Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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A mechanical gaming keyboard is a bit of essential equipment for any gamer, however, choosing a keyboard for games that performs well can be a tricky task. If you’re on a budget and you’re wondering what your options are when it comes to mechanical keyboards, we’ve got good news for you. Having found the top gaming keyboard products in this category and carried out reviews, we have the guide that you need below!

Mechanical keyboards for gaming are undoubtedly a must-have. This type of games keyboard offers supreme features when compared to a standard keyboard, meaning you can game with absolute confidence. While a mechanical gaming keyboard may appear initially no different to a regular option, they are in fact more tactical and provide a better typing experience. The best mechanical keyboards are solid in build and smooth to touch with an easily navigated number pad and media keys.

Below you will find a comprehensive guide for our top selection of mechanical keyboards available at a budget price. We have covered all aspects from build quality through to mx switches to give you a complete overview of which is the best cheap mechanical keyboard for your needs. When choosing mechanical keyboards on a budget, you may be wondering whether you have to compromise on quality – the answer is no!

Read on to find out more about mechanical game keyboards and find the right product for your keyboard requirements…

Best Budget Mechanical Keyboards

Looking for the top gaming keyboard or a mechanical keyboard on a budget? All of the products below offer exceptional quality and are some of the best cheap options available on the market today. Take a look at the products that we have chosen and read all about why we love them.

1.Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Non slip ergonomic design for conflict free typing. Highly customizable LEDS for backlighting. Uses MX red switches.

Our first cheap mechanical keyboard to review in this guide is the Redragon k552 product which is one of the most popular gaming keyboards on the market. With 87 keys, and a cherry mx equivalent switch, it offers excellent longevity and fantastic durability. You will love the level of tactile typing experience offered from this mechanical gaming keyboard for smooth use every time.

It offers 18 different RGB lighting options but if you want a low profile you can choose to not display the leds too. In addition to the color selections, you can also choose from 5 different breathing speeds and backlight brightness levels. All of the keys on this keyboard for gamer needs are conflict free and offer great tactile feedback for a fantastic gaming experience. Both non slip and highly ergonomic in its design, this is one of the best cheap mechanical keyboards available due to its aesthetical appearance too.


Switch: 87 | Size: 35.4 x 12.35 x 3.7 cm | Backlights: White RGB Backlit

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2.Eagletec KG010

Eagletec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard

Best Features: Made of aircraft graded aluminum for durability. Great budget price. Has good actuation force.

Next up on in our reviews, we have another awesome Eagletec cheap mechanical keyboard suitable for both gaming and professional needs. This particular mechanical keyboard offers superb tactile feedback and a range of different keyboard uses. With over 100 dustproof keys and added media keys we love just how versatile this keyboard is. With 9 different lighting options to choose from inclusive of a cool blue and classic red, you can set up the perfect gaming pad.

The overall build quality of this best mechanical keyboard is highly impressive too making it one of the top rated gaming keyboards. Made of aircraft graded aluminum and with easy to use media controls, you are guaranteed reliability, ease of use, and great aesthetics. This is one of the best budget keyboards available with everything you need including fantastic key backlighting.


Switch: 104 | Size: 44.7 x 17.8 x 2.7 cm | Backlights: Blue LED backlit | Media controls: Yes

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3.STOGA RGB LED Backlit Rainbow Keyboard

STOGA RGB LED Backlit Rainbow Keyboard

Best Features: Anti-ghosting keys for quick registration. Feels robust and is built to last. Great lighting features.

As one of the top illuminated rainbow mechanical keyboard products by STOGA with tactical feedback for the fingers. The RGB lighting element feature is among the best that we have seen in a cheap mechanical keyboard product and it offers exceptional customization options. Great for playing in darker environments, the brightly lit keyboard uses subtle RGB patterns that look absolutely stunning in-game. As far as lighting effects go, this STOGA rainbow full RGB keyboard is a solid contender.

The alloy panel character keycaps give a really unique feel and provide amazing tactical feedback for when you’re playing. Protected from scratching, this keyboard feels super robust and is quick the media keys are ideal for if you are playing a busy match online. With the added feature of mechanical gaming anti ghosting, your keystrokes are registered speedily and without delay. This highly compatible mechanical keyboard provides an ideal typing experience with full RGB at a budget cost.


Switch: 87 | Size: 37.1 x 19.1 x 3.5 cm | Backlights: 18 RGB Backlight Modes | Media controls: Yes

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4.Mechanical Keyboard RGB Lighting Gaming Keyboard

Mechanical Keyboard RGB Lighting Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Simple and sleek design. Ultra think and lightweight for portability. Good for wireless gaming.

Of all the best cheap keyboards gaming style by Kalith, this is one of our favorites due to its simple design, tactile bump, and how the keyboard feels providing great tactile feedback. With the standard 104 keys, this ultra-thin and lightweight mechanical keyboard are great for both wireless gaming and professional use. Using the latest cherry mx blues switch, it delivers quick response at a bargain price point. Add to this the fact that you can customize the full RGB backlighting to your preference.

At an extremely low price, this is a top mechanical gaming keyboard that doesn’t lack in any aspect. From the function keys to the dedicated media keys, it’s designed for top gaming performance or professional typing needs. For a reliable and high quality budget keyboard with different lighting modes, look no further.


Switch: 104 | Size: 42.6 x 12.6 x 2.28 cm | Backlights: RGB

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5.HUO JI Z88 Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

HUO JI Z88 Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Mechanical switches are excellent quality. Has a removeable USB for convenience. Plenty of different backlighting modes.

Next on our list we have one of the most attractive looking cheap mechanical keyboards that also features blue mx switches. The custom HUO ji mx blue switch keyboard is designed specifically for longevity and responsiveness so that you will never have to worry about playing in-game and lag again. With 81 anti ghosting keys on this best cheap mechanical keyboard, it offers an excellent user tactile feedback at a lower than average price tag. The RGB lighting on this particular mechanical keyboard is impressive with 10 different modes inclusive of flashing speeds and more. You can fully customize the RGB backlighting to your own preferences.

The dedicated media keys and regular keys on this mechanical keyboard have been laser cut ensuring durability over the long-term. Add to this a windows key for locking game mode and a removable usb caple for total convenience. Overall. this is one of the most popular cheap mechanical keyboards that we have found and we’re sure that you will love it too.


Switch: 81 | Size: 30.99 x 12.29 x 3.56 cm  | Backlights: Z-88 RGB LED | Media controls: Custom

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6.Havit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Havit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Features: Paired with a mouse for all your gaming needs. Low profile design with quality mechanical switches. Full size.

Are you seeking a blue switch full size mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse combo? Take a look at this awesome package which features the Havit wireless mechanical keyboard for gamers at a bargain cost. Both the keyboard and gaming mouse are backlit while carrying a low profile desgin overall and ensuring great tactical feedback for gamer needs. Both the brightness and light changing speeds are fully adjustable with over 21 different options including one color and multi colors. Utilizing the classic cherry mx blue switch design, this keyboard has a clicky and tactile feel for complete responsiveness.

The windows key allows you to lock into gaming mode while the dedicated media keys work universally. The tactile switches allow you to easily and conveniently roll over keys making this particular model a highly respected mechanical keyboard with full RGB backlighting.


Switch: 105 | Size: 44.45 x 20.32 x 5.33 cm | Backlights: 7 RGB Lights | Media controls: Yes

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7.HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard

HyperX Alloy Core RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Use cherry mx switches for tactile functionality. Full size keyboard. Good range of customizable backlighting options.

This HyperX alloy tactile feedback gamer keyboard comes out at the top of budget keyboard recommendations and it’s easy to see why. With a range of media functions for the computer user, this is an ideal option for both games and general use. The radiant lighting effects include red backlighting and other colored led backlighting options allowing you to customize as you wish. A full size keyboard, the HyperX model uses a cherry mx switch for easy controls and guaranteed responsiveness as a solid choice in the best cheap mechanical options.

The different function keys and audible click are just a couple of great features that this keyboard offers. While it provides full tactical feedback it is impressively quiet and requires little actuation force. Both light in weight despite its full size and durable, this product certainly deserves its place in the best cheap mechanical keyboards list.


Switch: Dedicated Gaming Mode | Size: 44.2 x 17.53 x 3.56 cm | Backlights: RGB | Media controls: Yes

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8.Redragon K502 RGB

Redragon K502 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Quiet typing experience. Full numeric keypad included. Splashproof and highly durable.

Up next in our keyboards review is the Redragon K502 tactile feedback model which comes with a wrist rest, cherry mx mechanical switches, and many premium features. As one of the quietest full size membrane keyboard options out there, the click sound is near silent. The 104 keys inclusive of macro keys are designed specifically for longevity and durability and require far less work to type overall. For those that want a complete gaming setup, you will love the different lighting options per key with 6 modes and effects. Each of the laser engraved keys is easy on the hands and lights up with the colored backlight of your choice.

At the top of many recommendations for this type of keyboard, this model has a robust and splashproof body that delivers big on style. It comes with a full numeric keypad making playing games easy and overall offers exceptional value for money. You will love the different input commands and functionality that this fantastic wrist rest keyboard provides.


Switch: 104 | Size: 45.2 x 20.15 x 1.85 cm | Backlights: RGB LED | Wrist rest: Yes

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9.VictSing RGB

VictSing RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Features: Bargain keyboard choice. Great backlighting options. Features 12 shortcut keys for convenience.

Our final pick for keyboards with mechanical switches, the VictSing RGB product which is priced at a bargain cost and provides everything that you could need for a fantastic gaming experience. The customizable backlights allow you to set up the perfect conditions for your gaming marathon. You can easily add different effects with each use and never grow bored of how this keyboard functions. The mx red switches provide tactile typing with high accuracy and quick response for when you are gaming. This keyboard features a multifunctional key which allows you to conveniently switch to numeric keys.

On a design level, this all-metal panel keyboard is smooth to touch and the red switches make for a pleasant typing experience with every use. 12 shortcut keys allow the user to easily switch between various modes for better use and the dedicated media key adds further convenience this way. This is by far one of the top wireless mechanical key board options for gaming out there that will save you money too!


Switch: 96 | Size: 42.8 x 17.5 x 5.51 cm | Backlights: RGB Lights | Media controls: Yes | Wrist rest: X

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Gaming Keyboard Buyers Guide

Is this your first time buying a mechanical keyboard? Do you have a few questions lingering about what you should be looking for in a mechanical gaming keyboard? We have strived to answer all of the typical questions surrounding mechanical keyboards so you don’t have to ask yourself any more! From the switch type to the overall design, there are plenty of different factors to consider in a budget mechanical keyboard.

Switch Type

All mechanical keyboards use a switch for the keys with some that are more common than others. The most typical type of gaming keyboard switch is the Cherry MX red brand which is one of the best and renowned for its reliability. The blue switches are the most noisy in comparison to the red option which is just about silent and they require little to no force for the cherry MX.

If you choose a gaming keyboard that is mechanical that doesn’t use the Cherry mx red switches, they will likely be using a close alternative. The Cherry MX blue switches are particularly good for those that need to type regular as their profession and enhance productivity. However, the cherry MX red switch is the top choice amongst gamers.

Number Pad

If you plan on using your new mechanical keyboard for work use as well as leisure time, you will likely need a number pad on the side of your keyboard media controls. While some gamers specifically choose a mechanical keyboard that does not feature a number pad so they can save space, we highly recommend considering a number pad for both gaming and typing.

Though it is entirely down to personal preference as to whether your mechanical keyboard features number media keys, they are going to provide more convenience. Mechanical keyboards without a number pad are also known as 10 keyless keyboards.


Mechanical keyboards can be really fun to use and they can also make your fighting station look the part too. You will find several gaming keyboard style features inclusive of lights that change color which some gamers are happy to pay a bit extra for. Again. this factor comes entirely down to preference as there is not set design for a mechanical gaming keyboard.


Durability is an important aspect to consider when choosing a mechanical keyboard. Because you will be using the keyboard for gaming or working every day, you need to ensure that it can stand the test of time and offers a good sense of reliability. The best mechanical keyboard products will offer you a strong plastic material and keys that stay on.


Convenience is going to be a factor that you should pay close attention to when choosing your new mechanical keyboard product. First of all, it will be important that the choice you make fulfills your end goal, whether that is for gaming or work needs. While this largely comes down to preference in terms of design elements, there are a few things that you should look out for that will help a keyboard be more convenient in its design.

First of all, the keys should be tactile when typing and provide you with a sense of ease when in use. If you don’t like the way a keyboard is laid out or the way it feels to you, it’s probably not going to be the most convenient in the long-term. Some users report not enjoying the way a space bad feels to type or other essential keys such as the enter button, you should probably avoid models if you feel the same way.

Secondly, some users do not mind a bit of noise when typing with a mechanical keyboard while others find it very offputting. If you feel you may get annoyed by an audible click, go for a choice that has ranked high for its quietness. Overall, you may want to consider other aspects too such as wiring and whether you need a wireless option if you want to take the keyboard out and about with you.

Keyboards will vary design-wise, so it is a good idea to think about what you’re looking for before making a definite choice. If you want portability, a product that is chunky and heavy to carry about probably isn’t going to be a good idea.

While you’ve got convenience and ergonomics of design on your mind, why not check out our best cheap gaming chair picks?

Media Controls

Media controls in keyboards can greatly help the user switch between various applications without excessive clicking. While for some, clear and easy to use media controls are a must-have, others do not care too much for this feature. While media controls are definitely convenience features and not a necessity, they can greatly improve your overall experience and performance of the key board that you are using.

If you are wondering exactly how these types of controls work, here’s the low down. A media key will allow you to access and use different types of media via your key board. This means that you can easily playback scenes or edit other elements of the media that you’re consuming without the need to use the mouse,. They are usually in the form of a key, however, sometimes they appear more so as a dial.


Ghosting is the name given for when a keyboard sends an unintended signal or character because too many keys have been pressed in a short space of time. Some key boards do not function when multiple keys are pressed at one time while others do. Anti-ghosting technology ensures that your keys do not get affected by this type of processing and signaling error. This can be a particularly useful feature if you are playing a game that requires quick typing of keys and you need complete responsiveness at all times.

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