Best Budget Soundbar 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

If you are seeking an enjoyable sound experience, then it is time you invest in quality soundbars. You can use the gadget with all your devices, including TV, laptops, or smartphones, to get an immersive audio experience. Another great thing about sound bars is their mobility and wireless feature. You can connect the device with any platform wirelessly to enable you to watch a movie listening to music or playing games. The quality sound that soundbars guarantees make it suitable for both home and out of home use. However, if you are looking to buy soundbars for outside activities, than you should consider purchasing battery-powered ones.

Best Budget Soundbars of 2020

1. VIZIO SB2920-C6

Connectivity: 2.0 | Size: 42 inch television |


Key design features

This is one of the best soundbars in the market today. It comes in a compact design, making it suitable for a small room. It also features a modern up to date design and functionality features that guarantee seamless connectivity for great sound. This device comes with physical controls to make it and a user-friendly. The controls are used to turn on and off the soundbars, switch on and off Bluetooth connectivity and raise or lower the device’s volume. The controls can also be done from the other end of the smartphone or TV. This gadget is also compatible with old TV sets that don’t feature Bluetooth features. You will connect the soundbars to the TV, using wires to get an incredible sound experience. You can also connect the device to your laptop using Bluetooth.

Convenient features

One of the unique, convenient features of the gadget is its DTS TruSurround technology. It is equipped with the technology to guarantee surround sound that provides the most enjoyable sophisticated sound experience. You will raise the volume level of the device to a maximum of 95db. With such a volume level, the device is most suitable for use in small rooms and small living rooms. Besides, the DTS True Volume will give you clear audio with no distortion even when you increase the volume to a maximum level.

The device also comes with a convenient shut off functionality. When not in use, the device will power off automatically to save on energy. If you want your device to remain on even when you are not in the vicinity, you can deactivate the shut-off functionality. All you need to do is to press and hold power and the volume button for close to 5 seconds. This device is suitable for use with a 32″ inch or more TV sets.


If you are looking for a cheap quality soundbar, then go for this device. It comes with quality sound with minimal distortion making it ideal for small homes.

Features We Like
  • Compatible for use with smartphones
  • Comes with a Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with physical controls
  • Features a DTS TruSurround and DTS TrueVolume

2. TaoTronics Sound Bar

Key design features

This fantastic product guarantees high-quality sound and user-friendly controls. It also comes with a modern design that is appealing to the eye. If you are seeking top-quality audio for your home, then this device was made for you. It features four small speakers and two passive radiators to deliver the most powerful quality sound experience. This 34-inch device also allows the speakers to offer a reliable bass that is suitable for enhancing your movie experience. The device is also suitable in offering immersive experience when playing modern games on your gaming console or pc. It features top-notch connectivity making it compatible for use with many of your other devices. You can use Bluetooth connectivity to make quick connections to your smartphones or laptops. It also comes with a 3.5 mm input, an optical coaxial, and an RCA AUX input to enhance connectivity.

Convenient features

It features wireless connectivity that does not subtract audio quality. To get the most immersive sound experience, you should place the soundbars appropriately in the room. You can put it below or above your TV. Alternatively, you can have it fixed on the wall. But you can also move the soundbars around the room conveniently to suit your needs. Because of the Bluetooth connectivity feature, the soundbars offer practical solutions to listen to music from any corner of your room. You can also connect the soundbar to your smartphone to listen to music even when you are cooking in the kitchen.

It also features an ABS plastic case that is very durable. You are guaranteed to use the device for many years to come thanks to the durable plastic casing. It also comes with unique touch controls, which you will use to select your preferred volume level. You can raise or lower the volume level conveniently using the controls. What is more, the soundbar comes with remote control for your convenient use.


The device offers excellent sound and effective controls. This cheap soundbar is one of the few devices that come with full functionality features to enhance your audio experience.

Features We Like
  • You can pair the device automatically to your Bluetooth
  • It comes with touch controls
  • Uses durable ABS plastic casing
  • Comes with 4 loudspeakers

3. Vizio 28 Inch 2.1 Channel Soundbar

This fantastic product comes with an added subwoofer to enhance your audio experience. You are also guaranteed to get a crystal clear sound owing to the many unique functionality features of the device. With this gadget, you will choose to either use wireless or wired connectivity depending on your preferences. Wireless connectivity guarantees smooth movement and reduced clutter. But if you are using wired connectivity, then it is advisable to clean your home thoroughly as wires attract dust particles.

The device also comes with remote control for your convenient use. The remote control will allow you to switch on or off Bluetooth connectivity at the comfort of your couch. You will also use the remote control to select one of the dedicated modes featuring TV programs, music, and movies. Besides, the remote will allow you to adjust bass, treble, or volume in the subwoofer.

Convenient features

This gadget comes with top-notch audio technologies, which includes Dolby Digital. The Dolby standard is suitable for use in cinemas and when watching Blu-Ray movies. You will get an improved sound performance thanks to these features. It also features DTS TruSurround that guarantees an immersive sound experience. You will also use the DTS Volume feature that comes with the soundbar to enjoy consistent, comfortable volume audio quality. The TruVolume feature stabilizes the sound quality even in raised volumes. You will enjoy the best audio quality, minus distortions. It also features an auto shut off functionality, which you can deactivate if you find irritating.

Features We Like
  • It is suitable for movies and video games
  • Comes with complex remote control
  • Includes Dolby digital audio quality
  • Based on reputable Vizio technologies.

4. Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M

Key design features

This device comes with a unique design. The controls are hidden behind the speaker. The powerful speakers are also positioned to offer dual full-range stereo audio. You will find connectivity ports at the back of the soundbar. You will also have a variety of connectivity options, including optical cables, RCA cables, and AUX cables. You will also plug in the power cable in the same location. You will need to position the device next to a power source as it doesn’t use batteries. It also comes with remote control for your convenient usage. However, the remote control is not compatible for use with your TV. This is why you will have to use two remote controls; one for the soundbar and the other for your TV.

Convenient features

The distinct convenient feature about the Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M is the three audio modes that are designed to adapt the speakers to the type of playback content. You can choose the News Mode to experience more intelligible and distinguishable voice audio quality. You can also use Movie Mode when watching your favorite movies. The movie mode offers the most immersive sound experience.

You will find adjusting the audio connectivity and volume very easy, owing to the physical controls that come with the device. You can make your adjustments using the buttons located at the top of the gadget, or you can use remote control. This device also comes with a blue tooth wireless connectivity. You can pair your smartphone to the device using Bluetooth to enable you to listen to your favorite music. What is more, the device features an automatic pairing. Once you have paired the speakers via Bluetooth, the soundbars will remember the device and will automatically pair to the device in the future.


This great product is suitable for all kinds of TVs, owing to 90db. You can also use the device to watch movies, news, and other programs as you are guaranteed to get clear audio at all times


  • Comes with 90db which is ideal for small rooms
  • Connects well to smartphones
  • Supports both wired and wireless connectivity
  • Can be used with all kinds of TVs


  • the power plug is too large for some power strips

5. BYL Soundbar

Key design features

This soundbar comes with distinct design and functionality features. It comes with an exceptional finish, coupled with a sophisticated look that is attractive to the eye. You can place the gadget below or above your TV to enable you to get immersive sound effects. This device is suitable for use in small rooms. With this gadget, you will be able to control the audio from any location of your room remotely. The remote control that comes with the device allows for full customization. You will use a separate button to adjust bass and treble. This is a rare feature in other cheap soundbars in the same category. It also comes with a memory function. You will use the feature to reset your soundbar to factory settings whenever a need arises.

Convenient features

This exceptional device comes with 3 audio modes to guarantee distinct sound qualities. If you want to experience the most distinct sound effects or the clearest soundtrack, then you choose the movie mode. When playing music using your smartphone, then you should select the music mode. The device also comes with a unique Dialog mode, which is suitable for news programs, stand up shows, talk shows, and other programs in the same category. You can also automate and wirelessly control all the device’s functions using the Bluetooth technology that comes with it. Besides, this soundbar also comes with wired connectivity making it compatible for use with old TVs as well as new ones. You are also allowed to choose your preferred soundbar length as the product comes with various alternatives ranching from 28 inches, 34 inches, 38 inches, and 40 inches.


This product comes with improved audio quality making it suitable for use with most TVs. It also comes cheap, despite its many unique designs and functionality features.

Features We Like
  • It comes with an included memory reset button
  • It is ideal for wireless connectivity
  • It features a sophisticated remote control
  • It comes with excellent bass performance

6. Yamaha ATS-1080

Key design features

The Yamaha ATS-1080 is from a reputable manufacturer features unique, powerful functionalities. The soundbar is the most powerful in the manufacturer’s range. It is also among the most powerful soundbar in the market today. The gadget is built to last thanks to the durable plastic materials it is made of. This device is suitable for use in both small and medium rooms. It guarantees excellent durability to enable extended use without overheating.

It also features subtle LED lights at the end, which indicates the volume level. You will adjust the audio quality of the program you are watching using the physical controls that come with the device. Using the same physical controls, you can enable or disable the Bluetooth connectivity conveniently. If your TV has no Bluetooth technology, you need not worry as you can make your adjustments directly from the device. You will also adjust your volume level using the volume controls that come with the device. The soundbar comes with remote control, as well. You can do all your adjustments at the comfort of your couch using the remote control.

Convenient features

This soundbar guarantees excellent audio quality. You will be able to play sound at frequencies ranging from 60 Hz to 19 kHz. This device is suitable for watching movies and listening to music. It comes with 100db making it one of the loudest soundbar in the market today. The manufacturer added the Dolby digital technology to the soundbar to make the device offers not only loud but also quality sound.

You will get quality sound even at high volumes owing to the feature that comes with the device. The feature prevents the distortion of sound at a high volume level. This device is suitable for use with TV and smartphones thanks to the Bluetooth technology that comes with it. It allows you to listen to your favorite tracks from your phone. You will use the instant Bluetooth feature to stream your music directly to the speakers.


The Yamaha ATS-1080 device from a respected manufacturer is one of the loudest gadgets in the market today. It is suitable for use in both large and small rooms. It also was very cheap. If you are on a budget and are looking for a soundbar that guarantees quality performance, then go for this device.

Features We Like
  • It comes with a 60 Hz to 10khz frequency
  • It features an adjustable audio HDTV profiles
  • It is suitable for use with smartphones owing to the Bluetooth technology that comes with the device
  • It comes with a volume capacity of up to 100db

7. RIF6 Sound Bar

The RIF6 Sound Bar comes with modern functionality features that make it compatible with most home devices, including smartphone sand TVs. You will use the device with smart TVs once you pair them together using Bluetooth technology. You can also use the gadget with old TVs because it allows for wired connectivity as well. You can, therefore, choose the type of connection that is most convenient for you. However, if you want to get the ultimate connectivity, then you should use your smartphone’s Bluetooth connectivity. You won’t get any loss of sound quality when you connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

The RIF6 Sound Bar also comes with remote control for easy, convenient use. You can make any desired configuration and adjustments using the remote control. This includes the selection of the audio source and the selection of various options, including the optical, line-in Bluetooth or AUX. There are also many other audio modes to be selected from. Depending on your specific preferences, you can choose the presets to enable custom audio experiences. You will also use the physical controls located at the top of the gadget to make your desired adjustments. The controls include a pause button, and a button for increasing and decreasing volume. You can use these buttons as an alternative to the remote control.

Convenient features

You will get clear, immersive audio thanks to the speakers that come with the device. This soundbar is suitable for watching movies and playing games. You will also use the remote control to adjust bass and treble conveniently. When you use the soundbar with your TV, you are guaranteed to enjoy a unique cinematic experience. However, you will need to sync the device for perfect audio when using it with the TV. Failure to do so may result in delayed sound compared to that of your TV. You will also need to set the audio preference for TCM to get the best audio experience. Besides, you will need to adjust the volume both on TV and on the soundbar when need arises.


This soundbar comes cheap. It also guarantees good connectivity options for you. You will get standard features such as standby mode that makes the device suitable for your daily use.

Features We Like
  • It works well in both smart TVs and old sets
  • It comes with several sounds presets
  • It is available in many lengths
  • You can store the device horizontally
  • Sleek design


Buyer’s Guide for Choosing a Soundbar

Features to consider when shopping for looking for the best soundbar on a budget

Before you spend your money on any gadget, there are several considerations you should make that will guide an informed decision. These include:

Speaker size

The size of the speaker influences the volume level of the device. Depending on your preferences, you should choose the soundbar with the right speaker size to meet your needs. However, don’t go for the most significant speaker size as they may impact on their mobility and practical profile.


Choose a product that promises the most in terms of versatility. Soundbars can be wired or wireless. Decide which one suits you the most. You may also consider choosing the soundbars that come with touch controls to enhance your overall experience.


Soundbars come in different designs. The design of a soundbar has a bearing on the price. Go for a soundbar that comes with an ideal shape and size to smoothly fit into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Budget Soundbars

Can I Connect A Soundbar To Any TV?

You can connect your soundbar to both old and smart TVs. But before you do so, go for a soundbar that includes both wireless and wired connectivity.

Do I need to sue wires if I have Bluetooth?

You can link your devices to the soundbar wirelessly using Bluetooth technology. This means that you won’t need any wires to achieve seamless connectivity.

Where can I install the soundbar?

You can install your soundbar under or above the TV. Some brands allow for the soundbars to be mounted on the wall.

My sound id not synchronized with the image

In case you experience this problem, consult the manufacturer’s manual that comes with the device to solve it. You will be guided on how to set the TV and achieve a seamless synchronization.

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Soundbars under $100

It is a challenge to find a cheap soundbar that is designed to offer consistent performance at a high level. If you are looking for an affordable soundbar that promises quality performance, then pick one on the list above. But before you make your decision, consider the following essential things:

Speakers and decoding

Speakers are the most critical parts of a soundbar. They determine the audio quality you will get. If you can find Dolby decoding on speakers, then pick that soundbar. You should also pick the soundbar with the most number of speakers. Some soundbars come with four speakers. Two of the speakers are designed for bass. Besides, some soundbars feature extra subwoofers that enhance audio quality.


Modern soundbars feature a compact universal design suited for all types of TVs. Such soundbars can fit into any room or furniture. Besides, go for soundbars that allow being mounted on the wall. Such devices are ideal for small rooms as it saves on space. Good soundbars should also come with premium inspired features such as wireless connectivity and touch controls. It should also come with at least one cable attached to it. Others come with extra cables, such as the RCA cables. Besides, an ideal soundbar should feature remote control. You will use the remote control to adjust bass, treble, and volume levels.

Controls and connectivity

Soundbars should feature physical controls in addition to the remote controls. You will physically control the treble, bass, and volume using the physical buttons located on the device. Besides, the best soundbars should feature remote control connectivity to enhance the user’s experience.

Pre saved audio profiles

The best soundbars should allow you to choose from a range of predefines audio profiles. This will enable you to improve the sound quality depending on the type of program you are watching on the TV. Good soundbars should allow you to watch movies suing dedicated programs to get better audio and soundtracks. The News program also has a dedicated voice program that makes the speech audible and easy to understand.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best soundbar that comes with fair prices can be a challenge. You should always go for affordable soundbars that offer better quality. Besides, the best soundbar should come with many connectivity options to allow for use on many platforms. The soundbars on our list today come with a range of unique features, including top-notch connectivity options, high-quality sound, and many more. They are the best in the market today. They guarantee quality performance for you. Choose one to experience the most immersive enjoyable sound in your home today.

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