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Looking to find FPV Goggles on a budget and wondering what is available online? There are many great options available, and at a range of price points, so picking the one which is the top choice can be a challenge. Here, we have picked out a selection of FPV goggles under 100 up to 200 +, each with great features despite the budget-friendly price tag.

So, if you are in search of the best budget FPV goggles, you have come to the right place! Not only do we have reviews of 10 best, but we also have some helpful FAQs to help you make an informed choice as to which to purchase.

What are FPV goggles?

Before looking for the best cheap FPV headset, you might be wondering what exactly it is and what it does. This headset is worn when flying a drone and it allows the user to experience the flight as if they were really on board! Essentially, these goggles allow the pilot to see what the drone sees for an amazing flight experience every time!

Considerations Choosing FPV Goggles on a Budget

When looking for the best FPV goggles under 200 (or close to), there are a few important things to consider in order to choose the most suitable pair. A cheaper pair of goggles can still have a range of excellent features despite the low price, so don’t worry about missing out on some of the most important features and functions. For those with budgets highers check out the these fpv goggles under 300 on amazon.

Now let’s take a look at some of the key features to check for.

Field of View

The first thing to look at is the field of view via the antenna – essentially how much can be seen at any one time. Each pair of goggles has a very different FOV, and there are advantages to having both a smaller and a larger FOV, depending on your needs. A larger one will, of course, allow more to be seen. But, if the screen is large, it means you may have to move your eyes to see everything at the edges. It is, however, very immersive. If you plan to fly faster, a smaller FOV may be preferable as it means everything can easily be viewed without having the move the eyes around.


You’re probably familiar with the term resolution already – it refers to the quality of the video. The lowest resolutions don’t offer a very comfortable flying experience, it’s much better to spend a little more and pick a model with a higher image quality. There are some issues with resolution in cheaper options, but here is one of the cheapest fpv goggles under 50 with phone compatibility.

Interpupillary Distance

This refers to the distance between the eyes. Most goggles should fit most people, but it’s important to check because if the wrong size is purchased, it will make the edges of the screen blurred.

Aspect Ratio

The latest FPV goggles under 100 come in two aspect ratios – 4:3 or 16:9. Which to choose is really down to personal preference, although 16:9 offers a wider view which is generally preferable.

Best Cheap FPV Goggles in 2020

We will now present our picks of ten of the best affordable FPV goggles. We have some excellent options from a range of the top brands, so there is sure to be something here to suit.

1. Fat Shark Recon

Fat Shark Recon - High End Low Price

Best Features: Big screen. On-screen display.

The first pick in our guide is this pair of Fatsharks FPV goggles. They feature a 55-degree field of view and a 16:9 ratio. The display measures 4.3 inches and has a higher resolution of 800 x 480. They are easy to set up, as there are 32 channels on the receiver, and there is also a USB charger included to ensure the battery is always charged up and ready to go.

The on-screen display shows all the vital stats, including signal strength, current channel, and the battery life. The goggles are capable of analog video recording and there is the option to add an SD card with a capacity of up to 32GB. This headset is ideal for a beginner pilot – it is easy to use, yet has all the features they will need.


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2. EMAX Transporter

EMAX Transporter - fbv goggle higher resolution

Best Features: Comfortable to wear. Large, adjustable, FOV.

If you’re looking for FPV goggles cheap, they don’t come much more budget-friendly than this! This box style pair of goggles has a 4″ display and is padded out with comfortable foam, so you won’t even notice they are there. They are compatible with any FPV drone and have a wide FOV for an immersive flight experience. The FOV can be adjusted to personal preference too by using a slider for a custom experience.

There is a fan built in to this FPV goggle to ensure that no fog builds up inside, no matter what the weather conditions are. Two antennas are fitted to the EMAX Transporter to ensure it always picks up a strong, clear signal from the drone it is connected to. A battery is included, as is a case for the battery. The headset fits most people comfortably.


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3. Arris VR-009

Arris VR-009 - box style

Best Features: Lightweight. Long battery life.

When it comes to good cheap FPV goggles, Arris is a good brand to consider. These high quality glasses are compact and lightweight, at only 183g. You’ll barely know they are there! This also means they are easier to store and carry around. A Li-ion battery is built-in, and it has a high capacity to ensure a longer flying time of up to 2.5 hours without having to stop to recharge. The time delay is exceptionally low, so you can experience the flight in real-time, as it happens.

You can be sure signal won’t be lost with the Arris VR-009 – there are two antennae for a stronger signal. This headset also comes with an auto-search function so it is easy to connect to the drone. The screen measures 3″ and has a resolution of 480 x 320. The display ratio, like many other headsets, is 16:9.


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4. Fat Shark Attitude

Fat Shark Attitude - Image quality

Best Features: Comes with protective cases. Adjustable interpupillary distance.

Next on our list of the best beginner FPV goggles we have another excellent pick from Fatshark. This pair features an OLED display with a resolution of 640 x 400. The field of view measures 30 degrees on these drone goggles and they have a 4:3 format, unlike many other headsets. The interpupillary distance is adjustable to give an amazing FPV experience with a custom fit. This headset comes with a case as well as a battery case, so you can be sure everything is kept safe and free from damage when not in use.

The Attitude has a built-in digital video recorder and automatically scans available channels to ensure the best option is chosen. This headset has a lovely, vibrant green color and looks really sleek and stylish. These might not be the most cheap Fatshark goggles, but they have a range of impressive features that makes them well worth the money.


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5. Flysight FG02

Flysight FG02

Best Features: Auto-saves videos. Built-in fan.

The next cheap FPV goggles for drones we have picked out are these ones from Flysight. They have a DVR built-in, and any recorded videos are auto-saved in the event of power failure, so you’ll never miss an exciting moment! The interpupillary distance can be adjusted using buttons to ensure the screen is perfectly visible by any user. There’s also a fan inside this set of goggles to prevent fog from building up and obscuring the vision.

The FG02 has a HDMI input, but the battery required to power the headset is not included. But, once the correct battery is installed, you can expect to enjoy 2.5 hours of flying time before the goggles will need to be recharged. The field of view is 33 degrees and it’s possible to select either 16:9 or 4:3 ratio. It’s also possible to adjust the brightness, contrast, and volume. An SD card of up to 64GB can be inserted to record and store long flight videos.


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6. DJI Racing Edition

DJI Racing Edition

Best Features: Huge FOV. Very long range.

DJI makes some very good FPV goggles, such as this racing pair. They are excellent for FPV flying and have one of the widest FOVs at a massive 148 degrees. There are three different ratios to choose from each with a different frame rate. The highest is 1280 x 960, at 50 fps. Then, there’s 1280 x 720 at 60 fps, or 640 x 480 at 50 fps. This headset has a padded headband so it is very comfortable to wear, even during longer flights. It is less obstructive than some of the other styles featured above – you’ll almost forget you are wearing them when engrossed in the flight video!

The latency is low at 50ms, so pilots can experience their flight live as it happens, with minimal delay. They also work well over a very long range of up to 7 km. There are 12 channels available to choose from and a cleaning cloth is included to keep the goggles in excellent condition.


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7. Flysight Pro Spark

Flysight Pro Spark

Best Features: High resolution. HD video recording.

Flysight makes some of the newest FPV glasses, such as the Pro Spark with its 1024 x 600, low-latency display. It’s easy to adjust the focal length using a knob on the headset so the display always appears crystal clear. The dual recievers ensure the signal quality is always strong, but if the signal does get low, there won’t be a blackour or blue screen. There’s an auto scanning function to ensure the best channel is always selected – setting up this headset is easy.

Video recording is possible using either an AV or HDMI input, and the videos are recorded in HD quality, so watching them back on a bigger screen will still ensure they are high-quality. This headset is one of the best for flying, but it can also be used when watching movies or playing video games – its uses aren’t limited.


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8. Makerfire Mini

Makerfire Mini

Best Features: Low latency. Good battery life.

The next best FPV googles come from budget brand Makerfire. However, they have a range of features allowing them to easily compete with more high end models. This set of goggles offers a low time delay of between 10 – 20ms, so the video feed is brought to the goggles more or less as it happens. The 3″ screen has a ratio of 480 x 320 and an LCD display with a high level of brightness.

The racing goggles box comes with a high-capacity Li-ion battery, so it allows for a long flight time before recharging will be necessary. Unfortunately, this headset is not designed for those who are near or far sighted – it is necessary to use a method of vision correction before putting them on.


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9. BENXT VR Headset

BENXT VR Headset

Best Features: Suitable for many purposes. Adjustable viewing angle.

Nearing the end of our guide to the top FPV goggles we have this offering from BNEXT. They come in at a great price and can be used with a range of models of smartphones for drone flying as well as VR gaming. The viewing angle is adjustable so they can easily suit most users and many different purposes. This also helps ensure both eyes are correctly alligned with the screen to ensure it’s easy to focus on the image being displayed.

This headset is comfortable to wear and can easily be adjusted to fit most users comfortably. It doesn’t connect directly with the drone, but rather the drone should be connected with the smartphone which is then placed into the headset. It works with all screen resolutions, even up to 4K.


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10. VRbeatz V3

VRbeatz V3

Best Features: Anti-glare lenses. Adjustable IPD and focal distance.

The final pick of the best box goggles we have is the V3 from VRbeatz. They come in either pink or white and, like the above option, are used in conjunction with a smartphone. The result is comparable to being in an IMAX cinema! The lenses are anti-glare and it’s possible to adjust the focal distance as well as the distance between the pupils for a custom viewing experience.

The eye cushions on these goggles are soft and padded to ensure they are always comfortable to wear. They are well-ventilated and also lightweight to ensure neck strain when wearing is kept to a minimum. There is a very strong clip to hold the phone in place during use so there is no chance of it falling out. The VRbeatz can be used for watching movies and gaming as well as during drone flights.


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Best Budget Pick

After looking at ten of the top picks, we have picked out the one which stands out as our favorite, best value FPV goggles of all. Fat Shark’s Attitude headset is the winner in this case. They might not be the cheapest pick of all, but they are the best FPV goggles for the money thanks to the range of impressive features they boast. The adjustable IP distance means this headset suits just about anyone, it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear, and has a stunning OLED display.


Cheapest Product Available

The cheapest FPV goggles we found was the BNEXT VR Headset. This set can be connected to just about any smartphone when flying a drone, watching movies, or even playing video games. It offers a realistic and immersive experience, and is also comfortable to wear. It is easily adjustable to fit most sizes and can be used to watch content in stunning 4K resolution for an even more life-like viewing experience.

Waterproof and Shatter Resistant FPV Googles Case

To prolong the lifespan of your goggles and keep them safe when in transit, a strong FPV Googles case is certainly a worthwhile investment. This one is very tough, yet also lightweight to carry. It’s even waterproof, so there’s no need to worry if you get caught in a sudden downpour. The case is lined with foam which is cut to perfectly fit the goggles and prevent them from moving around inside. There’s a carrying handle and two catches to keep the case securely closed, and there are also holes to put a padlock on the case for added security.

Do you need a Budget FPV Backpack?

If you have a lot of gear to carry with your cheap FPV drone with goggles, a specially-designed FPV Googles backpack could be the ideal solution. This one from Elechawk is one of the top picks. It has compartments to carry everything you need when flying a drone – the drone itself, the goggles, a transmitter and a spare battery can all easily be held in this backpack. The sections can be re-arranged for a custom fit for your gear, and the pieces that separeate them are well-padded to ensure everything is kept safe. There is external storage on either side of the backpack, too, for a water bottle or other accessories. A laptop up to 15.6″ can also be stored in its own section inside the bag.

Typical Cost of FPV Goggles

The cheapest goggles can be found for under $50, whereas the most top-of-the-range models can cost well upwards of $400. There is a huge variation in price depending on the features and the quality of the goggles. However, as seen above, the cheaper models are still well worth considering.

How FPV Goggles Work?

These goggles work by linking up to the drone’s onboard camera. The two are connected wirelessly to provide a live, first-person view of the flight being made. The signal given out from the drone is picked up by the goggles, causing the video feed to be displayed on the screen inside the goggles.

Best FPV Goggles for Glasses Wearers?

Wearing glasses doesn’t have to mean you can’t enjoy using these googles. If you wear glasses, there are a few differnt options to consider. First is picking an extra large pair of FPV goggles for glasses wearers. These have plenty of room inside to wear your normal glasses underneath, although sometimes it will be necessary to put the glasses inside the goggles before putting everything on. This pair is comfortable to wear, even with glasses underneath.

The other option is considering switching to contact lenses instead, as this can make wearing the goggles a little more comfortable. Or, it’s possible to buy special lenses that will work with the goggles.

How to Connect FPV Goggles to Drone?

It’s easy to set up the goggles and pair them to your drone, and a quick search on YouTube will provide many helpful tutorials showing how to do it step-by-step. The first step if you’re wondering how to connect FPV goggles to drone is setting the correct frequency band, then the chosen channel within the band on the video transmitter. Then, go to the goggles and set the corresponding channel on them. That’s all there is to it – you should now be ready to fly and enjoy a FPV as you go!

Check out this YouTube Video on How to Connect FPV Googles to Drones for more guide information.

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