Best Budget Bridge Cameras 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

13 really is the lucky number today, because we’re taking you through 13 of our top picks for the cheapest bridge cameras available will excellent reviews. We’ll be discussing the cheaper cameras with the best value, from under $500, even under $300 to as low as $200. From the Coolpix p1000 cameras to the Canons, the video recording cameras to the point and shoot cameras; we have it all. So, read on to find out which bridge camera is best for you.

13 Best Budget Bridge Cameras ($200 to under $500) in 2020

This 13 item list will take you through some of the coolest bridge cameras with impressive image quality, Wi-fi features, and other effects. You’re sure to find something to suit your price range. For ease, we’ve added links to each object.

1.Canon PowerShot

The first model we have is the Canon PowerShot SX430 IS model (1790C002).

Renowned for its easy to use technology and impressive Lithium Ion battery life, this superzoom bridge camera is a brilliant choice on the subject of value.

Features we Like
  • Image Quality – These models provides amazing image quality by allowing you to capture close-ups using its 45x optical zoom. The resolution includes an impressive 20.0 mega pixels; a clear advantage.
  • Built-in Wifi – These cameras comes ready with built-in wifi, meaning you can go between devices such as your computers or smartphone, seamlessly using the devices in tandem to take care of your images. A useful feature of most superzooms.

2.Nikon COOLPIX Digital Camera

Our second model is the well-known Nikon COOLPIX B500. With an impressive array of shooting modes and a 16 megapixel (previous Nikon models have typically been 1 2.3 mp) sensor, this model offers capability on loads of points and situations. Later we’ll see its relative, the Nikon COOLPIX P1000.

Features We Like
  • Shooting Modes – This model comes with a whopping 19 shooting modes, including pet portrait, landscape, bird watching, and easy panorama. A clear winner for choice – this is the real deal, second to none for its setting variety.
  • Burst Mode – When you consider that most average cameras that you’d find at Walmart or elsewhere have a continuous shooting speed (CSS) or frame rate of between 3 and 8 frames per second (fps), it’s generally quite impressive that this model offers a CSS of 7.4 fps. This means you don’t have to compromise quality for price.

3.Panasonic Lumix Camera

This next pick comes from Panasonic, and is the Lumix FZ80 4K Digital Camera. With a whopping 60x optical zoom and a sensor size of 1 2.3 inches, this will meet all of your needs in the manner of producing specific details. This offers an array of benefits to both the professional and amateur photographer.

Features We Like
  • Low Light Performance – The low light capture mode allows you to take the perfect snapshots even during the night – any time, anywhere.
  • Point and Shoot Technology – This model’s 18.1 megapixel MOS sensor, the astonishing 60x zoom, and DC Vario lens, captures moments no matter how far away they are, with minimal signs of motion or disruption.

4.Panasonic Lumix Long Zoom Camera

Similar to pick number 3, this is also a Panasonic Lumix – however this is the Panasonic Lumix FZ300 model, which comes with a 1 2.3 inch sensor, 4K video, and countless other features.

Features We Like
  • Protection on Body – The model’s body is both water and dust proof, which means it’s likely to be very durable over time, meaning both the device itself and its produced images will not worsen in appearance.
  • 4K Video and Photo – Perfect for any advanced photography or 4K video recording, Panasonic’s 4K technology is exclusive to their models. Using 30 frames per second, you’ll never miss an important moment… instead you’ll see it in ultra HD.

5.Sony Cyber Shot Camera

Our fifth pick is the Sony Cyber Shot DSC H300 model, which comes complete with a 20.1 mp camera – a very decent amount that’s sure to please everyone. Sony are typically known for their RX10 Cyber Shot, which includes a f 2.4-4 large aperture 24 600mm zoom lens.

Features We Like
  • LCD Screen – The LCD screen of the Sony Cyber Shot is 3 inches long and provides easy viewing of your pictures and videos, as well as photo editing. Easy to touch, the detailed output of the LCD screen is a definite plus.
  • Optical SteadyShot Technology – The SteadyShot technology that’s available with this camera reduces blur and ensures that the image quality remains an integral tool.

6.Minolta Pro Shot Camera

Our next pick comes from Minolta, and is the Pro Shot 20mp Digital Camera. It’s a fact that this model has style and class, as well as being a cut above the rest.

Features We Like
  • Video Quality – This device is perfect for anyone that wants to use video functions, as it offers a full 1080P HD video quality, as well as a 16 GB capacity SD card. You don’t have to go to great lengths to get a good video with this model, thankfully – its capabilities are evident.
  • Lens Action – With its impressive telephoto lens, this model captures sharp images using a 20 mp CMOS sensor and an astonishing 67x optical zoom.

7.Kodak PIXPRO Camera (AZ421-BK)

Our seventh camera is the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom (AZ421-BK). It’s a compact camera similar to DSLRs, and offers a 42x optical zoom.

Features We Like
  • Ergonomics – As pictured, the right hand side of the camera offers soft material casing and grooves for your hands to perfectly fit, making handing of this camera a perfect thing. It really shows that user comfort was an idea from the outset.
  • Pet Face Detection – A really cool difference between this one of a kind camera and its competitors is the pet facial recognition… the subject highlighting technology and blink/smile detection helps you to capture that perfect moment with your furry friend… bag yourself this bargain.


8.Kodak PIXPRO Camera (AZ252-WH)

Our next camera in the search for the best digital bridge camera is the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ252-WH. It’s very similar to its neighbour, pick 7, with a few key differences. For starters, the optical zoom range is lower.

Features We Like
  • Color Options – Like the previous PIXPRO, there are actually some fab customisation options to allow you to have a functional, effective device that also carries some style.
  • Optical Image Stabilization – The 25x zoom and 16 mp model gives you a smooth, optimal image stabilisation that enhances picture quality and offers high resolution. You can also tailor these settings via manual controls.

9.Panasonic Lumix Point and Shoot Camera

Our ninth pick is another Panasonic model – this time it’s the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 4K Point and Shoot, with a 16x Leica DC F2.8 – 4.0 Lens. Its continuous shooting speed is 12 fps. Unlike the previous two Lumix models which has a 1 2.3 inch sensor, this model has a sensor size of 13.2 x 8.8 mm.

Features We Like
  • Big Sensor Quality – This model employs a large 1 inch sensor, to improve low light capture, and the large sensor aids defocusing effects in the background.
  • Lens Quality and Stabiliser – Not only does the Leica DC lens give a bright, ultra sharp macro photography output (down to 3 centimetres), but the Hybrid O.I.S (optical image stabilizer) with a 5 axis correction gives the ability of blur-less, one-handed video recording.

10.Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Digital Camera

Our tenth model is the second Canon in our selection – it’s the Canon PowerShot SX70, which comes with 65x zoom lenses, and a 4K photo and video quality! Look no further, this is one of the best – regardless of user level.

Features We Like
  • LCD Tilting Screen – The impressive LCD touch screen is a tilting touchscreen, which allows you to have a greater degree of control over angles, shooting rates, zoom capacity, zoom ranges, zoom power, and other settings.
  • Video Settings – The video features of 4K UHD and the 4K timelapse movie – with cinelike d efinition- video mode make this a perfect model for those wanting to master video recording. The dynamic fine zoom gives you more than enough choice.

11.Nikon COOLPIX P1000

The next bridge camera we have for you is the Nikon COOLPIX P1000, which comes complete with a 3.2″ LCD screen and a 16.7 MP resolution, as well as a 1 2.3 inch sensor.

Features We Like
  • Additional Accessories – The camera can be bought with a premium handmade secure camera strap, a tripod, or even a Bluetooth camera remote. It’s one of the most customisation-friendly cameras in the list.
  • Vibration Reduction – This camera has a fab rock steady dual detect image stabilization system, and the lens shift feature ensures vibration reduction. Easy to use with a great lens, perfect.

12.Leica V-Lux Camera

Our penultimate option is the Leica V-Lux (Typ 114) Digital Camera, which comes complete with a 20 MP resolution and a 3 inch LCD screen. High quality and versatile, this pick is one of the most impressive bridge cameras.

Features We Like
  • Wi-Fi/ NFC – The Wi-Fi/NFC connection is instantaneous, meaning that you can easily connect to tablets, smartphones or PCs without the need of a USB cable.
  • Zoom and Lens Quality – This camera is one of our best bridge cameras because of its lens and zoom quality. The macro lens easily allows for a zoom lens that provides an effective zoom range.

13.Olympus Mirrorless Camera

Our final pick is the Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera. This brilliant model comes in silver or black, and has a 14-42 mm II R lens. It’s easy to see why it’s one of our best picks.

Features We Like
  • Burst Shooting – This device is impressive in its 8.5 fps burst shooting, meaning that you can conduct continuous shooting and gather some good shots at a fast speed. One of the best features!
  • Silent Mode – A unique feature, all shutter sounds can be entirely disabled… the only sound you’ll hear is your lens clicking into place.

Best Cheap Bridge Camera

Our pick for the best budget model had to be one under $200. Super affordable, our pick is number 7, the Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom (AZ421-BK). Everything about this device is worth the price- from the zoom range and zoom lens, to the sensor – it’s definitely one of the best bridge models available.

Kodak PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16MP Digital Camera with 42X Optical Zoom and 3" LCD Screen (Black)
  • Powerful 16. 1-Megapixel CCD sensor gives you room to enlarge, zoom and crop to your heart's content without losing out on life-like clarity or quality.
  • 42x optical zoom and a 24mm wide angle lens Moves you closer to the subject and fit more into every frame; 1080P
  • Face/Cat/dog detection detects facial features and enhances it for true subject highlighting, even your four-legged Cat and dog friends. Blink/smile detection helps you to capture the perfect moment.
  • Face Beautifier mode and loads of built-in touch-up features allow you to reduces facial flaws, enhance skin tone and the eyes of your portrait subjects instantly.
  • Use the Panorama mode to create a seamless panoramic picture to 180-degree easily by panning the camera across your subject. Continuous shooting

Cheapest Model Available

Our cheapest model available is also a fabulous pick, it’s pick 1, the Canon PowerShot SX430 IS model (1790C002). This model offers the best value for money. Certainly one of its strong areas, the device offers an ideal zoom range and optical zoom of 45x.


Do you need a Budget Camera still?

If this top 13 didn’t do it for you, don’t worry! There’s plenty more where that came from, and many a cheap camera: Canon, Nikon, and Sony Cyber Shot ranges are all satisfactory. The latter is particularly impressive with its 24 600mm lens size.


Bridge Camera Buyer’s Guide

What is a Bridge Camera Exactly?

Before we get into the details of what the best bridge cameras are, you’ll probably want to know what one is. A bridge camera, or bridging camera, is the term for a digital camera that has some level of manual control, a long range zoom lens, and a viewfinder (but not interchangeable lenses).

The best way to describe a bridge camera is the ‘bridge’ between a point and shoot camera and a DSLR lens (digital single lens reflex).

Typical Cost of Cheaper Bridge Camera

The cost of a bridge camera can range massively, so in order to find the best buy you’ll need to do some hunting. Generally, you can find some of the cheapest and most efficient models under $500, and most averagely priced cameras will price in at just under $300.

Of course, the price will differ according to controls and options for shooting, performance, quality, and screen modes. A key factor in price difference is lens size and its corresponding maximum aperture, such as those with a f 2.8 or f 2.4.

Considerations Choosing Bridge Camera on a Budget

There are a few different features and considerations you’ll need to think of when trying to get a bridge camera that offers value for money. Considering that bridge cameras are a lot cheaper than DSLRs, it’s quite easy to compare and shop around to find (electronics and gadgets) the device that’s right for you. Here are our three key considerations.

1. What type should I opt for?

There are different models of bridge cameras that correspond to different prices. For example, superzoom cameras offer DSLR type controls and an optical zoom (of up to 50x). Most commonplace major brands, such as Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Olympus, produce superzoom cameras.

On the other hand, you can also get compact bridge cameras. These are more akin to digital compacts cameras, but they offer more manual control over exposure, aperture, and other settings to refine your shot. Though optical zooms are still higher than your average compacts, the differences between the compact’s zoom and the superzoom’s zoom are stark.

2. What is the image stabilisation like?

One of the most impressive features of bridge cameras (Wikipedia – Bridge Camera Info), image stabilisation stops camera shake from spoiling photographs, keeping them sharp and free from blur. This massively improves the image quality, keeping them as high quality as possible.

3. Are there Wifi and geo-tagging features?

Another really key feature of these models is that many include a built-in GPS to record where photos have been taken. Others are able to connect to smartphones, and you can transfer your shots from to your phone or PC. In some cases there’s even the ability to take a photo using your phone’s screen.

Bridge vs DSLR

Still unsure of the difference? Want to know which is the best camera: bridge or DSLR? Well, Bridges offer:

  • Fixed lenses
  • Electronic viewfinders
  • A small sensor
  • A much higher zoom range than DSLR, and a bigger zoom lens

However, DSLRs offer:

  • Removable lenses
  • Optical viewfinders
  • A large sensor
  • A smaller zoom lens and range