Best Budget Basketball Shoes 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Looking for a perfect pair of budget basket ball shoes to shoot some hoops? Have your eyes on those Jordan basketball shoes, but want to compare prices first? If you are looking for awesome cheap basketball sneaker options, you’re in luck with our buyers guide below. We’ve rounded up the best cheap options in this category so that you can play basket ball in style while ensure you have your top game skills ready.

From Addidas basketball shoes to the most affordable and lesser-known brands, there are plenty to choose from. Allow us to help you with a range of best budget basketball shoes that are designed for top performance at a fraction of a cost. Before we dive in, here are some tips on good low-cost basketball shoes.

8 Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

We have compiled a buyer’s review guide of the best basketball shoes at a bargain price. You will find various models ranging from Nike to Under Armour, giving choice for every type of budget and style preference. All of the shoe choices for basket ball we’ve included are suitable for professional playing on the court and offer full comfort and stability. Enjoy these best buy picks!

1.Jordan Air XII (12) Retro

Jordan Air XII (12) Retro

Best Features: A renowned brand for excellent performance. Cool retro design. Provides supreme cushioning and support.

Introducing this Jordan Air shoe with a herringbone traction pattern featured on the sole of this shoe, you can ensure full grip and minimal slipping when in use. The full cushioning support makes these basket ball shoes particularly high on the comfort level and they also have a supportive ankle collar to make the feet feel secure. They can handle just about anything that is thrown at them due to their extremely durable exterior which utilizes a range of materials. The overall design uses premium full-grain leather making them suitable for an indoor or outdoor game and they feel top quality too.

Light in weight, they are an ideal style if you are seeking a secure fit in a basket ball shoe and they fit into a budget option too. The retro look looks impressive with a one of a kind style for a basket ball sneaker. They provide adequate ventilation but don’t have a great deal of mesh. These sneaker types can be broke into easily enough which is a plus with the purchase if you’re looking to get playing right away.

The Jordan is a renowned nba shoes cheap choice, and while you may think you have to spend a bomb to own a pair, that’s simply not the case.


Material: Leather | Style: TWO 3

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2.Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

Best Features: From a reputable sports designer. Provides supreme gripping due to traction. Attractive overall design with good colors.

Next on our list, we have a top Ownthegame Adidas rubber sole basket ball sneaker that is rated as one of the budget options. Not only does this shoe look the part, but it also performs even at a lower price point. The upper sole is designed for true performance with a rubber sole and good herringbone pattern traction. In terms of the rubber outsole, it offers exceptional gripping when playing on the core and total support.

You will be surprised at just how much cushioning there is despite this shoe’s lighter weight making it ideal for players that are seeking absolute comfort. This shoe is certainly one of the best as it guarantees protection on the court and comes from a well-renowned brand – Adidas. The overall style of this shoe is attractive with black, red, and white coloring. While the price is at the higher end of the budget scale, it’s worth it for a shoe that ensures performance and good traction.

Overall this Adidas men model is worth considering if you’re seeking a reliable shoe on the market that offers a fantastic structure for basket ball sport.


Material: Mesh upper with coated synthetic leather zones | Outer Sole: Synthetic

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3.Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe

Best Features: Extremely lightweight in design. Provide lots of support for the whole foot. Great budget pricing.

Another premium sneaker for basketball from Adidas, this Pro Next 2019 model is one of the best if you don’t have the means to pay a higher price. Made of 100% leather, this shoe is great for flexible moving and doesn’t require a lot of breaking into. The upper sole features superb stitching and a comfortable fit with extra cushioning. The bottom rubber outsole comes with good traction so you won’t need to worry about gripping on the court.

This Adidas sneaker is one of the best for comfort at a budget price. We love the model for its exterior aesthetic which uses smart red and the classic Adidas stripes for a signature look. All in all, this basketball shoe is one of the top options out there at a lower price. The level of support offered is great and is coupled with a light weight design making it easy to move around.

These signature shoes are ideal for all types of player and come out at the top of many reviews and we think they’re equally great too.


Material: Leather and mesh upper is soft and breathable | Outer Sole: Synthetic | Grip: Zonal herringbone rubber outsole

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4.Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

Best Features: Flexbile materials for free movement. Excellent grip.

If you are seeking a shoe that seems the part and offers complete performance during a basketball game, this Adidas shoe could be the right choice for you. Many NBA players wear this model and its not hard to see why. The level of technology that goes into the design ensures that they have all the features you need while guaranteeing minimal pressure on the sole of the foot when shooting.

These shoes feel the part and offer total freedom due to the flexible material that they are made of. Everything from the lacing system tot he sneaker upper sole is made to fit with perfection so that you won’t have any discomfort even when playing a game. Offering fantastic traction for ultimate grip and non sliding alongside a cushioning sole, these trainers will support the feet to the max.

We love the overall design of this particular shoe which also gives players a stylistic edge at the same time. If you want a full length basket ball shoe, these mens basketball shoes from Adidas could be ideal.


Material: Mesh upper for breathability; Synthetic leather | Outer Sole: Synthetic

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5.Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vision

Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vision

Best Features: Superb budget price. Nonrestrictive laces for flexible movement. High support for the heel.

These Nike Pro basketball shoes are one of the best for supporting the heel and provide plenty of cushioning in their structuring too. The inner lining of this shoe is made to be smooth on the foot inclusive of the heel area while offering good support at the same time. They’re a great choice for breathability and will fit like a sock when you put them on due to the tight but nonrestrictive laces too. Many people choose this particular product because of its low impact when shooting hoops and the amount of traction offered which ensures you can play a game with complete confidence.

This Nike basket ball shoe is ideal for all sorts of players both indoors and outdoors and has made into the list of our top choices for their versatility. The foam inside of the cushioned heel is extra comfortable and the tongue of the shoe also features a mesh lining for a more snug feeling.

Overall, you are guaranteed to be content with these nike men’s shoes, especially at such a low price point too. You will be able to bounce the ball around the court without worrying about injury or discomfort to the ankles with this piece of wearable sports equipment. We highly recommend them for anybody seeking flexibility and reliability.


Material: Mixed | Outer Sole: Rubber

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6.Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

Best Features: Great breathability due to leather material. Mesh lining for extra support.

Next on our list, we have a basket ball shoe from Under Armour, the Lockdown 4, and they perform as sleekly as they look. Offering fantastic traction due to the pattern on the rubber sole, these shoes are designed for players for both indoor and outdoor games.

The Lockdown shoe falls at a value price and provides superb breathability due to the synthetic textile used throughout which takes on a mesh format in the lining. These shoes are also made with leather to provide extra cushion around the ankle area and ensures that they won’t wear down easily. The collar on this particular model isn’t too high but nonetheless perfect for sports and helps to make the foot feel supported when moving.

The under armour men’s Lockdown may not be the first model you think of when choosing this type of shoe but we highly recommend them. As one of the cheapest models on our list, they are among the best for breathability due to the perforated holes in the leather. For anybody that enjoys basket ball sports, these Under Armour shoes are going to satisfy.


Material: Other Leather | Outer Sole: Gum Rubber

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7. Nike Men’s Air Precision High-Top Mesh

Nike Men's Air Precision High-Top Mesh

Best Features: From a highly renowned brand that makes air max. Offer flex support with bounce technology. Look attractive with clean color.

Another fantastic basket ball shoe option from Nike, these Nike air Precision models are sure to impress. With a high collar to offer great support to the ankle area and an upper sole constructed of breathable material, they offer a highly snug fit. The addition of a foam sole ensures complete cushioning for the feet and allows the player to move around the court with ease.

While there are plenty of Nike air basket ball shoes out there, these are highly popular due to their neutral appearance using classic black and white colors with this signature zoom air tick on the side. The traction pattern on the bottom provides both durability and balance which means you will have absolute security when playing.

Just as with air max, you can guarantee total flex support when playing the sport with these shoes. Users love the model as they provide everything needed for the fantastic performance. We particularly rate them due to the inlay and bouncy heel which is perfect for shooting hoops.


Outer Sole: rubber

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8.Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce 2019 Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Pro Bounce 2019 Basketball Shoe

Best Features: These shoes look impressive with gold detailing. Offer a bounce cushion for minimum impact when shooting. Provide good overall support in all areas.

This pair of Adidas Pro Bounce shoes for basket ball is sure to fully satisfy with a synthetic bottom equipped with a sturdy traction gripping and much more. The way in which they’re designed will give full support for the entire foot from the ankle to the heel. As far as bootie construction goes, these shoes are high up on the list! The upper sole is designed with a bounce cushion which stands as the Bounce’s highlight providing total impact protection.

No player will ever feel discomfort with the aide of this shoe. If you’re a fan of design features, these shoes are likely for you. They have a number of great aesthetic features including a camo bottom sole and several textiles inclusive of suede, mesh, and rubber.

Users will appreciate the tightly packed herringbone which ensures a good playing experience with no slipping or sliding on the court. You won’t need to be cautious of lateral movement when using this shoe which will allow you to move at the speed that you desire.


Outer Sole: Man Made

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Best Budget Basketball shoes

Are you still wondering which are the best budget basket ball shoes? We’ve picked out our favorite choice to help you – the Nike Men’s Air Pro Visions. At under 100$ they offer supreme comfort and are breathable too, allowing the player to move around the court as they wish. They fit just like a sock and have a great setup when it comes to laces. The traction on the bottom sole allows enough pressure to avoid slipping and sliding too.

These are an excellent footwear choice for anybody that is looking to bounce around on the courts and wants more subtle colors in their shoe design.


Below, we have covered some common FAQs on basket ball shoe models so that you can choose with confidence. From the Nike zoom shoe to the Nike LeBron and other brands, there are plenty to choose from so here’s some further help!

How can I get very cheap basketball shoes?

You can find very affordable basketball shoe options both online and on the high street. You can find a good price for all sorts of best basketball shoes with a little bit of wise shopping. Some online retailers offer second hand best bargain basketball shoes that have been worn perhaps just once or twice – this can be a great way to save!

If you are looking for a new pair of Nike basketball shoes, for example, it may be worth shopping around when different discounts are available. The holiday sales usually offer fantastic deals such as Black Friday where you can find top branded trainers at slashed costs.

Some stores also offer clearance sales too where old stock is sold at cheaper prices. In some cases, you may also find brands such as the Nike zoom and Nike Lebrons when shopping around at these specific stores. While the best sneakers certainly have a reputation for being expensive, this doesn’t have to always be the case.

What are the best basketball shoes under 100?

You can find some excellent signature shoe options for basket ball even at under 100$. The best price basketball shoes usually fall just under the 70$ and include brands such as Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas. We particularly like the Nike men precision 4 shoes which feature a sturdy rubber outsole and provide great ankle support.

Other good options for a basketball player include the Adidas Dame 6 shoes basketball, and the Nike men’s air Versatile 2 model which give a great traction style. If you are seeking shoes in this category specifically at a low price, we recommend shopping during sale seasons to find a pair that meet your budget requirements.

What are the best performance basketball shoes?

Overall, the best performing pair of basketball sneakers are the Nike Lebron and the Air Jordan 34 pair of basketball shoes. They are both renowned brands in the basketball gear world and provide supreme quality in their design for ultimate performance. These pieces of basket ball gear will allow you to play with confidence on the court while maintaining full ankle support.

Many professional NBA players wear the Air Jordan shoe design including Michael Jordan, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant. While you will pay a higher price for this sort of shoe, you can ensure maximum cushioning and full comfort alongside stability and flex technology.

Wondering what are good cheap basketball shoes?

You may be asking yourself what makes a good pair of best basketball shoes. We have some answers for you below based on our reviews. Here are some pointers to help you get started:

Outsole – When you choose shoes for basketball, you should choose ones that have a flat and wide outsole. This ensures a good playing style and ankle support so that you won’t experience any discomfort when on the court.

Added grip – Some men’s basketball shoes come with extra grip on the outsole. While this isn’t necessary in these types of sneaker, it can help with things such as balance when shooting and to stop you from sliding. Some great cheap basketball sneakers come with extra grip support, if this is something you’re looking out for be sure to check!

Comfort – Being comfortable when playing basket ball is your top priority. Lots of shoes of basketball are made of leather which offers durability. A basket ball shoe 09 will also use synthetic materials in the textile upper too which support the ankle area and provides cushioning.

Material – The material of your basket ball shoes should offer protection, stability, and comfort when you are playing. Usually, good basket ball sneakers use a combination of materials for the feet inclusive of foam, leather, phylon, nylon, and rubber. Always be sure to check out the fabrics used prior to buying to ensure top comfort and stability.

Style – While this factor comes down to preference, you should ensure that you like the style that you choose. For some, a high tongue is necessary, while others enjoy more of a low-top design. Then there are colors to consider, you will see from our selections that some sneaker designs for this sport use bright and loud color. However, there are some that use more subdued colors too such as classic black and white.

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