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In today’s modern and technologically advanced world, getting a reflex sight that offers some spectacular and unique reflex sight features is no longer a surprise. Each type of reflex sight available in the market has some amazing and catchy feature that is bound to grab your attention. With the vast number of options that are different in features, it becomes difficult to choose the best budget reflex sight for your use. It is the era of brand name and power, but to understand which brand is better, compared to the other best budget reflex sights, is a daunting affair.

Selecting what factors should you consider before making a pick, is a task itself. When you buy a reflex sight, you are spending a significant amount of money. As such, it is imperative to thoroughly understand and know the insights of the world of reflex sights. What, why, how, which, where, when and many other questions that keep you confused, will be taken care of with this article.

We understand that there are many options to choose from and this guide will help you, when you plan to buy the best budget reflex sight. The objective is to improve your purchasing experience and help you make an informed and wise decision. A list of the best budget reflex sights of 2020 is also provided to ease your load and save your time. So, if you want to buy the best budget reflex sight – continue reading!

Current Price
Bushnell Trophy TRS-25Compact, trendy design, great precision in dim situations, adjustment knobPRICE AT AMAZON
UTG 4.2" ITALens cap, easy to adjust, compact portable design, wind and elevation adjustmentPRICE AT AMAZON
Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex SightFantastic clarity and precision, handles heavy recoil, four reticle options, Water-resistantPRICE AT AMAZON
Vokul Tactical 4 ReticleFour reticle options, precise red dot, brightness is adjustable, beautifully designedPRICE AT AMAZON
Browning Buckmark Reflex SightEasy to mount and use, offers value for money, seven brightness settings, four reticlesPRICE AT AMAZON
AT3 LEOS Red Dot SightBright red dot, wind, elevation and target adjustment options, long battery lifePRICE AT AMAZON
NcSTAR 1X25Flexible mount, easy to attach and use, red and green LED illumination, spare batteryPRICE AT AMAZON
Burris FastFire II ReflexBoosts speed and precision, easy to acquire and align targets, waterproofPRICE AT AMAZON
AT3 Tactical RD-50 MicroClear vision, clear and precise red dot, 11 brightness settings, scratch-resistant, waterproofPRICE AT AMAZON
UUQ Tactical Holographic4-12x magnifying options, adjustable, crisp, clear lens, lightweight, durable and portablePRICE AT AMAZON

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best Reflex Sight

Choosing a reflex sight can be a puzzling task, especially if you are new to the world of these little aiming gadgets. In the current market, there are many different choices at your disposal. Regardless of your wants and budget, you will definitely find a best budget reflex sight that will suit your requirements when you’re hunting. Here are some key factors that you should consider before buying the best budget reflex sight.

1) Consider your Needs

When buying any product, considering your needs and requirements should be your top priority. This essentially implies having a red dot sight. It is imperative to know your preferred shooting stance. It will help you know the type of eye relief that you wish to choose. The entire purpose of the instrument will go in vain, if it offers poor eye relief. This in turn, will make the process of perfectly aiming at the target even tougher. The user requires viewing the entire image when aiming for a shot. Eye relief, therefore, is important, especially for moving targets. A decent amount of eye relief will allow the shooter with fast target acquisition.

2) Types of Dot Sight

The contemporary market offers at least three dot designs, designed for various needs. They are also suited for a variety of users. The three types – holographic, tube, and tubeless.

– A holographic/tubeless sight is a non-magnifying dot sight that allows you to look through a glass lens to see a reticle pattern (dot, circle, crosshair, or dot-circle).

– Holographic/tubeless sights are compact, lightweight, and effective in regular weather conditions. However, it might lead to fogging issues when used in constant weather changing atmospheres, like humid or cold areas. This is because the optics are directly in contact with the environment. As such, ensure that you select an advanced holographic/tubeless model that offers an enhanced durability.

3) Dot Size

Different products offer different dot sizes. Some reflex sights offer the comfort of personally adjusting the size of the dot as per your requirements. However, you will have to carefully look for the room you have on your firearm. It will help you understand the reticle that you require while planning the red dot sight you would like to buy. As such, the compatibility of the reflex sight should be taken into account. You should ensure that the reflex sight size and the size of the rifle receiver are compatible with each other. This will give you an idea of how correctly they can be mounted together.

The sight may get damaged if it is loose and the user fires nonetheless. Several designs are not compatible with a few rifles. Thus, it is better to research the about the mount capacities of the reflex sight before-hand. The manner in which you dot sight on your firearm is a matter of importance. In order to prevent extra things on the side of your firearm, you require a standard Weaver-style base or built-in Picatinny mount base. It will provide an effective installation for your compact dot sight.

4) The Objective Lens and Optical Quality

Essentially, this particular point is dependent on the situation, but is a very important aspect of the instrument. A wider diameter of the lens will give you the ability to have a broader view of the target area. A smaller lens diameter will provide a smaller vision of the target area. However, smaller profile may actually help you be more accurate and precise while aiming at your target. It is imperative that the reflex sight gives clear and accurate images. As such, the lens and the optical quality must definitely be one of high quality. The best budget reflex sight offers unmatchable clarity and is developed precisely to not show any visual distortion.

5) Ruggedness

It is an important feature to consider when buying the best budget reflex sight. This factor will determine whether the reflex sight has the capacity to fight or withstand various weather conditions and temperature changes. It also implies its resistance to fog and water. A number of reflex sights come with an indicator – depicting the level of ruggedness they are capable of combat. Many credible models indicate whether the reflex sight can withstand up to 40 feet to 100 feet. The best budget reflex sight should be nitrogen filled, so as to prevent the lens from fogging. It must also be O-ring sealed for superior water resistance. In the current market, the most famous material used in dot sights is aluminum. The benefits of aluminum are lightweight, scratch-proof, impact-resistant, and weatherproof.

6) Quality and Price

The quality of the reflex sight makes a lot of difference in the results. A better quality will help enhance your skills and give purpose to the instrument. A bad quality product on the other hand, may not help you in achieving your desired result. With quality comes expenses. A higher quality product will definitely cost you more than one of poor quality. The prices of reflex sights differ according to the brand and model. Each reflex sight provides different features and benefits. Thus, if you want the best reflex sight, you have to spend more. However, the market offers ample affordable reflex sights with decent features. Thus, you need to be clear about the features you prefer. Also, keep in mind the usage pattern, and how frequently will you utilize it.

7) Quick Installation and Zeroing

You would never want to waste your time in trying to understand how to install and fix a product. It will only build a level of frustration and irritation. As such, pick a reflex sight that is easy and simple to install. It should adjust according to the settings automatically, whenever required. Such features in a budget reflex sight, will assure the user that the rifle is always ready for action. Easy and hassle-free installation usage will only enhance your shooting prowess.

8) Length and Weight

Many of us often, miss out on this factor. We are so engrossed in the features that are offered, that we forget about the design. Design, in this context, implies the length and the weight of the reflex sight. These are important factors to be considered. A huge reflexive sight that offers additional features may be good, but will make the whole rifle heavier. If used for a longer duration, it will cause strain and pain to the shooter. Thus, those who wish to reduce the weight of the rifle to a minimum, must rather opt for compact models having a fixed magnification.

9) Platform Versatility

Besides weight, design, and usage, it is also essential that the reflex sight has the capacity to operate efficiently on an array of firearm platforms. This helps the shooters to make use of the reflex sight in a number of ways.Platform versatility is crucial, as it can be used for self-defense, hunting, target shooting and other important activities. This feature will provide the shooter with maximum usage, thus boosting his shooting action.

10) Warranty

Whenever you invest your hard-earned money in any product, you need a certain degree of assurance for its performance. A manufacturer who willingly offers some kind of warranty or guarantee for its products indicates that his belief in the product he is selling. If you are investing a significant amount, you will require some after-sale service and support. As such, before you buy the best budget reflex sight, duly check the warranty period and provisions. It is also imperative to research about the company thoroughly. It will help you pick a trustworthy brand. You can read online reviews by experts and customers to understand the brand’s customer service support and reliability.

You will not have to put in hours of work to search for the Best Budget Reflex Sight of 2020. We understand your needs and value your time. Our team of experts have evaluated features and specifications to cull out some spectacular Best Budget Reflex Sights of 2020. Check out the list to and buy a reflex sight that offers amazing features and the best price.

Top 10 Best Budget Reflex Sights 2020

1. Bushnell Trophy TRS-25

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Red Dot Sight Riflescope, 1x25mm, Black

The Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 is one of the best budget reflex sight that is affordable, yet provides excellent high quality performance. It is developed to suit almost any kind of gun and rifle, and is the best option for beginners. Whether it is used with a handgun, hunting rifle or AR-15 or shotgun, this Bushnell sight will work its best. It can be easily mounted on any Picatinny or Weaver style rail. This ultra-compact sight is specially designed for the ultimate committed shooter.

If you are looking for fast target acquisition and accuracy in dim conditions, then nothing can beat Red Dot Sights from Bushnell. It is perfectly equipped with tactical turrets for fast windage and elevation adjustment in the field. The Bushnell reflex sight is a good option for training and target shooting. It offers amazing durability and resistance to water and fog. It also provides a great deal of versatility and can be used on AKs, ARs, pistols and even shotguns.

To help you get the perfect shot over long distances, it also provides 3x magnification. You can easily adjust the settings and hold it for a couple of shooting rounds. Its scope is parallax free, allowing you to aim your target with open eyes. It is small in size and lightweight; making it a better scope to use on a handgun.

  • It is compatible with various guns and rifles
  • It comes is a compact, trendy design
  • High performance and great precision in dim situations
  • Has adjustment knob
  • Easy to calibrate wind and elevation
  • The right choice to target practice
  • It has 3 x magnifications for long ranges
  • The red dot is blurry in brightly lit areas

2. UTG 4.2″ ITA

UTG 4.2 ITA Red-Green CQB Dot with QD Mount, Riser Adaptor

UTG (ITA) features 38MM Diameter, 4.2″ Long and 4.0MOA. It is a complete reflex sight offering Smart Riser Adaptor and Straight-up Quick Detachable Tactical Mount facilities. It also offers an Adjustable Cam Lever Lock System along with a Flip-open Lens Cap. It is specifically designed to provide a crystal clear dot for precise shooting professionals. The reflex sight may have coma effect due to the spray rays, and minor ghost image due to reflection.

Generally, it is believed that the brighter the target background, the crisper the dot. Additionally, reducing the illumination intensity setting will also reduce any ghost or spray imaging. The UTG reflex sight is an overall package, that offers amazing features helping you in quick-aim situations. Though compact in size, it is built on the True Strength (TS) Platform, to satiate your hunger for the perfect shot. It provides unbelievable eye relief along with a clear and crisp MOA Dot that makes target acquisition quick and fast.

This is the reason it is named as ITA, ‘Instant Target Acquisition’. It offers great compatibility and you can use it on your rifle, pistol, shotgun or anything else that you shoot. It also provides a super wide range of windage and elevation adjustment. This reflex sight has an amazing UTG-only lock-down feature that is unique to the brand. All in all, it has a quick detachable mount, riser adaptor and flip-up lens caps that make it powerful, yet easy to use.

  • Has a lens cap
  • It is easy to adjust while aiming
  • Has a compact portable design
  • Make it easy to find and hit targets
  • It is compatible with guns, pistols, and rifles
  • Has wind and elevation adjustment features
  • It’s easy to attach and lock-down before use
  • It’s affordable
  • Can have a small ghost image because of spray rays
  • The red dot isn’t always accurate

3. Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight

Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight

The Sightmark Sure Shot Red Dot Reflex Sight is manufactured to offer a lightweight, but perfectly accurate sight. This Red Dot Reflex Sight has the capacity to control heavy recoils, and will stay zeroed-in longer than others. It is perfect for shotguns, pistols and rifles. It features a large viewing area and offers four different illuminated reticle options. It is extremely useful for most applications – be it close quarter combat situations or hunting.

If you want to enjoy ultimate flexibility, mount this reflex sight along with a rifle scope. It will provide you quick access to engage targets at both short and long-distances. The Sightmark Sure Shot Reflex Sight is the best companion for rifles and shotguns as it fits to the AR precisely. It has the ability to extend by pairing with a 5x or a 3x magnifier from a similar manufacturer. Thus, the combined accuracy is ultimately up to 100 yards.

Besides this, it is durable and water-resistant and offers a special digital switch feature. It is unique and has ease-of-use, as it allows the shooter to easily work through different brightness settings. It provides maximum comfort when the light intensity of a situation changes quickly and disproportionately.

  • Fantastic clarity and precision
  • It handles heavy recoil well
  • It keeps the target in sight for longer
  • Comes with four reticle options
  • Has a large viewing area to avoid eye strain
  • Great for long distances up to 100 yards
  • Water-resistant
  • It is easy to attach and adjust
  • Can have a parallax error causing inaccuracy

4. Vokul Tactical 4 Reticle

Vokul Tactical 4 Reticle Red Dot Open Reflex Sight with Weaver-Picatinny Rail Mount for 22 mm Rails

The Vokul Tactical red dot sight has four separate alternatives for shooting precisely. It uses the rear selector, allowing you to conveniently change between four different reticles – making it safe and secure for use. Additionally, it has a battery-powered red LED light that helps you get the perfect shot, whatever you’re aiming at. It also assists in training one’s eye for precision with comfort. The heads up display with the device provides an unending field of view and eye relief.

It allows you to control brightness with the 7-position rheostat knob and is specifically manufactured to offer long lasting durability from anodized aluminum. It comes with an integrated weaver-type tool that can be easily mounted, installed and used with various types of weapons. It is an excellent choice for rapid-firing and moving target. Its features include, 4 separator Reticles, a rail of 22mm, 7 brightness settings and a Tubeless Open Reflex Design. It offers a corrected parallax and has a built-in Picatinny mount base for easy sight mounting.

  • Offers four reticle options
  • Precise red dot for stationary and moving targets
  • Brightness is adjustable with a seven settings knob
  • Beautifully designed using anodized aluminum
  • It is durable and portable
  • Easy to attach, clean and store
  • Compatible with various guns and rifles
  • It doesn’t have a resistant built

5. Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight

Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight

With the Browning Buckmark Reflex Sight, the road to fine shooting becomes quick and easy. When you add an affordable reflex sight to your Buck Mark pistol, you will undoubtedly beam with extreme happiness. With this reflex sight target, acquisition is simple and fast. It is a decent option for new shooters and beginners and is an amazing product for your Buck Mark pistol or just about any rim-fire. It is accurate, durable and offers easy installation. The Browning Buck Mark comes with 4 reticle options and 7 brightness settings that can be customized for targeting for any tactical situation, either in the day or at night. It can be mounted to a standard Weaver-style base and is made of rugged aluminum housing with matte black finish.

  • Easy to mount and use
  • It offers value for money
  • It’s affordable
  • Has seven brightness settings and four reticles
  • Suitable for tactical training
  • Has a classy, black, matte finish
  • It is a little heavier than other reflex sights

6. AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight

AT3 LEOS Red Dot Sight with Integrated Laser & Riser - 2 MOA Red Dot Scope with Flip up Lens Caps

The AT3 LEOS is the perfect option for home defense, tactical & law enforcement, hunting, plinking, competitive shooting, or any shooting scenario which requires magnification. It is specially optimized for AR-style rifles, sporting & hunting rifles, shotguns, air rifles, and any other weapons with a Picatinny or Weaver mounting rail. Its features include a crisp 2 MOA red dot, an excellent red targeting laser with W/E adjustment, integrated riser mount housing, 50K hour max battery life, and flip up lens caps with tool-free windage & elevation adjustments. It is also offers AT3 Lifetime Warranty. It is durable, waterproof, fog resistant and comes with an easy thumb screw for secure mounting to any Picatinny rail. Additionally, it has precisely designed digital controls for simple control of the sight and integrated laser. With this red dot sight, shooting becomes an amazing experience.

  • It is suitable for a vast number of shooting activities
  • Compatible with a variety of guns and rifles
  • Has a bright red dot
  • Comes with a wind, elevation and target adjustment options
  • It has a long battery life
  • Comes with lens caps
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


  • Isn’t reliable
  • Red dot turns off after heavy recoil

7. NcSTAR 1X25 Red and Green Dot

NcSTAR 1x25 Red and Green Dot Reflex Sight-Weaver and 3-8 Dovetail Base-Black DAB

The NcSTAR 1X25 Red and Green Dot Reflex Sight offers eye relief and a wide field of view. The LED attached is safe for the eyes and offers easy and for flexible mounting. It comes with a multi-position Rheostat knob for red and green dot illumination. Also, it has an interchangeable weaver and dovetail mounting rails. Additionally, it also includes a spare battery and mounting tools. It comes with an anodized aluminum body that offers longer durability.

  • It comes with a flexible mount
  • It is easy to attach and use
  • It has a red and green LED illumination
  • Comes with a weaver and dovetail mount
  • Has a spare battery
  • Made with durable anodized aluminum
  • Can be used for a prolonged period without recharging
  • Huge red dot

8. Burris FastFire II Reflex Red Dot

Burris FastFire Red-Dot Reflex Sight with Picatinny Mount 4 MOA Dot Reticle

The Buris FastFire II drastically surges speed and accuracy while shooting. It makes aiming, with focus on aligning the front sight, rear sight and target, an easy and convenient task. With this product, your focus is always properly aligned, providing ultimate accuracy. It is fully waterproof and is very small in size. It mounts very low, and weighs a mere 1.6 ounces.

Even though small in size and light in weight, it has proved its toughness time and again. Its power is proved on slides of high power semi-autos, on slug guns, on shotguns and on high power rifles. Its housing is manufactured of metal for strength and durability. Its lenses are made with precision and polished to virtually eliminate parallax. Thus it offers a very clear, crisp pictures.

This product is completely windage and elevation adjustable and also lockable. It offers both an on/off switch and a light sensor that automatically sets in to the surrounding the light. It comes with a lithium CR2032 battery that is usually lasting, because of the highly efficient electronics and the battery-saver mode. It has the ability to last up to five years.

  • Boosts speed and precision in rapid firing
  • It is easy to acquire and align targets
  • It is small in size, durable and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with high-power rifles, shotguns, and semi-automatics
  • Provides clear and crisp vision
  • It has a lasting battery and an automatic sensor
  • Has some parallax error

9. AT3 Tactical RD-50 Micro

AT3 Tactical RD-50 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight - 2 MOA Compact Red Dot Scope

A red dot sight is of great importance, as it can make a great difference on your shooting performance. As such, you have to be very precise and discrete in your choices in order to enhance your accuracy and consistency. The AT3 Tactical RD-50 is the best budget reflex sight 2in the market. It offers a handsome battery life, with mounting housing. It offers a crisp 2 MOA red dot sight that allows for accurate shooting experience with both-eyes-open.

It also has 11 red dot brightness settings that offer optimal visibility in any type of light conditions. Moreover, its multi-coated, scratch resistant amber lens offers enhanced image clarity. It is completely waterproof along with sealed housing. Its shockproof circuitry is damage resistant – even from rough handling. The matte black anodized finish resists scratches besides maintaining a stealthy profile. Also, it offers an exceptional battery life lasting up to 50,000 hours at the lowest brightness setting.

  • Offers clear vision
  • Has a clear and precise red dot
  • It provides value for money spent
  • It has 11 brightness settings
  • It is scratch-resistant, waterproof and has a shock-resistant circuit
  • Long-life battery with 50K hours
  • Has a beautiful design with a matte finish
  • Doesn’t have an Allen Wrench adjustment

10. UUQ Tactical Holographic

UUQ Tactical Holographic Red-Green Reflex Scope Sight 4 Reticles with RED Laser 12 Month Warranty

The UUQ tactical reflex sight is compatible for an array of shooting options. It offers a high optical clearness at 4-12x zoom and a 50mm objective diameter. It provides speedy and clear acquisition of close quarter and fast moving targets. It comes with a tubeless design with 33mm reflex lens aperture that offers a large field of view. Additionally, it is integrated RED LASER sight that is completely adjustable and individually controlled by rat tail switch. It is lightweight, yet powerful. It is waterproof, fog and also shockproof. Also, this reflex sight consumes less power, thus offering long battery life.

  • It has 4-12x magnifying options for speed and accuracy
  • Excellent for acquiring fast-moving targets
  • Adjustable, crisp, clear lens for high accuracy
  • It is lightweight, durable and portable
  • It is water, fog and shockproof
  • It has an energy-saving feature
  • Has a long-lasting battery
  • Only comes with a diagram manual that’s a bit confusing


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