Best Budget Power Supply (PSU) For Gaming 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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If you’re a computer whiz looking for your next bit of tech, we feel you. We know how hard it is to find a high-end product, no matter what you’re looking for – be it aesthetics and looks, an exception in functioning, or high effectiveness. However, if you’re in the market for a power supply for a PC, listen up!

This article will take you through our top recommendations for a good cheap power supply for PC models. From a cheap power supply for gaming, to a modular power supply that complies with your graphics cards, we have absolutely all you could want right here, for games or otherwise!

We’ll show you the best cheap PSU that meets all of your requirements at a low price, making a good budget option. What’s more, our handy buyers’ guide, brought to you on behalf of our editors in having a glance at thoughts from other publishers, will take you through everything you need to consider when thinking about your chosen devices – including how to get the best deal and results, without sacrificing your demands.

If you’re short on time and can’t read through all of the technical stuff below, check out 2020’s top picks here:

  1. Best Budget PSU: Thermaltake Smart 500 watt Power Supply
  2. Best Cheap Power Supply: EVGA 100-N1-0400-L1
  3. Best Premium PSU: Cooler Master MPY-7501

Top 10 Best Budget Power Supply of 2020 (PSU)

Here’s our list of the top ten best budget PSUs of this year. We have a range of options, from those with a warranty 10 years long, to those with graphics card compatibility. Have a browse and see what’s for you!

1. Corsair CXSeries 450 Watt PSU

Corsair CX Series - CP-9020101-NA

Best Features:

Our first series of power supplies is a brilliant high quality power supply. The Corsair CXSeries offers 80 plus bronze certification, semi modular power, and 450 watts of power.

As semi modular supplies go, this is one of the best power supply options you could opt for. With a continuous output temperature of 32-104 F, and a thermally controlled fan to match, these semi modular machines cut down losses on both temperature and power, meaning you’re not likely to waste anything.

With this PSU, you can make builds and upgrades easy and provide lasting results. The 5 year warranty isn’t as ideal as some companies, which offer a 10 year warranty, but it’s still more than enough to cover you should something go wrong.


Manufacturer (OEM): Corsair | Max. DC Output: 600W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze | Form Factor: ATX12V / EPS12V | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Semi-Modular | Warranty: 3 Years

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2. EVGA 400W Power Supply

2 Year Warranty, Power Supply 100-N1-0400-L1

Best Features:

Our second PSU is the EVGA 100-N1-0400-L1. With a 2 year warranty, 400 watts of power and the availability of higher wattage (at differing price, of course), this fabulous power supply offers efficiency of performance, 24/7 technical help from EVGA, and an 120 millimeter bearing fan size.

The capacity of this power supply is like no other on the market, with a brilliant quality of build in the system, space for connectors and various components, and a low cost option that is well worth the money!

This article highly recommends the EVGA 400W PSU, and so do many Amazon users. This series of PSUs offers loads for the price, and it goes that bit further to make sure you can use your PSU any way you like in line with your PC.


Manufacturer (OEM): EVGA | Max. DC Output: 120W | Form Factor: ATX12V / EPS12V | Modular: Full Modular | Warranty: 2 Years

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3. Thermaltake Smart 80 Plus Certification Power Supply System

Continuous Power with 120mm Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan

Best Features:

This amazing pick from Thermaltake offers you a quiet bearing fan mode, an active PFC (power factor controller), and a continuous power supply of 500 watts. It’s loads better than many other market options you might find on the Amazon site, and it’s definitely the cheapest for the money when you consider its high performance.

With a five year warranty, an 80+ certificate, the capacity for loads of power and the ability to facilitate two connectors, this high performance power supply is one of the best when leveraging price against efficiency of components and their performance. The manufacturer warranty is very agreeable and standard for most power supply manufacturers.

What’s more, the ultra quiet fan and high quality components enable non-stop usage. You just have to look at the connectors’ specification to see which connectors and cables are available for use on this low-money, sophisticated operating fan system with a sleek cabling design.

You’ll save so much money with this option that you might just want to check out our best sound cards on a budget, too.


Manufacturer (OEM): Thermaltake | Max. DC Output: 500W | Efficiency: Meet 80 PLUS®Gold | Form Factor: ATX | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Non-Modular | Warranty: 5 Years

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4. Cooler Master MPY-7501 80 Plus Gold Certified PSU

MWE Gold 750 Watt 80 Plus Gold

Best Features:

Our fourth PSU is the Cooler Master 80 plus certified power supply. Whilst it’s a little pricier, it’s still very affordable and worth the money at just shy of $120.

The silent and durable LDB bearing fan provides an effective system with a high-performance, yet quiet, efficient functioning of all components. What’s more, the proven thermal resistance protects your PSU during use, giving you not just loads of efficiency, but safety to match.

With a high efficiency, stable output, and 80+ certification, this series of PSUs offers a fantastic system with an agreeable price and top performance. Even the warranty is in tip top shape, and is just one in a range of positive features of these system designs.


Manufacturer (OEM): Coolermaster | Max. DC Output: 750W | Efficiency: 90% | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Full Modular | Warranty: 5 Years

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5. Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB

Crossfire Haswell Ready Continuous Power ATX12V v2.31

Best Features:

Our fifth power supply is the Thermaltake BX1. It’s non-modular, as opposed to those that are fully modular, and comes with a five year warranty.

With a continuous power of 750 watts – which is highly impressive – and 80+ bronze certification, you’ll be hard pressed to find the best PSU for you without at least considering this one. Its cool RGB lighting fan profile makes it a perfect add to PC components such as graphics cards.

Moreover, the build quality is absolutely fantastic and offers a compact, sleek form factor – including fan size- , which comes complete with protection features such as over power protection and over current protection.

No fan noise, easy max power, a high OCP, and an efficient gaming power supply – every PC gamer will be begging for this range of PSUs! Their efficiency can’t be beaten.


Manufacturer (OEM): Thermaltake | Max. DC Output: 750W | Efficiency: 85% | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Non-Modular | Warranty: 5 Years

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6. Seasonic S12III 500W Power Supply

Direct Cable Wire Output Smart & Silent Fan

Best Features:

Our sixth range of PSUs comes with loads of benefits for the average user. With a smart and silent fan control, a five year warranty, and an 80+ bronze certification (not quite an 80+ platinum, however), this power supply offers a sleek design and smooth operation.

It makes all the difference when it comes to a budget option from a quality manufacturer; every rating will show you that this design gives all the needed juice for your computer, in any amount of cases. This kind of bargain can’t be found elsewhere.

The amount of positive features knows no bounds and makes a serious difference to other ranges on the market. For example, the S2FC fan with optimal speed, the 120 mm size of fans, the overall build quality, and the general help offered by the manufacturer, Seasonic, makes this model an excellent built with protection to boot. You need it for your computer – whether a seasoned pro or an entry level gamer, add it to your list today.


Manufacturer (OEM): Seasonic | Max. DC Output: 500W | Efficiency: 80 Plus Bronze | Form Factor: ATX | Modular: Non-Modular | Warranty: 5 Years

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7. Corsair CX Series 750 Watt

80 Plus Bronze Certified Non-Modular

Best Features:

The seventh recommendation we have comes from Corsair, with the CX Series 750 watts power supply. This recommendation boasts compatibility with all units and PC cases, giving you all you require to work with conditions , software, and components such as graphics cards. With an easy input and highly effective output, upon review it’s clear you’re going to have trouble finding a model that’s this good.

Thanks to Corsair’s sophisticated design and highly efficient build quality, this piece of technology will work no matter what you’re using it for. It’s non-modular, compared to those that are fully modular, and has an 80 plus certification complete with all needed protections.

The flexibility of this unit makes it a perfect midrange pick that comes at a brilliant price, with absolutely zero instability. No room for a negative experience, every audience will love these PSUs on all levels, compared to others. Nothing in these categories can take its place!


Manufacturer (OEM): Corsair | Max. DC Output: 750W | Modular: 80 Plus Bronze | Warranty: 5 Years

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8. MasterWatt 750 Watt Semi-Fanless Power Supply

Semifanless Modular Power Supply, 80 PLUS Bronze Certified

Best Features:

Our eighth PSU option is the MasterWatt 750 Watt Semi-fanless Modular Power Supply. With fully modular action and an 80 plus bronze certification, these power supplies are brilliant for all sorts of computers and all types of users, from casual gamers to workaholics.

With a five year warranty (10 may be preferable to some), this temperature-controlled PSU comes with a dustproof LDB fan bearing, DC-to-DC circuit design, and a stable voltage output.

What’s more, the ATX compatibility allows cooperation with a range of different PCs, whilst the modular cables support the latest graphics cards – meaning that these are some of the best PSUs for their ability to support software and components such as graphics cards.

From graphics cards compatibility, to protection features such as short circuit protection; for budget power supplies with efficient power consumption, you need to look no further! These fully modular supplies are truly some of the best around.


Manufacturer (OEM): Cooler Master USA, Inc. | Max. DC Output: 750W | Efficiency: 80 PLUS Bronze | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Semi-Fanless | Warranty: 5 Years

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9. GAMEMAX Fully Modular Power Supply

Power Supply 650W 80+ Bronze,Non- Modular

Best Features:

Our penultimate PSU comes from GAMEMAX, and is the 650 watt power supply with an 80 plus bronze certification – just shy of 80 plus platinum.

At a whopping bargain, this GAMEMAX model offers so many positive features. For example, a silent fan of 140 mm size gives this power supply a brilliant build quality and form factor. A near-silent operation is inevitable!

What’s more, there’s a bunch of power protection features, an amazing input voltage, and different connectors and cables provided such as a motherboard connector. Perfect for graphics cards and more, this PSU offers efficacy of power consumption, as well as power factor correction and many more features.

Perfect for any computer cases and serious rivals to the Corsair RM850X or other competitors, these smooth operation PSUs are definitely some of the best on the list. And with a 3 year warranty, you’re covered in case any thing goes wrong and you want to swap this model for another on the list, without losing a buck.


Manufacturer (OEM): Game Max | Max. DC Output: 650W | Efficiency: 85% | Form Factor: 80 Plus Bronze | Cooling: 120mm | Modular: Non-Modular | Warranty: 5 Years

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10. Apevia ATX-PR600W Prestige 80+ Gold Certified

Prestige 600W 80+ Gold Certified, RoHS Compliance

Best Features:

Our final types of power supply are the Apevia ATX 600W. These systems will answer all of your questions including, “can I really find a good power supply for a cheap price?”.

With these models on the cards, much of what you need can be found right here. The form factor is on the highest levels you can imagine, as Apevia make a point of giving you the best value with high-end things, such as this power supply.

Play your cards right and you’ll be in for the smoothest operation possible, as this power supply supports a dual mode CPU, as well as quad and multi types. Of course, you can check out the Amazon page for more details, such as specifications and similar content, but all of the key facts are right here.

As a manufacturer, Apevia are highly reliable and offer you as much as you could possibly need on this kind of device, such as technical information about connectors and devices. If you find that operation isn’t up to scratch, you can replace or return your unit thanks to the warranty – 3 years is a long time!

As the best PC power supplies go, this is a brilliant budget pick for any price range. So, go ahead and check it out today!


Manufacturer (OEM): Apevia | Max. DC Output: 600W | Efficiency: X | Form Factor: 80+ Gold | Cooling: 135mm | Warranty: 3 Years

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Our Top Picks

Best Budget PSU

Our top budget pick is the Thermaltake Smart 500 watt Power Supply. As an amazing power supply under $50, these power supplies will give you a high-end look with a low-end price.

Thermaltake Smart 500W 80+ White Certified PSU, Continuous Power with 120mm Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan, ATX 12V V2.3/EPS 12V Active PFC Power Supply PS-SPD-0500NPCWUS-W
  • Delivers 500 Watt continuous output @ +40 degree. Compliance with Intel ATX 12 Volt 2.31 & EPS 12V 2.92 standards
  • 80 Plus Certified, 80 percentage efficiency under typical load
  • Supports (2) PCI E 6+2pin Connectors. Active (PFC) Power Factor Correction, MTBF: 100,000 hours
  • Industry Grade Protections: (OPP) Over Power Protection, (OVP) Over Voltage Protection, (SCP) Short Circuit Protection
  • High quality components

With a warranty of 5 years and an 80 plus certification, there’s not really much this power supply can’t do. It’s got industry grade protections including:

  • OPP (over power protection)
  • OVP (over voltage protection)
  • SCP (short circuit protection

And its continuous power output is 500 watts. Not bad at all, is it? And with a five year warranty, who are you to complain? Snap up this amazing pick now, its wattage requirements put it to the top of our power supply recommendations.

Best Cheap Power Supply

Our cheapest PSU available is the EVGA 100-N1-0400-L1. This high-performance power supply comes with a 2-year warranty and oozes efficiency. At just around the $50 mark, there’s no way you’ll find one PSU that’s any bit as effective as this one for such a low price.

With the capacity for heavy-duty industrial grade connections, there’s really no unit like it on the market. With 400W of power, this series of PSUs are like no other.

Best Premium PSU

Our premium PSU is the Cooler Master MPY-7501. Though it’s a little pricier, it’s entirely worth the money. With 80+ gold certification, a durable and silent LDB bearing fan, and flat, flexible cables, this system defines easy function.

Though not for those with a low budget, these supplies are a high-end option for the best power supply around.

Just ask the Amazon reviewers, as they’ve rated these PSUs as some of the best around. Low noise output, plenty of power cables, and a high power capacity: it’s golden.


Power Supply Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

Considerations for Choosing a Good But Cheap Power Supply

Before you start your search, you’ll want to go through the process of working out which capacities of functioning you’ll need from your PSU in order to ensure it deals with a range of scenarios without a problem. Our readers will know that we’re thorough in helping you decide on favorites from the top suppliers, so without further ado; here are the factors to look for in budget gaming power supplies.

Watts the Matter?

Before you choose the best value PSU, you’ll need to figure out how much power your PC requires. There’s a few different ways to do this, but our top two are:

  1. Find power draw benchmarks from existing websites for your GPU and CPU, and add them together to give a minimum wattage rating.
  2. Use a power supply calculator, accessible online through sites like Thermaltake.

The second method is maybe a little easier and more convenient. Best brands such as Cooler Master or Thermal take will generally offer a power calculator on their website. Another key point is that you could probably go higher than the calculated output if you can afford to spend some extra bucks. It’ll most likely give your machine a longer lifespan.

If you only need 280W, there’s no wrong in going a step further and not just going for 300W, but maybe even a 400W PSU . A cheap 400W or cheap 500W PSU isn’t hard to find, so whichever wattage you need you’ll be able to find something for you.

In addition, when you’re thinking about wattage you’ll want to consider the type of wattage offered, comparing this against your requirements.

Continuous Wattage and Peak Wattage are ratings that are based on manufacture tests.

Continuous Wattage indicates that in can deliver its listed wattage, you guessed it, continually – without fluctuations.

Peak Wattage, however, indicates that its listed wattage is the maximum it can deliver, but before it swiftly drops down.

In layman’s terms, it’s best to look for a CW rating and ignore a PW rating. You might also be wary of products that don’t advertise continuous wattage.

A final thing to note is that a higher wattage doesn’t always mean it’s a high-end or high quality product. Many manufacturers will list wattage ratings to be higher than the prolonged deliverance, and whilst the low price may attract you – don’t make the mistake of buying a cheaper model that means your PSU’s less reliable.

Save Time, Save Energy

Whether you’re just really socially responsible or want to cut down on cash spent on bills, you may be after an energy efficient PSU. By the title, we mean to find a PSU that is energy efficient and overall has a high efficacy in functioning.

This, in turn, will make your search more efficient and time-saving by thinking about what you actually need.

Your PSU will be taking power from the nearest outlet and converting it to DC power, but this conversion can be wasteful. An efficiency rating of your PSU therefore refers to how much or little energy is wasted in conversion.

An 80% rating means that only 20% of power is lost in converting to DC. 60% signifies 40% is lost, and so on. A higher efficiency therefore requires less power from your outlet.

It’s also worth noting that higher-efficiency units tend to give you better components and build quality overall. This means that they’ll give a better, high quality PC power supply with a greater overall performance for the price point. This will include a lower production of heat. Your best bet when searching for an efficient power supply would be an 80 plus gold PSU, which means it gives the best efficiency and generally a higher capacity for the cost compared to other market rivals.

Size Matters: Physical Size and Robustness

It’s important to consider the robustness of your PSU unit to consider the overall reliability. This could include preferences of cables and other components, and how this links to performance with your chosen computer build.

There are many budget options for a power supply unit, but sorting the low from high quality design options will depend upon factors and features such as physical size.

For most computer users, standard power supplies of ATX version should be fine, but you’ll still want to ensure that your PSU fits in your case by checking the appropriate clearances. If you’re a small form factor (SFF) fan, you might want to do a little more research for a version that suits your size preferences.

Another feature of robustness to watch out for in your PSU is the version of modularity- i.e. whether it’s fully modular or non-modular.

Fully modular power supply models do not come with cables attached. This will affect installation and requires that you’ll have to connect each cable to your PSU and the powered component, but this also suggests you can optimize for fewer cables and achieve a clean airflow.

Fully modular is good for:

  • A cleaner build
  • A potentially better airflow
  • A little more practicality

Non-modular power supplies have cables already soldered to the circuit board, meaning you can’t modify which cables are in your build. All cables, even ones you don’t use, need to be stored in your case. Non-modular PSUs:

  • Are not, functionally, any worse than fully modular
  • Can lead to less efficient airflow if cable management is poor
  • Allows for less choice

The Fine Print

Like any other technology, with a decent power supply you can easily geek out and get specific about your needs. However, if you’re a beginner, there’s lots of technical jargon that you might be less interested in.

To find the best power supply PC models could benefit from, you can pay attention to pretty much everything this list, while safely ignoring the following aspects. However, seasoned pros might want to read these features to find the best budget power supply with all the best high performance features:

Voltage stability – this refers to a PSU’s ability to keep supplying 12V power without dropping.

Rails- you can get PSUs that are multi or single rail, and whilst both have their pros and cons, the best PSU as high performance really doesn’t need this considered. However, if you’re living somewhere where power outages are the norm, definitely consider a multi-rail model of power supplies.

Cables- We touched on this earlier, as it essentially refers to modular versus not modular High-end PSUs are more likely to provide fully modular cables due to their increased ease, but for a beginner, this isn’t wildly important.

AT vs ATX- this refers to the type of motherboard, as some PSUs are made specifically for one motherboard or the other. Chances are you’re using a standard ATX, however you might want to check just in case. It’s no use buying one of the best PSU models if it isn’t compatible with your PC.

Repair Accessories – in short, you really don’t need a wattage tester or a repair guide. If you’ve found an issue with your PSU, whether it’s a 10-year gap since purchasing or a 5-year gap, you’ll need to replace it. Thankfully, lots of companies offer a warranty 5 year or 10 years long, so with a 10 year warranty you’re more than covered.

Best Brand Reliability

New power supply types are introduced by the best brands at a very quick rate, so it’s actually quite simple to scope out which brands have the highest reviews, make the greatest power supplies, and – if you’re concerned about budget – offer a value purchase for the money, at the cheapest prices.

While budget is definitely important, and you’ll want to find a model that comes with a low enough cost, a high-end unit might be worth investing in because the functioning of the best PSU, whether fully modular or otherwise, affects every part of your PC’s system, at the end of the day.

Trusted brands will offer you choice and reassurance with your purchase, meaning people can get the greatest component they’re looking for with peace of mind. This includes energy/heat efficiency, as most makes will be certified 80 plus bronze, 80 plus gold, or 80 plus platinum for their high performance wattage.

Customer Knows Best- The Importance of Reviews

Another key feature of any search is to check the reviews. There’s no aspect more important than looking between customer review websites and Amazon alike, to see what people have said about the product itself and the manufacturer’s customer support policies.

It’s hard to find reviews on power supplies that are easy to read, easier to trust, and give you all of the information you need – because it’s quite hard to test power supplies.

However, you’ll be able to find a handful of trusted reviews before you dive right in and think you’ve found the best power supply for you. In order to have your pick of the greatest budget power supplies, you’ll need to see if reviews tell you about:

  • Customer service
  • Warranty policies
  • Delivery time and conditions
  • Size and efficiency- but keep in mind what PC the reviewer has!


How important are power supplies to overall functioning?

If you’re stuck for how a power supply unit even works, you’ll want to listen up here. It’s important to know exactly what these units are doing in your computer case, in order to see how important these supplies are to overall functioning.

This could affect your decision in terms of warranty – 3 years might not be adequate for you if you have long-term concerns about your supply’s function, but a warranty 10-years long is more ideal.

Looking at which providers offer the best warranty policies isn’t the worst idea, because this will also give you a really good idea of what their customer service and tech support is like.

As you may have known, a power supply unit, or PSU, works by converting AC mains electricity to low-voltage DC power, in order to power the inside of your computer.

Many hail the PSU as an ‘unrecognised champion’ of easy and smooth operation within your PC. Essentially, a PSU is quite important because it allows all of the components of your PC to work to their fullest potential.

A PSU is important for the ordinary PC for a range of different purposes. If your power supply isn’t good enough for the sorts of capacities your PC deals with, this can cause system instability and lead to driver errors. It can also cause hardware malfunctions and reboots – so it’s best to make sure that the power supply you buy works well with your devices.

As we say, it’s all in the warranty – 10 year warranties offer you far more protection than those that last 5 years, so this is definitely something to consider too.

How can I be sure that my power supply is equipped for a gaming PC?

If you carefully consider the needs of your PC and what you’re actually going to be doing with it, then careful consideration will pay off in the long run. A cleaner PSU will keep your components running on clean, effective power at all hours of the day. This is likely to increase the durability of your PC- so if you want to be with your tech for life, a PSU is a worthy upgrade.

Ensuring that your PSU is compatible with your PC, and fully equipped for one, can be difficult. When you consider elements such as a graphics card, makes such as the Seasonic Prime seem like quite a good option.

You’ll want to take care to look at our considerations below to ensure that your needs and wants, when it comes to a PSU or any other component, align with the expectations of your gaming PC. This could include the amount of connectors, the sound, size, and functioning of the fan, or – most importantly – the wattage.

Our favorite makers of PSUs for PC gamers include:

  • Corsair RM850X
  • FSP Dagger 500W
  • Gamdias Astrape P1-750G
  • NZXT E850

Of course, those we’ve listed are the absolute best and most suitable for those looking towards a multi-purpose PSU on any sort of budget, but these four listed here are recommended by some of the best pros when it comes to PC gaming.

What is a decent power supply?

A decent power supply will incorporate many different features, making the best choice for your PC in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Any solid pick for the best budget power supply will include:

  • High energy efficiency – an 80 plus gold rating is ideal, whilst 80 plus platinum or 80 plus bronze are also acceptable.
  • A decent price tag – one of the best will for sure offer the best power it can do for the price. You’ll want to weigh up the benefits of a more expensive high quality power supply, and try to find these features in a cheaper, less high-end model.
  • The amount of power – you may be wondering “how much power do I need?” It’s entirely important to get a decent wattage on your power supplies, and our handy considerations above will show you how to get the best PSU for your needs.
  • Good customer service- including a convenient warranty, such as a 10 year warranty, 5 years at least.

Follow the links on our site above to find the best power supplies for you, with the best overall performance and high efficiency levels. We recommend the GAMEMAX 650W power supply.

Power Supply 650W 80+ Bronze,Non- Modular, GAMEMAX GP-650
  • 【80 Plus Bronze Certified】GAMEMAX pc power supply with 84% efficiency or higher under typical loads. Provides sustained and stabilized power supply for your system.
  • 【 Silent Fan】Atx power supply with 140 millimeters Ultra Quiet Cooling Fan for near silent operation.
  • 【Physical Info】PSU Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC;Power: 650W; Size: 6.22 × 5.90 × 3.34inch. Cables: 1 X (20+4)Pin Motherboard Connector; 1 X 12V(4+4) Pin Connector; 2X PCI-E(6+2)/8Pin Connector; 8 X SATA HDD Connector; 3 X PATA Connector; 3 X FDD Connector
  • 【Our brand】GAMEMAX has been committed to manufacture PC components and provide OEM service for well-known brands from 2003 till now. GAMEMAX's products are of multiple international security standard certificates including CB, CCC, FCC, CE, etc.
  • 【After-Sale Service】The 3 years worry-free product experience process will be provided to you and the manufacturer will bear all the responsibility if any product problems happen.

What is the best 1000w power supply?

There are lots of different 1000W power supplies you can opt for, from those with an 80 plus gold rating to an 80 plus bronze rating. These 80 plus certification makes will provide a high performance for any gaming PC. However, what’s the best 1000W model?

We personally recommend the EVGA 1000W 80 Plus Certification power supplies, which offer high efficiency levels for any gaming PC with 1000 watt power and semi modular cabling.

Will a 500 watt power supply be enough?

If you want plenty of gaming power and serious high efficiency in your overall performance, a 500 watt power supply is absolutely fine for pretty much every typical build’s overall performance.

It’s important to note that there are a combination of features to consider before you opt for a certain watt power supply, such as what the power efficiency is like, i.e. whether or not there’s an 80 plus certification, or whether you’ve got enough stability for your gaming PC.

That said, our favorite 500W power supplies can be found with the Seasonic 80 Plus Bronze Power Supplies, which come with a handy five year warranty.

Seasonic S12III 500 SSR-500GB3 500W 80+ Bronze ATX12V & EPS12V Direct Cable Wire Output Smart & Silent Fan Control Power Supply
  • Fixed cabling - Provides all the necessary cables required for a standard pc.
  • 80 plus Bronze - 82% efficient at 20% load, 85% efficient at 50% load, and 82% efficient at 100% load.
  • 120 mm SLEEVE BEARING FAN; The 120 mm fan inside is regulated by the Seasonic S2FC fan control, which optimizes the fan speed according to the needs of the system to create a quiet and pleasant environment.
  • 5 year warranty; Our commitment to superior quality.

What is a good power supply for gaming?

The best power supplies for gaming will incorporate a range of features, such as under voltage protection features, over voltage protection features, a decent warranty policy, and compatibility with graphics card models used in the greatest PC gaming. It’s important that your power supply cooperates with different PC components, whilst also providing a decent form factor that will correspond to the fan size of gaming PCs.

Our best power supply for gaming, we think, is the Apevia 80 Plus Certification 600 watt power supply, perfect for all of your gaming needs.

Apevia ATX-PR600W Prestige 600W 80+ Gold Certified, RoHS Compliance, Active PFC ATX Gaming Power Supply
  • Supports Dual/Quad/multi-core CPUs. Supports single 12V output for higher power usage
  • Dc to DC converter design, provides superior dynamic response, greater system stability and maximizes the 12V DC rail output
  • Multi-gpu technologies supported; 6 pin and 8 pin PCI-E connectors support all GPU platforms. Built in 1 x auto-thermally controlled black 135mm fan
  • Connectors: 1 x 20/24pin main power, 1 x 4/8pin 12V, 2 x PCI 6+2pin, 4 x SATA, 4 x peripheral. All protections
  • Apevia ATX-PR600W Prestige 600W 80+ Gold Certified, RoHS Compliance, Active PFC ATX Gaming Power Supply, 3 Year Warranty

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