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In the incessant rush and work in our daily lives, we often forget altogether, the value of relaxation and rest. Yet it has been proved on many occasions that we are at our highest productivity when we are relaxed and adequately rested. There are many activities that contribute to the casual relaxation of the mind and body amidst the unwavering rush of regular life. Golfing as an activity is arguably the best of the lot when it comes to a laid back and chilled out avenue for relaxation or even some light physical exercise.

If you play golf, either by profession or even just as a casual hobby, you have come to the right place. Here, we will try to ascertain the points based upon which you can choose your very own best budget golf ball set. Our expert team of researchers has clocked in many hours in trying to come up with the best buying tips as well as the best alternatives when it comes to golf balls. They have also carried out the painstaking research from a consumer point-of-view so that you don’t have to. Once you go through the entirety of this article, you will be in a great position to make an informed choice on the best budget golf balls 2018 has in store for you.




Current Price


Wilson Staff Fifty Elite

A good bargain for 12 golf balls


Titleist DT Trusoft

Provide reasonable distance off the tee


Wilson Smart Core

It is durable in a vast number of conditions


Srixon Z-star

It’s an excellent deal for goal enthusiasts


Volvik Vivid

Provide high visibility on the golf course


Callaway HEX Diablo

The ball has space to customization details


Titleist Pro V1

Offers high responsiveness when connecting to clubs


Taylor Made TP5X

Offers less spin during long shots due to higher compression


The Bridge stone e6

It has impressive features at a budget-friendly price

Does golfball differ?

Golf balls come in different varieties in the market today; although their overall purpose and structure have remained more or less the same. Some golf balls are designed specifically for certain tasks while others are hardwired to help the players achieve a greater distance off the tee upon impact. Some golf balls are specifically designed to help in the achievement of higher spin that help advanced golfers exercise a greater degree of control and precision over their shots.

Golf balls of different varieties are suited for different types of play and that is why it’s imperative for players to understand the properties associated with each individual ball. It should also be mentioned that no matter how much research and analytics we use in determining the nature of golf balls suited to each individual player, there is in reality, no substitute for the testing players carry out with a few balls themselves to determine what is best suited for their intents and purposes.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Budget Golf Ball

Distance, Control or Spin

Golf balls that are tuned to achieving greater distances upon impact tend to react quickly once struck with a golf club. The structure of the balls are much harder and thus aid in helping the player to achieve a few extra yards upon strike. The downsides for this type of ball is that it can prove to be difficult to control on the green carpet, or in situations where a degree of finesse is required of a particular shot to get the desired result.

There are, however, certain varieties of golf balls that allow for a greater degree of control by imposing restrictions on the degree of spin that is achieved upon impact. These golf balls are a great choice for golfers to combat hooks and slices. The third alternative is constituted by those types of balls that actually increase the level of spin that can be achieved potentially on a given shot.

Professional golfers earn their bread and butter by mastering the control of these balls that allow for a greater variety of trajectory. Professionals are also able to harness the spin of such balls to cause certain advanced actions during play. For instance, they may stop the ball in a tight space on the green or cause it to go to any desired direction from a wide variety of angles, simply by harnessing the spinning attributes of these unique golf balls.

Outer Covers and Design

To an untrained eye, golf balls may look largely homogeneous. But this is usually a misconception, as the outside cover of a golf ball may be a crucial determining factor on how they perform. Soft coves tend to provide a better sense of feel but may not show adequate resistance against scrapes and abrasions. For hardcovers, they are ideally built to guard against abrasions and rugged terrain.

Most golf balls have anywhere between 300 to 500 dimples which affect the way in which the balls travel across the air. A greater number of dimples usually causes the ball to fly higher from the ground as opposed to those with fewer dimples. Fewer dimples, on the other hand, are great for keeping faith in trajectories.

Construction and Structure

Golf balls can be made of any number of pieces ranging from 1 to 4. Beginners prefer to use one-piece golf balls and they are also used in driving ranges on occasion. These balls are essentially durable as they do not have the minerals to achieve longer distances and are generally not used for regular playing. Although they have a light feel upon hit, they offer a good deal of solidity and are generally inexpensive and pocket-friendly. Most golfers reportedly use two-piece balls as they provide a much stronger and firmer feel upon impact, while also offering greater distance compared to the durability associated with one-piece alternatives.

The only downside is that they can prove to be a little less easy to control when compared to softer balls. Three-piece balls are much softer than the aforementioned variants and also provide a greater propensity for spin and movement as a consequence. These types of balls offer the highest level of feel and control among all the different types. Four-piece balls are relatively scarce in usage. They are reportedly much more comfort and feel-oriented than 3-piece ones but do exhibit feature largely similar to its three-piece cousin.


Anyone who has ever purchased a golf ball set knows that it can turn out to be a much pricier affair than initially planned for. This is why research crucial, especially for beginners, as they might end up losing a lot of them as a result of shots gone wrong. This is why it’s a great idea for beginners to bypass buying golf-balls altogether and just do a thorough search for them in their local golf course.

Golf balls are often found lurching in lakes and ponds as well as inside bushes and shrubs. However, it should be noted that golf – balls that are submerged in water for extended periods will not be able to travel normal distances. This is hardly a major headache for beginners, however, this option is very much unsuitable for professional or avid regular golfers.

Unique features

High-visibility and personalized golf balls are two special categories of golf-balls that are meant for unique tastes and high skill levels. High-visibility golf-balls were quite rare in the past, but now they are increasingly becoming the go-to option for skilled golfers. These balls allow better tracking in space and on the ground, helping the player to locate shots more efficiently. High-visibility colors are the basis upon which many of these golf balls are designed. Personalized golf balls are a fun and engaging option for many golfers. They can get their names, initials and favorite images crafted on them. These balls act as a great choice as a gift for golfers as well.

Top 10 Best Budget Golf Balls 2020

1. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

Most of the best golf balls on the market are designed for elite players. They are meant to reward well-struck shots, and as a result, unintentionally punish those that are not. The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls have been created to give an edge to its consumers who are most experienced golfers, but at the same time, it encourages a non-great golfer to keep at it and eventually get better.

The Fifty Elite has launched an entirely new performance expectation into the two-piece distance ball category. The aggressive core is offset by a response cover creating a balance between a long distance and a soft feel. The quality is commendable as well, with an improved rubber chemistry that yields a core which is 22% softer than any other competing company.

The 1.4-pound weighted ball has a unique 302 Phd aerodynamics feature with flat-bottomed, shallow dimples that rip through the air to create a more stable and smooth ball flight. It constitutes of a new plastic slide pack implemented solely for enhanced durability. The product is highly recommended for an improved golfing experience.

  • They are budget-friendly
  • They provide the optimum distance and maximum control
  • Highly visible and durable
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Have a soft exterior
  • A good bargain for 12 golf balls
  • Have a high greenside spin
  • Some of the colors are not visible against the green grass

2. Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls

Titleist DT Trusoft Golf Balls

One of the best pocket-friendly and best budget golf balls that you can lay your hands on, this Titleist model is one with the softest compression. As a result, it provides an incredibly soft feel to everything shot. Strong focus on research and development has enabled Titleist to come up with a brand new core as well as a cover formulation that allows for the coverage of impressive distances, along with short game viability. The long distance shots are less susceptible to unregulated spin, making this a great choice for beginners golfers.

The Truflex cover technology is responsible for providing a light and soft feel on the green, while also supplementing short game spin for overall performance. The brand new TruSoft models are equipped with advanced aerodynamic features that allow the achievement of maximum distance with consent, piercing ball flight. The multidimensional features of this ball are quite extraordinary, considering its pocket-friendly pricing and widespread popularity. This really is one of the classiest golf balls you can hope to have and you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed.

  • Has low spins for long shots
  • It gives more control for short games
  • Uses advanced aerodynamic technology to achieve distance
  • Provide reasonable distance off the tee
  • Appropriately priced
  • Has a soft feel on the green
  • Offers excellent features at a reasonable price
  • Suitable for low swing speeds


3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

This particular product suits every golf player as per their style of playing. With its patented smart-core formula, the Wilson smart-core golf balls are the intelligent distance ball that reacts to the player’s swing speed even if it varies widely from player to player. On short shots, it produces spin and control, whereas, on long shots, it minimizes spin for distance and accuracy.

The product weighs 2 pounds, which is a little heavier than most other golf balls but then again this ball is unlike any other golf ball, as it works according to the player’s style and plays. Its durable ionomer cover provides long-lasting playability through a range of conditions. The compression rate of these golf balls is 85 and it is available in white. One pack constitutes twenty fours golf balls and they fit into three-ball sleeves easily. A budget buy, these smart-core balls are incredibly unsuspecting for the price tag.

  • Has expert craftsmanship and design
  • Spins and distance depend on the technique and speed of the golfer
  • Allows for minimal spins for more precise swings
  • It is durable in a vast number of conditions
  • It made using Smart-Core technology
  • Provides optimum reaction from the tee
  • Comes is a pack of 24 golf balls
  • It a little heavier than other options

4. Srixon Z-star Golf Balls

Srixon Z-star Golf Balls

The brand new z-star is designed to give the player a great degree of feel and control over the play, especially if we are talking about “tour players”. It does a fantastic job of seamlessly combining next-generation spin skin and speed dimples innovation. Equipped with a second generation spin skin, it boasts of a resolute. yet nuanced coating that increases the frictional force by a whopping 18%. The next generation speed dimple technology helps to create greater distances, as well as provide further win resistance.

A dynamic and energetic gradient growth core optimizes overall star (spin, trajectory, acceleration, responsiveness) performance making this product one of the best budget golf balls available in markets today. This swanky z-star golf ball increases overall cover softness by 21%, aiding in the phenomenon of greater greenside spin and efficient control.

The construction design is highly advanced as it essentially optimizes the core to control spin off the driver and helps in maintaining a soft feel around the greens. Weighing in at a healthy 1.4 pounds, this product has both the durability and the technicality to give stiff competition to the best of the best in this field. This constitutes a fantastic pocket-friendly alternative for golf enthusiasts who have a strong passion for the intricacies of golf but are also running a tight ship in terms of budgetary considerations.

  • Allows for greater range and high wind resistance
  • Has a fantastic greenside spin
  • Easy to control efficiently
  • It is highly durable
  • It is budget-friendly
  • It’s an excellent deal for goal enthusiasts
  • Has an outer layer that optimizes speed and distance
  • Available in two colors; white and optic yellow
  • Has a mid compression of 90
  • Not suitable for fast swingers


5. Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)

Volvik Vivid Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)

The Volvik Vivid is a great all-around option for most casual as well as avid golfers. The vibrant colors on this golf ball ensure the highest visibility rate in different kinds of circumstances and environments. The bright neon colors are adequately supplemented with a brilliant matte finish that is sure to please the most demanding aesthetic eyes. Being the very first of its kind to adopt the matte finish model, the outer layer of this artistic golf ball also ensures soft and comfortable contact upon impact.

It provides great explosive distance across slower to medium swing speeds, thanks to its carefully constructed power core. A great deal of accuracy off the tee and increased control around the greens make this product one of the best and must have budget golf balls that are plying its trade in the market.

  • Come in a pack of a dozen balls
  • Ideal for amateurs and serious golfers alike
  • Available in several vibrant colors
  • Provide high visibility on the golf course
  • It offers high accuracy off the tee
  • It is light weighing in at 1.1 pounds
  • Easy visibility in the grass due to the matte finish
  • Best for middle and high handicappers
  • No option for a single color pack


6. Callaway HEX Diablo Personalized Golf Balls

Callaway HEX Diablo Personalized Golf Balls

If one wants a great golf ball that can deliver on speed and maintain consistency, the Callaway HEX Diablo Personalized Golf Balls are the real deal. This two piece design promises a strong start and delivers great results in the long game. The balls weigh 1.5 pounds and are thus, quite lightweight in nature. A thin ionomer cover, paired with a highly resistant lower compression core makes this golf ball ready for any course and any kind of player.

One box contains 4 individual boxes of 3 and is available in a variety of colors. Callaway has been successful in designing a ball that can be played by a wide range of players. It is well crafted, muted for slower and less accurate swings and is quite reasonably priced. The best part of buying these golf balls is that it comes with an option of personalizing them up to 3 lines of text with a maximum of 17 characters on each line. The Callaway Golf HEX Diablo golf ball is ready to make your next game the best game.


  • Provides high-quality personalization
  • Highly durable golf balls
  • The best golf balls to gift to a golf lover
  • As reduced spin because of the softcore and mantle design
  • It’s among the best golf ball in the industry
  • It has a compression of 81
  • The ball has space to customization details
  • It is fairly priced
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It’s suitable for players of different mastery levels
  • The outer detailing may fade after prolonged use

7. Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, Standard (1-4) One Dozen

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, Standard (1-4) One Dozen

This model needs absolutely no introduction whatsoever as it is essentially the most used golf ball in the world. This particular deal gives you a remarkable 12 Titleist Pro V1 golf balls, that are sure to last your summer tour accompanied by a heavy dose of golf. Like other variants of its type, it provides a remarkable window for consistent flight. Its tactful and intelligent design is geared to help the player achieve longer distances while minimizing undue interference of air on a windy day at the course.

It’s no coincidence or surprise that the Titleist Pro V1 is favored all over the world by advanced and experienced golfers, as its sleek design and durable structure allow players to exercise a greater degree of spin and control as compared to normal golf balls. It also provides ample opportunity for maximizing distance with every strike, but it does require slightly experienced hands to understand and appreciate the full spectrum of opportunities this golf ball gives.

  • Ideal for beginners to seasoned players
  • Provides consistency and a reasonable distance
  • The soft exterior is great for short game control
  • Fantastic spins for short game
  • It has a durable exterior
  • Offers high responsiveness when connecting to clubs
  • Has a beautiful design
  • Expensive averaging $50 for a dozen balls

8. TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls (one dozen)

TaylorMade TP5X Golf Balls (one dozen)

This dynamic and impressive TaylorMade model personifies the essence of flexibility and superior design. The 5 layer construction designs of this golf ball feature a trifast core bad dual spin cover that is wonderfully well-suited to a diverse category of golf clubs. The unique 3-layer core system is epitomized by progressive compression that allows a maximum level of energy transfer and aides hugely in the generation of vast amounts of speed on the impact of full shots.

Another tantalizing feature of this club is the contrast, created by an ultrasoft cast urethane cover coupled with a semi-rigid inner cover that is responsible for creating the copious levels of tension and interaction between the cover and club grooves. This ultimately results in exceptional spin performance with fill edge shots provides significant room for pinpoint control from around the green.


  • Offers less spin during long shots due to higher compression
  • It is affordable
  • It provides a higher velocity
  • Can yield an extra 10 to 15 yards of the tee
  • It has five layers for higher performance
  • It has a great design and its flexible
  • Not a good choice for slices and hooks

9. The Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball: Best Golf Ball for Average Golfers

The Bridgestone e6 Golf Ball Best Golf Ball for Average Golfers

As far as choices for amateur golfers go, it really doesn’t get any better than this. The Bridgestone e6 is a fantastic choice for the amateur golfer looking to venture into the art of golfing by virtue of a few straight and crisp strikes. Traveling at miles reportedly ranging from 80-95 mph, this golf ball allows the player to feel the pleasure of a clean, firm strike without having to sacrifice the soft feel upon a full swing of the club.

The structural and functional focus of this model has been to minimize sidespin and unwarranted movement off of the tee without having to sacrifice the feel around the greens. This golf ball acts as a bridge or a middle-ground between the two-piece golf balls that are crafted ideally for distance, and the five-piece balls that are mostly focussed on allowing for more spin and the feel aspect.

This three-piece marvel of golfing engineering is composed of a ‘mantle’ layer that surrounds the core, the rubber-core, and the outer covering made up of soft plastic. The additional part of this golf-ball acts as a spin minimizer that allows for greater control, and all of this for a remarkably budget-friendly price.


  • Offers a straighter trajectory
  • It provides an extra 9 yards of tee
  • It boasts an advanced Mantle layer technology
  • The delta dimples improve performance
  • The design reduces side spins providing better control
  • It has impressive features at a budget-friendly price
  • Suitable for amateur golfers
  • Great for training to improve performance
  • Only suitable for medium swing speed


Throughout the course the above discussion, we have enumerated a number of important pointers based upon which golfing enthusiasts can go on the lookout for their next golf ball. Our expert team has consulted a number of professional and semi-professional golfers for their years of genuine experiences in golf. This fantastic leisure activity deserves an ardent study of its essentials and we understand that it’s not possible for everyone to analyze the fundamental details of golf balls.

This is where we come in to soothe your troubles. You are guaranteed to make a more informed choice if you follow our tips and pointers and understand your own needs and requirements clearly. Our list of the 10 best budget golf balls of 2018 has some of the best and reliable deals. We wish you the best in your golfing journey and we sincerely hope that you leave much the wiser on all things related to golf balls after going through this article. Happy golfing!


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