Best Cheap EDC knives 2020

Each day in our lives, we are presented by situations we cannot get ourselves out of easily; therefore, we need a little assistance. An everyday carry (EDC) knife is one of the things that come in handy in different situations like:

  • They come in handy when there are jobs that need cutting or slicing.
  • When slicing fruits during an outdoor treat.
  • Cutting barks off of trees and roasting meat during camping.
  • Gathering of thorny plants and shrubs like aloe vera.
  • Opening a can of beans during a vacation, and you forgot your can opener.

Due to the mentality that people have, or the misinformation in most cases, empower yourself with the laws and policies that you need to adhere to before getting yourself one. You do not want to be the person bringing law enforcement to your front door and then cite ignorance. As this article will reveal, having this tactical companion with you does not necessarily have to dent your finances. I have listed for you five of the most affordable EDC knives under $50 and five under $100.




Current Price


Kershaw Skyline

It can be used for utilitarian purposes like cutting and slicing.


Ontario Knife

Made for utilitarian purposes due to its drop point blade.


Smith & Wesson

Has both serrated edges and straight edges.


Kershaw Cryo II

Deployment is assisted with the SpeedSafe mechanism.


Gerber Ripstop

The dual thumb studs eases the deployment of the knife.


Kershaw Blur S30V

Its construction is from premium S30V stainless steel powder steel.



It has a material that makes it easy to sharpen.


Outdoor Edge

durable blade holder coated with black oxide.


9000 Delica 4

Bi-directional texturing on the handle, ensuring a firm grip.


Bench made Griptilian

texturized glass-filled nylon handle.

Best Budget EDC Knives 

Before getting straight into the list, let us look at what you features you need to think over before you purchase an EDC knife. Features of the knife that will compel you to go for that knife, over another.

Steel Type Of The Blade

It is vital to know that these knives are made of two types of steel: carbon steel and stainless steel. These two materials differ in their appearance and functionality. While carbon and steel are easier to sharpen, they are prone to rust faster than stainless steel. This is the first thing to check as most EDC knives are used outdoors.

Carbon steel blades retain an edge too, and the 1045 steel has less carbon as compared to the 1095 carbon steel. Stainless steel blades are the best since they are slow to corrosion, have an edge, and their appearance is as appealing as its purpose. To recognize a steel blade from a carbon steel one, they have definitions such as AUS-8, ATS34, 420J2, 440HC, and 440C. These markings on a knife blade will tell you that you have picked out a stainless steel blade.

Straight Edged Knife Or Serrated Edged Knife

While most individuals would prefer the straight edge knife due to its ease and multipurpose abilities, a serrated edge is also bound to help when you are faced with a very tough and gritty object. Straight edge knives are most effective when cutting through soft material like soft shrubs or even seatbelts. They have been known to save quite a few lives due to the owners’ quick thinking. They are also much easier to sharpen and are perfect for the outdoors. If you feel like you cannot make up your mind over the type of edge, just get a knife with a serrated edge on one side and a straight edge on the other.

Shape Of The Blade

This is always a personal choice as it depends on the purpose of the EDC knife. They come in four shapes that are most common:

  1. Tanto Blade- more likely to be used in tactical and situations that involve survival. Its look consists of a very thick spine running from the tip of the knife to the handle giving a 45-degree angle with the knives edge.
  2. Drop Point- best for slicing and cutting and utilitarian purposes. You will know it from the descending angle of the spine.

iii. Clip point- the blade looks like it has been cut off, looking like a crescent shape. They are the best and most preferred in case you want to slice something.

  1. Spear Point- when you require a knife to thrust into any material, go for the spear point blade. Its spine and edge are symmetrical, allowing for uniformity in its use.

Material Of The Handle

The different materials used in knife handles include fiberglass, carbon fiber, stainless steel, wood, Marcantoni, among others. The type of handle play a role in your security since it should serve its purpose without getting out of grasp. The material also matters because of the durability and also in the way you will handle it. Natural materials are more prone to break and are not considered so durable. Therefore, go for synthetic or metallic handles.

Locking Mechanisms

How do you ensure you do not cause any unwanted accidents? EDC or pocket knives mostly have a folding mechanism that maintains the blade in position, be it closed or open. Choose the type of lock from these: lockback, liner lock, or frame lock.

Top 5 Best Budget EDC knives under $50

1. Kershaw Skyline (1760) Lightweight Pocket Knife

Key Design Features

Easily one of the best and most pocket-friendly EDC knives for those willing to dig shallow in their pockets. It stands at only 3.1 inches long, perfect for when you need to open up a FedEx package or roasting a small chunk of meat over a fire. The blade is made of stainless steel definition Sandvik 14C28N, guaranteeing that it is resistant to corrosion and maximizing its longevity. Due to this make, it is not very easy to sharpen. Therefore, its use is limited to places and situations where you don’t really need a sharp knife.

It has a drop point tip blade shape enabling you to do tasks like the slicing of fruits easily. A stonewash finish is added to this blade that ensures there are no fingerprints left. It has a G-10 lightweight handle that maximizes a secure grip, and you go about your tasks easily.

Convenient Features

There is no assisted mechanism for the deployment of the blade. The entire knife from tip to handle is slim enough to carry around and whip out when the need arises. This knife can be carried in any position, either facing up or down.

  • It can be used for utilitarian purposes like cutting and slicing.
  • Its slim design is perfect for travel and convenience.
  • The durability of the blade is enhanced due to the stonewash finish
  • Its handle is made of G-10, ensuring a secure grip.
  • The stainless steel blade is not prone to corrosion.
  • Does not have an assisted locking mechanism in its locking and unlocking.

Verdict: Easily one of the best knives that serves its purpose while taking care of your budget too. For a small price of under $50, anyone can purchase it from campers, hunters, knife enthusiasts, and emergency responders. This is a durable knife that will not let you down.

2. Ontario Knife OKC Rat II Sp-Black Folding Knife

Key Design Features

This knife is made very versatile, owing to the shape of the blade. It has a drop point orientation that makes it perfect for use indoors and also outdoors. If you have ever dreamt of building a fire using a knife, then consider this one in that activity. Its stainless steel blade is built for deep slicing in instances where that would be required. The AUS-8 blade is easy to sharpen, does not corrode easily, and maintains its edge for a long time. Its handle has a grip as you hold it in your arms, and its also made of super light material, the nylon 6. Even with wet hands, your grip will remain securely intact due to the rounded pommel area aids.

Convenient Features

At ultra-speed, you can unlock this knife and deploy it. This is more amazing, as you will never have to worry about lubricating the edges for anything.

  • It has a brilliant locking and deployment mechanism.
  • Made for utilitarian purposes due to its drop point blade.
  • Its handle has a firm and secure grip.
  • It measures only 7 inches from tip to handle, making it an effective EDC knife.
  • It is not built for tough material.

Verdict: It is made of durable stainless steel; therefore it will last long. It is the best for slicing, so it will come in handy when dealing with soft material. Its handle is built for firm gripping. This is a worthy inexpensive EDC knife.

3. Smith & Wesson SWA2S Stainless Steel Knife

Key Design Features

It is from a brand famous for its quality and high-end tactical equipment. Designated for tough material, this is the knife to use in skinning small game or to cut a rope, and it can be used for a plethora of other uses. Its blade has both a serrated edge and a straight edge. Made from black oxide stainless steel, this knife is destined to achieve all tasks given it. And take to sharpening like a champ. Of all the knives’ designs, this one is ambidextrous, allowing users to use both dominant hands.

Convenient Features

The thumb knob and index flipper remain ambidextrous in their design. Its blade has a drop point blade that makes it the tool for opening packages in the office or at home and roasting up a small piece of meat over a fire.

  • Has an easy to sharpen stainless steel infused with black oxide.
  • Its design is ambidextrous.
  • Deployment is made using the index finger flipper and thumb knobs.
  • Has both serrated edges and straight edges.
  • Blade is only 3.1 inches long.
  • The repeated opening of the liner lock so it does not close in your attempt to push the blade.

Verdict: The length of the blade makes this an easy to conceal weapon. The versatility of its edges (serrated and straight) saves you the effort of having to buy another knife. It is by a reputed brand that has the best top-end equipment — a worthy EDC knife.

4. Kershaw Cryo II Pocket Knife (1556TI)

Key Design Features

This is one cheap knife that may look like it but surprise you in its performance. It is one of the models made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel, so it has a mid-range performance as compared to the AUS-8 stainless steel. It s easy to sharpen, and its titanium carbo-nitride coating makes for its remarkable toughness. Elegant in its look with the matte-grey finish, this is an EDC knife worth its salt for such a low price. Its pocket clip provides you with four carry positions, and it is also light in weight.

Convenient Features

It has a super safe deployment system that makes use of the exclusive SpeedSafe. If you need to use it fast, this knife deploys at an impressive speed.

  • It is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Has a firm stainless steel grip handle.
  • It is made from 8Cr13MoV stainless steel and coated with titanium carbo-nitride.
  • Deployment is assisted with the SpeedSafe mechanism.
  • It is heavier than other EDC knives as it is 5.4 ounces from tip to handle.

Verdict: It is the best EDC knife for outdoor uses. It has a handle with a firm grip and uses an intuitive system of deployment. This is a safe pocket knife to use.

5. Gerber Ripstop I Fine Edge Knife

Key Design Features

It is made entirely of stainless steel from its handle to the tip. This makes for a very lightweight pocket knife since only one material is used. Additionally, its durability is guaranteed since there is not a lot of maintenance. The handle is contoured; therefore, you can be sure that you are going to always have a firm grip on it at all times. It is small in length, measuring only 2.3 inches of blade length. If you were going through a small path and something dropped in a small crack, this knife is what to use as it is so small but also very functional.

Convenient Features

Its deployment is through using dual thumb studs built for the easiest of deployments. The frame lock in its handle makes sure that as long as you want, the knife stays in the open position. Just ensure that it does not lock when your finger is there. This EDC knife is more of office apparel than it is for the outdoors. It serves as an excellent office opener, and it has also help drill a few holes in the plywood to hang some pictures.

  • Its lightweight nature makes it the perfect concealed and barely detectable weapon.
  • It has a very sharp blade.
  • The dual thumb studs eases the deployment of the knife.
  • It has a frame locking security.
  • Made of stainless steel all round, therefore easy to maintain.
  • It has a small blade length, therefore, cannot do a lot.

Verdict: If you need a small EDC knife, then this is the one you should go for. Its stainless steel body makes for little maintenance, and it is not easily prone to corrosion. It assists in doing small cutting around the house.

Top 5 Best Budget EDC knives worth Under $100

6. Kershaw Blur S30V Folding Pocket Knife

Key Design Features

It is built in an innovative tactical design. It is perfect for use in peeling apples and oranges, making a fire by cutting off dry twigs, skinning of rabbits and hares amongst other small game. It is one of the models crafted using the S30V stainless steel that is so durable you will grow old with this knife. Its make ensures that it is easy to sharpen and that there is no chance of getting blunt fast.

Measuring only 3.4 inches from tip to handle, it is built for comfort and security. It has a secure grip in its handle since it is made from anodized aircraft aluminum, which is a material known for being corrosion resistant. One of the few knives with an allowance to hang around the neck due to the pre-dilled hole that allows you to run a lanyard through it.

Convenient Features

It has a rubber grip making it better for use outside the house than inside. Its blade is slightly curved, and while using it, you may be hit by the nostalgia of camping as a scout in your younger days. Using its SpeedSafe assisted opening, deployment of this knife to use is very fast and smooth. Kershaw managed to make this one of their sharpest knives, therefore, use it with maximum care so as not to hurt yourself.


  • Its handle has a rubber grip, therefore, ensuring a firm grip all the time.
  • Its length makes for a small and efficient pocket knife.
  • Its construction is from premium S30V stainless steel powder steel.
  • Easy opening is assisted by the contoured thumb studs.
  • It can hold an edge for long.
  • The tight pocket clip it comes fitted with makes it a lot difficult to remove the knife in cases where it is needed for speedy use.

Verdict: It is appealing to look at due to its construction. One of the sharpest EDC knives, therefore, care should be exercised. Although hard to sharpen, it does not lose its edge in a while, making it a worthwhile pocket knife to have in your bag.

7. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife

Key Design Features

When this brand started out a while back, people did not really take to it, but it has slowly been warming its way into our hearts ever since. Their pocket knives have proved durable overuse and time. Made from the 8Cr13Mov stainless steel, this durable knife is coated further using a black protective coat. It ensures the longevity of the blade, and rust does not easily attack it even while used with water. It holds its edge for long, and the sharp tip to the hilt makes it reliable for slicing through the material.

Convenient Features

The Spyderco round hole in this EDC knife makes deployment as effortless as it should be. Once deployed, the skeletonized stainless steel liners keep the blade in an open position and ensure that it stays that way until you are done. The handle is made of G-10 laminate. This material enhances stability while grasping the knife in use and also out of use. It has ergonomic mills designed to help you cut through without feeling the strain and struggling so much.

  • It does not rust easily; neither does it corrode as fast.
  • It can hold its edges for an extended period of time.
  • Its long blade is flexible for working.
  • It has a material that makes it easy to sharpen.
  • It may be too obvious to notice due to its pocket clip.

Verdict: For an EDC knife, this is one of the largest as it stands at 7.6 inches. It has a long reach, and this makes it a good knife for a variety of uses. Its size may be a disadvantage when it comes to hiding it, but the versatility of its uses trumps that.

8. Outdoor Edge Razor- Lite EDC Folding Knife

Key Design Features

If you ever wanted to gift someone or even yourself with a worthy EDC knife, then this is your best choice. It comes fitted with six replaceable blades, so whenever you need a different blade for a different task, just easily whip it out. And if any of the blades break, then they can be replaced with a new one. Its stainless steel if the 420J2 construction.

Not only is it resistant to corrosion, but it is also easy to sharpen and retains that edge for a great deal of time. In case one of the blades disappoint, it can be easily replaced with any of the other five remaining blades. The handle consists of rubberized TPR inserts securing your grip more firmly than ever. The blades are changed easily by pushing the lock button and releasing a fresh new blade.

Convenient Features

This is perfect for emergency responders as it is small and compact. Also, it saves on time by producing a fresh blade instead of sharpening it. It has a double-sided thumb stud deployment system allowing for speedy and time-saving movements.

  • Its handle is basically made of nonslip material.
  • Instead of buying another knife, you have replaceable blades that are six in number.
  • It has a durable blade holder coated with black oxide.
  • The blades are easily replaced by pushing a button on the handle.
  • This knife does not remain as sharp as you would want.

Verdict: Its many blades make for a great selling point. Additionally, it is made from durable material that is corrosion and rust-resistant.

9. Spyderco Inc. 9000 Delica 4 Folding Knife

Key Design Features

It is a hand-sized multipurpose EDC knife. Its blade is made of V-10 steel, which gets blunt easily but also regains its sharpness even faster. It has a flat-grind point blade that enables one cut through cardboard cuttings and vegetables alike. It is ambidextrous in its design with a 4-point pocket clip. Its handle is made from fiberglass-reinforced nylon which is used in most inexpensive knives.

Convenient Features

Its opening is unassisted, instead of using an ambidextrous thumb hole for that purpose. If deployed poorly, it can cause harm.

  • Can be opened using one hand.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Bi-directional texturing on the handle, ensuring a firm grip.
  • It loses its edge easily.

Verdict: It is one of the most manual EDC knives therefore one will just be enticed to use it.

10. Benchmade Griptilian 551 Knife

Key Design Features

It has long ends that make it perfect for a variety of tasks and also in self-defense. It is also very light in weight increasing in its practicality. The knife is not prone to rust even when exposed to the elements. The drop-point edge of the blade makes it effective for cutting through tough things like meat. Its handle is glass-reinforced nylon. Appealing and firm in performance, its textured grip is just right.

Convenient Features

Has a super-fast deployment mechanism. Uses the AXIS locking system, which makes it unique. It is also ambidextrous constructed.


  • Attractive in its appearance.
  • Comes with a full-size grip.
  • Very durable and tough blade.
  • Has a texturized glass-filled nylon handle.
  • A little complains about its thick blade.

Verdict: It not only looks good, but it also plays the part perfectly too. This is a well-thought-out pocket knife, and you should get it now.


Having an EDC knife can prove beneficial for a lot of reasons. The above list shows just how many uses these knives can assist in, and therefore it is very important to know this beforehand. Getting the wrong knife for the wrong purpose is sure to end up in disaster either for the knife or whoever is using it.

Familiarizing yourself with the local laws is also a part you need to play in order to avoid being charged with having a concealed weapon. These knives can do a lot of damage especially if used wrongly or for malicious intent. The purpose of the knife will be met when it is used correctly and in every way ensure that your safety and those around you is guaranteed. Hopefully, with the two lists provided above and our tips on what to consider when shopping for best budget EDC knives, you will get an option that suits you.

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