Best Budget Fishing Kayaks 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Are you a keen angler looking for a best budget fishing kayak? When it comes to kayaks to fish, there are plenty of things to consider, especially if you haven’t used a single fishing kayak before. There are many different cheap fish kayak models to choose from, all at a cheap price.

However, knowing what kind of kayak is best for fishing is key. Below we have put together a list o the best sit on top fishing kayaks for you, choices which come with hands free, and a heavy weight capacity too. You can ensure that all your boxes are ticked with our top kayak options that come with quality rod holders. Let’s find out which is the ultimate pick..

11 Best Budget Fishing kayaks

Below you will find a comprehensive list of the best value kayak options out there. Whether you have lots of cash to splash or want a budget buy, kayaks for fishing require a little bit of research before purchasing, take look at our reviews of cheap fishing kayaks with sit on top options and various rod holders.

1. Intex Challenger Kayak Series

Intex Challenger Kayak

Best Features: Considerably sized fishing kayak with lots of storage compartments. Offers a comfortable seat that can be easily inflated with a backrest.

As one of our favorite fishing kayaks, there is lots to love about this nimble and durable model from the Intex challenger. While it isn’t a 2 person kayak, it can withhold a 220 capacity and comes with a cargo net, inflatable padded seat with a comfy backrest, and fishing rod holders. The front and rear of the kayak offer ample spacefor all your equipment with grab lines either side making it a great choice overall. At 9 feet long, the flush mounted kayak sit on top perfectly crafted air chambers for a top quality product.

All in all this best value fishing kayak is fantastic sit on top kayak models that we have come across. It comes with a nylon cover and is a considerable kayak length making it the perfect companion for fishing trips. The fish finder aspect of this boat is fantastic giving you plenty of vantage points. You will love the adjustable foot braces and additional features including an 8 inch aluminum oar, repair patch, hand pump, and cargo net used fr storing extra gear.


Capacity: 220 pounds | Seating: Solo | Length: 84 inches | Storage: Cargo net

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2. BKC RA220 Solo Kayak

BKC RA220 - Aluminum Frame Seat

Best Features: The adjustable seat strengthened with aluminum for extra durability. Fitted with all the safety features you need so you can fish with peace of mind.

As the perfect kayak for anglers, this Brooklyn RA220 Kayak gives you everything you need for a top fishing experience. With a generous weight capacity for a solo person adventure, you will enjoy everything that this cheap fishing kayak provides. The front and rear of the kayak come with carry handles for added convenience and shock cords. for total safety. Every aspect of the model has been crafted to perfection including the seat with a backrest for ultimate comfort.

This kayak comes with an adjustable aluminum paddle as well as a pedal-operated rudder. To be prepared for every type of weather condition it also has 3 waterproof hatches and a stable deck. The bungee cargo tie down adds extra safety measures, and it comes with 2flush mount rod holders two as well suitable even for a swivel rod.


Capacity: 550 lbs. | Seating: Solo | Length: 11′ 6″ | Storage: Watertight Storage Space

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3. Perception Pescador Sit On Top Kayak

Best Features:Looks attractive with a sleek blue exterior. Leak proof for total security and convenience.

Next on our list, we have this awesome best fishing kayak from Perception Pescador. The comfort seating system is lush mounted and comes with all the support you’d need for long fishing excursions. The sit on top model comes with both rig holders and paddle holders as well as a spacious storage compartment. Comparable to the SUn Dolphin models, the deck rigging is of high quality. Completely leak-proof and with added extras such as a drink holder, there is plenty to enjoy about this nifty kayak.

This sit on top model is one of the most quality fishing boats we have come across thanks to its flush mounted build and overall design. If you’re seeking a quality option that has been built in the USA, this could be it.


Capacity: 325 lbs. | Seating: Solo | Length: 10′ | Storage: Front and Rear Open Storage

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4. Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Wilderness Systems ATAK 120

Best Features: Has plenty of additional security features including a bungee strap to the rear. Boasts foot braces and rests for maximum comfort.

The Wilderness Systems ATAK 120 is a top choice in the cheap fishing kayak category and it’s not difficult to see why. An advanced anglers kayak this bit of kit is fitted out with everything you need from adjustable foot braces to sturdy rod holders. The wind shielding shock cord deck is perhaps the best that we have come across. Although it is a one person best fishing kayak, there is plenty of storage space so that you can spend hours comfortably on the waters. With your fishing rod of choice, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a top fishing experience.

The large foot rests provide added comfort and the flush mount ensures stability all round. In addition to its basic features, the rear tank comes with an adjustable bungee and security straps for complete peace of mind. This fishing kayak is one of our favorites and we’re sure you will enjoy it too.


Capacity: 400 lbs. | Seating: Solo | Length: 12′ 3″

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5. Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K 140

Best Features: Purposefully designed with fishers in mind so has all the extras you’ll need. Comes with additional comfort features including a padded foot rest.

Another top fishing kayak, this model has been designed especially with anglers in mind, here you have the Wilderness Systems ATAK and is compatible with the Helix MD trolling motor for total versatility. As a top fishing kayak pick, it comes with just about every feature you could imagine for a pleasant fishing experience. The open design of this angler kayak allows for customization to fit your needs and comes with an impressive foot sit area. We love the deck of this sit on top kayak which is highly walkable and sturdy and it comes with a swivel rod holder and easy to grasp carry handles too.

The large padded footrests on the flat bottom add extra comfort to an already incredibly designed soft seat which allows you to reach the fishing rod holders as well with ease. One of our favorite aspects is the shock cord deck that is reinforced for strength and comes with a flush mount too. While this isn’t one of the best fishing kayaks under 500$, it is worth every extra dollar.


Capacity: 400 lbs. | Seating: Solo | Length: 12′ 3″

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6. Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost

Vibe Kayaks Sea Ghost 110

Best Features: Has gear tracks for further customization when it comes to rig setup. The controlled rudder system for energy conservation.

This 11 feet long anglers kayak has been accurately named the Vibe Sea Ghost given its ability to glide effortlessly in waters. You don’t need to worry about any aspect of fishing thanks to all the innovative features including sturdy rod holders. Offering both speed and stability, you will love fishing with this boat. With integrated gear tracks, you can customize your rig setup and the toe controlled rudder system will save your energy during longer paddles. Design-wise, this kayak looks great too and comes with a folding anchor for extra safety.

A definite contender among the best kayak models at a budget price, you will love using the Sea Ghost when angling. Ticking all the boxes in terms of features and quality of build, this kayak is an all round favorite.


Capacity: 75 pounds | Seating: Solo | Length: 13″ | Storage: Rear Cargo

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7. Tandem Duo Fishing Kayak

BKC TK122U 12'

Best Features: A versatile boat which can be used across multiple types of water. Features dual watertight storage hatches for all of your fishing accessories.

If you are seeking a kayak in the holders two range, this Tandem model could be your best choice. This duo person best affordable fishing kayak comes with big load capacity and is excellent for beginners or experienced anglers alike. Fully loaded with accessories and 2 comfort enhanced seats, you don’t need any added extras when using this kayak. The paddle holder can be trusted as reliable and sturdy while the flat bottom ensures it is safe to move around with ease.

You can fit all your fishing gear into the kayak inclusive of rod holders and more with the use of the BKC TK122U’s dual watertight storage hatches. The kayak can be used on all types of water from rivers to the sea thanks to its robustness and ability to be maneuvered with ease. No matter what your goal is, this model has everything you need and more.


Capacity: 425 pounds | Seating: Two | Length: 12 feet

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8. Evaxo Stealth Pro Angler Kayak

Evaxo Stealth Pro Angler

Best Features: The versatile boat which can be used across multiple types of water for all kayak fishing needs. Features dual watertight storage hatches for all of your accessories.

This professional Evaxo Stealth ProAngler kayak really is impressive and it comes at a higher end kayak price. With a camouflage exterior, it certainly looks the part and performs well too. A great alternative to an inflatable kayak, this model offers a moderate amount of space and the capacity to load on extra fishing accessories too. Built using with a sturdy pvc construction and other reliable materials, this product is capable of tackling all sorts of weather conditions. The swivel holders are ideal if you’re camping in one spot on the water and this Kayak features some of the best fishing kayaks under 500$bungee cords we’ve found.

In addition, there are multiple extra storage options to choose from making for a wonderful kayak experience overall. For complete robustness, this is a top choice with a tarpaulin bottom and shock cord deck rigging. You won’t be disappointed with the value for money that this product offers.


Capacity: 375 lbs | Seating: Solo | Length: 11’8″

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9. Sea Eagle 465 FastTrack

Sea Eagle 465

Best Features: An inflatable option for extra versatility. Has a capacity of up to 3 people with comfortable seats.

Comfortably fitting up to 3 people this Sea Eagle 465 Fast track 15 foot long kayak can also be used for fishing. Simply blow it up and take it out onto the waters, the versatility of this particular boat is really impressive! You will love the paddles that come with it and the overall appearance which is surprisingly sturdy and durable. While this choice may not initially strike you as one of the best fishing kayaks available, we can assure you it is definitely a contender. The Ocean Kayak Prowler known as the Sea Eagle has 3 comfortable seats and a tarpaulin bottom which allows it to effortlessly glide in any direction on the surface.

Professional fishers will love the amount of interior space that this boat boasts, allowing you to carry on all of your equipment. As a must have for fish trips or hobby paddling, this kayak has excellent reviews and it’s easy to see why. The size and practicality of this option makes it worth the price you’ll pay, which still falls in the bargain category.


Capacity: 795 lbs | Seating: Three | Length: 15 ft. 3 in

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10. HWZQHJY Inflatable Fish Boat

HWZQHJY Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Best Features: Holds more than 2 people as you desire with extra room for equipment. Includes a range of accessories including a side bag for storage.

An extremely versatile HWZQHJY boat for fishing, you can take this product wherever you go and simply inflate it as and when you want to use it. While this isn’t the biggest purchase in our list, it offers a range of extensive features and is large enough for two people (and possibly more) at one time. This boat features two included paddles which rest very well in the holders and a range of other accessories including cupper holes. Though this design hasn’t been made with an angler in mind, it still does the job and very well at that. The floor of this kayak is surprisingly sturdy thanks to its I beam and it contains air chambers for enhanced safety and floating ability.

Added motor mount fittings also mean that you can add a trolling motor as and when you wish. The two grab handles make it easier than ever to bring this product with you on any fish trips you plan, as it is easily portable. Though this option is on the more expensive side, you are guaranteed absolute quality in every sense and it certainly worth the extra investment.


Capacity: 725 pounds | Seating: Four

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Best fishing kayak for the money

In the category of the best cheap fishing kayaks, there are several different options to choose from, however, we have the top pick for your money here with the Perception Pescador kayak. Well rounded for performance on all types of water and offering ample storage, this is a boat designed perfectly for fishing. The easy-open front hatch allows you to easily access the area in which to put your equipment while the comfort seat will give you nice back support. All in all, this is an excellent choice and certainly a budget option.

What is the most stable fishing kayak?

In terms of stability, you may be wondering which option from the list above is best. The good news is that there are many to choose from, however, we recommend going for a boat that isn’t inflatable as they generally have stronger decks allowing for movement. If you want a boat that is suitable enough for a two person capacity, there are many options. It’s always a good idea, where possible, to test out how much weight the deck can support. Most of the time it all comes down to the positioning of external features such as the seats as they need to be placed centrally for maximum stability. When you make your purchasing decision, consider all of these elements to find a stable sport boat for all your needs.

What Color Should My Fishing Kayak be?

There is really no right or wrong answer as to what color your fishing kayak should be. Some people enjoy cool blue themes while others enjoy camouflage patterns – it all comes down to preference. As you can see from our guide above, there are plenty of extras and over five different color options just amongst our selection. The overall color of the body of your new kayak is going to be most important as this is the most visible part! So, be sure to pick a shade that you will enjoy seeing regularly.

The paddlers of this product will usually have the same color as the body and any extras can be color coordinated too for a nice finishing touch. We don’t think that you should worry too much about the color and you certainly shouldn’t allow it to dictate which kayak you choose in the end. Certain colors can enhance visibility in the wilderness, whereas others will blend into the background better. Blues and green are usually good solid choices, though if you really want to, even pink is suitable!

How Do I Transport My Fishing Kayak?

In regards to transportation, it is important to be able to comfortably move your new kayak around. We imagine that you won’t just stay in one fishing spot forever! Generally speaking, a top fishing kayak are around 10 foot long, meaning that they can be moved comfortably with the help of a couple of people. Getting it to water you plan on fishing should be a straightforward task, if your kayak is a quality appearance.

One of the most common ways to move this type of boat is to use a roof rack on a car or truck, as it a canoe. The kayaks will be out of the way and you won’t have to worry about buying a trailer for example, which is of course another expense. Remember to always use straps that are solid and made to hold this type of weight. One strap should loop through a handle to secure it in place before driving so that the worst doesn’t happen and it slides off during transit! Having a sensible way to transport your kayak will give you the freedom to travel to multiple destinations and really make full use of taking your equipment and gear somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

Typical Cost of a kayak used for Fishing

If you want some further information about the best cheap fishing kayak choices out there, from anglers kayak options to an inflatable fishing kayak, we have yo covered. Fishing can be quite an expensive hobby that requires lots of specialist equipment, so when it comes to fish kayaks, saving money is desirable.

The overall costs of your 2 person fishing kayak will depend on the materials used in its construction. You can definitely find kayaks under 500$ in this category and you shouldn’t have to compromise on features. In fact, many of these models still have basics light hands free fishing, and two flush.

Considerations Choosing a fishing kayak

Before you set out to find the best deals on, we recommend writing a list of the features you want and asking yourself a few questions. Below you’ll find some handy considerations fr the best low cost fishing kayak. From weight capacity to storage space and whether the model is two flush, there is lots to think about when choosing kayaks on a budget, let’s take a look.

Kayak Storage

We advise that you carefully check out all the storage features for kayaks under 500$ to ensure that they will accommodate your needs. There should be adequate storage in the front and rear of the kayak as well as extra storage too. In addition to the basic storage space ina kayak for fishing, you should also look out for handy extras like rod holders as well. The ultimate goal is to make the kayak as comfortable as possible, especially if you will be spending long periods of time in it.

When purchasing a fishing kayak always inquire about the storage hatch, which is the main place you will be able to place your things. Different models come with different types of storage hatches which have varying storage capacity offerings. For optimum storage options, you should have several storage areas including dry storage and storage pockets on the inside of the kayak.

While your carry bah g suffice for holding all the essentials, you will need storage compartments for a different bit of equipment. A brand renowned for top fishing kayaks with lots of storage is sun dolphin, though you may end up paying a little extra for a model from them.

Seating And Capacity

When choosing angler kayaks, seating really matters. As you will be spending long hours out on the waters, comfort should be a priority. These days, fishing kayaks come with soft padded seat options and in some cases, even an adjustable seat. Foot braces can help with comfort too, so always be sure to check out this smaller feature, the worst thing would to be in discomfort all day when fishing.

The capacity of the sit on top kayaks that you choose is always important. If you are looking for one for holders two, you need to make sure that there is enough space inside for two people. You can always review this information with the retailer to look at your options before choosing the right fishing kayak for your needs.

Rod Holders

The types of rod holders are an important but often overlooked feature. Firstly, you want to go for a kayak that offers durability in this aspect too. There are all types of options for paddles, rods, and more. Some of the best fishing kayaks even offer hands free fishing which can totally transform your overall experience. Look out for additional features including t handles and grab handles to ensure you are setting yourself up for a great day of fishing.

How Long Will You be on the Water?

Depending on the time you expect to be out on the water, you swill want to ensure that you are set up for every possible scenario and for maximum comfort with a comfortable seating arrangement. The air chambers n your kayak will determine your sporting experience to an extent as they are largely responsible for how you will be floating. Kayaks within a budget price range should still offer a good seating area, footrest positions, paddler holder options, and a sound pedal system where applicable.

All of these factors will determine how you enjoy yourself at the best fishing spots that you’ve chosen for your fishing boat. A top kayak will offer you a good 2 person seating area, and while you don’t need any fancy extras to enjoy the sports don’t forget additional things like portable charges for your cell phone when planning a day in your two flush sit on top kayak.

If you want to find a top kayak that pushes the boat out, as it were, and is perfect for a range of non-fishing activities, check out our best cheap kayaks list.

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