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Best Budget Kayaking

Are you searching for your next adrenaline fueled hobby? Yes? Then kayaking is where it’s at! Although if you’re looking for something more relaxing then don’t think you have to miss out. Kayaking can be exhilarating and heart pounding fun, but it can also be relaxing and peaceful, it’s a great sport suitable for most people. You may not know it, but kayaking has some awesome health benefits. Increased cardiovascular fitness means you’ll increase your stamina so you can keep going for longer.

When it comes to moving the paddle, expect to get a good upper body workout. The arms, shoulders, chest and upper back will all have to work to propel you forward, you’ll definitely feel that muscle burn! Don’t think that your core or legs are going to get a rest either. Powering the kayak forward will require your core to stabilise you and you’ll need to apply pressure with your legs as well, get ready for a total body workout!

Not everyone is able to perform high impact activities. Joint problems and previous injuries are common reasons why and you can sometimes feel restricted if you suffer from either of these. That’s the great thing about kayaking though, while it can be a nice, intense workout for your body, it’s low impact so it’s not going to affect any of those painful joints or aggravate any old injuries.

Whether you’re an experienced kayaking enthusiast or a brand new beginner wondering how to get started, our helpful guides are full of tips, advice and affordable equipment to help you begin your new hobby. From kayaks to other essentials, we’ve got you covered!

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