Best Budget USB Mircophones 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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So you’re in the market for a microphone, maybe you’re wanting to start a podcast or even begin your streaming adventure in the hope that one day you could play video games in front of thousands of viewers on twitch. Well, one thing is for sure, you’ll need some sort of microphone before any of this can turn into fruition. So it’s safe to say you’ve stumbled upon a gold mine because here is where you’ll find all the microphone information your brain will ever need to help you choose the best one for your price range! What is a USB you ask? Well a microphones USB is what allows it to be plugged into a computer for a complete hassle free plug in and play audio experience.

Top Budget USB Microphones

1. Fifine 669 USB Microphone

Fifine 669 USB Microphone

Best Features:  One of the best USB mics available, the wide frequency for excellent sound quality & comes with adjustable C-clamp boom studio scissor arm stand, Price.

Kicking things off we have Fifine and their 669 USB Microphone condenser kit. This microphone features as one of Amazon’s top choice for best USB Gaming Microphones! A modern looking piece of equipment at a very respectable price. Perfect for someone who wants to dip their toes into the online world.

A well-reviewed piece of equipment used by gamers and live streamers. The mic comes with a double layer pop filter which removes the rush of air caused by vocal plosives, minimizing the popping and cracking sounds which can compromise your content and t’s perceived quality. This mic is also perfect for anyone who is starting a podcast as it gives you everything you’d want in a usb mic.

The Fifine 669 mic does a surprisingly good job of capturing audio for vocals and instruments. The zero latency headphone jack means that you can hear exactly what you are saying. So, it will get the job done for most audio recordings, but this mic isn’t recommended if you are aiming for something a little more professional. Overall, it’s a rock-solid entry-level mic. It’s not perfect for every situation, but for the price, you can’t go wrong.


Size: 4.5

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2. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone

Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone


Best Features:  Affordable, Delivers crisp audio in a cardioid recording pattern, No DSP means a pure signal, Plug-and-play ready. long usb cable

Given that plenty of the best USB microphones cost at least $100 or more, the Snowball Ice from Blue, the same company which makes the blue yeti, stands out for its price alone at under $50, a very respectable price for a usb mic. Arguably the best budget usb microphone available.

The mic is a very affordable option from a company known for its high-quality pro-level mics. The mic is cardioid-only, but seeing as that’s one of the most popular styles of mic pattern for recording vocals, plenty of users will see the value in saving a little money by choosing this fixed-pattern condenser. Another perfect entry-level mic for anyone who wishes to dip their toes into the podcast or streaming world. Again for its price it hard to complain!


Compatibility: USB 3.0

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3. CMteck USB Computer Microphone

CMteck USB Computer Microphone

Best Features:  Well it’s ridiculously cheap perfect for those Cheaper budgets and just want something that does the job, the flexibility with the gooseneck mic-stand improve the comfort when using this product and finally the LEDs make out for very ease-of-use as you know exactly when and where on the mic will be recording or not based on the color indicated. It also has a long usb cable. A well rounded usb microphone option.

Keeping the ‘plug and play’ train going next up is CM tech USB microphone that records your beautiful voice for less than $30. Another very cheap option, brilliant for those looking to just get into streaming and podcasts. The usb mic comes in under $30 and is again one of Amazons top choice products for the category.

This product produces a smooth recording and clear sound, ideal for podcasts, chatting, recording, and vocals. The products got it painted flexible gooseneck which is 24 cm in height which alarm for 360° of adjustment ideal for perfect month placement. This mic also comes with a mute feature that can be identified with the built-in LED system quickly mute and on mute the microphone with just the tap of a button.

This option requires no drivers to install, it’s hasslefree and compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. However, it is important to note it is not compatible with android or raspberry PI. Despite this, it is one of the best USB microphones for recording. And, the zero latency headphone jack means that you can hear exactly what you are saying. This mic has a mute button so you know exactly when you are and aren’t recording. The mute button is also controlled by LED lights which shine green and red based on when the mute button is on or off. Overall a solid usb mic.


Size: 1.5m/5ft

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4. TONOR PC Microphone USB Computer

TONOR PC Microphone USB Computer

Best Features:  It’s a sophisticated bit of kit, comes with all the attachments you would need to have a fully functioning recording studio and doesn’t break the bank.

Moving swiftly on here we have the Tonor PC microphone. The usb mic is a cost-effective solution to those who have little to no budget for a microphone. Not only can you buy this microphone online alone but it also comes available in a set which includes not only the mic but also a tripod, pop filter, pop foam filter for the head of the mic, and one pop filter stick holder.

Another microphone that is easy to set up as it has no drivers. It just plugs into your computer and you can start recording your audio directly hassle-free. The desktop tripod microphone stand features a 180 rotating neck that can be adjusted into any orientation to meet your comfort needs. This usb mic is solid option for anyone. Very versatile option ideal for voice-overs, podcast, recording gaming, twitch, video conferences you name it this mic can do it for you.


Compatibility: 50Hz -16KHz | Extra Features: 3.5mm

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5. Samson Go Mic Portable USBSamson Go Mic Portable USB

Best Features:  Versatile of a microphone as you can get, portable and easy to use straightforward recording hardware, and finally easy to edit through our door city or garage band as the file is compatible.

Keeping the show going, here we have the Samson go portable microphone. Despite the Samson Go Mic being nearly 10 years old, it’s still one of the best USB microphones out there. This is ideal for content creators, gamers, or people who are making frequent conference calls on the go as this microphone is as portable as it gets.

It’s a very non-intrusive design that can fit in your pocket it doesn’t require much effort to plug in and play. Integrated is an LED indicator that is useful for notifying uses of power supply and also when voices are clipping as it blinks red when noises are too loud. The mic is also compatible with most headphone jacks as it has a 3.5mm plug. Bring the microphone couldn’t be easier if you’re using software like GarageBand audacity, or you have to do is plug the microphone in via the included cable and hit record.

Samsung go is truly a plug and play option for users who don’t need top-notch studio recording quality and prefer the ease of use. It is also perfect for those who plan on recording on the go I need something a little more versatile and less intrusive while traveling.

If you’re looking to up your YouTube channel or podcast game but don’t want to invest a heart-stopping expensive amount of money, this is a great starter option. Irrelevant of what built-in computer mic you have already and are using this is sure to be an improvement and couldn’t be more straightforward to use.


Compatibility: USB 1.1

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USB Microphone Buyers Guide

Buying your first USB Microphone: A Simple Buyers Guide

1 Decide on your budget

Your microphone budget is the biggest factor when it comes to purchasing your very first mic. Knowing what you’re willing and able to spend is something you may deem obvious but you have to be realistic about your budget. That way you’ll get the most for your money. You might also want to consider whether your budget leaves space for other appliances, like the best USB DAC on a budget.

2 Figure out the purpose of use for your microphone

Decide what it is you’ll be using the mic for and what you want to record. You need to capitalize on the features of the microphone, as some have better-integrated qualities than others. Such as, if you’re using the mic to record an instrument there are some mics better suited for this task as opposed to using the mic for recording vocals for podcasts.

3 Identify which mics are best suited to your style.

This may come as a shock to many but microphones don’t all do the same thing. Aside from record audio, microphone all have different recording frequencies, so researching mics and checking reviews is an important step in choosing the right one for you.

4 Think about your environment

Anyone will tell you that where you record is just as important to the gear you record with. If not more important. Where you plan to use your microphone makes a big impact on which microphone to use. Rooms that haven’t been modified for acoustic recording would suit a different microphone to a room that has been soundproofed and adjusted.

Why choose a USB Microphone?

Microphones have a lot of positives for example even the best USB microphones are typically quite affordable. They have no digital audio interface required to connect to a computer. They offer simplicity, though their plug-in and play capabilities.

They are far more versatile and portable than any dynamic microphone option as they are powered by the computer. This eliminates any need for any additional power source. All you need is a USB microphone, a stand a cable and a computer. Therefore, the gear you would have to haul around when recording is massively reduced.

What to look for in USB Microphones Under $50?

The first thing you need to look for when purchasing a microphone under $50, aside from the style of microphone which would suit the room…, Is the type of microphone.

So what do I mean by type? Simply: Condenser Mics or Dynamic Mics.

Condenser mics are better on high-frequency instruments such as acoustic guitars, pianos, or cymbals. This is because they use a smaller, lighter diaphragm to capture sound.

Dynamic mics are better on low-frequency instruments such as drums, electric guitars. The upside of a heavier diaphragm (which is what dynamic mics are known for) is a lack of need for external power. Furthermore, they are far more durable and if you were to drop a dynamic mic on the ground it is far more likely to survive. A condenser mic on the other hand is a different story…

But the truth is that neither mic is better overall. No mic on the planet is good for everything so knowing which type of audio you’ll be using the mic for will ultimately enable you to decide on which type of mic to purchase.

Are USB Microphones Under $50 Actually Any Good?

The first thing to accept is the phrase: You get what you pay for.

The quality you receive in a product is positively correlated to the price of which you pay. So don’t go expecting to sound like you’re headlining Glasto with your $30 USB microphone. But on the other hand, if you know the purpose of which you’ll be needing the mic, it could meet every and all expectation! Several streaming gamers opt for independent USB microphones over their integrated headset mics for their better quality.

So to conclude if ‘USB microphones under $50 are any good’. The simple answer is yes they most definitely are, but they are only if you know and are realistic with what you expect from them based on what you want to use them for.

USB Microphones Pros & Cons

So you’re in the market for a new microphone as you want to start recording at home. It can be done, but it does require some advanced equipment to get started. The most obvious bit of equipment is the microphone. Microphones can be dauntingly expensive, However, thanks to USB ports you now have an easy way to get started at a much lesser cost. USB mics often come with zero latency headphone jacks which basically allows you to hear real time audio.

You’re probably wondering why USB microphones are cheaper than other non usb microphone options on the market. Well to put it simply, USB microphones are condenser microphones as opposed to dynamic. This basically means they have a great capability of recording a wide frequency. They are therefore a lot more sensitive to recording background sounds in your room; they will be able to pick up the sound of your fan in the background or even the whirring sounds from your computer. However on the flip side, if your room is acoustically set up to have no background noise, USB microphones are a fantastic cheaper alternative to the more expensive dynamic microphones on the market.

  • USB mics are Cheap (Good entry-level piece of equipment)
  • Swift set up. Simply plug in and start recording
  • No need for additional hardware.
  • Easy to travel with


The above microphones are all ideal candidates to fulfil your microphone needs. That’s the main takeaway you should have from this article. Expectation management is key however, as you should know what you’re getting yourself into. They are perfect for some tasks and not others. So having a good idea of what you seek to use it for will ultimately answer that question for you. The summerise, they are great appetizers to your microphone journey. If you seek a mic to start a venture, they will meet all needs. If on the other hand you want to produce professional-quality content, maybe stretch the budget as far as you can as you can’t put a price on the quality audio experience.

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