Best Budget Electric Bikes 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Wondering what is the best electric bike for the money? Everyone is now going outdoors using their e-bikes as a mode of getting about. We all agree riding bicycles is a great way to improve health and have less impact on the environment, but with the added help of pedal assist for those steep hills or even just a motor taking you that last section of your ride can provide you with the extra help you need riding.

The best cheap electric bikes are mostly opinion-based, so we have included 10 different options on our list for you to decide which bike is the best for you.

Top 10 Best Budget Electric Bikes (under $1000) in 2020

1. Hyper E-Ride Women’s Electric Bike

Hyper E-Ride Women's Electric Bike - Top speed

Best Features: Padded Spring. SeatFlush Mounted Battery.

The women’s cruiser bike from Hyper E-Ride is a 26 inch bike that has a lot of features including making it one of the best value electric bikes.

The frame is a lightweight aluminum material with front and rear fenders stopping any mud splashes when being ridden. The battery that is included is a 36V battery that has been fully integrated into the frame for a flush mount design.

For extra comfort, the seat has extra padding and spring-loaded technology for those bumpy cycle routes. Front and rear brakes come as standard and high-quality are guaranteed with all hardware being fitted with Shimano products. This amazing pedal-assisted cruiser electric bike is the perfect way to travel providing that little helping hand getting from A to B and improving your health and fitness.


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2. Hyper E-Ride Men’s Electric Bike

Hyper E-Ride Men's Electric Bike - top speed

Best Features: Spring Seat For Comfort. Shimano Hardware.

The Hyper E-Ride Electric Bike is a 26inch men’s cruiser made completely from aluminum for a lightweight but strong design. The frame has a 36V battery integrated inside it, mounted in a flush and unnoticeable way. This bike can keep on going having a range of 20 miles plus.

The pedal-assisted motion is quick and reliable making this men’s bike a great option to get places fast. Extra comfort is guaranteed with the padded seat that has spring-loaded action to deal with any little bumps in the road you may come across Front and rear mudguards come on this bike stopping any water or dirt staining your clothes going up your back, and quality can be assured with the hardware with this bike coming fully equipped with Shimano products knowing they are reliable and produce the best results as standard.


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3. Hyper Bicycles Radster Bike

Best Features: Easy Assembly. Good Range (25 Miles +).

The Radster from Hyper, the best cheap electric bike brand. The Radster contains a 36 Volt lithium-ion battery that pumps out a whopping range of over 20 miles. Reaching a top speed of over 20 mph on a single charge, the Radster will be ready to use after charging for 4 hours.

The dual disc brakes enable responsive and sharp stops even at the higher end of the speed capabilities. This bike also features a handy storage unit that is situated under the seat, this is great for taking drinks, food, or even packing a waterproof jacket. The sleek design has a charging port built into the frame making this bike look extremely stylish.

The hub motor is a 250W brushless rear hub motor that helps supply the power and speed. of the bicycle. A nice little feature included in the design is the low step over the frame, making this bike more accessible to a variety of people. There is a 7-speed Shimano gear changer, and also a Shimano rear derailleur providing peace of mind knowing there are quality products used on this amazing bike.


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4. Nakto White Fat Tire

Best Features: Strong. Fast (30 mph Top Speed). LED Lights built-in. Weatherproof.

The cheap fat-tired bike electrical powered offers a durable, strong design made from high-strength steel that has been covered by top quality paint found on cars, guaranteeing years of long last. Great for riders of all shapes and sizes as the seat is adjustable in height, comfortable, and adding to this there is front shock suspension protecting you from any uneven surfaces.

There are lots of safety features on this amazing e-bike with an HD LED headlight, motor safety cutoff, power brakes, and a kickstand. Quality is assured in this electric mountain bike with the 6-speed Shimano gears, 300W rear hub brushless motor and 36V lithium battery that has a charging time between 4 and 6 hours. With a range of around 25 miles, you can get a serious distance on one charge and also reach a top speed of over 25 mph.


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5. Swagtron 200W Folding E-Bike

Best Features: Eco-Friendly. Safety features. Folds for storage.

With this cheap folding electric bike, you will be flying around at high speeds with the massive 200W motor that will allow this bike to reach a top speed of 10 mph. You can also travel up inclines of around 12 degrees with the e-bikes powerful motor.

The battery life of one of these electric bikes takes between 3 and 5 hours to fully charge for up to 9 miles of range. Complete comfort on the road is obtained with the 2 footpegs on the front wheel and a handlebar display which allows you to check the status of the bike and still have that comfortable ride.

To make sure no problems are stopping a rear disc brake features on the Swagtron bike plus added safety features such as the automatic headlight and bell that will make it so you are seen and heard by vehicles and pedestrians.


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6. Schwinn Sycamore Electric Mountain Bike

Best Features: Hybrid. Front and rear disc brakes. Customizable Motor. Front shock hydrolic suspension.

The Hybrid electric mountain bike from Schwinn is a versatile bicycle that will easily tackle bike paths, your daily commute to work, and even trials. To help keep full control when riding, this awesome dual-sport has SR Suntour NEX suspension forks that have hydraulic lockout and 63mm of travel.

The frame is made from aluminum and has been designed to tackle several different sport dynamics. The bike is fully customizable with a different setting available for different terrains, simply use the thumped controller and LCD display to alter the 350-Watt rear hub drive pedal-assist motor. A full Shimano 8-speed drive train and hardware set features on this bike ensuring quality and smooth gear changes, and a top speed of over 15 mph.

For that added safety the front and rear wheels are fitted with alloy disc brakes for a durable and smooth ride. For extra comfort, this bike has an extra padded seat and ergonomically designed grips that add crucial comfort spots in the most needed areas.


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7. Electric Bikes (26-Inch) With Removeable Battery

Best Features: Folds for easy storage. Thick Non-slip tires. 21-speed gear system.

This e-bike has a massive capacity in the lithium battery that is featured, supporting 25km in e-bike mode and reaching 50km on a single charge in the assisted mode. This is all on a single charge which usually takes around 4-6 hours, but amazingly spare batteries can be bought and taken with you if you want to go that little further.

The foldable design enables this mountain bike to be stored away easily and also carried when folded up with the lightweight aluminum frame. This design is perfect for taking your bike on any trips away, folding into a more convenient size. Both the brake and motor system that is implemented is at the top of their range, with disc brakes being included on both the front and rear wheels, and a 21-speed professional gear system providing that smooth sleek ride.

safety has been developed on this bike as well with the night riding capability added with the LED headlamp that is fitted onto the bike and also a horn letting vehicles and pedestrians know you are around. The wheels have been developed to be able to handle multiple terrains and weather types such as snow, rain, and mountain roadways to ensure the highest safety. These wheels are also really strong made from an aluminum alloy that is also lightweight with the addition of the wide anti-slip resistant tires. The bike has 3 working modes overall, e-bike, assisted bicycle, and normal bike which are controlled with the 3-speed smart meter LED button.


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8. Lixada Electric Folding Bikes

Best Features: Informative display screen. Fast charge time. Multiple Cycling Modes.

Lixada has produced this powerful electric bike with a 250W motor that offers speeds of up to 20 mph, with a range of 25-35 km in the purely electric mode and an extra 55-65 km being achieved when in power assistance mode. All of this is capable with the combination of the powerful motor that is situated in the rear hub combined with the 7.5AH lithium battery that has a 4-5 hour charge time.

The LCD screen is great, it has a lot of features shown that are quick and easy to read such as the battery life, running speed, and a real-time speedometer to see how fast you are going down the roads or trials.

This kind of bike is great for daily use, committing to work, urban areas, and even shopping trips with the strong frame made from a magnesium alloy construction that is extremely durable and all of this folds way for compact easy storage or transportation. The rear hub motor provides a top speed of over 15 mph showing the huge power it has to propel the bicycle forward.


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9. Lectric XP Folding E Bike

Best Features: Step-thru frame. Folding technology. Arrives fully assembled.

This cheap electric bike is easier than ever for people to enjoy, with the low step-thru frame design allowing riders to step through rather than swinging their leg over the top of the bike. This kind of design allows riders of different heights to enjoy heights enjoy this bike comfortable ranging from users of 4’10” to 6’3″, this design also helps people with less mobility enjoy riding this electric-powered bike.

Easy to store and take with you on trips to different places the bike folds into a fraction of its self. Unlike a lot of electric bikes, the Lectric XP comes fully assembled to your door rather than needed to be made when it arrives. The lithium-ion battery can provide an entire day of riding combined with the 500W brushless rear hub motor that has a peak output of 800W but is still really quiet.


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10. Yescom 20 inch Electric Bike

Best Features: Folding frame. Mode selection. Long range per charge.

The electric bicycle from Yescom has a high-speed motor equipped with a 500W brushless motor. The foldable design is great for traveling, camping, or storage compressing into a compact tight shape. There are 2 modes available in the bike, electric and assisted. When in assisted mode 3 power gears ave been designed which is great for exercise. The modes are easy to operate with a thumb throttle control featured in the design. A large capacity battery offers 31 miles per charge, with a decent top speed available.


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Best Budget E-Bike

On our list, the best budget ebike is the folding Swagtron. It offers a lot in regards to style, design, and power. Which is all made better with the folding capability that has been introduced into the frame. This makes for easy storage and also traveling. The power of the motor is also great as it can deal with inclines that other, larger designs cant handle. it doesn’t have one of the highest speed ranges only reaching a top speed of 10 mph, but for a city bicycle, this is a great speed to nip up and down the streets.

Cheapest Electric Bikes Available

The best cheap bicycles are the main thing we are talking about on this list but the cheapest in here is the Hyper E-Ride. Both the men’s and women design is the same price and offer a lot for this low price, with a flush-mounted battery adding stylish results, lightweight materials used in the frame and a rear hub motor that propels the bike forward in a pedal-assisted or fully electric model.

Do you need a Budget e-bike under 1000?

Electric bicycles can hit the bank account pretty hard, so buying a budget is something that should be considered. With technology moving forward even the lower-priced products have high ranged spec included such as 7-speed gearing helping reach top speeds of 15mph, 20 mph, and sometimes 25 mph. One thing to look out for is the hardware that comes with the big such as the brake mechanism, hub motor as these can turn lower-priced bikes into high-quality machines.

List of Electric Bike Accessories Worth Considering

  • helmet
  • mirrors
  • baskets
  • fenders
  • bike suspension Seatpost
  • grips
  • bike tools
  • bell

What are Electric E-Bikes Exactly?

E-bikes are electricity-powered bicycles (Wikipedia – Electric bicycle) that can ether propel forward on their own with the powered motor that is usually situated on the rear hub of the bike wheel. Some versions of this design can also provide different levels of assistance, gentle helping the deals be powered in motion providing more speed from less overall energy output. The best affordable electric bikes available at the moment are the ones we are discussing below providing a cheap product that still has the specification and maybe more than you need.

Typical Cost of an Electric Bike

The typical cost of owning an E-bike is around $3000 which is pretty expensive and could be disastrous if you wake up one morning and realize that you haven’t charged the battery. Cheap e-bikes are available and in this list, we are going to go through a variety of different electric bike options available all under $1000.

Considerations Choosing Cheaper Electric Bikes on a Budget

Frame Design

The design of the bike could be a big factor that helps you decide what kind of bike would be great for you. people who have limited mobility may find that a step-thru frame is ideal for making mounting, and dismounting the bike as easy as ever, opposed to swinging your leg over the top of the frame on a more conventionally designed shape.


Knowing your max distance is important – battery pack. The range of the bike is something you should think about if your place of work is 10 miles away but your bike only has a 9-mile range in its battery then you will be just short of your needed journey especially if you need to come home and doesn’t have the facilities to charge your battery again. Decide what you are going to use the e-bike for the most and then you can decide what kind of bike is good for your needs.

Folding Capability

A lot of newer folding e bikes now have an advanced folding capability in the frame, this is perfect for office workers who do not want to risk the chance of their bike getting stolen if there isn’t secure storage outside of the building. The best bike electrically powered will most likely have a folding functionality in the framework which is also great if you have a smaller car that doesn’t have a bike rack attached to it but you still want to enjoy a bike ride on a trip away.

Multiple Mode Selections

There are different bikes electric powered that provide a range of different modes that will suit your kind of riding (mountain bike option), and sometimes help with the range that can be obtained from the battery and motor. Having a choice of modes is great, they are mostly in groups of 3 different full-electric modes which will power the bike along with no need to pedal.

The second mode of assisted power is given to help the user with the pedaling, this could be a great tool climbing steep hills or towards the end of journeys. The final mode that is usually available is turning the electric of the bike off completely, giving full power and control to the rider. Cheap alternatives of the e-bike can also include these modes in them, so they aren’t exclusive to the models higher in the range.


Now there are mens bikes and womans bikes. The best cheap mens electric bikes are not gonna be the same as a ladies bike, so bare this in mind.

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