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So you have started to clear out your house and you have found yourself with a pile of items that you want to get rid of. Well, we are far beyond the years where you have to throw all the junk out or spend hours trying to find someone to buy them. Your junk can be someone else’s gold and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity of making a bit of cash in your spare time.

Buying and selling apps have taken over the world and have introduced people to a whole new way of getting rid of their unwanted items, apps like Offer up. Offerup is a site that works just like social media and allows you to buy and sell at the swipe of a finger. Connecting you to another user local user that is interested in buying what you have!

Buying and selling have always been a challenging activity with balancing eBay classifieds with craigslist free ads. But Offerup isn’t like craigslist at all. It offers you buying and selling in just a few simple steps, whilst also opening a whole world of ads that will appeal to you.

In this article, we will take a look at not only Offer up but what is on the market that is similar to OfferUp. With hundreds of apps like OfferUp it can be confusing to know what is best for you. Well, we breakdown all the apps like OfferUp and which apps you should give your attention to.

Popular Alternatives To Offerup

Though Offerup offers lots of great ways to buy and sell lots of items within seconds, there are many apps like Offerup which can do a similar job. We have gone through some of the best apps like Offerup and picked out our favorite features of each. No longer will you be scrolling through eBay classifieds and craigslist, instead you will be enjoying your life whilst your items sell all over the community.

Let Go

The first buying and selling app that is very similar to the Offerup app is LetGo. The LetGo app is most certainly one of the most popular apps on the market right now with over 74 million downloads since its app launch. In theory, this app works just like Offerup and allows you to buy and sell your household items in the same simple way. A great positive of LetGo is that you can auto-fill your ads with one click of a button.

There is even a mash-up of the LetGo app and the Offerup App which mixes the best of both worlds, this is very much worth a look. This brings in many items from users of OfferUp to help sway people from trying other apps like OfferUp but getting the same experience of sharing with a new ocean of users.

Things that we like:

  • Autofill your ads with one click of a button
  • The app is free to use with the option of upgrading
  • Offers a style that is similar to apps like Offerup

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is a platform that we are all very familiar with and is one of the best apps like Offerup. Most people might use Facebook for posting pictures of your latest baking masterpiece or keeping up on the latest news from distant family members. But Facebook joined the buying and selling game quite a while ago and has been transforming your Facebook account into a sell or buy heaven.

The trading interface has expanded to begin to look much more like OfferUp and now include most ads from real estate to the latest video game.

You would struggle to not find all the various products you would need. These are apps like Offerup that offer a great alternative if you are already a Facebook user and the buy and sell app is complementary to your social networking app needs.

Things that we like:

  • Adds on a classifieds section to our existing social network
  • Allows you to post ads for free
  • Easy messaging service between buyers and sellers
  • Comes with a specific app available


Much like other apps like OfferUp, these websites offer the opportunity to sell items that in your eyes are complete junk. Many users of Recycler like to take old items and give them a new lease on life. The websites allow you the opportunity to make easy classified ads to upsell your items much like OfferUp.

The websites also allow you to make direct phone calls through the apps for easy selling which many other best apps may not offer.

Things that we like:

  • Direct phone calls through the website without hiding the phone number
  • Great variety of products available to buy like OfferUp
  • Users enjoy buying your older items from here


Craigslist is the original classified ad website that allowed sites like OfferUp to be founded. This website is simple and keeps it local. There is really no limit to the ads you can see on craigslist and users will want to advertise anything from a home to a potential relationship. You can find a similar amount of items to purchase which is much like OfferUp app and other goods selling app.

If you want to sell something that maybe doesn’t fit on apps like OfferUp then this could be the websites for you. Craigslist is specific to goods in your location, therefore you will never be traveling far.

Things that we like:

  • Users are always looking for a wide variety of items
  • A simple website that is easy to use
  • Everything tries to stay as local as possible

eBay Classifieds

Another one of the early starters that influenced apps like OfferUp and are still proving to popular today is eBay Classifieds. This offers a different approach to selling your goods. Users are offered the opportunity to place ads on the website and allow other users to state how much they want to pay, much like a live auction house.

This allows the opportunity for people to find bargains that they may not find on other sites like OfferUp. There is never a shortage of items on eBay, with item variety covering all corners of the market.

Things that we like:

  • Opportunity to purchase items for a fraction of the price
  • Often find exclusive items from vintage stores
  • Great customer service to ensure safe buying
  • Comes with an app available


Not only is this one of the apps with the most fun names, but this app is built so you can oodle oodle and oodle to your heart’s content. This is one of the best apps like OfferUp that offers you the chance to search for items based on your GPS location. It is like OfferUp as it will list very similar items.

A lot of the users who use Oodle often sell pets and for that reason, this is one of the best apps for finding a new furry friend for your home. If you are looking for apps like OfferUp then you do not need to look much further than this app.

Things that we like:

  • All ads are based on your GPS location
  • Great variety of items to satisfy all users much like OfferUp
  • Reputable pet stores often use Oodle to sell pets


What is better than OfferUp?

OfferUp is a fantastic app for selling and buying all the junk that you no longer want. OfferUp users are usually happy with the amount of variety and interaction they get with other users. But if you feel you have exhausted all you can with OfferUp and you are looking for an alternative then there are many sites like OfferUp that could offer you something new.

It is normal for a seller to hit a wall on some websites and OfferUp is no exception to that. There is nothing wrong with these apps but sometimes you can meet more people by opening up your eyes to other apps like OfferUp.

When looking for an alternative app it is worth trying to understand what it is from OfferUp that you like and what do you want to see in other apps like OfferUp. Take a look at our list of best apps for buying and selling to find which application is the one for you.

Is OfferUp a legitimate website?

Absolutely. OfferUp has been around for quite a while and has many reviews that just show how well it has worked for other people. The success of OfferUp has helped popularity develop in sites like OfferUp such as eBay and apps like offerup such as LetGo and Recycler.

OfferUp has made thousands of sales and has really helped people get rid of their old junk. The success of the OfferUp app has been successful that other companies such as LetGo have decided to team up with the OfferUp app. You can now get the latest mash-up app of OfferUp: LetGo which merges the best of both companies.

Since the partnership between OfferUp and LetGo, the app has seen even more popularity with the users from both apps coming together. This offers an even wider variety of products with items coming from LetGo which may not have normally been seen on the OfferUp app.

What are the best online selling sites?

There are so many selling websites like OfferUp on the internet it can be really tricky to understand which are the best apps out there. If you have read this article and you are still no clearer to which is the best online selling site then you should give each site a trial and see which one works best for you.

The OfferUp app has recently teamed up with the LetGo team to create a new brand of selling website, some have branded it the ‘LetGo 2’ of the industry. This offers a refreshed platform for OfferUp and LetGo users.

If you are looking for something similar to OfferUp but you want to try something different then there are many other sites like OfferUp that may interest you. Such as sites like eBay and Craigslist. There are also many apps like OfferUp which will ‘Offer Up’ many great deals, there are apps like Oodle and Recycler.

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