Remodeled Kitchen on a Budget

So you want a new kitchen but put off by the high budget needed? A new kitchen remodel can run well into $50,000+.

There are lots of ideas and tips you can get to keep that kitchen remodel cost down but give your home a new lease of life!

A budget kitchen doesn’t have to take a lot of work, in fact, can be achieved fairly simply. However, for those keen DIY people, there are a whole host of kitchen makeover ideas for them to consider.

Below we take a look at eight budget kitchen remodel ideas that will keep costs down and make the kitchen feel like part of the home again. We’ll be looking at DIY, kitchen cabinets, butcher block, and other ideas for a great budget kitchen makeover.

Top 8 Ways to Remodel on a Budget

1) Update Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets can be expensive. A great way to give your kitchen a remodel on a budget is by sprucing up the existing cabinets. Turn those oak cabinets into white cabinets, giving you a new kitchen feel on a budget. There are lots of ways to do this.

  • Painting – Cost-effective way of kitchen remodeling is giving the cabinet doors a lick of paint. It may require some sanding, priming, and painting which can take some time but a total beginner-friendly remodeling project for most homeowners.
  • Refacing – Slightly more costly than painting. Refacing is basically replacing the doors/drawers and veneer. This can be quite difficult to do and it is possible it could require professional help. However, it’s still a great way to save money and change the whole look of the kitchen.
  • Remodel the hardware – Quick, simple, and cost-saving. A smart change over knobs and handles could be all it takes to give some style to a kitchen makeover.

2) Lighting

Changing the lighting in a kitchen can really give an old kitchen a lot more style and a high end look to it.

Lighting can make statements, provide comfort, and be a great budget kitchen remodel. Difficult dishes require flexible lighting and getting the correct brightness levels are important for this.

A popular choice is undershelf lighting. This provides a lovely gentle glow running along the countertop. If a gentle glow isn’t your thing, undershelf lighting can also brighten up part of the space with focused beams.

There are so many more options when it comes to lighting in the kitchen. Strips lights, integrated and panel lightning will provide a nice contemporary feel to any kitchen updates. With the homeowner getting a delicately light atmosphere in the home.

Something to consider when doing a kitchen makeover is that standard lighting uses 85% more energy than LED powered lighting so a good long term cost saving to doing a budget kitchen remodel.

For those wanting to really add some style to the kitchen, it is worth looking at smart lighting as it has the potential to change the kitchen design entirely.

3) Refurbish Appliances

Changing appliances were a certainty when it came to kitchen remodeling in the past. Something that isn’t budget-friendly, nor environmentally friendly. Fortunately, this concept is on its way out and older appliances in good working order are here to stay!

It is perfectly possible to refurbish your own kitchen appliances. This can be done on a budget because there are more tips and information available than there has ever been. Parts are also relatively easy to get hold of through online shops and marketplaces.

How useful this kitchen budget tip is to you will depend somewhat on your skill level and the nature of the issue. If you find the right site with the right information, it could just be a few changes to get your appliance back up and running again.

It can be a big cost save as well as a kitchen update if it can be fixed, rather than replaced.

4) Shop Secondhand

People buy secondhand cars all the time but a lot of people don’t consider a secondhand kitchen. With so many more ways to find kitchen appliances and fittings, it makes kitchen remodeling on a budget a very doable task – you can save thousands compared to buying a new kitchen.

Don’t rule out secondhand items as they can give your kitchen a totally new look at a low cost. Check on sites such as; Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Letgo for kitchen items.

If possible look for high-end kitchen cabinets as these are unlikely to travel well. Well-known kitchen brands will cost more than $20,000 so you will be getting quality on a budget.

Appliances can also be bought secondhand, including things like the kitchen sink. Just make sure everything is in good working order before parting with any cash!

5) Upcycle kitchen tiles

A kitchen is a big part of the home and tiles play an important part in the kitchen.

Kitchen tiles come at a cost. Getting said tiles fitted comes at an even greater cost and that’s just not what we’re about here. We’re here to save money and remodel a kitchen on a budget.

So. Let’s look at ideas for giving the tiles more style without the cost.

First, you need to start by deep cleaning the tiles and the grout. Sugar soap solution or detergent will work just fine for this. Then give the kitchen tiles a thorough rinse and let them dry.

Mask up the edges so the paint doesn’t get onto the countertop. Have a color scheme in mind for kitchen space. Decide whether you need to prime the kitchen tiles before painting or if you can go straight for paint. Oil-based paint will hold up to more cleaning and be more durable so do consider this into the budget.

A few coats of paint may be needed but after the first or second coat, you will start to get an idea of how the project will finish up. After the third coat, you should have a kitchen makeover at little cost!

6) Keep kitchen layout

A complete remodel in kitchen design, involving big kitchen updates like a location change for the kitchen sink or a new kitchen island, can come at a huge cost. Anything that involves the need to run new pipes, or holes being made in the walls is more cost.

To give yourself a new kitchen but a budget kitchen one of the budget saving ideas is sticking with the same kitchen layout you already have. This should prevent the need to add any additional electrical points, plumbing, or holes in the walls. Budget-friendly!

Another thing to factor in when you make layout changes is the flooring will need to be changed too, raising the costs again. Sticking to the same kitchen layout means kitchen updates can be done with money saving in mind and can still give the space a whole new look and style.

A kitchen remodel may be limited by the space in the kitchen. Putting a new kitchen in a galley-style kitchen can offer little in the way of home improvement but a total kitchen remodel can come at a huge expense.

Simple kitchen design ideas can come in the way of adding a kitchen island (not necessarily in a small kitchen). This can feel like a kitchen renovation in itself.

7) DIY

DIY. Some people love it. Some people hate it. DIY ideas and tips aren’t for everybody however when it comes to kitchen renovation, it can help stick to the budget.

Labor costs add an extra 20 – 35% of the final bill to a kitchen renovation so the more DIY you can do, the more you can budget for other things.

A real bonus of DIY is that it adds a real sense of personalization to the whole project. Knowing you played a big role in the remodel of your kitchen can give a huge sense of satisfaction.

However, we realize DIY isn’t for everybody and not everyone wants to be installing their own breakfast nook or kitchen island. That’s fine! There are lots of people in the trade more than capable of giving you the kitchen remodel you deserve.

8) Scope out a budget countertop

So you may have started your budget kitchen remodel with some paint-work on the kitchen cabinets. This will have gone a long way in terms of kitchen makeovers.

Another way to revamp a kitchen on a budget is to shop around for a reasonably priced countertop, whether that’s for the butcher block, breakfast nook, or kitchen island, some great deals can be found if you look in the right places.

A good way to stick to the kitchen remodel budget is by replacing the countertops with a butcher block. This can really add to the design and change the whole look of the room but fairly cheaply.


How do you remodel a kitchen on a budget?

A kitchen makeover can be done on a budget with lots of different tips and ideas. A splash of paint on existing cabinets, or changing the knobs and handles can really change the whole interior design of a kitchen for very little cost.

Spend a bit more and you can buy a quality second-hand kitchen. This is a great way to get a total kitchen renovation on a budget.

Paint and upcycle the ceramic tile. A good way to keep kitchen remodeling costs down is by not replacing the tiles but giving the existing ones a paint.

DIY. Depending on your skill level, you can get a surprising amount of the remodel done yourself. DIY will also give you a chance to acquire more skills so you can do even more around the home!

Can you remodel a kitchen for $5000?


By using the tips and ideas in this article you can most assuredly achieve a kitchen remodel on a budget. Some element of DIY may be needed and a little thinking outside of the box but a kitchen on a budget can be done for $5000 or less.

How much does it cost to get a kitchen remodeled?

Brand new kitchen remodeling can cost upward of $6,000, even for a small kitchen. The average cost for a remodel is over $20,000. If you are looking at a large kitchen remodel (changing the layout or a large space etc), it could be over $50,000.

If you consider taking some of the kitchen remodeling tips from here, then this budget could be hugely reduced. Upcycling the kitchen cabinets is an inexpensive way of doing a kitchen remodel and should only run to a few tins of paint and a few brushes, especially if it’s a small kitchen.

Is it worth remodeling a kitchen before selling?

Generally, it isn’t worth doing a kitchen makeover before selling.

Kitchens play a big role in homes and people have different tastes. One person’s idea of a style kitchen does not mean it appeals to another. However, the valuation of a home can be affected by a poor kitchen so a tidy up isn’t a bad shout.

If your kitchen really is in need of a remodel, do so on a budget. Paint does not have to be costly and there are some great ideas out there to refresh kitchens with money in mind. Change a countertop out for a butcher block or go for a simple white kitchen with white cabinets for a neutral tone.

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