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Are you a keen camper, or an outdoors enthusiast looking for a great tent at a low cost? Choosing a budget tent for camping is essential as times have made our budgets smaller. Not to worry as we have got you covered! This article is just what you need because we’ll be taking you through our top 10 picks for the best backpacking tents offering floor space, gear storage, and a bunch of other features.

No matter the people; whether you want a cheap 1 person tent or you’re after a 3 person tent – we’ll find you a good value model worth considering, that doesn’t break the bank.

Read on to hear about all the things you’ll need to consider when buying tents – such as typical costs, considerations to keep in mind (things like size and pack weight), and our picks for the tent that’s really good for you. There’s a lot of options for the best options on the market, so you’ll easily find a great option.

10 Best Cheap Tents for Camping Under $200

Here are our top ten options for all audiences! From two people tents to the standard person tent, we have a budget backpacking tent for you. All of our products are shown on Amazon LLC, an affiliate advertising program which is designed to higher commission and reduce advertising fees.

1.Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Best Features: Ample Gear Storage. Great Budget Buy for Backpacking Adventures.

Our first pick comes from Core, and this is a camping tent that sleeps 9 people and has an extended dome. Never mind your cheap two person tent, with a whole 9 people capacity, this easy to set up model can withstand any situation you throw at it… and for a bargain price tag, it’s one of the best budget tents on the list.

Key Info

This tent offers so much space inside – and makes all the difference for anyone you’re going on adventures with. The whole family can get closer to Mother Nature! With its water resistant material and tent poles, tent stakes, and carry bag, this construction hits the ground running. The height of the ceiling is 72 inches, and in addition there’s an electrical cord access port – what a handy addition.

With a number of entrances, allowing you privacy but easy access inside, this is a brilliant budget family tent with amazing tent space. The PU coated fabric also helps to better avoid condensation issues. These ultralight tents perfectly fit the budget category with their wonderful price range.


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2.Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

Coleman WeatherMaster 6 Person Tent

Best Features: Spacious Wall Construction and Floor Area. WeatherTec System Complete with Polyester Material, Seam Sealing, and Ventilation – No Condensation Buildup.

Our second listing can come in either a 6 person or 10 person capacity, so it’s really up to you with who you’ll be taking. It’s the WeatherMaster tent from Coleman, and it offers so much space for all of your creature comforts.

Key Info

This tent has so many benefits that it’s hard to pick just a few. This budget backpacking tent is one of the more superior options for multi person tents, and the bottom line is it’d be a brilliant family tent! With a WeatherTec system complete with patented welded floors and inverted seams, this budget option keeps you dry and offers brilliant weather resistance.

What’s more, there’s a rainfly and expandable carry bag, whilst a separate screen room offers comfortable lounging… so you can be side by side with your nearest and dearest. The interior space and floor area is very spacious, whilst the peak height comes in at 6’8″. Perfect air circulation with a wonderful interior space – this is better than any listing you’d find in The North Face. Amazing interior storage – you need this product!


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3.Coleman Two Person Sundome Tent

Coleman Two Person Sundome Tent

Best Features: Easy Setup. Roomy Interior and Center Height.

Our third listing comes from Coleman once more, and provides backpackers with optimum shelter from all sorts of weather problems. With price varying based on capacity and dimensions, it’s the Sundome Tent, which offers a brilliant investment for any trip. It has everything you need in one handy shelter, and is a great budget 2 person tent! These Sundome tents come with wonderful dome designs, with positive advertising on Amazon search results being the ultimate test. Cover yourself and have a look.

Key Info

As a dome tent, this tent has an optimum shape compared to other half dome tents. This budget backpacking tent is perfect for family camping or even a couple’s getaway, being offered in a range of sizes and thus room options. These cheap 2 person tents have everything you could possibly need.

Its weather resistance offers peak performance, as inverted seams and a strong rainfly prevent water from getting in. The sturdy pole design and spacious floor area are also brilliant design elements, making this a perfect 3 season tent. This 2 person tent is one of the best budget tents on the list, proving that you can find cheap but good tents.


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4.KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent

Best Features: Quality Control and 2 Year Warranty. Amazing Versatility for a Camping Tent.

This fantastic tent with a roomy tent body is the KAZOO 4 Person Tent, that comes complete with a porch double layer! Both the inner tent and its weatherproof exterior provides you with a tent that is a perfect listing amid cheap 3 season tents. As camp tents go, this model with its 2 doors and interior pockets is a brilliant budget tent.

Key Info

With more entrances than your typical one door backpacking tent, this tent comes with two doors and windows, and is made from fab materials that include SBS dual zippers. The rip-stop fabric that coats the tent body is a brilliant example of this tent’s durability, meaning it’s amazing as a 3 season tent. The peak height offers adequate room for you to stand up, and you can easily insert a comfortable sleeping pad. With its suitability for 4 people, these continuous domed wall tents are brilliant for family camping. So easy to set up, and even easier to be comfortable in.

Stick your hiking boots at the door thanks to the extendable porch covering. Don’t believe us? Just check out the comment name of the many gear reviews featured on Amazon. The pole design and other features, like the mesh pocket, makes this 4 person shelter a brilliant dome shape tent. With a great ceiling height and ventilation mechanism, this offers so many options for great value.


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5.NTK 4-5 Person Dome Family Camping Tent

NTK 4-5 Person Dome Family Camping Tent

Best Features: NanoFlex Technology Tent Frame. Anti Fungal Tent Floor.

This midpoint pick comes from NTK, and is an easy set up, durable fabric NTK INDY 4-5 Person Tent.

Key Info

This model offers primary features for comfort, durability, and safety. The NanoFlex technology involved in constructing this model gives you fiberglass poles (often sturdier than aluminum poles) and a double gold chrome plated hardware system. Its peak height offers plenty of room to sit down, stand up, and do just about anything you want. The high performance mesh and other elements gives all the protection you need in any conditions. Great value for money, thanks to NTK.

Better value than models from The North Face, this tent also offers a tent floor made from seamless anti-fungal material, giving a bathtub floor style that prevents leaks. Sleeping pads offer amazing comfort, whilst the mosquito mesh side doors allow you to escape the summer heat with zero trouble. What a frame, what a design – even offering a center divider. With this tent, camping is a breeze. Literally… the ventilation is wonderful. You couldn’t get a better choice for peak performance.


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6.OT QOMOTOP 4-10 Person Easy Set Up Pop Up Tent

OT QOMOTOP 4-10 Person Easy Set Up Pop Up Tent

Best Features: Spacious Interior with Storage Pockets and Gear Pockets. Waterproof Technology.

Our sixth listing is a pop up tent that’s top of the range and worth the money, thanks to OT QOMOTOP’s premium model. The interior and exterior designs provide something for everyone, with a great amount of interior space for all of your backpacking desires. One of the better budget tents on the market, without a doubt. Especially with the easy set up!

Key Info

As pop ups go, this one has a brilliant floor plan. Keep all of your crossing poles and trekking poles safely inside with this pop up tent, that comes with a brilliant all season rating (that beats all season ratings), and premium air vents to aid ventilation. Perfect for car campers, this easy pop up tent offers a brilliant peak height and spacious interior for lightweight backpacking.

What’s more, these camping tents have a spacious tent floor that can fit one queen sized air bed and other gear, whilst its pop up nature makes it so easy to set up!

A lightweight backpacking tent made of durable materials, with storage pockets suited to however many people you have – it’s perfect for 3 season weather resistance.


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7.ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1-Person Tent

Best Features: Easy Assembly and Inside Space. Every Feature Designed for Your Benefit: Sturdy Pole Design, and Gear Loft.

This next pick on the list is perfect as a small size camping tent for one person only. With amazing quality and a bargain price, it’s something not to be missed. Offering lots of protection as well as easy room inside, the space and design of this ALPS Mountaineering tent is one of the better tents on the list, beating out brands like The North Face for overall value. This tent also comes as a ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2 person tent.

Key Info

This tent is a brilliant starter in the Lynx tent series – as there’s also an ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2 person tent. This tent offers a lot of features, and is brilliant for those looking for low cost car camping tents – allowing you to park safely nearby whilst you offroad. As it’s a one person tent though and not a 2 person tent, there are not two doors. The best features include storage pockets, a gear loft, tent stakes, guy ropes and a single door. Gear lofts in particular are a brilliant feature.

The peak height is just ideal for 1 person (who wants 2 doors?) What’s more, there are even more reasons that this tent has an advantage – its solid structure and the impressive ALPS name means that the rating of this tent is bound to be high, and the bottom line is that there are recommendations in the dozens- these are some of the best tents for quality and comfort.

So many pros, so little cons, there’s also an easy set up time and water and UV damage resistance – so you don’t need to worry about catching the sun. With prices like these, the result is clear. It’s even easier to pack up and take with you, making it perfect to fit into backpacks on the go. Check the site now to get yours!


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8.Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Abco Tech Pop Up Tent

Best Features: Brilliant Customer Support. Positive Factors, i.e. Carry Bag, Easy Breathability.

Our next product offers a variety of brilliant choices in tents for your backpacking trip to the wilderness, or even the beach! It’s the 2 person cabana beach tent from Abco Tech, which comes with a carry bag and a mix of brilliant features, such as ideal size. Your decision will be easy – as a competitor it’s one of the standouts, so you won’t feel the force to look elsewhere.

Key Info

As the website shows, users have had barely any issues with this tent. Any questions you have can be answered in reviews or on the company website – which has handy guides worth multiple views.

This tent offers style and ease, regardless of whether you’re camping in your backyard or hiking up a mountain. It’s perfect for couples, and will allow you to escape to the backcountry for peace. The double doors and sidewalls means that you can step out on either side, while your partner stays happily in the middle – keeping in warmth away from the entrance. So many positive experiences, so little concern – this tent has risk protection, brilliant customer care, and offers a steal for any hiker. The process of purchase is easy!


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9.BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents for 2-3 People

BFULL Instant Pop Up Camping Tents for 2-3 People

Best Features: Durability. Family Size Dimensions.

As values go, this budget tent offers brilliant value. If it rains, no matter the places you’re going to, it offers bang for your buck and is a best seller- you’ve got an easy protection rain fly to cover you. With convenience and brilliant features, this item is the BFULL Pop Up Tent for Backpackers. It seats either two or three people and has a range of useful extras, for any environments – bar none. From hiking to your backyard! This truly means value for everyone.

Key Info

The speed of assembly in this tent makes it fit for purpose – in short, easy, steps you’ll be good to go in no time. With the tent pole loops and sturdy construction, this tent is waterproof, durable, and offers little need for improvements – what improvement would you even make?

What’s more, it’s rip and tear proof, meaning it’s one of the essentials in a thunderstorm, and the manufacturer has taken care to ensure that this tent is suitable for a multitude of situations – which means it’s deserving of your wallet. It’s easy to carry and transport, and has tons of storage space for anything… bring all the clothes and shoes you need!


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10.MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent

MOON LENCE Instant Pop Up Tent

Best Features: Easy Setup. Brilliant Protection in Backpacking – Perfect for Any Weather.

This final tent boasts an easy setup, brilliant comfort, and provisions for all of your backpacking gear – at a high quality and low price! One of the best products in its category, its easy zippers and ideal windows make it perfect for comfort for you and your friends – no problem here.

This efficient design is the MOON LENCE 4-5 Person Pop Up Tent, and it’s a brilliant price for all of your backpacking and camping trips, whichever person capacity you’re thinking of.

Key Info

All of your backpacking activities will revolve around the refuge provided by this easy comfort camping tent, which has a quick setup and can store all of the gear you bring. It’s suited to any weather, meaning you can go camping whenever you want to!

For a 4-5 person tent, it’s got lots of space in this roomy size, and provides adequate comfort. What’s more, it provides a lot of breathability and is stable to protect you in any weather. As tents go, this is an essential piece of gear that any person needs. The amount of high reviews are positive, as this article shows!


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Best Inexpensive Tents

Follow the links provided to view these models and buy one for all of your backpacking trips.

Our Top Product

Our best budget pick that hits the ground running is product 7, the ALPS Mountaineering tent. With ideal dimensions, bundles of ability as shelters go, and the benefit of vents for breathability, this is an example of a budget product perfect for all hikers and their trips. Hikers won’t want to miss out!

The Best Budget Tent

Best Value: The Best Budget Backpacking Tent Available

Our cheapest budget product available, for all times and purposes, is the 2 person cabana beach tent from Abco Tech. Its dimensions are ideal for a couple or two friends – specifically a couple with the privacy afforded. A brilliant budget type, it’s out of this world. Follow on to the site if you’re needing more information.

Pop-up Tent an Automatic Instant Portable Cabana Beach Tent - Suitable for Upto 2 People - Doors on Both Sides - Water-Resistant and UV Protection Sun Shelter - with Carrying Bag (Sky Blue)
  • EFFORTLESS CAMPING – Pops open into a read-to-use form (auto-setup) in a blink & proves easy to fold into a compact form – Abco Pop up tent is ideal for casual camping and accommodates 1-2 persons. Like a beautiful spot enroute? Setup your tent instantly!
  • DOUBLE DOORS – With double doors on both left and right side, it’s easy to step out from either side. Moreover, a combination of inner zippered screen plus outer zippered nylon layer give an ability to easily switch between high breathability and complete privacy.
  • HIGH BREATHABILITY – Two mesh windows on the front and back add further to the air circulation while the solid nylon flaps over the windows allow for privacy. Not only breathability, you can just open everything and enjoy the surroundings too.
  • CARRY BAG & ACCESSORIES – Comes with a carry bag that's ideal for storage and carrying it along, and in addition, a small bag for accessories to keep them organized – occupies little space in your car trunk or even when stored at home.
  • GUARANTEE – With our 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE you have got nothing to lose. However, we are quite sure that you will be super impressed with this smart tent that doesn't require complex set up, gets ready to use in a blink, and remains easy to carry along.


What are the best tents that you can stand up in?

One of our favorite budget tents for your ability to stand up with peers or family comfortably, for all categories of people, is the KAZOO 4 Person Tent. The highlights include the fact that there’s been so little complaints – so there’s a likelihood that, with a little luck, you won’t need to check out the other competition and you can go straight for this camping tent for any requirement of room that you may need. A budget ultralight tent, it’s worth the price. You might also want to check out the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2 person tent. variation of product 7. You don’t have to go to the North Face to find a product this good – use your common sense and choose some ofthese top products!

KAZOO Outdoor Camping Tent Durable Waterproof, Family Large Tents 4 Person Easy Setup Tent with Porch Double Layer
  • ✔KAZOO outdoor camping tent provides spacious and waterproof tent with enough features. Setup was fast and easy, it could be done within 3minutes by two persons. This family tent has spacious room (95inchx86inchx57inch) and vestibule to make it perfect as a 4 person tent. It could bring you a perfect experience in your tour for camping, hiking, fishing or relaxing. We try our best to offer you an ideal waterproof 4 person tents for camping.
  • ✔KAZOO outdoor camping tent consists of 2 functional layers. The liner is made of B3 mesh and 190T breathable Polyester, Rainfly is made of 210T Rip-stop Polyester; we use the best materials to offer you a max waterproof tent. This 4 person camping tent has passed waterproof test with a rating above 3000mm; all seams taped with waterproof. Among all the tents for camping on the market, we are the one who focuses on high performance in extreme weather conditions.
  • ✔KAZOO outdoor camping tent offer 2 doors and 2 windows to provide excellent ventilation. We design a porch to offer you a comfortable 4 person tent, the footprint is included in porch area. As the comfortable tents for camping, the inner tent is full of mesh wall and ceiling to provide max view and airflow. Full coverage rainfly is designed to offer a high performance waterproof tent. This multifunctional 4 person camping tent makes your family closer to the nature.
  • ✔KAZOO focuses on every detail to make the best tents for various purposes such as camping, hiking, fishing, surfing, outdoor BBQ, adventure, family parties and field trips. The high quality details include but not limited to smooth and reliable SBS dual zippers, mesh interior pockets, incredibly durable rip-stop fabric materials, full-coverage rainfly and firm lightweight structure, to stand up to your biggest adventures.
  • ✔KAZOO tents are 100% inspected before delivery. We have 2 major series: Camping tent series and Backpacking tent series. The Camping tent is designed with a high volume hub to maximize strength and increase living space by using best materials and techniques. The backpacking tent focuses on the ultimate performance such as lightweight, eco-friendly, super sturdy, and ultra weather proof. We offer 2 YEARS WARRANTY.

What are Typical Cost of Outdoor Tents?

The first thing you might consider is, how much do the best tents for campers cost? Well, firstly, make sure you know that the cost of your average tents for camping will differ based on their features; tents like those designed for weather protection, or those with loads of storage space, will cost a little more than your basic, run-of-the-mill one man tent.

It is, however, really easy to find good cheap tents for camping – as you’ll be able to find a model for you anywhere between $50 and $230. In this list, there’s really something for anyone’s budget, regardless of what you’re looking for in hiking tents. We have a brilliant load of great choices, which you can easily check out with our affiliate links provided.

Considerations Choosing Good but Cheap Tents

Here are our 5 key considerations when searching for the tents to suit your price point. You’ll need to keep in mind these features before you drop 100 bucks on the first pop up tent you can find – so make sure you pay attention to find the best campsite selection!

When and Who?

One of your first considerations for finding the best budget choice of portable living space that has plenty of room to store all your camping gear is: who will you be camping with? If you’re taking the whole family out on a big family camping trip, you’ll obviously want to narrow your search to family tents.

If you’re just wanting a standard one person tent for your own ease of mind, it might be much better to browse some budget picks that offer premium features for one person, such as the pole system or floor dimensions.

Size Matters

Our next consideration is the size. This ties quite heavily into the ‘who’ part – if you’re going camping with quite a few mates then you’ll want a big enough tent to fit you all… so two of you don’t share a sleeping bag! The bottom line is you’ll need to consider one, two, and three person tents, and maybe even more if you need more interior space. Thankfully, you’ll find a brilliant pick right within your price range, so you don’t have to break the bank on brands like The North Face.

A two people tent for camping has a pretty agreeable price, and will offer ample interior space and interior storing space.

Design Features

The next thing you’ll want to consider is design and build quality. Do you want an easy to set up pop up tent? Or do you want a more specialised tent with premium tent walls and tent poles, that offer a sturdy pole structure for adverse weather conditions? How about the shape? Do you want a half dome tent that has two vestibules – two large vestibules that offer lots of vestibule space to store everything you need?

How about the poles – do you want fiberglass poles or aluminum poles? Because material matters when it comes to things like weather resistance. Whichever backpacking tents you look at, you’ll want to make a great choice that suits your needs.

Durability and Ease of Use

The next feature is ease of use and durability. Is the tent easy to set up, and how long will it last? Some of the cheaper budget backpacking tents unfortunately can cheap out on durability, meaning they won’t last for a very long time. When inspecting the tent body, you’ll want to consider the tradeoff between paying a couple 100 bucks and having ultralight tents that actually last and offer sufficient weather protection.

Ease of use will also correspond to features such as how easy to set up your budget tent is, and how much room it offers. How many doors and vestibules does your tent have – is it a lot? Does it come with a carry bag? What is the interiors’ volume like, and will this suit how many sleepers you have?

Basic functionality is of the highest importance when making purchases that have a good reputation, so they can meet all of your expectations.

Weather and Terrain

Finally, you’ll need to consider the location of where you’re camping and what sort of environment or situation you’ll be in outside. Is there possibility of a downpour? Will you get chilly up in the mountains? If so, you might have to make compromises or a tradeoff on certain features to ensure you have a tent that comes with tons of safety measures, as well as benefits such as water resistant materials – to ensure that you can battle wind, rain, and other adverse weather in the wilderness. On your backpacking trip, backpackers need to look for budget tents with tons of weather resistance.

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