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Best Budget Golf

Do you love to play golf? If you’ve ever played crazy golf you’ll know how much fun it can be. Not only is it fun but it offers a huge range of mental and physical benefits. A game of golf is perfect for the mind and spirit, it keeps you alert and it’s a great social event. Human interaction is vital for a healthy mind and golf does just that! It’s a sport that’s accessible to everyone regardless of their background or budget. Modern golf clubs are welcoming more and more new members and it’s a fantastic location to socialize and meet new people.

Not only is it a great place to make new friends, it’s also a stress and anxiety reducing pastime. If you find yourself feeling stressed and in a bit of a funk, try golf! The fresh air will give you a boost of endorphins and take your worries and stress away. Combine that with the peace and quiet of being away from the hassles of everyday life, you’ve got one seriously stress busting hobby.

Not only is it great for your mental health, the physical benefits are numerous as well. Golf involves a lot of walking which is such a great way to get in shape, not to mention the fact the golf swing itself offers a full body workout! Each swing involves pretty much every muscle group and if you think of how many times you swing in each game, that’s a real workout!

Whatever your reason for starting golf, you’re sure to find some great tips, advice and affordable golf equipment in our useful guides. Golf clubs, carry bags and shoes don’t have to cost the earth and we’ve got something to fit every budget no matter if you’re experienced or a newbie!

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