Make Money with Your Car

We are all looking to make some extra cash, especially these days, which is no easy task. But, if you have a car or cars, then we can help you find a whole new career path to drive down or maybe to begin a new side hustle to help you start making more money each month with your car.

With how easy it can be to get cars these days, more of us own our own car than ever before. But cars can be a drain, with buying the vehicle, tax, insurance, and petrol,  sometimes it could be tempting to trade in the 4 wheels for a bus pass. However, you could turn this all around, and start making money from your car instead. With apps, social media, and websites all set to help you make money with your car, it’s never been a better time to start your engines.

 So, keep on reading and you’ll discover how to make money driving.

Making money with your car: Things to Consider

Just like the research you put in before you buy a new car, there is also a lot to consider before you start cashing and becoming a paid driver.

But there’s no need to stress, here is everything you should consider before you choose which is the best option to make money from driving for you.


Safety with driving is always of great importance, so when you turn driving into a business, it’s no different. Safety is key, not just for your customers and clients, but for yourself as well as other drivers.

So, before you start anything, make sure your vehical is safe and it passes vehicle inspection. This is not just for the safety of customers, drivers, and yourself, but you don’t want any issues with your car while you are out on a job. This will mean you will lose the money from the job, have a large bill from the mechanics to get the car fixed up and lose any money you could have been making driving while the car is in the garage. So, let’s give the car some TLC so you can make money for your own TLC.

Your phone will become your office, your entertainment, and your safety partner. A mobile phone will not just help you make money with your car, but help you and your car stay safe. You’ll no longer have the worries of getting lost on unknown roads at night that drivers had once upon a time. The GPS apps will help you on even the most undiscovered roads while you drive. They will also aid you in knowing which roads to avoid for a variety of reasons. There could have been an accident, road works, or icy conditions on the road. These apps are the best source of up to date information to keep you safe on the road. Your phone will also allow you constant, immediate, and easy contact with any emergency services should you ever need them.

If you do end up in a situation where you are having issues with your vehicle and your phone has died, make sure you have a plan B. Invest in a small tool kit and car supplies, and try and learn the basics. Being able to change a tire, know when the oil needs changes and other simple jobs could save you a lot of time and money in the future.

Many of the apps that will be discussed further down will also allow you the freedom to choose your customers easier, ensuring that you only work with people you feel comfortable with. It really is a great time to make money driving.


Insurance is important for all drivers, but now that you’re using your car for a new side hustle or full-time job, then you may need your own business insurance on the car.

You will need this different insurance as your car will most likely be used a lot more, for a lot more things. You want to make sure that if someone moving a grand piano drops it on your car or something slightly more likely happens to damage your car because of your new venture, then you are covered.

You don’t want your normal insurance to be void because you didn’t declare your care was now helping you make money. If anything does happen, you want to get your vehicle fixed up by the insurance and to be back on the road cashing in as soon as you can. So just make sure that you are fully covered so there are no big scary bills around the corner.


If you are going to take on driving as a full-time job, then this won’t be such an issue. Try and not overwork yourself, especially as driving while tired can be very dangerous. With the various apps and employers, it will be easy to keep track of the hours you work per week so that you don’t overwork yourself and being tired is never an issue.

If you have a job and being a driver is just to make some extra cash, then just be careful with time. Again, you don’t want to overwork yourself, but also you don’t want any jobs to clash with your other work. But once again, apps and employers will help with this. Stay on top of your workload and keeping a diary or calendar of work will help balance all jobs out well.

Driving Record

Depending on the job, they may expect a clean driving record alongside your clean car. So check your license if you’re not sure which can be easily done online.

More importantly, if you have any driving violations then be honest with the employers. A lot will still accept people with some issues, depending on what they are. But there could be serious ramifications if you lie to an employer if you are not honest with them.

So make sure you know all about your license and be upfront about anything you may have on your driving record, it will make life a lot easier and there will still be opportunities to make money with your car.

If you don’t have some past mistakes ruining what would be a clean driver’s license. Depending on what the issue is with the license, you may be able to take a driver’s awareness course of some kind that suits the need, to help you gain back a clean license. If you are serious about making some money from driving, then this might be a great option. Plus it’s always a good idea to learn how to be a better and safer driver.

And to make sure that you keep your clean driving record while on the job, think about investing in a radar detector so that when you are on the job, so you don’t lose out on work or find yourself getting a ticket by being pulled over by the police.

7 Best Ways to Make Money with your Car

Deliver food

From fast-food chains, to fancy restaurants and every food joint in between, food delivery has blown up recently, making it easier and easier for customers to get their favorite foods delivered straight to their door. And making it easier for drivers in the food delivery business to make money.

There are a few ways to make money from this.

The first is working directly with the establishment, which you’ll find happens more often with smaller/local places serving food. This will involve working solely with them, only delivering their food and being paid directly from them. This can be great as you will build a rapport with your employer, being able to easily speak directly to your boss.

You will have a base at the place so that you only have one place to collect food and rest between jobs. You might even get a free meal in between jobs to help you out, saving even more money on the job. Plus delivering food always brings in great tips too.

You could get this job by checking on their social media to see if they need someone, sending them an email looking into, or going into the place and asking them directly if they are looking for drivers.

The second option is to work as a delivery driver from the various food delivery apps that exist. This way you work delivering food from a variety of different places, so no matter where you are, there will be work. Working for the app lets you work any hours, as there are always 24-hour deliveries going out.

So if you can work mornings, you’ll find work dropping off coffee and beagle, lunchtimes dropping off sandwiches at meetings, or dishing out the pizzas at night. Working via the apps is a lot more flexible as you will work when you want. So you can easily use this as a part-time gig, work full time, or just work whenever you are looking for some extra cash to help you by one month.

With food deliveries like this, you need to be quick, people will be hungry and waiting for their food from you. You are their savior from hunger, they will be very pleased with you if you get it to them quickly. But someone that is hungry, waiting on food for it to arrive late and cold will not be happy. So speed is key to this job.

You can also deliver groceries to customers as well as gather all the items from the supermarket. This job involved a little more than just driving food around. Some people are far too busy to go shopping but they don’t want to live on just fast food and enjoy cooking.

So you can get hired to go with a shopping list and grab everything they need from the supermarket. Then just pack it all into the car and drop it off at their home to them. Make sure you’re quick though so the ice cream doesn’t melt.

Ridesharing apps

We no longer just rely on taxis to get us where we need. Ridesharing apps are helping people get around easier while helping others make money from their driving.

Loads of apps now exist, like Uber and Lyft, to connect drivers with customers. Unlike being a taxi driver, working in shifts that you are given and working in a shared car. You turn your own car into a taxi and work whenever you want.

Just like with food delivery, you can work whenever you want and wherever you want. Whether it’s a big city or your small home town, everyone is now using rideshare apps to get around.

The companies will usually need to check your vehical, see a clean driver’s license, and make sure you’re right for the job. Then you can hit the road, choosing which rides you want to take. You have the freedom to not take rides that are too long for you or from people that don’t have great reviews. No one wants someone throwing up in their car. With the apps, you’ll know if they’ve done that before and be able to deny them or take the risk if you are feeling kind.

If you have a car that you love showing off because it’s so hot, then it’s likely others will too. Rideshare apps and customers are always looking for luxury cars to help them show up to dates looking cool or to meetings looking successful. And they are willing to pay you extra to help them look the part.

But remember for these rides, often more professionalism is expected. So consider dressing up, using these rides as an excuse to wear some of your best outfits. Consider, if this is your first time working as a driver in a more professional capacity, practicing with some friends. Learn to great them properly, open the door for them, and make sure they have a pleasant and professional ride, without any of the pressure of paying customers yet.

Ridesharing apps also have a tipping system to help make even more money. Some people offer water and the option to choose the music so that their clients have an enjoyable ride. Others have taken it even further, turning their cars into a party machine, with lights, karaoke, and drinks. So think about the kind of clients you want and the sort of driver you think you can be.

Another option to make money from driving is long-distance ride-sharing. Just like some people need a lift getting from one side of the city to another, some people need to go a lot further.

This is probably not great for a full-time job, but you can still make money from your car if you happen to be driving long distances, to another state or even country.

So if you know that you will be going on a long ride, then there are apps, social media groups, online forums, and even old school posters you could tape up, to find people needing a ride in the same direction. This will not only help you pay for gas, or even make money, but you could have some company and make friends on what could have been a lonely boring ride.

Deliver other goods

With not just food that people need help with. If people buy it, then you can definitely make money delivering it no matter what it is, but probably not delivering a baby.

The one great advantage of delivering other goods other than food is that the delivery time with food needs to be fast. A customer will be annoyed if their food arrives cold, which will then not only affect the tips you receive but could then affect future jobs.

But delivering other packages has fewer time constraints, you have the day to whizz around dropping off packages, or collecting them.

Now with so many sites offering quick delivery, even next day delivery, the roads are constantly buzzing with drivers everywhere, delivering everything and anything. This means that this is a great time to work as a delivery driver.

There are various companies and sites which offer different positions. You could become a full-time employee being paid per month, based on an amount per hour. Or you could work freelance, working only when you need some extra cash.


Using your car for advertising is probably one of the easiest ways to make money from your car, and not even have to be a driver really.

There are loads of companies out there desperate to have their brand, logos, and names seen by as many people as possible.

TV adverts and billboards work, but a moving advertisement works even better, managing to be seen by people all over the city.

Companies will therefore pay drivers to cover their cars in advertisements. This could be a sticker, something on top of the car, or a full car wrap so that your entire paint job is a giant advert. Then all you have to do is drive your car and make money.

Companies will pay great money if you are in busy cities from New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. The more people that are going to see your car, the more money they will make and the more money they will be willing to pay you.

But remember, you will be driving this car now as a giant advertisement. Depending on what you end up with, you may get people taking down a number from your car, or you could get people laughing at you. So this isn’t one for the self-conscience; you’ll have a lot of eyes on you on the road.

Rent out your car

If you have a car that you don’t use or can walk to everywhere you need easily so you don’t need the car as much as you need money, then you could rent your car to get paid.

Tourism is a constant industry, with people traveling for hot summer vacations or winters Christmas family reunions. So there is a constant flood of people needing to get around, but rather than rideshare, you could just share the whole car and rent it out to them.

Renting a car out can be an easy way to get some quick money with your car. As long as you or the driver renting the car has the correct insurance, then you are good to go. You can also get a box inserted into the car by insurance companies for further safety and security.

This box will help monitor the usage of the car, to make sure that even though you’re not the one behind the wheel, that your vehicle is still being looked after.

Hand over the keys and count the money. This will also give you a good excuse to walk or bike more for exercise if you still need to get around. It is also a great option if you are going out of town. It means the car is making money and safe with someone else rather than just sitting somewhere rusting away.

There are sites and apps to help you with all this if you want to make it hassle-free. Depending on factors of the car such as condition, model, age, mileage, will determine how much they think you can rent the car out for. They will then rent the car out for you, but you will still have the freedom to choose when the car is rented out in case you still need to use it.

Help people with moving

Anyone that has ever moved but doesn’t drive will know that it is a nightmare of a time. Moving is bad enough, with a million things to organize, then on top of that, you have to phone around to every family member, long lost friends, and neighbors to try and get someone to help you drive all your belongings somewhere. A van might be too much money or just a waste if they only have a few boxes.

You could easily get paid to help people move. You can not only offer your vehicle up to move but help them pack up, move all the boxes and help them get set up.

Advertise your services in people’s buildings, on social media, or on campuses where students are constantly looking for help and always looking to save money too.

Insurance companies

This might not be a way to make money from your car, but you don’t want to be wasting unnecessary money on your car either.

Saving money with a little research is just like making money. You put in a little time and work and you’ll have more cash in the end.

So when you do decide to get out there and start making money from things like Uber and Lyft, as a delivery driver, or advertising on your car, make sure you keep more of that money by finding the best car insurance for you.

The market is flooded with different insurance companies, which means that there are hundreds of different deals out there for you to save money with.

So make sure that you do enough research so you don’t unnecessarily waste all the new money you’ve just worked hard for.

Try and save money any other way you can with your car so that you don’t have to waste any of your hard-earned cash. Think about investing in a scanner that can allow even the most novice mechanic to detect problems and fix them cheaply before they become an expensive problem in the future.


How can I make money with my old car?

There are loads of ways you could get paid for your old car.

You could start off by using our car as an advertisement for an easy way to get paid even if the car isn’t running. A business will pay to have advertisements on your car, it could be a giant can on top to advertise a new energy drink or a car wrap with someone’s face across the vehicle to promote their rental agency. If the car isn’t in working condition, some will stay pay to have it parked somewhere where a lot of people are going to see it. If the car is still running, then you’ll get to drive around to show the advert and maybe it will hide some of those old scratches you’ve been trying to get covered up.

No matter how old or busted up the vehicle is, there will be someone willing to give you cash for any type, condition, or age. You may not get paid much, but at least you’ll get paid. They may even give you extra if you trade it in and get another car with them. You could then pay off the car with all these new ways of getting paid to drive.

How can I make money with my car in the US?

With the development of technology, has come a mass revolution in ways to make money with your car in the US.

You can become a taxi driver in no time with the help of Uber and Lyft. Easily making money from each ride, plus tips, as you drive people around any city or town you’re in.

You can start delivering food, and you are no longer restricted to working for just one restaurant or chain. You can deliver food from almost all restaurants and fast food establishments, as long as people are ordering food then you’ll be able to make some money getting it to them.

You could let a company use your car as a giant moving advertisement. They will cover your car with their company’s name and logos for good money. Then all you need to do is keep on driving as normal and enjoy the money.

People are always moving house or apartment and will need help moving all their stuff. As long as you can fit some boxes into your car and maybe be happy to help people carry their boxes in and out of their places, then you can make some easy money.

Is there an app that pays you to drive?

There are many apps that will help you get paid to drive. Depending on our vehicle and schedule, there are different jobs and apps to suit you best.

Uber and Lyft will help you easily make money driving. You will be able to work wherever you are based, as long as there are customers looking for rides. You can also work whenever you please, so you can use them to earn money on the side or as a full-time job as many other drivers do. You can make as much per hour or per month as you would in any other job, with more flexibility too.

How can I make money with a private car?

To make money from a private car, you could become a private driver, giving people lifts all over your city or town. If your car is a stylish, impressive car, then people will be willing to pay top dollar so that you help them look good.

If you’re happy to have your car be used for other people’s rides but don’t want to drive, then you can easily rent the car out. This means you simply hand over the car and get paid, easy money.

How can I make money with a luxury car?

Using platforms such as Uber and Lyft can really help you cash in on owning a luxury car.

If you have a luxury car that you are always getting compliments for then you should definitely consider becoming a driver. There are always people looking for a lift with style, whether it’s for a romantic date they want to show off to or a business client that someone is trying to impress. Or maybe someone is just wanting to treat themselves to a ride in luxury.

You can work whenever and wherever you want. They will allow people to hire you as their personal driver in your luxury car when you are ready to work.

You can choose which rides you want to take, depending on the distance, location, and client. You have all the freedom.

Then you just pick up the client, make sure they have a great time, and watch the money tips and great reviews come in.

The better the reviews, the more likely clients will be to hire you.

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