Best Budget Laser Printers 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you looking to get your hands on an incredible laser printer that also has a bargain price tag? You’re in luck! In this review guide, we present our top pics for a value laser printer.

We give you all the information you need to know to choose correctly. Whether you’re hoping to replace an existing laser printer or want to try your hand at laser printing, there are so many quality laser printers to choose from without breaking the budget. If you usually use an inkjet printer you may want to consider switching for better print quality and cheaper toner cartridges. With an economical laser printer, you’ll be guaranteed a save when it comes to money.

Considerations Choosing laser printers

You may be a budget color laser printer expert or this could be the first compact laser printer you buy, either way, it’s always good to know what features to look out for. Below we’ve compiled some considerations to think about when choosing a mon laser printer or color lasers on a cheap scale with a list of handy laser printer features.

Color Laser Printers VS Monochrome

Think about the way in which your new best price laser printer will be used. If you’re using it in an office environment to predominantly print documents such as invoices, you likely won’t need a color model. However, if you’ll be usually printing monochrome documents with some color here and there, you may want a model that supports toner cartridges and has a color toner too. There are lots of cooptions for color laser printers, shop wisely to find the most cost efficient!

Capacity Print Speed

If you want to print more than 200 pages a week for office use or a small business, a larger model with greater capacity for color graphics is probably ideal. However, in our product reviews, you’ll also find great options for the occasional color page. It is always a good idea to think of your printer needs remembering paper capacity before making a final decision.

Multi-functionality Ability

Though a printer’s main function is to print, they can carry other handy features too which may day-to-day working that bit easier. Consider what sort of tasks you’ll want to carry out including scanning, copying, and more. Some of the best laser printers have multi-functions and will save you money in the long-term. Built in wi fi can also help we it comes to multi functional options, most laser printers these days come with wireless connectivity ut it’s always wise to double check.

Paper Type

This is a point that you should pay attention to as not all printer laser products handle the same paper type. If you’re going to be using several types of paper, be sure to check out the specs for the best economy laser printer that you are buying to ensure full compatibility. From A4 to A3, there are many different types of paper out there for black and white and color printing.

9 Best budget laser printer

After covering the ins and outs of what to look out for in your new best inexpensive laser printer, it’s time to present the top budget picks for a small office. You will find plenty of choices below including our top pick for a low cost laser printer under 200$ and ones that offer both a scan and copy service too.

Cheapest Pick

I f you want to skip straight to the cheapest pick from our product reviews, meet the Brother HL L2350DW compact laser printer. While it only prints in m0onochrome, the laserjet pro-technology ensures perfect prints for home offices. It features a 250 sheet capacity and is the most affordable multifunction printer amongst these quality products.

Brother Compact HL-L2350DW


Best Budget

There is lots of choice for budget laser printers, however, our favorite is the Lexmark b2338dw laser printer. With superb monochrome printing quality and its compact build. This inkjet printer does not have a color laser but it is one of the best all in one laser printers we have come across with super easy control panel settings too. You’re guaranteed to love working with this product thanks to its functionalities and overall design.

Lexmark B2338dw with Enhanced Seucurity


Premium Pick

For a premium pick look no further than the HP M254dw which stands as one of the most reputable laser printers available at a cheap cost. Within a reasonable price range, it is truly great with amazing customer reviews. Up there with the best all in ones it offers easy scanning. copying, and printing for supreme color prints and it comes with a color touchscreen too. Hp is one of the best brands and this printer is all round impressive.

Brother Compact HL-L2350DW



1. HP LaserJet M254dw Wireless

HP LaserJet Pro M254dw - Compatible With Alexa

Weight: 32 pounds | Connectivity Technology: Wireless | Dimensions: 16.5 x 15.4 x 9.7 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 800 MHz | Printer Technology: Laser

Our first pick in the category of best hp laserjet printers at a budget cost is the amazing HP Laserjet Pro M254dw. As a definite must-have if you’re seeking a quality print scan in a small package, there is plenty to admire about this color laser printer. Extremely fast, and reliable, the wireless connectivity means you’ll never have o worry about excessive wires cluttering up your working space.

The 2.7 color touchscreen brings about a modern edge to this device while ensuring it can scan and copy speedily whenever you need it thanks to minimal fuss. Printing speeds on this device reach 22 pages per minute in black and white, with a high capacity of 250 sheets. What’s more, is that you can print directly from your mobile phone for on the go working and extra convenience. The print quality that this printer produces is exceptional at such a cheap price. If you’re concerned about running costs for high volume printing, the HP Pro M254dw is overall excellent value for money due to the hp color toners and InkJet intelligence.

Features We Like
  • Powerful printing in a smaller printer product
  • The best cheap color laser printer with inexpensive toners

2. Brother Monochrome Laser Printer

Brother Monochrome MFCL2710DW - Black

Weight: 26 pounds | Connectivity Technology: WiFi | Dimensions: 15.7 x 16.1 x 12.5 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 36ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

If you’re seeking a quality brother hl printer for a set budget, you’re in luck with the original Brother Monochrome Laser Printer. While this device doesn’t support color printing, it does guarantee a fas print and is ideal for a home office. Thanks to its wi-fi connectivity feature, you’ll be able to print with ease whenever you need to.

The 250 sheet capacity makes it a really solid choice for those that are going to printing on the regular and it offers an exceptionally fast print job. or flexible paper handling, this is the model for you as you can feed in a variety of different paper sizes, including envelopes too. The high quality black and white prints from this device are guaranteed to bring about satisfaction every day with minimal running costs too. Without a doubt, this is one of the best brother hl laser printers out there, and you’ll love every aspect.

Features We Like
  • Print, scan and fax features for high volume jobs
  • A solid printer with a high capacity without compromising quality

3. Brother HL-L2350DW Compact Printer

Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

Weight: 15.9 pounds | Connectivity Technology: Wi-Fi | Dimensions: 14.2 x 14 x 7.2 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 32ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

For those that are a fan of the Brother hl brand but are seeking a smaller than usual printer, this could be the dream option. Offering fantastic quality wireless printing in monochrome, the Brother hl L2350DW compact is by far one of the most solid printers in this category we have found. Allowing you to easily carry out monochrome print jobs thanks to solid toner cartridges, you can use this device for all sorts of tasks.

Engineered specifically for improved efficiency with print speeds of 32 pages per minute, you won’t have to wait around ever for your prints to finish. The print quality on this device is highly impressive due to the printer’s solid build and duty cycle. For two sided prints, you can easily instruct the laser printer to print on both sides of the paper you use. In addition, this device is completely up to date with great security features, excellent paper handling, and a number of connectivity options including mobile prints. We rate this brother hl device as one of the best monochrome laser options out there with a reasonable price tag too.

Features We Like
  • Excellent budget option offering fantastic print quality
  • Produces high volume printing making it ideal for a home office

4. Canon imageCLASS MF249dw

Canon imageCLASS MF249dw - Multifunction

Weight: 28.9 pounds | Dimensions: 14.9 x 15.4 x 14.2 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 28ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

Though on the higher end of the budget scale, this Canon imageCLASS MF249dw printer certainly deserves its spot in this review list. As one of the best monochrome printers this device is built for outstanding performance. You’ll be able to carry out multiple tasks including printing, scanning, and faxing even on the go with Apple AirPrint compatibility and Google Cloud Print.

The laser printer is capable of printing 28 pages per minute and it can be operated via a mobile device too without wi fi connectivity. Paper capacity with this product also stands strong at 250 sheets int he standard cassette and 1 sheet can be loaded in the multipurpose tray. Laser printers come in plenty of designs, however, this is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing with a cool black exterior and modern buttons for easy functionality. Overall, we rate this as a fantastic scan and print high quality product that won’t require you to spend a fortune.

Features We Like
  • Looks great in any modern office space
  • Has great wireless printing options with excellent print quality overall

5. Lexmark B2338dw Monochrome Laser Printer

Lexmark B2338dw with Enhanced Seucurity

Weight: 30.6 pounds | Connectivity Technology: Ethernet | Dimensions: 18.5 x 16.93 x 14.8 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 36ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

Next up we have a solid product from a lesser-known brand with an attractive price tag. Offering a monochrome color output, this home office printer offers great connectivity options and impressive print quality. Amongst the best rated laser printers, the device is capable of printing 38 pages per minute making it considerably speedy function-wise.

You’ll be able to confidently carry out all your home print jobs using this Lexmark b2338dw laser printer product without worrying too much about running costs thanks to the value cartridges. Offering both double sided printing and wireless connectivity options, it won’t restrict you in any way and brings about a high yield. Simply use your mobile device to print out invoices or ask the multifunction laser printer to carry out your regular duty cycle, the options aren’t limited in any way Overall, we highly recommend this device as one of the best laser options available.

Features We Like
  • Provides a fast print job with no lagging whatsoever even from mobile devices
  • One of the best laser printers in the monochrome category

6. Brother HL-L3290CDW Compact Digital Color Printer

Brother Compact HLL2390DW - Wireless Printing
Weight: 47.8 pounds | Dimensions: 18.7 x 16.1 x 14.5 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 25ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

Rated consistently as one of the best options for a color laser printer, the brother hl L3290CDW digital color printer provides several connectivity options, a fast print guarantee, and an impressive duty cycle. Of course, all of this is packed into a compact device too for extra convenience and no bulk in your small office space.

For those that want to tick all the boxes for their new inexpensive color laser printer, this device does almost that. Almost every aspect of this printer is built to perfection and you’re guaranteed to be happy overall with its performance. We love its smart exterior with a white coloring and modern appearance which makes it stand out as a stylish option.

With a 25 pages per minute speed, it’s on the higher end of the speed spectrum and can provide a high yield where needed with two-sided printing. The hp color cartridges ensure that no quality is lost and you’ll have to change them only once in a while to ensure that this device is performing as it should.

Features We Like
  • The best budget color laser printer with a high yield from the brother hl brand
  • Very stylish and looks contemporary

7. Brother HL Compact HLL2390DW

Brother HL-L3290CDW - Color PrinterWeight: 22.7 pounds | Dimensions: 15.7 x 16.1 x 10.7 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 32ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

Are you looking for a compact laser printer that will perform for productivity whenever you need it? This Brother compact HLL230 printer is ideal for home use and will easily tackle all your print jobs with ease.

You can scan and copy up to 32 pages per minute at high-quality thanks to an exceptional quality toner cartridge. Packed full of user friendly features, the monochrome printer can be loaded with 250 sheets making it one of the highest capacity laser printers available on the market at a low cost.

While this inter doesn’t come with a color print facility, what you will get is exceptionally rich black and white prints with each use. Designed to optimise efficiency from the comfort of your home, the fast print and duty cycle on this device is nothing short of quality. This laser printer also comes with wi fi connectivity allowing you to conveniently print from your mobile device too. An all in one printer that allows you to scan and print with ease, you’ll love this device for reliable home use.

Features We Like
  • Great for a small office space due to its compact size
  • Offers a good print speed for all your printing needs

8. Canon imageCLASS LBP612CDW Color Printer

Canon LBP612CDW - White

Weight: 1.3 pounds | Connectivity Technology: WiFi | Dimensions: 16.5 x 17 x 10.8 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 19ppm | Printer Technology: Laser

This lcolor laser printer under 250$ by Canon is certainly amongst the best color laser printers that we’ve come across. With laserjet pro-technology and incredible security features, many aspects of this device go outside your standard printer box. Printing at speeds of up to 19 pages per minute with amazing color printing, this printer also comes vivid and vibrant color technology ensuring true accuracy at all times.

With a high capacity toner you won’t have to worry about the printer not being able to keep up with your printing demands and it offers excellent print speeds as mentioned. Canon may be widely renowned for its camera products, however, in this case it has come out on top with its fantastic color laser printer. No matter what format you want to print in, the imageCLASS LBP612CDW will support your needs from PDF to standard A4.

Features We Like
  • An outstanding color laser printer with true vibrancy
  • Features great Wi Fi compatibility for easy printing

9. Canon ImageCLASS MF267dw All-in-One Laser Printer

Canon MF267dw - Black

Weight: 27.3 pounds | Connectivity Technology: WiFi | Dimensions: 16 x 15.4 x 14.8 inches | Maximum Print Speed: 30pps | Printer Technology: Laser

Another laser printer from Canon in our list, the Image Class MF267dw is certainly one of our all-time favorites. With so much to offer, it is a solid laser printer in the budget range. You’ll love its innovative wireless connectivity and duplex printing making it capable of taking on any type of printing job.

Offering print speeds of up to 30 pages per minute, this printer is fairly fast. However, it is the black and white touch navigation that sets this printer apart making it extremely user friendly. You can load up to 250 sheets into this printer to ensure that all your print jobs are met and the wi fi connection makes it easier than ever to print directly from your phone. When kitting out home offices, this is the perfect piece of equipment to ensure that you can get all your tasks done.

Features We Like
  • Has a great touchscreen for easy functionality
  • Wireless connection available for convenient printing

Best Affordable laser printer

Now that we’ve come to the ned of our reviews, we bring you a few more options to help narrow down your own choice on which budget laser printer will be the best for you. As one of the best color laser printers out there, the HP pro M254dw has everything and more. The wireless aspect of this device makes it easier than ever to print with a wi fi connection and from any device.

We really recommend this printer as a must-have for any small business due to its overall quality. You’ll love the print speeds of 32 pages per minute and the incredibly easy to use control panel for added convenience. The laser in this printer is incredibly powerful to ensure great quality prints with every use. All in all, it’s a fantastic product with built in hp color and great features.

HP LaserJet Pro M254dw - Compatible With Alexa

Best budget all in one laser printer Available

Still questioning what the best laser printer on the budget market is? While the hp laserjet pro printers are probably the best in terms of color laser printers, you can find some great cheap monochrome options too. When seeking the best laser printer under 100$ we recommend shopping during holiday season when sales take place. This is because the average price for this product stands between 150-200$. Our top pick for a fantastic all in one printer is the Brother Monochrome compact HLL2350. With astonishing print speeds and great wi fi connectivity options it comes out as a solid contender in the budget category.

Brother Compact HL-L2350DW

Typical Cost of a laser printer

Though the price of laser printers greatly varies, you can certainly find one if you have less to spend. Because of the technology used in these types of printers (a printing laser) they do come at a more expensive cost than an average print product. However, you will save on ink as a low-cost color laser printers use toner predominantly. You can expect to pay anything between 125$ and 350$ for a good quality hp laserjet printer.