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Are you a skateboarding fan looking to upgrade your beloved skateboard? Or maybe you want to try a new hobby and think you might be a dab hand at skateboarding. Either way we’ve got some wicked guides that you’re sure to find helpful. Skateboarding comes with a whole host of health benefits, both physical and mental. By skateboarding you’ll improve your coordination dramatically. You’ll have to constantly change your movements in order to skate smoothly, improving balance and reflexes as well. It’s also a great stress buster? Feeling annoyed or irritated? Head to the skate park and vent your frustrations!

Another unique benefit you can expect from skateboarding is increased pain tolerance. It may sound totally weird but falling over and tripping up is all part of the learning process when you take up skateboarding. Yes, you will scrape your knee or graze your elbow but this will only increase your tolerance and ultimately make you more resilient. Your precision skills will improve as well as skateboarding requires excellent precision to nail those tricky moves. You’ll find that your patience improves dramatically as well. Unfortunately you won’t be the greatest skater in the world after only a few sessions and if you want to improve it takes patience and perseverance.

It can be daunting trying something new but fear not skateboard newbies, we’ve got your back. Check out our guides for some awesome tips and handy buying guides. Skateboards can be bought for super cheap prices and still be excellent quality. If you’re not sure which accessories you need, we’ve covered that as well! If you’re a skateboard veteran whose board has seen better days, take a look at the awesome models we’ve picked out and go and smash those new flips and tricks!

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