Romantic Nights at Home

There’s nothing like a first date, it’s the one you’ll always remember. Your first dinner, movie, walk in the park… Every couple has a beautiful memory of how their relationship started. As time goes by and the relationship evolves, it might feel like the time to focus on creating a life together, and so the sporadic romantic date can turn into forming a routine together. The so-called dating stage of the early days might disappear, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any more date nights. Especially once you live together, there are plenty of home date night ideas.

Experts claim that it’s essential for couples to keep regular date nights. Those who do, tend to have better communication skills, are less stressed and have more fun. With work and in some cases, kids, it can seem hard to find the time to organize regular date nights. But it doesn’t always have to be a fancy meal or a far-away adventure, you can have a romantic night in the comfort of your own home. Whether you can’t find a sitter, the weather is terrible or you don’t have the funds, there are plenty of ways to have that extra special one-on-one time with your significant other without leaving the house. So don’t worry, get comfortable, and read through our selection of best home date night ideas:

Top 15 at Home Romantic Nights Ideas

1) Movie night

This is a classic home date night idea. While you and your partner probably have a ton of shows you like to binge-watch together, mix things up by setting up a movie-watching night. Avoid standing in endless cinema lines and paying for tickets. Instead, cuddle up on the couch and scroll through Netflix to find something special to watch. Plus, you can bring in your own snacks! This home date night will turn your home into your own private, romantic cinema.

Maybe there’s a new movie you’ve both been dying to watch or let nostalgia take over and rewatch one of the classics that you love. Watching someone’s favorite movie can tell a lot about the person, use this as an opportunity to get to know your spouse better. You might even discover your new favorite movie! Maybe you decide to hide in each other’s arms with a gory horror or cry together over a romantic drama. Whether you decide to relive your wedding video, cry over a romantic drama or laugh until your face hurts, it’ll be a fun night that’ll bring you closer together. Dim the lights, grab a drink and enjoy a special night with your loved one.

2) Games night

Movies are fun, but maybe you don’t want to spend your special night sitting in silence. There are plenty of date ideas for every type of couple. For those who look for something more dynamic and fun a home game night is a perfect idea. Get competitive, chit-chat and laugh with your partner whilst you play against each other on a classic board game. Or maybe you’re more into modern gaming, why not play a video game that you love together, all ideas are valid. You can choose to compete against one another or work together as a team to defeat an enemy.

There are many options that are a lot of fun, from card games to murder mystery crime solving packages. Whether you want to bring back some classics like Monopoly and focus on it all night or play a series of short games, you are guaranteed fun. Turn your living room into an arcade for a lively, different yet romantic stay at home date night with that special someone.

3) Home-cooked meal

Going out for dinner can end up being quite expensive, but who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal? Make the most out of this romantic stay at home plan. Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore. Take this opportunity to bring out your inner Gordon Ramsay and become a chef for the night. Maybe you want to surprise your partner by cooking up their favorite meal before they arrive, or you can look through recipes together and find something you both want to learn how to make. There are so many romantic ideas to pursue.

Cooking as a couple is said to have many positive effects, such as strengthening and deepening the bond. Either way it’s a win win situation. It requires little planning, all you need to do is find that special recipe and have a quick trip to the store to get all the necessary ingredients. Find out how to do it the best and cheapest way here on our site. Make sure you grab some candles and choose some music to listen to, and just like that, you have a romantic dinner party for two.

4) Paint together

Listen, you don’t need to be an artist to make art. Painting together is a great opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, try something new and face a new challenge together. For those more experienced, you can share a canvas and bring a common vision to life. Brainstorm about what you want to represent and create a work of art together to represent your love. Another option is to paint together, but separately. Get your own canvas and sit across one another to create portraits of each other. Your style and the colours you choose will say a lot about how you see your loved one, and viceversa.

For those who might not be the artistic type, there is the option to create something by painting by numbers (it’s not just for kids!) There are tons of drawings that are aimed at adults so that you can paint a beautiful scenery without worrying about your drawing skills. Either way, creative activities are a great way to practice teamwork, cooperation and communication which is ideal for couples.

5) Create an indoor den

Sometimes you just need to take a night off and hide away from the world with your loved one. When the kids are in bed, let your inner child come out and build a good old-fashioned den. Throw some pillows on the floor, get all the sheets, blankets and anything else you might have in the closet and build yourself a cozy fort to hide in. Add some fairy lights if you can and you’ve got yourself a cute little hiding spot for a romantic date night at home.

Take this as the perfect opportunity to just hide away from all of life’s duties and responsibilities and just dedicate time to your relationship. Snuggle up to your partner and talk, read, watch something or just gaze romantically into each other’s eyes. Take in the silence, the romantic music or the voice of your lover. It’s just one of the many, simple ideas that can transform your evening into a very special moment that both of you will love.

6) Spa evening

Self-care is very important to keep our physical and mental health balance, so why not do it as a couple? There is nothing better than getting home after a long day and treating yourselves to a romantic relaxing evening of pampering in the house. A spa evening is the best stay at home date night for those who just want to disconnect form the world and connect with their spouse. You’ll feel amazing and spend quality time with your love.

Start by lighting some candles and placing them around the bathroom. Brush each others hair or put a face mask/scrub on one another while you start running a bath. All you need now is some romantic instrumental music and to step into a warm bubble bath. Turn off the world for a bit and just relax. This evening is completely yours, so turn off your phone and get a sitter for the kids, it’s time to look after yourself. You deserve it.

7) Play the relationship questions game

How well do you know your soulmate? Do you still remember all the little details? Test out your knowledge of one another by playing the relationship questions game on your stay at home date. Focus on each other’s interests or information that nobody else would know. This is one of the many fun, dynamic ideas that can turn a normal night around the house into a romantic date night at home.

Write out some questions, like: ”What’s my favourite treat?”, ”How do I unwind after a long day at work?”, ”What did I wear on our first date?” Read the questions out loud and write down what you think the other’s answer will be, and viceversa. There are plenty of ideas online, but add in your own questions for a more personal touch. You can choose to give yourselves points for correct answers, and crown one of you as the winner of the night. However you choose to play, it’ll be a romantic night full of love that’ll help you get to know each other a little better.

8) Stargaze in the backyard

If staying indoors isn’t exactly for you, but you still want to have a romantic stay at home date night, here are some great ideas for you more adventurous couples. Like the song says, the night belongs to lovers, so explore it from the comfort of your own backyard. Shakespeare coined the term ‘star crossed lovers’ but since much before that, the stars and the night sky have been associated with romance. There are many ideas to make a stargazing night a romantic date night at home.

This date idea takes a little bit of preparing, but it’ll make the night all the more worth it. Have a look online at star charts to discover which constellations are visible from your backyard. Show off to your partner how much information you know about the universe. You can play games too, finding constellations and naming them after your relationship or after each other. Make sure to keep an eye out for the weather, as clear skies are necessary for the stars to be visible. Pick a date, set up a blanket and a little picnic basket and head outside to snuggle up with your love and look out into the universe.

9) Online dance tutorials

Many experts have claimed that dancing is a great activity to bring couples closer together, quite literally. And it’s one of the many date ideas you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. Not only is it romantic, but it’s also an exciting activity that’ll make you work together as a team, plan your movements around each other and all in all, is very fun. This stay at home date will not only be a romantic date, but you’ll have something to show for it in the future as well. Practice enough and you might want to show off your new moves at the next party.

Whether you’re experienced dancers looking to take on a new challenge as a couple, you want to relive your first dance or just looking for some fun, a night of dancing is a great date night idea. There are thousands of videos online that’ll turn your home into a dancing studio. From finding out how to perfect a classic tango to learning the latest craze, all ideas are valid and will turn your night into a romantic and unique date. Put on something comfortable, choose your style and dance the night away!

10) Plan for the future

Life can feel a little static sometimes, but there’s nothing that can’t be done about that. Planning for the future is one of the many ideas that’ll make your stay at home date night an important step in your relationship. It’s been proven how important it is for couples to create goals to live a successful life together. Date nights are all about getting to know each other better, and this is the perfect opportunity to get to know your relationship.

Sit down with your spouse and talk about what you want to achieve as a couple. Maybe it’s time to take the next step in your relationship, or planning your next great adventure. There’s no plae like home, so use this home date night to get comfortable and talk about what you’re looking for in life as a couple. Discuss ideas on how you see your future together, whether that’s short or long term. While it might sound a little scary, communication is key in love and creating goals together will bring you excitement for the future.

11) Have a bake/cook-off

There are many romantic home date night ideas that revolve around food, but who doesn’t love a good meal? It has been proven that cooking together as a couple has many benefits for your relationship. Creating something together from scratch will strengthen your bond and help you communicate with each other in different situations. It’s a romantic activity that can be made dynamic and fun by just adding a little bit of competition. This is a great idea for those couples who want a romantic stay at home date that’s a little different.

Whether it’s cooking or baking that fills your heart, challenge your spouse to a little competition Top Chef-style. Turn your home date night into an entertaining competition that will also serve as a romantic meal. Discuss ideas on what you will be cooking or baking and choose the recipes that’ll become the center of your evening. Take turns creating your edible masterpieces to impress each other., and get ready to judge the results. After enjoying your meal, choose the winner of the night and remember, loser has to do the dishes!

12) Concert night

Music is one of the most romantic things a couple can enjoy together. While it might not always be possible to attend a concert, turn your living room into an arena with this stay at home date. What’s ‘your song’? Do you have a band you just love? Is there an artists that has special significance to you as a couple? Brainstorm ideas on what would be a romantic music night and make it happen in the comfort of your own home. Maybe your idea of a concert is listening to a live album whilst you cuddle on the couch with a glass of wine. Or you prefer to stream a recording of a festival set. All ideas are valid and will make your home date night unique.

Create a stay at home date that revolves around the power of music. Think of how you’d prepare for a concert. You might start off with a romantic meal, followed by some drinks and finally head off to the concert. Feel free to mix up the different date ideas discussed here to create an unforgettable evening with your love. You can start off by following some online dancing tutorials, followed by cooking a romantic meal so you’re ready and full of energy to show off your new dancing tricks whilst you enjoy the concert.

13) Karaoke

Karaoke is another great stay at home date idea for couples who want their night to be romantic, yet exciting and fun. If your idea of a romantic date night is more than dinner and a drink, consider bringing karaoke into the mix. There’s a reason why it’s so popular around the world, and it’s because it’s incredibly fun and can be done from home. There are plenty of karaoke machines to buy online, you can also buy a video game version for your console or install a program on your computer.

Find out which song is your partner’s guilty pleasure, maybe they do love Grease as much as you do after all. Throw in a little competition to see who can hit those high notes the best, keep score for singing, dancing and overall performance. See who’s the biggest showman of the relationship. There are so many ideas that can turn your stay at home date night into a spectacular show. Warm up your voice, put on your rock star outfit and maybe warn your neighbours if one of you is a bit tone deaf. Whatever you choose to do, this romantic date night will be one to remember.

14) Themed book club

Sharing interests with your spouse leads to being able to share so many important moments together. Watching a movie, listening to music and even talking about books are home dates to bring you closer together. Now, the act of reading itself might not be considered a home date night. So, talk about your reading instead.

Book clubs are a great opportunity to have in depth conversations about all sorts of topics, and they can help strengthen your relationship by making you connect over a particular topic. It will also foment formal discussions and debates which are always great to have. This is one of the great ideas for couples who are looking for a stay at home date to connect on a deeper level. Find a book you love, or maybe one you haven’t read yet and set a date to have read it by. You can read on your own time or side by side in bed, and once you’ve both finished, have a discussion evening. You can take turns choosing books and make a little habit out of it, setting yourselves up for fun, regular a biweekly or monthly home date night.

15) Beer tasting

With the surge in popularity of craft beers, many bars are offering tasting menus and full immersion experiences around the drinks. They are great date night ideas, so why not try and replicate this in your own home? So many stay at home nights include having a drink with your spouse, but you can make a whole night around it too. Chances are that you end up buying the same drinks every week, playing it safe, getting what you love. Spice up your date nights by stepping out of your beer-bubble and having a little tasting event right in your living room.

Now, you don’t have to be an expert to taste and rate beer. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Go into your local supermarket and grab a selection of beers you wouldn’t normally buy of different brands and flavors. To judge them correctly, you can set up individual boards divided into categories: price, design, smell, taste, style… Anything is valid. Fill your fridge with a selection of beers and become the judges of your own beer tasting event for this fun home date night.


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What can couples do for fun at home?

There are so many different options for romantic home date night ideas. Whether you’re looking for something calm and relaxing when the kids are in bed or a dynamic non-stop evening of fun, your home is the perfect location for it. From cuddling up to a romantic film to singing the night away with your own karaoke set up, anything is possible. Some ideas need a bit of prepping, like organizing a romantic stargazing night. But you can still set up a romantic stay at home night with just a trip to the supermarket to prepare a beer tasting, a cook off or just a candlelit dinner with a home cooked meal.

How do you plan a romantic movie night at home?

Speak to your spouse a few days in advance to decide on what movie you’re going to watch. You can choose to surprise them by showing a movie you love, one of their favourites or choose one you both haven’t watched yet. Once you’ve decided on that, all you need is to get it ready on your favourite platform and get all the drinks and snacks in. Snuggle up on the couch, dim the lights and enjoy your night.

How do you plan a perfect date night at home?

There are many home date night ideas for different types of couples. Think about what would constitute a romantic stay at home date for you. Take into account what your spouse might enjoy, and find a middle ground you’ll both enjoy. Some plans take a bit more planning, make sure you have time to buy everything you need and the kids have a sitter. Whilst other plans can be almost improvised on the same day. There are plenty of different home date night ideas that fall into your budget and availability. Find the one that fits you most and make the best out of it.

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