Best Budget Android Phones 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Phones, they’re in our pockets, by our side, or in our hands for most of the day. For the Android phone lovers out there, you may be in need of an upgrade or simply be looking to replace your older, outdated device as you search for the best budget android phones. There are plenty of budget phones out there, but if your heart is set on Android, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to this guide on what is the Best Budget Smartphone in 2020? We’ve searched high and low to round up all the favorites, detailing the unique features of each product, and of course, they’re all at a low price range too, sot hat you don’t’ have to sweat it when it comes to splashing the cash. And, the eliminate any worries concerning the quality of the phones that we’ve chosen, they’re all top devices that come with rear cameras, great storage, a fingerprint sensor, and much more.

10 Best Budget Android Phones in 2020

Asking yourself which phone in the Android category? We have picked out the top budget options so that you can find the low cost phone for you. Soon enough, you’ll have a new phone to enjoy every day activities with, it’s as simple as reading on to see the best options!

Before you do, if you’re definitely sure you want a smartphone with a great camera quality, check out our best cheap camera phones. 

1. BLU Advance S5 HD

BLU Advance S5 HD - best budget android phones

Best Features: Looks stylish and modern with a lightweight feel. Powerful /76camera and great storage.

Though you may have your eye on that shiny new Samsung Galaxy, if you’re in need of a lower price this could be the device for you. The Blu Advance s5 HD is an attractive looking phone with an all-black exterior and sleek touch screen. Available at a fraction of the price when compared to the more well-known brands, it’s difficult to say no. The HD touchscreen is 5 inch display in size, making it completely comfortable to navigate, no matter you hand size.

On the camera front, this phone has an excellent 8MP camera that comes with a flash and 5MP selfie camera too. It has all the other basic features you’d want including a headphone jack and fantastic memory standing at 16GB internal. This phone is certainly a good contender for the top Android phone title, in fact, it will only take you a matter of minutes of use to agree on yourself. There is plenty to love about this modern phone that ticks all the smartphone aesthetic boxes.


Screen Size: 5.0” | Memory Storage Capacity: 16GB | Operating System: Android 8.1 | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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2. LG Q7 Plus Q610TA

LG Q7 Plus Q610TA - best value android phones

Best Features: Beautiful display capabilities with a large screen for convenience. Excellent price tag given the device’s features.

Next up on our affordable list of phones, is the LG Q7 Plus Q610TA, brought to you by a big trusted phone brand – LG. There is plenty to admire about this nifty smartphone with good performance given its cheaper than the average phone price tag. This phone looks impressive design-wise and is medium-large on the size factor giving it that smartphone feels that many people love.

The metallic blue coloring adds a pretty finishing touch and the large 5.5-inch display takes center-stage providing a FullVision TFT 2160 × 1080 Display meaning you won’t have to compromise on color or brightness. Camera facility on this phone is rather good with a single LED flash area camera 8mp and a selfie camera too. The LG Q7 Plus Q610TA is definitely worthy of being in the cheaper phones list as a device you can use comfortably every day, and it’s a great option for those with less to spend. The storage on this device is pretty impressive too with 64GB of internal and 4GB of RAM.


Screen Size: 5.5in | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Operating System: Android 8.1 Oreo | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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3. HTC U11 Life

HTC U11 Life - best cheap cell phone

Best Features: Bold blue color making it totally unique. Offers great security with unlocking and lock features.

A phone you’ll love from first use – the HTC U11 Life. As one of the lesser-known best cheap cell phone options out there, it comes packed with a range of superb features and looks the part too. Slim and contemporary, its blue coloring is great for those seeking a more eye-catching device and it ticks all every day features list boxes too. Offering great battery life, a 5.2 inch display, good storage, and more.

The responsive touch screen allows you to easily interact with all your favorite apps and the smart phone comes with reliable security setup too, meaning that only you will be able to unlock and lock the device. This is one of the older cheap phones for android fans out there and will impress anybody who uses it. With both a rear camera and selfie camera it offers just about everything you’d need from a cheap Android.


Screen Size: 5.2in | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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4. Honor 8S

Honor 8S - best affordable android phone

Best Features: Modern design and lovely bright blue color. Has a fantastic screen with beautiful display.

As far as the best cheap phones go, the Honor S8 is a pretty good option that even rivals the better known Samsung Galaxy. Though its a model from a less popular brand, everything about this device gives you the confidence to go about your day’s tasks. On the design scale, it’s rather attractive with a thin yet robust outer body and fantastic display. With a modern blue color, it’s a great budget phone for any businessman who is looking for a lower price without losing out on the required features. This is one of the phones that comes with a 5.71 inch screen with a super bright display and rich colors.

Of course, this phone also has a camera which while isn’t the most high-tech, it performs well when capturing photos and video. If you’re concerned about memory functionality, there’s no need to worry with the Honor 8S as it comes with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM, meaning that you can download all your apps and store images with o issues whatsoever. The screen size of this phone is its main attraction and will certainly be appreciated by whoever chooses to buy this device. While there’s no definite answer to which is the best overall phone, the Honor 8S deserves its spot on this list.


Screen Size: 5.71in | Memory Storage Capacity: 32GB | Operating System: Android 9.0 | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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5. Alcatel OneTouch Ideal

Alcatel OneTouch Ideal - what is the best cheap phone

Best Features: Good sized screen with a bright display. One of the best for battery life.

Alcatel has a fine reputation for good standard cheap phones, and the OneTouch Ideal is definitely worth investigating. As one of the top phones that we reviewed in this category, it comes with all the capabilities you’d expect including decent screen size, above-average camera, headphone jack, and much more. The 5.71-inch display feels comfortable to view thanks to its excellent brightness and depiction of color accuracy. This phone’s battery life is one of its best points, which can last well over 24 hours after being fully charged, however, unlike some similar phone models it doesn’t come with a wireless charging function.

As far as budget phones go, you’ll enjoy how much memory the OneTouch Ideal has at 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of ROM as well as the option to use a MicroSD card slot too. Wondering about rear cameras and other camera functions on this phone? Unlike other cheap phones, this device comes with a 13MP rear camera and a selfie camera too. As number 5 on our list, it’s really not hard to see why the OneTouch Ideal could take the title of the best under 300$ available.


Screen Size: 4.5in | Memory Storage Capacity: 8GB | Operating System: Android 5.0 | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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6. Samsung Galaxy A10s

Samsung Galaxy A10s - top budget phones

Best Features: Good quality front camera 8MP. Dual sim option for those that require two numbers.

On the hunt for your next Samsung Galaxy? The A10s could be the device for you with its extensive list of features and beautiful design. This phone is certainly one of our top picks not just for its camera and fantastic 6.3 inch display but also its contemporary and sleek design. The exterior of this phone is how you’d’ expect, neutral and sophisticated as is almost every design from Samsung.

When viewing videos, accessing apps, or filming a video on the device’s 13MP camera, you’ll be blown away by the clarity of the image and the vivid color that is displayed. This device comes with a dual sim functionality, making it easier than ever to manage both your personal and business contacts. A solid option for a businessman or an individual who is in need of a reliable, up-to-date phone with fluid software, the Samsung Galaxy A10s is great value for money.


Screen Size: 6.2in | Memory Storage Capacity: 32GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Network

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7. Samsung Galaxy A30S

Samsung Galaxy A30S - great phones under 200

Best Features: A highly attractive looking cheap phone option. Beautiful 6.4 inch display.

Another fantastic cheap phone option this Samsung Galaxy A30S best value Android phone comes with an abundance of desirable features and looks the part too. As far as cheap phones go, it offers excellent battery life, a powerful rear camera, and a stunning 6.4 inch infinity screen. While at the higher end of the scale of the cheap phones, the extra amount you’ll pay is certainly worth it as one of the most impressive amongst our list.

The excellent level of memory offered including 64GB ROM, and4GB RAM storage means you won’t have the worry of running out of internal phone space with plenty of opportunity for taking photographs, etc. However, what sets this amazing device apart from the others we have listed so far, is its incredible exterior design. This phone really is for those who enjoy an expensive-looking device. Sophisticated, contemporary, and with a great size screen, there really is plenty to love about this Samsung Galaxy model.


Screen Size: 6.4in | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Networks

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8. Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2 - best inexpensive android phones

Best Features: A reliable device from Google. Looks modern and is sleek.

In the category of the best cheap phones, Google Pixel 2 certainly deserves its place. Similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy devices, Google’s own Android has all the features you’d expect and much more. Affordable and one of the most attractive cheap handsets out there with a high end standard rear camera, this device has plenty about it. While it may have a smaller screen than some of the others at 5″, nonetheless its capabilities are excellent. The highly responsive touchscreen displays images at a fantastic quality and its storage abilities mean that you’ll be able to download all your top apps from the Google play store.

The phone’s exterior is equally as attractive too with white color, smooth buttons, and minimal cameras that take on a refined design. Overall, this phone really does meet all of the best cheap phones requirements and lies at the mid-range price point making it a great option for those that want a budget device from a well-known brand.


Screen Size: 5in | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Network

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9. Google Pixel 3a

Google Pixel 3a - best low cost phone

Best Features: Excellent rear camera capable of capturing stunning crisp photos. Fast charging device.

Another Google model, the Pixel 3a is a top pick in this category for many reasons. When asking what is the best cheap phone, there is no definite answer, however, the Google Pixel 3a could take the title quite easily. Though this Google Pixel 3a model is more expensive than other comparable phones, it is worth the extra and still can be classified as a contender in the cheaper phones realm. With the ability to capture stunning photos thanks to advanced cameras technology,t this is a great choice for anybody that enjoys photography.

This Pixel 3a comes with a good amount of storage, however, for those seeking more, there is the possibility of storing photos and more onto Google’s cloud. The fast-charging battery will provide around 7 hours of battery life, which while isn’t the best, the device performs powerfully with no lagging. Adding to the Google Pixel 3a’s features is its undeniably attractive design, making it all-round a strong choice.


Screen Size: 5.6in | Memory Storage Capacity: 64GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Network

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10. Moto G Stylus

Moto G Stylus - best low priced smartphone

Best Features: Comes with a handy stylus pen for easy browsing and creativity. Good rear camera quality that performs exceptionally.

Our final pick for the cheap phone category is the Moto G Stylus– an example of Motorola’s ability to design beautiful devices packed with every feature you’d need along with the reliable moto g power we all love. The 48MPI triple cameras functionality allows users to capture remarkable images and it comes with a built-in stylus too for easy navigation and that sophisticated feel. With the s pen, you’ll be able to comfortably edit photos using the provided software, jot down notes, browse with ease, and experience overall better control when using the Motorola moto device.

If you’re a music-lover, you will enjoy the quality of the speakers which are tuned by Dolby and offer an exceptional listening experience. You can use the headphone jack to input any of your favorite listening accessories thanks to its flexibility and USB c. Externally, the device also looks fantastic with a reflective black case, modern-looking cameras (including a rear camera), and it comes with a stylus pen too. For those seeking a cheap phone brought by Motorola with a 6.4 inch screen, this could well be the right option for you.


Screen Size: 6. 4in | Memory Storage Capacity: 128GB | Operating System: Android | Cellular Technology: GSM Network

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Best Budget Android Phones

Are you left wondering which android phone is best? We’ve made the decision easier for you with our top budget offering pick. The LG Q7 Plus comes in at less than $150 and is packed full to brim with excellent features including quick capture rear cameras with optical zoom, a decent quality 6.4 inch display, and of course a fantastic exterior design. Lightweight and sleek in style, it is the perfect device for a businessman or busy mum alike with plenty of memory to store images and downloaded apps too. When asking yourself what is the best cell phone? Don’t always go for the obvious option, in some cases you may be pleasantly surprised when choosing something a little different.

Cheapest Android Phone Available

Asking yourself what is the most affordable Android phone? If you’re seeking the cheapest option from our selection above, the BLU Advance S5 HD is your ultimate pick. The Android one is up there if you’re looking to spend a minimal amount at under $50 and it provides a pretty good user experience in all areas. While the cameras on this device can certainly be improved, and the screen size isn’t the largest, the rear camera is still good enough for snapping everyday pics. Don’t expect any fancy gizmos like wireless charging or wide angle photography options, but overall this is a top budget phone at a really affordable price.

Cheapest Android Phone Available - best budget smart phone


Android Phones Buyer’s Guide & FAQs

Considerations Choosing Android Phones

You should keep a few things in mind before choosing the cheap options with Android, this includes physical design features as well as practical elements such as the phone’s memory, camera power, as well as other features. We’ve put together a handy checklist for you below to help you get started on selecting the best under 100$.

Size Of Phone

Size really matters when it comes to the phone design. As phones have evolved with recent technological advances, so have their sizing. Generally, phones are on the larger end of the scale these days and while many remain pocket-sized, having a good idea of size for practicality will really help you to narrow down your best selection. Look at the overall build quality when choosing any new phone to ensure no disappointment with the quality of your new device.

Looking for bigger phones check out these smartphone phablets!

Camera Quality

When looking for the cheap phones, camera quality can largely differ. If you’re somebody who enjoys using their camera on a phone regularly via apps, for personal photography, and more – budget camera phones quality should matter to you. As a general rule of thumb, most great phones come with decent cameras providing sharp images and plenty of detail. Check out the camera detailing prior to buying to ensure that you’re not going to be disappointed as phone rear cameras really do count in this day and age.


Security can come in n top as many people’s priority when choosing the a budget android phone, While phones these days do have great capabilities when it comes to keeping personal information secure, again you may want to weigh up your options carefully. Lots of modern phones come with a fingerprint sensor that can provide complete peace of mind for the protection of financial information and private photographs that are stored on your phone. Think about what is important to you security-wise before settling on a cheap phone.


Even when going for the top budget phones, storage should still be good. Considering you will use your phone every day and likely be downloading new information and apps regularly, the last thing you want is the annoyance of lack of storage. Check out the cheap phone’s specs regarding storage prior to buying and work out exactly how much you’ll need to use the device comfortably and with confidence. You should ideally look for a device that offers at least 3gb of ram to ensure no issues down the line.

Are cheap android phones any good?

Cheap phones can definitely be good especially if you shop wisely. This involves reviewing the considerations that are most important to ensure that you get a quality product from the outset and aligning your expectations You shouldn’t have to compromise on basic things such as battery life, good screen size, decent cameras, and a good level of storage, However, it is important to remember that when you pay a smaller price, ultimately you receive a less quality product. In this case, that likely means a restriction on phone functionalities when compared to more expensive devices and overall style.

Best Budget Phone Brands

Below are just some of the top brands that we’ve selected where you can find a good phone at a cheaper price. Take your pick from these top brands for android phones so that you no longer have to ask yourself which is Top?

Typical Cost of Android Phones

Racking your mind over what a reasonable amount s to pay for cheaper Android phones? Low cost phones can range anyway between $100 to $200 and some even fall under the $100 price point too. Before setting out to buy your cheap smartphones, we recommend setting a clear budget for yourself as well as a list of the features that are essential for your needs. Even the best low priced smartphone may take you by surprise with its extensive capabilities. Today more than ever, pones are apart of everyday life and many manufacturers are sure to incorporate all the necessary things you require even among the cheapest options.

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