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Are you looking to make the jump from the traditional skateboard to the futuristic e-board? Are you on the look out for a cheap electric skateboard? Are you unsure of what to look for when buying an electric skateboard? Well you’re in the right place! Just a few years ago, electric skateboards started making their way on to the market. At first, they were viewed as fad; a short-term trend for those who were lucky enough to be able to get their hands on the latest expensive gadgets. How wrong we all were – electric skateboards are becoming increasingly popular which is great news for you because that means the market is getting more and more competitive, so it’s now possible to get hold of a good cheap electric skateboard no matter what your budget is.

Suitable for adults and teenagers alike, battery-powered skateboards are a fast and fun way to get you from A to B and are arguably the lightest, quickest people movers around. An electric skateboard, in basic terms, is a skateboard with a battery, a motor, and, in some cases, a remote control. We’re here to show you that you can get yourself the best value electric skateboard for cheap.

In this piece, we’ll be breaking down the most affordable electric skateboards without compromising on quality and performance. Keep reading to find our hand-picked list of some of the best cheap electric skateboards, each with a detailed description and a list of our favorite features, followed by an in-depth buying guide to help you navigate the world of electric skateboards.

Top 12 Best Budget electric skateboards

Here you’ll find a list we have compiled of 12 of the best cheap electric skateboards to help you find the perfect board for all your e-skating needs.

1. Swagtron Swagskate NG3 Penny Board

Swagtron Swagskate NG3

Best Features: Lightweight and durable. Gives you the experience of a traditional skateboard without the hard work.

Featured in the Top 10 Coolest Products of The Decade by AOL, the Swagskate NG3 Penny Board from Swagtron is among the very best affordable electric skateboards. Designed for skaters who love the feeling of skating on a regular skateboard, the Swagskate NG3 comes equipped with Swagtron’s unique Move-More technology which locks in at the speed you’re going, of up to 9.3mph, so that you can ride for longer without tiring yourself out by having to kick as often. When you want to go faster, all you have to do is give yourself another kick just like on a non-electric skateboard. Unlike many of the other e-skateboards on the market, a remote isn’t required, making this a realistic skating experience, just without the hard work. Weighing in at just under 8lbs and being strong enough to support skaters of up to 150lbs, this is a durable option and has a 9″ wide deck made from sturdy polypropylene. This penny board comes is under 20″ long, so you can stash the Swagskate NG3 Penny Board away into your backpack once you’re done riding. Taking only 90 minutes to fully charge, you’ll be able to ride for up to 6 miles on a single charge before powering the battery back up at home. If you do run out of power, then it’s not an issue for the NG3 because you can keep on riding it as you would a traditional board.


Speed: 9.3mph | Run Time: 90 Minutes | Deck Length: 9″ | Wheel Size: 72mm | Battery Type: 16.8V 2Ah Lithium-Iron

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2. BLITZART Huracane Electric Skateboard

BLITZART Huracane 38"

Best Features: Durable and resilient design. The combination of maple wood and bamboo allow for flexibility of movement while riding.

The Blitzart Huracane 38″ comes from one of the top electronic skateboard companies in the world. Despite having only one motor, this board comes with enough power to reach top speeds of up to 17mph. When the batteries run out after 6 to 8 miles post-charge, you’ll still be able to keep on skating as if this were a traditional board. The construction of the Blitzart Huracane electric skateboard gives you plenty of flexibility while skating; the deck is made out of 7 layers of Canadian maple wood which are then sandwiched between two layers of bamboo. The deck itself features quality grip tape to give riders of up to 250lbs stability while skating. The wheels are 3.5″ in diameter and are made out of durable, yet forgiving polyurethane. This model comes with an easy-to-hold wireless remote so that you can have full control over acceleration and deceleration. Even better, it has different modes depending on your ability, making this e-board great for beginners and seasoned skaters alike. The Blitzart Huracane comes fully assembled so you’ll be able to jump right on when it arrives!


Speed: 18mph | Deck Length: 38″ | Wheel Size: 3.5″ | Battery Type: 144Wh Lithium-Ion

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3. RazorX Cruiser

RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Best Features: Responsive and easy-to-use hand-held remote controller. Ideal for the younger skateboarder.

If you’re looking for a high-performance yet cheap electric board then the RazorX Cruiser could be what you’re looking for. Powered by a rear-wheel motor and controlled by you through the use of a hand-held, digital remote, the RazorX Cruiser is suitable for anyone aged 9 and up. Riders can increase and decrease their speed at any time by pushing forward or pulling backwards on the control stick, allowing you to skate at a speed that suits you. Razor’s soft-start, kick activated technology means that the motor steadily powers up to reach a top speed of 10 mph. As with our previous two recommendations, this board can perform like a traditional skateboard when it runs out of battery. The battery life allows for 40 minutes of continuous use and, when combined with the lightweight 29.7″ length 5-ply maple wood deck, you’ve found the ideal board for cruising along.


Speed: 10mph | Run Time: 40 Minutes | Deck Length: 29.7″ | Wheel Size: 80mm | Battery Type: 22V lithium-ion battery

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4. Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

Hilboy S11 - Adults and Teens

Best Features: Incredible price to value ratio. High quality battery is provided with your purchase.

The Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard is ideal for the entry-level rider. Considering its affordable price tag, this skateboard comes with some surprisingly technical features; you’ll get a regenerative braking system, a high quality battery, and the ability to choose between four speed settings and four different brake modes. This board is designed to provide the user with a fun yet safe experience; hitting a max speed of up to 12.4mph and lasting for just over 6 miles after a single charge, this is a high-performance choice for your price range. Great for those seeking an electric skateboard for college, the S11 weighs under 8lbs so portability will never be an issue.


Speed: 12.4mph | Battery Type: 25.2V/ 2.2 Ah Lithium Ion

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5. Boosted Mini X

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

Best Features: Reaches a higher than average top speed of 20mph. Holds power for up to 14 miles of continuous riding.

Given its ability to reach a top speed of 20mph, the Mini X Electric Skateboard from Boosted is up there as a one of the best. This model has an enviable battery capacity, requiring a short 1 hour 45 minutes to keep it going high speed for up to 14 miles. With regenerative brakes and three different ride modes, you’ll be able to tackle the steepest of hills without any difficulty. Boosted share the same construction techniques you would see in the manufacturing of high-end snowboards; the edges are reinforced with a polymer sidewall and a protective top sheet prevents wear and tear while adding an extra layer of strength. This shortboard is durable and built to last. Measuring only 29.5″ in length, this is an ideal option for college students looking to stash their board under a desk after travelling to class. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this e-skateboard will provide a responsive ride thanks to its unique jerk filter which carefully aids you when accelerating or braking to prevent throwing you off-balance when stopping suddenly.


Speed: 10 mph | Run Time: 40 minutes | Deck Length: 29.7” | Wheel Size: 80mm | Battery Type: 22V lithium-ion battery

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6. AZBO C5 Electric Longboard

Boosted Mini X

Best Features: Suitable for a range of terrains. Comes with a 12 month warranty.

The uniquely shaped AZBO C5 Electric Longboard is suitable for both adults and teenagers thanks to its maximum supported user weight capacity of 265lbs. This e-board comes with a rechargeable wireless remote controller so that you can swiftly move between speeds, apply the brakes when needed, and keep on moving forwards. This electric longboard can go up to a top speed of 17mph and requires just 2 hours to get the lithium battery system charged. No matter the terrain you’re planning on riding across, the 8-ply maple deck combined with the polyurethane wheels will ensure a good level of shock absorption for a smooth ride.


Speed: 10mph | Run Time: 40 minutes | Deck Length: 29.7″ | Wheel Size: 80 mm | Battery Type: 22V lithium-ion battery

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7. Teamgee H8 31″ Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H8 31"

Best Features: One of the slimmest e-skateboards on the market. Performs and looks like a traditional longboard.

As one of the thinnest boards on the market at the moment, Teamgee’s H8 31″ is a up there as a contender for the best budget electric skateboard. This 0.5″ thick electric longboard is able to bend as a regular board would, allowing for a smooth skate. With a combination of 10-ply Canadian maple deck and 1-ply fiberglass, the H8 is a nice alternative to the standard, bulkier e-board. After a single charge of 2 hours, Teamgee’s H8 can go 8 miles while boasting a maximum speed of 15mph. The high-performance battery situated inside the deck only adds to this model looking like a traditional longboard. Three different speed modes controlled by a wireless remote mean the user will have total control while cruising.


Speed: 25mph | Deck Length: 15mm | Battery Type: 5 Lithium ion batteries

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8. VIRO Rides Turn Style Electric Drift Board

VIRO Rides Turn Style

Best Features: Great battery life according to Amazon user reviews. Features a circular drift plate, giving this board a unique riding style.

The Turn Style Electric Drift Board from VIRO Rides sets itself apart from other electric skateboards by its design alone. By pressing down on the Turn Style’s circular drift plate, skaters can rotate the rear wheels up to 36° in either direction, enabling tight turns and tricks in a way other cheap electric skateboards aren’t able to do. This affordable electric skateboard can cruise along at a top speed of up to 10 miles per hour and travel as far as 6 miles on a single charge. Equipped with a thumb-activated wireless remote controller, upping the speed and applying the brakes are easily done. With four different riding modes, the riding experience of this motorized skateboard is very impressive. Powered by a hub motor and a 22V rechargeable lithium ion battery, Amazon users note that this is a low-maintenance board, making it perfect for children and beginners.


Speed: 10 mph | Run Time: 40 Minutes | Battery Type: 22V rechargeable battery

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9. AZBO C4 Electric Longboard

AZBO UL2272 - Mini Electric Skateboard

Best Features: Suitable for a variety of terrains. Durable, sturdy design characteristic of AZBO.

Another best budget electric longboard is the C4 from AZBO. AZBO deserved a second mention on our list simply because of how durable and sturdy their boards are. The C4’s 400W powerful motor and compact lithium ion battery pack allows the rider to experience a 11mph top speed after a single 1.5 hour charge. Included with your purchase, you’ll get a wireless remote control for braking, switching speed, and moving forwards. The deck material is made up of 7 layers of maple wood and has a weight limit of 243lbs. Suitable for all terrains, the shock-absorbing poly-urethane wheels mean that you can take this electric skateboard with you anywhere. With a range of color choices, you’ll be able to personalize the C4 to your taste. Thanks to AZBO’s excellent customer service, you can skate easy knowing you’ve got a 12 month warranty.


Speed: 11.2 MPH | Run Time: 1.5 hours | Wheel Size: 7.8″ | Battery Type: 2.2 Ah battery

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10 RazorX DLX

RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

Best Features: Excellent quality yet wallet-friendly. Even without charge, this electric skateboard is still usable like a regular board.

Suitable for pre-teens aged 9 and up, the RazorX DLX is powered by by an electric rear-wheel hub motor and is controlled by a hand-held remote. With 50 watts of rechargeable, lithium-ion battery power, this is another contender for the most affordable electric skateboard. Both smooth and fast, the lightweight deck of this electric skateboard is made using maple and has a 12 mph top speed. The soft-start kick activated technology combined with the simple remote control used to engage the braking system makes this one of the best electric boards for beginners seeking an accessible skating experience. With additional safety features such as a wrist strap on the remote control and perforated grip tape on the deck, this is a great gift for both children and beginners.


Speed: 12 MPH | Run Time: 40 minutes | Deck Length: 870 mm) | Battery Type: 150-watt

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11. Teamgee Runajoy Electric Skateboard

Runajoy Electric Skateboard

Best Features: A travel-friendly electric skateboard. Features LED lights for both style and visibility.

The Runajoy Electric Skateboard from Teamgee is a nice, cheap option for those seeking a travel-friendly model. This electric skateboard was designed to meet aviation requirements so you can take it with you when you go on holiday; it’s ultra light, incredibly thin, and the battery parameters meet air-travel guidelines. Unlike other e-skateboards, this one doesn’t require a remote control so it’s hands-free just like a traditional board. It automatically powers on and off when you’re using it and is decorated with stylish LED lights. A beeping sound will warn you when you’re nearing the end of the power supply so you won’t get caught short. A 19.6″ deck length makes this a comfortable electric skateboard to ride on and you’ll be able to go up to 10 miles per hour as a top speed.


Speed: 22 MPH | Deck Length: 37″ | Battery Type: 5 Lithium ion batteries

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12. RazorX Longboard

RazorX DLX Electric Skateboard

Best Features: One of RazorX’s most affordable models. Can be used on an incline.

For RazorX’s range, this is a cheap model to get your hands on. The perforated grip tape lining the 5 layers of bamboo wood that make up the deck gives the user a sense of control while riding. Recommended for those aged 9 and up, the longboard from RazorX has a weight capacity of 220 lbs. You’ll be able to hop straight on when this longboard arrives as it’s fully assembled upon delivery. 10 mph is the max speed for this model and you’ll be able to ride for up to 40 minutes of constant use. Beginners will find this a great first step into the world of electronic longboards, with Amazon users reporting it to be considerably easier to use than other similar models.


Speed: 16 MPH | Run Time: 40 minutes | Deck Length: 952.5 mm | Battery Type: 125 Watt

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Considerations Choosing Electric Skateboards

When you take your first dive into the electronic skateboard market it can feel a bit overwhelming – but don’t worry, our buying guide is here to simplify everything and help you work out what it is you want and need from your e-skateboard.

Below, we will outline what to keep an eye out for when it comes to the technical bits of an e-skateboard, such as the motor, the battery, and the remote control. You’ll need to ask yourself whether you want a board that’s easy to carry around, what your price range is, and which features you’d like your motorized skateboard to come with – you’ll be able to use this guide to make the best decision and find yourself a great, high-performance budget option.

Motor And Battery

When it comes to the motor, the main thing to consider is whether your motor uses a belt-driven system or if a hub motor is employed. A belt-drive motor uses a gear-type system on the motor before it transfers power over to the wheels – a totally different set-up to a hub motor where the center of the board’s wheels are replaced by a motor for easy cruising. Appealing to most people, a hub motor is quiet, allows for kick pushing, and requires minimal maintenance. On the other hand, they are also known to have a poor shock absorption system so it’s worth keeping an eye out for each skateboard’s shock absorption features.

As a general rule, the hub motor is the best option for new riders and children whereas the belt-driven motor is more appropriate for the experienced skater.

The batteries used in electric skateboards are rechargeable and it’s a good idea to recharge it after each use so that you don’t get caught short when you’re out and about. A lot of models will come with a battery management system which notifies the user of the battery status so you’ll know when to power it back up at home. Check the product description of each electric skateboard so you have an idea of its battery life and the number of miles it’ll be able to go on a single charge.

Range and Speed Performance

Whether you’re buying for a child, or you’re choosing a board to speed up the morning commute, or perhaps you’re an adult e-skating novice, the top speed and range of a board is a crucial feature to bear in mind. You’ll need to know what sort of activities you plan on doing with your board. Will it be used for long distance skating? Will it be in constant use or will it be packed away at certain intervals while at school or the office? You don’t want to end up with a board that has a low mileage expectancy when you plan on extended and consistent usage.

For some people, the speed the board is able to go won’t be all that important, but for some it can be the most crucial feature. Electric skateboards that are designed for children often won’t exceed 10 mph whereas the best electric skateboard for adult use is likely to go up to around 12-15mph. For all you speed demons out there, we’ve included some boards above which can even hit a high speed of just under 20mph! As you may have noticed when looking through our list of the best cheap electric skateboards, e-boards which come with remote controllers often have a range of speed modes which you can use depending on terrain, so take a look at the listed riding modes too.

In terms of usage, another important feature to look for is how far or how long the board can travel for on a single charge. This is entirely dependent on how you plan on using your board; you don’t want to run out of power when you’re half way to college! That being said, many electric skateboards with hub motors can be used as traditional boards once they’re out of power so you won’t be caught out and can keep on skating.

Gradient and Incline Rate

The higher the gradient incline you’re anticipating on skating up, the more power you’ll want your board to have. The standard electric board skates up an incline of up to 5%. It all comes down to having a board with a powerful motor if you’re planning on going uphill a lot, so make sure to look at the gradient the board can climb up before purchasing. It’s also good to remember that going uphill will take a toll on battery packs and their power levels so an electric skateboard with a good battery pack and reliable battery charger will serve you well.

Remote Control

The remote control is one of the electric skateboard’s best, most unique feature. The controller is designed to fit in the palm of your hand and is often paired with a wrist strap to make it easy to carry around. The controller is used for acceleration, deceleration, and switching between different ride settings and often feels a lot easier than controlling your board with your feet as you would with a traditional skateboard. Electric skateboards still require you to shift your body weight, as a regular board would, however the wireless remote control is just one of the ways electric boards provide a unique experience. Think about what would feel most intuitive to you when holding and using a remote; would you prefer a remote which uses the index finger or one where your thumb’s doing most of the work?


The construction of the board often comes down to personal preference but, in general, you want to pay attention to the materials used in the design of the board. Just because you’re after a cheap electric model, that doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing the quality of the materials. The majority of the models listed above have a maple deck which is long lasting and durable. The unique selling point of some boards is based on their shape and this also often comes down to what each skater prefers and what feels most comfortable when riding. Similarly, look for the available color options to really make it your own! It’s also a good idea to check out the load capacity specified with each board as this will determine whether it’s aimed primarily at children or not.

The Wheels

As well as ensuring you’re buying a long-lasting deck, the durability of the wheels are also really important. The better the quality of the wheels, the smoother and more stable a ride you’ll be able to have. The majority of the models we’ve provided above have wheels made from urethane as that’s the recommended material for any kind of skateboard, electric or traditional, as they will be able to withstand long distances and general wear and tear.


All skateboards, electric or traditional, come with safety concerns and so, as you would expect from any wheeled vehicle, there are some safety requirements to think about before hopping onto your board. Many of the models we have listed above have a layer of grip tape along the deck to keep you from slipping about. Similarly, the majority of electric skateboards which come with a remote control will have an easy-to-use braking system as well as a battery indicator to let you know when you’re going to come to a stop because of low charge. Some boards will come kitted out with LED lights to improve visibility, others will feature a reflective strip. If your board doesn’t, adhesive reflective tape and LED strips are easy to get a hold of, or you can simply wear a reflective vest to keep mom and dad happy!

When reading up on electric boards you might notice that some users report that certain models will suffer from sudden braking, especially when you’re travelling at high speeds. If your board jerks abruptly then it will be hard to maintain your balance so make sure to test your brakes regularly as you would with any vehicle that has wheels.

Although a helmet is unlikely to be included with your purchase, getting yourself or your child a helmet is pretty much the best way to reduce any nasty injuries. Helmets are designed to take a huge amount of force so that your skull doesn’t have to – all electric skateboarding brands will strongly recommend that you get one for when you’re out skating.


As we’re sure you’ve noticed, the prices of electric skateboards vary enormously. That being said, it’s certainly not impossible to get hold of the best cheap electric skateboard without compromising on quality. Some of the boards we have selected above even possess the technical features you’d expect to be limited to high-end, high-cost electric boards. If you’re looking for an affordable gift option for kids and beginners, you can easily spend under $200.

Service + Customer Support

Making sure you’re buying from a reputable seller is a good way to go when it comes to getting your hands on electric skateboards. As e-boards are increasing in popularity, there’s more and more competition on the market and so you’ll often find models which come with excellent warranties. As a general rule when it comes to finding the best model on a budget, the longer the warranty period extends, the more high-quality the board you’ll be getting will be. The more well known the brand is, and there’s a lot of incredible brands out there at the moment for electric boards, the more likely it is that they’ll provide efficient customer support.

Keep an eye out for the conditions of a warranty, for example some manufacturers will void their warranty if you use the board on terrains which aren’t flat and so it’s best to find a model which has a warranty that will cover the kinds of activities you want to use your e-board for.

Best Budget Electric Skateboards

We’ve gone back through our list of the best cheap electric skateboards to make it even easier for you to find the best electric skateboard out of the following categories: the cheapest, the best value, the best quality, and the cheapest Boosted board.

What is the cheapest electric skateboard?

Out of our list of 12, the Swagtron Swagskate NG3 is a great cheap option. Coming in at under $100, this model is truly great value for money. With an average rating of over 4 stars on Amazon, this e-board comes with Swagtron’s renowned Move-More technology so that you can cruise for longer without having to continuously kick. This model doesn’t come with a remote so it’s ideal for those making the transition from the traditional skateboard to the electric equivalent. This also happens to be one of the fastest charging boards; taking only 90 minutes to reach full charge, you’ll be able to keep riding for up to 6 miles before getting back home to recharge. From our point of view, this electric skateboard proves that you don’t have to miss out on any of the features which make e-skating enjoyable just because you’re on a budget!

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard for Kids, Teens | Kick-Assist A.I. Smart Sensors | Mini E-Cruiser Skateboard w/Move-More/Endless Mode | 9” Deck 72mm Wheels (NG-3)
  • Move more, kick less — kick-to-cruise locks in your current speed up to 9. 3 mph, so you can cut, Carve & Coast like a true skateboard Legend.
  • Powerfully responsive sensors — Intelligently placed sensors detect weight and motion, automatically stopping The board in seconds when you dismount.
  • Real feel skateboarding — the 72mm (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels along with the Polypropylene deck have the flexibility to handle pavement like a Pro, absorbing the shocks from bumpier pavement.
  • Made for epic rides — from its first ride to its 1000Th, the NG-3 will look and perform pristine. Its 8. 9-Inch wide deck is crafted from super-dense Polypropylene that won’t wear, fade or crack.
  • World-class support — every Swagtron electric skateboard is backed by our expert team of support specialists, fully staffed in the U. S. And available by phone, email or live chat.

Which electric skateboard is best value?

The best value for money electric skateboard would have to be the Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard. The only real criticism you’ll find about this model is its divisive neon design which is ultimately down to personal taste. Costing under $200, this electric skateboard comes with a whole load of technical features that you wouldn’t expect from a product with its amazingly cheap price tag. Each of the four riding modes and four brake modes are smooth to transition between when accelerating or braking and the remote is ergonomically designed to fit into the palm of your hand. The remote itself includes controls for LED indicators, a system to alert you when the battery is low on power, and features a throttle wheel which is incredibly comfortable to use. An all-round high-quality, high-performance board, the Hiboy S11 really is one of the best.

Which electric skateboard is best?

The best electric skateboard we’ve selected for you is the H8 31″ Electric Skateboard from Teamgee. The impressive design of this board means it’s pretty much one of the slimmest boards on the market at the moment. Paired with the combination of 10 layers of maple and its fiberglass coating, this model makes other longboards seem bulky and awkward by measuring only 0.5″ in thickness. The professional concave deck means that this is a comfortable board to ride and you’ll be able to skate silently thanks to the brushless hub motor which weighs less than your average motor, provides for excellent braking, and offers minimal resistance. The large wheels are well-suited to all urban roads and are highly resilient. Finally, the fact this board will only take 2 hours to charge, ready for up to 8 miles before using it as a traditional board, speaks volumes about its performance.

What is the cheapest Boosted board?

We were really excited to have the chance to include a model from Boosted’s skateboard range considering their products are generally outside of the budget-friendly price range. The Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard is an impressive model with an impressive price tag when compared with Boosted’s other more expensive models. Unlike many of the electric skateboards we’ve listed for you, the Mini X is powered with a belt drive system, making it a great choice for the experienced rider. The powerful acceleration so characteristic of Boosted’s e-boards means that you’ll be able to hit a top speed of 20mph – exhilarating! Although this board is on the higher end in terms of price when buying on a budget, you’ll be getting all the technical features you could possibly need. The extended battery life means you’ll be getting a whole 14 mile range and you’ll even be able to get up 20% inclines. The regenerative brakes are reliable and will make stopping a smooth, no-fuss process. You know you’ll be getting one of the top electric skateboards when you buy from Boosted and, thanks to the creation of the Mini X, you’ll still be able to get your hands on a cheaper, yet premium, model.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard
  • Exhilarating top speeds of 20 mph gets you there faster
  • Climb the steepest hills of your commute without breaking a sweat
  • 3 ride modes specifically tuned to the Boosted mini. Brakes- Regenerative Brakes.Power- 1,000 Watts
  • Deep dish composite deck keeps you Locked in. App - iOS and Android
  • Go up to 14 miles with the extended range battery. Charge Time-1 hour 45 minutes

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