Best Cheap Fountain Pens 2020

50 years ago, the fountain pen was made by Lewis Waterman in 1884. They were utilized to in everything – from signing records to notable settlements. Even today, in the period of ballpoint pens and laptop typing, fountain pens still hold a verifiable charm. Though still in use, fountain pens are seen as the instrument of the educated and tasteful individual. They used both at homes and offices. These old-world pens are an impression of good taste.

A fountain pen uses dipped ink as it’s main source for writing, as compared to new-age pens that have refills. The fountain pen, due to its old world origins, has a certain romanticism attached to it, which attracts writing and stationary aficionados. Inks for fountain pens, have various sources, like indigo dye; however water-based inks are becoming popular, to keep in line with what other pens have to offer. Lets see what we can offer for best budget fountain pens.




Current Price


Jinhao 250

Comes in different colors to choose from


Dryden Luxury Bamboo

Features a well- rounded nib that does not scratch the paper


Gullor 450

Comes with a wide range of colors to choose from


Feeney Fine

The pen comes with a cartridge and a converter


Picasso 903 Sweden

Features high performance and comfort



Features a perfect size and is excellent scribbling and calligraphy


Twsbi Eco

Made of durable non-fading materials


Lanxivi Duke Bamboo

Features smooth strings that are for enhanced grip comfort


Erofa Moonman

Features acrylic material for enhanced writing experience


Kangnice Vintage Glass

The pen is smooth on paper and does not mess up

Factors to look for while buying a Best Budget Fountain pen

Nib Type

The principal factor while picking a fountain pen is the nib—the metal work tip of the pen. More than any other part of the pen, the nib decides the functioning of the device. If you find the nib comfortable, then you’re all set.

Tip Size

The tip size of a nib decides how wide a line it will make. They are usually vary – from tightest to most stretched and they cost accordingly as well. Japanese fountain pens ordinarily have a wider and sturdier nib tip than a non-Japanese brand. For instance, a Pilot medium nib is technically the same tip size as a Kaweco fine nib. Individuals with smaller penmanship ought to pick a fine nib, while those with wider penmanship may lean toward a medium or wide nib. The preference is personal, and completely depends on you.

Tip Shape

Nib tips can be either round or molded. Most are round, implying that they make a similar line width toward any path—simply like a consistent ballpoint pen. Formed nibs will have diverse line width, relying upon the weight of the stroke. The most well-known type of molded nib is italic, which makes wide vertical strokes and a thin even strokes. In the event that you are new to wellspring pens, we suggest picking a nib with a round tip to start off with.

Ink Filling System

All fountain pens utilize ink, however, not all are filled in a similar way. Which refilling system is best for you will rely upon you and what you find comfortable and convenient.


Most fountain pens utilize ink cartridges, which are basic and helpful, yet restrict usage. Some wellspring pens utilize institutionalized cartridges that are exchangeable between brands, while others have brand-specific cartridges that are designed for a particular model.


An assortment of cartridge fountain pens are great with converters that fit into the pen like a cartridge and allow it to be used with varied inks and nibs..The primary drawback to converters is that they hold only half the capacity of a normal cartridge and for most pen users, that proves to be inconvenient

Built-in Ink Filling System

Most fountain pens utilize different filling frameworks, like a cylinder or vacuum system. These pens can be filled straight from a container and ordinarily have a substantially bigger ink capacity than a cartridge or converter. Then again, they can’t be utilized with cartridges, so you’ll need an ink bottle close by when they do come up short on ink.

Eye-Dropper Ink Filling System

With eyedropper pens, the barrel of the pen itself fills in as the ink supply. As the name recommends, eyedropper pens are filled utilizing an eye dropper or syringe. They can hold much more ink than other pens. Not many pens are eye droppers; however, numerous cartridge wellspring pens can be changed over into eyedropper pens with the correct accessories.

Body Design

Fountain pens come in all shapes and sizes. Body configuration doesn’t specifically influence how a pen functions, yet it is essential to choose a pen that you will find comfortable


It is critical to coordinate the measure of a pen to the extent of your hand. Utilizing a pen that is too short or too long will affect your penmanship and hurt your wrists in the long-run.


A few people incline toward pens with bulk, while others like their pens to be as light and agile.

Capped Or Retractable Caps

By far most of the fountain pens utilize either screw-on or snap-on tops. Be that as it may, for the individuals who detest tops or fear to lose them, there are retractable fountain pens that don’t utilize tops by any stretch of the imagination.

Precautions To Be Taken While Using A Fountain Pen

Store Pens Empty And Protected

In the event that you are not going to utilize your fountain pen for an expanded time frame, make sure to discharge it of ink and clean it to abstain from having dried ink stop up the feed system – see our Pen Maintenance page for more. Pen pockets, cases, and show chests give insurance against pen wear.

A Filled Pen, Handy!

In spite of the fact that most present-day fountain pens don’t effectively spill, in case you are travelling or the nibs are becoming loose, always have an extra pen on hand. If you are flying, changes in pneumatic stress and temperature can make the volume of ink change. Once you open it, the top will spill ink out due to loss of pressure. In such cases, storing the penaway is the best scenario.

Safe Storage

Store your pens in a cool, dry place, and keep it away from direct heat. With a little watchful care, your fountain pen can have a longer shelf life and better working capacity.

Top 10 Best Budget Fountain Pens 2020

1. Jinhao 250 Fountain Pen

Jinhao 250 Fountain Pen

The finish is more distinct than anticipated,at the same time appealing. The nibs are plated in a pale gold. The pen is metal bodied with a metal nib segment. The clasp is joined safely with no trace of wobble.

The top is snap-style and appends safely. The nib is alluring and is a steel nib with gold accents. It is molded similarly to a Celtic “leaf cutting edge” sword. There are no uncovered ribs or spaces, only a smooth span of plastic, embracing near the base of the nib.

The nib skims easily finished the paper, leaving an even, wet line. It is smaller than a few nibs, yet at the same time provides a smooth finish on paper.

  • Offers a smooth writing experience
  • Comes with refillable options
  • Features durable outer body
  • Features stainless steel and gold-coated nibs
  • Comes in different colors to choose from
  • Elegantly designed
  • · Isolated complaints about nib clogging

2. Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

Dryden Luxury Bamboo Fountain Pen

Dryden Luxury fountain pen accompanies a bamboo gift case which is the most engaging piece of this fountain pen. This pen is exemplary and decreases on the two finishes like a stogie.

The grain over the pen is magnificent, you can see it’s a characteristic item and provides a finesse in your penmanship. The Dryden Designs Bamboo fountain pen comes in a medium nib and that is gold plated and functions admirably to supplement the feed. The draw off top snaps on and off and the clasp is squeezed metal. The pen is made out to look luxurious, but is not as such physically.

  • The pen is well designed and budget-friendly
  • Does not blotch when in use
  • Features a smooth cursive high-quality writings
  • Features a well- rounded nib that does not scratch the paper
  • Features a well-controlled ink fluidity
  • The nib surface is slippery
  • The barrel closure not well designed

3. Gullor 450 Fountain Pen

Gullor 450 Fountain Pen

Gullor pen is an arrangement of high caliber and four pens, four unique pen pockets, 5-shading, 10 pieces ink cartridges and 1 PU cowhide pen pocket. The PU material makes it solid and amazingly sturdy.

The pen utilizes the global standard ink cartridges that enables you to utilize other ink cartridges to refill as well. Gullor 450 has a fine nib that gives your writing a smooth finish and depth on paper.

  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Features international size cartridges
  • Comes with a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Well-controlled ink flow
  • Offers smooth writing experience
  • Isolated cases of the cap not correctly sealing the airtight resulting in the ink drying

4. Feeney Fine Classic Edition Fountain Pen

Feeney Fine Classic Edition Fountain Pen

Feeney Fine Classic Edition Fountain pen is a standout amongst other best budget fountain pens. Its execution is very solid with smooth ink stream. The pens come in three hues: Matte Black, Stainless Steel, and Marbled Blue.

Purchase each of the three for the ideal Fountain Pen Set. It is accompanied with a cartridge and a converter. There are composed instructional exercises accessible to help you out. Be that as it may, its conventional form may not suit the cutting edge feel and the fountain pen ink tends to clump if not utilized as often.

  • The pen comes in three hues, mantle black, stainless steel, and marble blue
  • The pen comes with a cartridge and a converter
  • The pen is priced on the lower side
  • This pen is highly reliable
  • Comes with all the information related to installation and usage guideline
  • Offers average functionality

5. Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen

Picasso 903 Sweden Flower King Fountain Pen

The pen has a dark nib with the gold trim that has adds wealth to the appearance and provides magnificent craftsmanship. The nib is a medium sized one. This pen is smooth, thin, and pleasantly weighted, being for the most part – metal.

It’s a draw off/push-on top, and when re-topping the pen there’s a perceptible measure of air opposition – while using it nearly feels pressure driven. The converter has all the earmarks of being the standard cylinder display, so it will fit global cartridges. The line achieving with this nib is fine to medium. It will usually take a bit to become accustomed to the thin profile, however, there’s no slipping or curving in fingers as you write.

  • Features a sturdy clip with smooth edges
  • Features a durable outer body
  • Features high performance and comfort
  • Features a converter with all earmarks of a standard display that will fit global cartridges
  • Fragile nib

6. Monaggio Fountain Pens

Monaggio Fountain Pens

The Monaggio Fountain Pen is built of 100% bamboo wood. An ink converter is situated inside the pen barrel. The grain of the bamboo comes through from being decreased and it is rimmed with unadulterated gold.

It comes with a converter in the pen case, yet it is adaptable to global long ink cartridges. They are the best budget fountain pens available in the market right now. The offering cost goes extremely well considering, that is normally somewhere close to $30 to $50 dollars.

  • Features a converter and is adaptable to universal long ink cartridges
  • Features a sleek design with a smooth writing style and excellent calligraphy
  • Features a perfect size and is excellent scribbling and calligraphy
  • Priced on the lower side yet offers value for the money
  • Does not bleed or mess up when being used
  • None that we can mention

7. Twsbi Eco Fountain Pen

Twsbi Eco Fountain Pen

The TWSBI ECO fountain pen flaunts a cylinder filling framework and comes at a reasonable cost. Like other TWSBI fountain pens, it includes a completely clear acrylic barrel so you can see your ink level. It is finished with silver trim and a silver tempered steel nib.

These pens likewise come bundled with a torque and silicone oil. Neither of these extras is planned to be utilized instantly, as they are for long-haul care and upkeep. The TWSBI Eco accompanies a cylinder filler. It has a decent ink limit and is extremely smooth to use with a tad of opposition that influences you to acknowledge you’re turning a handle. Filling is a breeze as is cleaning.

TWSBI has a torque made of plastic to dismantle the pen, and a little vial of silicone oil which can be utilized to oil and smoothen the cylinder framework. Overall, this pen will last a long time, and quality won’t fade.

  • Lightweight design for fast writing
  • Comes in a compact size for easy carrying
  • Features a vial of silicone that can be used to oil and smoothen the cylinder framework
  • Made of durable non-fading materials
  • Extremely smooth on paper
  • Features well-controlled ink limit
  • Features a transparent acrylic barrel so that one can monitor the ink levels
  • No cons

8. Lanxivi Duke Bamboo Fountain Pen

Lanxivi Duke Bamboo Fountain Pen

Lanxivi Duke Bamboo fountain pen is a set that includes a fountain pen, converter, and a pen pocket. The vault molded top has a dark lacquer and flaunts a mother of pearl gem.
The fine nib is smooth and does not twist, coasting over the paper easily.

It is very little for the pen however that does not influence composing by any means. The strings are smooth and don’t irritate the grasp by any means. The body takes one cartridge at a time, and the option to refill is available. Try to use the pen without the top, as it heaves down and affects the penmanship after a while.

  • The pen is stylish
  • Features a sturdy and durable design
  • Features a non-twisting fine nib
  • Compact in size for easy carrying
  • Features smooth strings that are for enhanced grip comfort
  • Features an option to refill
  • Cannot be used with the top on because it heaves down causing effects on writing for a while

9. Erofa Moonman Fountain Pen

Erofa Moonman Fountain Pen

The eye-catching part of this pen is the point at which you close the top, it’s much the same as the span of a lipstick. The acrylic material makes for a smooth writing experience. The small sie of the pen makes it highly portable in all situations and provides ease-of-access.

It’s intended to be a pocket pen – it accompanies an O-ring pre-introduced on the segment strings to counteract spills, which works to a great degree. The nib is smooth and allows to glide over while writing and comes in a set with cartridges that makes pen use convenient.

  • Features acrylic material for enhanced writing experience
  • The pen is small in size hence highly portable
  • Features O- segment to counteract spills when carried in the pocket
  • Features a smooth nib
  • The pen comes with a set of two cartridges for convenient use
  • Cap should fit better

10. Kangnice Vintage Glass Dipping Pen

Kangnice Vintage Glass Dipping Pen

The pen’s entire body is comprised of the glass is available in four hues: Ice Blue, Lake Blue, Pink, Green, Golden, and Transparent. The written work point is around 0.7 mm. The bundle incorporates the glass pen with a container.

While the glass body renders the pen fragile, it makes up by providing great agility and fine penmanship. This is also a great option for those who want to improve upon their handwriting and general speed of writing.

  • Pen available in several colors to choose from
  • Features a glass body that provides excellent agility and beautiful penmanship
  • The pen is a perfect choice for those wishing to improve their writing speed
  • The pen is smooth on paper and does not mess up
  • Exceptionally balanced pen with an excellent nib
  • The pen is heavier than most pens


While some collect fountain pens, some others use it on a daily basis. Either case, you will have to buy the best budget fountain pens because you should not be compromising on quality. This guide is designed to help you make the right choice.


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