubtedly be its capacity and ability to carry all the weight with comfort and ease.

When you’re travelling or going for an adventurous trip, all you wish is to pack all the essential,s but still have a light weighted backpack to carry. Since there’s a lot of demand to reduce the weight of necessities when travelling, lightweight backpacks have gained immense popularity and have become much more prevalent.

Lightweight backpacks are the choice of many, mainly because they are attractively designed to make them more comfortable. All in all, lightweight backpacks are less fatiguing, easy to wear when roaming around.

Most of us generally only consider the look, design and trendiness when we hop-shop for a suitable best budget backpack. However, besides the look and feel, there are a number of factors that should be taken into account when buying a new best budget backpacking pack – such as the weight, volume, ergonomics, and more. Due to the wide variety of options available, it has become troublesome to find the right best budget backpacking pack.

However, there is no need to stress. We are here to help you. Below some key tips on what to consider when you look for your next best budget backpacking pack.


Your backpack’s overall capacity (volume) will be the factor that determines how many things you will be able to carry to along on the trip. Regardless to mention, it is also wholly dependent on the type of travel you are planning, or for how long will the trip go on. There are a number of choices to pick from, but it is wise and essential to try and fit your necessities in a small backpack.

In case you are a newbie, then you may need a large backpack. However, as you go on more trips and become a frequent traveler, you will gain experience and upgrade your gear. You will then limit your necessities and also size down your luggage considerably.

Additionally, the capacity of your backpack might also be affected by the season/weather you are planning to travel in. If you are planning a hiking trip in winter, then you will need to carry thermal gear along with you. This will considerably add to the weight and volume of the backpack. Though, it is not really difficult to buy one backpack that fits all seasons, and serves all purposes, you can begin with one that will look after all your important and unavoidable requirements.

If you are going for a short trip, then you can comfortably opt for the best budget backpacking below 50L.


Before you decide to buy a suitable backpack for your next travel, it is important to keep in mind the weight. Since backpacks will hold all the other essentials on your shoulders, it is necessary that is not too heavy to be carry, and thus it is preferable to opt for a lightweight to do away with unnecessary pressure on the shoulders.

But, do keep in mind that your backpack will be the heaviest thing that you will have to carry on your hiking trip – regardless of any situation. Thus, ensure that you choose a backpack that comfortably fits on your back and shoulders.

It is also imperative to take into account the age of your trekking gear. In case you take along older trekking wear that are heavier, then it is no surprise that you will only add more weight for your backpack. However, if taking those gears is unavoidable, then it is required that you cut down on your lightweight options.

Backpacks that are lightweight but have the ability to carry adequate amount of weight and load do exist. However, there are a little costly considering their demand and exceptional features.

Price: In case you are planning to take an adventurous trip and spend a couple of days in the wilderness all alone, then it may not be wise to make compromises on quality of products you carry. Anything can happen anytime and you may not want to miss something very crucial. There exists a very popular myth, that the costlier the product ,the better it is.

However, it is untrue that you will get excellent quality products only from some of the best backpack brands. It is a general rule that branded products cost more than unbranded ones. Though there is no harm in buying a branded product, but one must always keep in mind the quality, and not run behind popular names.

A suitable backpack does not necessarily have to be the most expensive thing. You can opt for a medium-ranged backpack and save the extra money for other gear.

In order to buy the best budget backpack that becomes your companion for the trip, it is essential to pay attention to know what exactly you may need, and buy accordingly. Most of the costly backpacks available in the market may cater to some needs, while others may not fulfill them. So it is important to choose wisely and save yourself from splurging money unnecessarily.

Water Resistance

Needless to say, resistance to water or weather proofing is one of essential factors that you have to ensure, if you have to wish to enjoy a hassle-free travel outdoors. One cannot anticipate how Mother Nature changes her mood, so it is better to be prepared than be sorry.

Even if the weather is fine, it is always good to have a backpack that will safeguard your belongings from any accidental spills. Rain showers may cause severe damage to your essentials, especially electronic products, if you do not have a waterproof backpack that protects them. Many best budget backpacking packs provide protection from water.

However, if you are heading towards a monsoon camp, where you might be facing rainfall for long hours, it is advisable to opt for a product that is designed especially to deal with such situations.


The backpack you choose for your trip is going to be on your shoulders for most of its time. Thus, your backpack must be comfortable enough to provide you an easy walk. The weight of your backpack cannot be avoided, as such try to find elements that are durable. In order to make sure that the backpack gives you utmost convenience, search for adequately padded shoulder straps that have the capacity to carry heavy loads for log hours.

As such, it is wise to look for straps that are not made of foam. Foam-based constructions stretch a lot and loose shape easily. This reduces the support factor, and thus gives you a tough time. It is better to go for backpacks that offer heavy and quality padding for the straps. Additionally, ensure that the backpack fits your body shape and size aptly. Ergonomics plays a key role in comfort.


As mentioned above, there are ample of choices in the market when you go shopping for the perfect backpack. Each backpack has its own qualities, features and characteristics that will only make your journey smooth and memorable.

When you look for the best budget backpacking pack, make sure availability external pockets is one of your first priorities. Also, make sure that you do not miss out on additional belts that will help you enhance the structure of your backpack and also ensure effective loading.

You can easily have a look at the unique features offered by a particular brand on ecommerce websites or on the brand’s official website. Knowing the features will help you make a good and informed choice.


Most of us often do not consider this factor when making a pick. This factor is entirely dependent on the weather and environment in which you will be carrying the backpack. If the atmosphere in the place of your travel is humid or hot, then the requirement of a well-ventilated bag increases.

Some of the other factors to keep in mind when choosing a backpack are its hydration compatibility, presence of removable lids, rain cover and external attachments.


Size plays an important role when choosing a suitable backpack, but not necessarily what the popular thinking is. It is said that bigger is better. But, it only seems to be a non-thoughtful opinion, because many experiences imply that bigger is not better. One does not require a 80 or 90 litre backpack for a comfortable trip. You may say that you wouldn’t stuff it many things despite the space available, but most of the times due to human nature we end up stuffing it with unnecessary stuffs that do not really matter much during the trip. Thus it is better to choose a bag that is spacious but does not have space for unnecessary things.

It is better to be mindful of the size, as the bigger it is, the heavier it will be. This will only cause you troubles in walking properly and may also lead to a back ache.

Try to search for the smallest size that you feel you can easily take care of without extra effort. In case you cannot find the perfect size for you, then consider buying a 50 litre backpack, as it is enough for even the longest trip, if you pack precisely.

Backpack System

The most simple backpack systems basically consists of two vertical ribs made of foam, that provide some padding as well as comfort. Such backpacks are mostly constructed of mesh material, in order to provide some amount of ventilation to your back. It is an apt system for small backpacks and is found easily in low ranged products.

Most of manufactures today provide a back ventilation system on high quality backpacks. Also, a number of them offer an adjustable back length, that allows you to adjust the backpack to fit you and thus make it more comfortable to carry along.


The main aim of any best budget backpack is carry all the requirements with immense comfort, without stressing and damaging your body. In case you have particular needs to have zippers, compartments, straps and clips, then that is not an issue. But, do not have these things if they can be avoided. It is better to keep it simple, sober and clean.

Consider the Material

Most of the good quality backpacks are manufactured from two types of materials, namely Cuben fiber and ripstop nylon. Though Cuber fiber is lighter, it is much more expensive. On the other hand, ripstop nylon is heavier but cheap. Both have their own benefits, and you wouldn’t really go wrong with either of them. Both the materials are very durable and functional.

A backpack comes with a number of benefits, the best one being that it is more comfortable and can easily be stored. Though there are many factors that need to be taken into account, in order to make a good choice, the list below will be sufficient to help you make worth of your money. You will be able to find the best budget backpack, when you clearly know your needs and fit it according to your budget.



When you are out at the jungles, it is always ideal to have the best budget backpacking packs. Do not compromise on the quality as these gears help you in the tough outdoor terrains. Put on the buyer’s cap and make the best buying decision based on the information provided to you.

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