Best Budget Commuter Bikes 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Are you searching for the best Budget bicycle? Are you unsure of what to go for, and where to look? Don’t you just wish someone had compiled a handy 10-item list of the best bikes for commuters, right here, for you? Well, have we got news for you… Read on and follow us to see our best picks for rush hour. Anything, anywhere, any distance across your city – these bicycles are sure to give peak performance for great value.

Before we get started on what is the best commuter bicycle? We’ll give you a handy rundown on useful subject knowledge: what they are, what their typical prices are, and how you can get the best deal – we’ll save you a pretty dime.

10 Best Budget Commuter Bikes Under $500

What is the best bicycle for the money? Have a look below at our top ten bicycles, after reviewing our tips and advice for picking the best two-wheeler. We have lots of options, from hybrids to gear bicycles, to folding bikes. Lots are easy to put together – and the links are all attached!

1.YUTK Hybrid Road Bicycle

Best Features: Enhanced Momentum – This bicycle really does put the adventure into your commute. With its lightweight alloy frame and wheels and impressive rim brakes, you have a superior control over the brake pad. This gives you a smooth stopping power, and lets you easily coast by to work in any environment. Assembling – As the advertisement shows, this bicycle comes 80% assembled – all you need to do is install the front wheel, handlebars, pedals and seat. You can have it up and running in 15 to 20 minutes! Minimal effort, lots of potential.

Our first pick comes from YUTK, with the 700c this budget hybrid Road Bicycle is road worthy! This pick is ideal for intermediate to advanced riders, and is one of the most ideal hybrid bicycles for cycling on those city streets.


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2.YUTK Full Suspension Mountain Bicycle

Best Features: Comfort – The premium paddled saddle includes dual springs, and each handlebar has an ergonomic grip to feel like a glove against your hand. The handlebars are also at elevated height for more comfort. Frame Suspension – A sure advantage is that the frame suspension is upgraded, which provides more support to upright position and posture. No concerns about shoulders and vertebrae, you’re sure to ride comfortably and with simple convenience!.

Another pick here from YUTK, this is the 26 inch full suspension mountain and road bicycle. It’s a little more heavy duty, which may allow you to cycle to work with a bit more support… no issue with forks or potholes in the road. There’s plenty of information about this model available through the link.


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3.YUTK Mountain Bicycle Hybrid

Best Features: Enjoyable Cycling – A definite appeal of this model is that it’s suitable for a lot of different terrains and can be adapted to any purpose. Its versatility means that you can take it on any route and have some fun. No need for a BMX! It’s a perfect mix of fun and utility. Foldable – This commuting bike is equipped with a quick release clip – you can therefore quickly fold and store the bike wherever you go. Pop it in the trunk of your car while you run errands.. no need to go looking for a bike rack.

Yet another pick from super company YUTK, this 26 inch mountain bicycle/ hybrid road bicycle with non-slip technology is the kind of heavy duty bicycle you need on the job and about town.


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4.HIKING BK Off-Road Mountain Bicycle

Best Features: Color Choice – Unlike some of its competitors, you have a combo of style and utility here – there’s a bunch of color options visible in photos to pick from, so you can perfectly compromise your style with the reliability you need. Disc Brakes System – This bicycle’s braking mechanism is the stuff of dreams, clearly designed by professionals. The disc brakes system includes a high quality suspension fork, packed with shock absorption technology.. no shocks, smooth cruising.

This next two-wheeler comes from HIKING BK, and is a 21-speed folding mountain bike suited to off-road terrains. It’s a folding bike, so it’s convenient for any cyclist to make an adjustment! There’s something for everyone with this bike, it’s a stand-out in its category as the best commuter bike under 500.


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5.Bear Bike Urban Commuter Bicycle

Best Features: Ergonomics – The handles of this bicycle, as well as its body and frame, are well designed with the customer in mind; the seat is easily adjustable whilst the bars are covered in high quality, grip-friendly material. Better control, and easier to keep focus. Chains and Brakes – The chain wheel is a Set KMC 710, whilst the brake technology includes a Trekto R326. These settings are featured on the best bikes for the best commuter.

Our midway option comes from Bear Bike, with the Milan Singlespeed Fixed Gear Urban Bicycle… perfect for all of your commuting activity…

While there isn’t a massive load of info on the listing, it provides a good alternative to some of the heavier models offered by YUTK. It’s also a fixie, which helps when it comes to keeping your steering in place.


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6.IDS unYOUsual Folding Bike

Best Features: Lightweight Aluminum Frame – One of the coolest components of this bike’s riding experience is the lightweight aluminum frame, which allows for easy riding for people of all weights on the ground. Compared to other frames, this will help give you the smoothest journey possible. Adaptability – This bike is heavily adaptable no matter the situation. Tailored to every manner of situation, this bike folds, has a Shimano 6 speed shifter and derailleur, so speed shifts easily, and even has a removable front handle stem. Easy assembly process, easy ride.

The sixth bike in our list comes from IDS Home, and it’s the unYOUsual Folding Bike with a Lightweight Aluminum Frame. With an adjustable saddle/ seat for optimised upright riding and seating position, this seems like a brilliant option for bike users to tackle those busy roads.


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7.Ninasill Single Speed Bicycle

Best Features: Speedy Delivery – With the item shipping from a US warehouse, delivery is second to none and will only take about a week maximum to arrive. Obviously this is variable with different countries, so check on this depending on which country you’re based in. Premium Wheels and Brake System – The wheel size is ideal and tires are durable. These are lined with high quality alloy rims for comfortable riding on flat terrains and curbs, and the front v-brake and rear band brake provides optimal safety. Who needs the bus?.

Our next option comes from Ninasill, with the single speed cruiser bike. This bike is perfect for fans of accessories, as it comes with a basket! Perfect for putting groceries in on your way home, right? One of best commuter bike under 200 (or close to)!


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8.Ninasill Adult Hybrid City Bicycle

Best Features: Adaptability – This bike is equipped with suspension components and a high carbon steel frame, meaning it’s perfect for dirt roads, trail riding, off roading and many more. The weight is also suitable for loads of different riders, making commutes easier than they’ve ever been.Brake System – These bikes come equipped also with fab braking power and brake levers, as there’s a single speed holding brake, disc brakes, and you can easily shift the holding and disc brakes into different settings.

Our eighth pick is another from Ninasill and is one of the more common hybrid bikes. Suitable for all abilities from entry level and up, this hybrid bike is perfect for anyone, men or women.


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9.HIKING BK Folding 6-Speed Bike

Best Features: Disc Brake System – This handy disc brake technology provides a longer lasting and stronger, faster bike. The braking power and pressure is phenomenal, more so than traditional v brakes. Adjustable – Each part, such as the height, is easily adjustable for use. The bicycle seat and handlebars can be tailored to the perfect upright riding position. The visibility in the photo shows these features.

Our penultimate pick comes again from HIKING BK, and is a 6-speed folding commuter bike, with a lightweight aluminum frame and complete with shock absorption! Here is one of the best commuter bikes under 300 (or close to)!


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10.Schwinn Folding Bike

Best Features: Easily Manouvre Bumps and Hills – The seven-speed Shimano RevoShist Twist Shifter, as well as the Shimano Tourney rear speed derailleur affords you the ability to tackle small hills on trails and cut through even the most brisk winds. There’s nothing these bikes can’t do. Accessories and Additional Parts – The bike comes with a rear carry rack and a complementary nylon carry bag – this means that you can keep this folding bike protected and concealed; something ideal in cities. This really is perfect for commuting, with its kickstand and durable steel hinges.

Our final option on the table is the Schwinn Loop Adult Folding Bike, which comes complete with 20 inch wheels and a rear rack. Perfect for any bike paths! A brilliant bike package, it’s ideal for commuting through traffic.


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Best Budget Bike for Commuting

Our pick is number 2, the YUTK 26 inch full suspension mountain bike. It’s an affordable non-slip bike suited to a bunch of different terrains, and it’s suitable for entry level riders. Perfect for first time buyers!

Cheapest Commuter Bicycles Available

Our range of cheap commuter bicycles are far superior to brands like Tektro and Dahon, but which is the cheapest? Our cheapest bike is number 6, the unYOUsual Folding Bike with a Lightweight Aluminum Frame. This bike offers everything you could need and more: it gives you a comfortable riding position, it’s one of the best bikes with folding design, and as folding bikes go, it’s generally quite affordable – fab value for money. It also has really good comfort features, for that extra support.

Road bikes vs Commuter bikes

Quickly, it’s important to give you the lowdown on the difference between a road bike and commuter bicycle. Road bikes:

  • Are lighter
  • Are more nimble
  • Are therefore more easily manoeuvrable

However, commuter bikes are:

  • Heavier
  • Display more reliability
  • Have more versatility

Still Need a Bicycle?

Don’t worry if you haven’t found your pick of the commuter bikes amid the content we’ve provided you with. There are tons of options in the field of fitness, suited to any cycle trips you may want to carry out. Have a shop around at different hubs and see if any deals on commuting bikes take your fancy. You never know, if you make a new account you could get a sweet newcomer discount.

Commuter Cyclists’ Accessories and Gear

And of course, if you’re looking for the perfect accessories for brand new commuter bikes, here are some things you might want to consider:

  • Backpack
  • Mud guard
  • Helmet
  • Clothes
  • Lights
  • Lock

What Exactly is a Commuter Bike?

So, what exactly is a commuter bicycle, and how does it differ from other two-wheelers? When we think of pedal bicycles, we might think of a young worker, biking at fast pace across the pavement of New York City.

As the name suggests, this bicycle is suited to easy commuting. These bicycles are generally cheaper and may earn status as good value buys.

The other main type of bicycle is a cruiser bike, which may offer a little more comfort, but if you want a high speed bike that’s with the best price tag, one of our picks might be for you. We have plenty of items to choose from!

Typical Cost of Commuting Bicycles:

Wondering how much should I spend on a commuter bike? Another key issue when choosing the best bicycles is the cost, so don’t worry you are not alone. You’re going to want a model that gives you value for money and offers rider comfort and overall ride quality for your daily commute, so how do you get this in a way that works for you?

The magic number you’re looking at, at full price and not in the sale or clearance, is at least $200. You’ll be able to find some good options just shy of this, but generally the range goes between $200 and $500. This affords you a bit of choice on the market to be able to tailor your needs and budget to something that works for your life style.

This price will of course differ by brand, types, shop, what’s included in your overall package (check terms and conditions), and the durability. Keep these factors in mind when you purchase, and you’re good to go.

Considerations Choosing Cheaper Commuter Bikes

There are a few essential things to keep in mind when looking for a two-wheeler. You’ll want to make sure you find the best bike for commuters, saving you from making a troublesome return (if all rights reserved).


What is the easiest bicycle to ride? The very first factor to keep in mind, one of the absolute essentials, is that your comfort is key. You need to make sure that your bicycle has everything you’ll want on your ride to work, from a comfy saddle to an easily-controlled wheel and pedaling system. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have fun on your commute!


What is the easiest bike to ride? That really depends! It is essential to keep in mind the road you’re actually commuting on, as this will affect how easy it is to ride your bicycle. Will you be going up hills, or generally are you on flat road? You might want to look at Full suspension mountain bikes if you’re uphill, or a road bike if you’re on flat road. Is the terrain tough? If so, recommendations might point towards a gravel bike.


This is quite an important one, especially if you’re travelling long distances. The combination of size and width will generate your grips, which means you need to strike a balance between power and durability. Sure, you’ll want to get to the office and back with no stress, but city-goers will have to to keep weather and road conditions in mind when choosing the best bicycle for city riding… don’t want to be slowed down by rain!

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