Best Budget Plate Carriers 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

Do you work in law enforcement, or do you just have specialist fitness interests and needs? Are you in the market for a new kit to protect your torso? Well, we know just what you need – try searching for a good but cheap plate carrier vests! These affordable products make the perfect tactical gear, and come at a low cost.

There are a lot of positives to plate carriers, such as the ability to quick-release ballistic plates. So, this article will take you through the best affordable plate carrier, its costs, and will answer key questions about the considerations you need to think of before shopping for the best minimalist plate carrier.

There’s something for everyone in just about every conceivable design – so you can be equipped with high quality armor that offers a brilliant level of protection to anyone. What’s more, you’ll be able to find the best options within your price range. Read on for more information – thanks in advance!

Considerations Choosing Plate Carriers

There are a variety of key considerations to bear in mind when you go for a plate carrier – such as the added extras and protective features afforded by shoulder straps, shoulder pads, molle webbing, and more. Our top considerations for choosing a tactical plate include the following:


You also need to consider where you’re using your plate carrier and what you’ll use it for, which also includes how often it’ll be used. A lightweight plate carrier is probably easiest for most uses, as it’s low profile and allows a great level of mobility. If you’re in law enforcement, you’ll want to consider a minimalist plate carrier that works effectively and covertly.


Weight differences are a key consideration of finding carrier vests that work for you. You’ll want a plate carrier vest that not only supports and covers your weight, but is a lightweight piece of tactical gear itself – so you can be assured that you won’t be weighed down.

Protection and Additional Features

You’ll finally need to consider the different features and elements afforded by the tactical plate for your own protection – as after all it’s a piece of body armor. Many come with side plates, front and back removable padding, and a chest rig for ultimate protection. What’s more, some even have extendable grab drag handle features for emergency exfiltration, as well as magazine pouches (mag pouches or ammunition pouches) to store your magazines.

Other considerations to keep in mind are:

  • Comfort and Fit
  • Brands
  • Reputability
  • Durability
  • Breathability

5 Best Cheap Plate Carriers in 2020

Here’s our top five list for the best budget plate carriers in 2020. In your own way, and your own time, you can peruse this list to find the best plate carrier for you with all the features you’re looking for, such as an admin pouch, medic pouch, or a back plate.

There’s something for everyone on this list, you just need to find the right option for you. Thanks for checking it out – if you like anything on this website feel free to peruse a website like Amazon or other retailers to find the brand that works for you, that offer a plate carrier with maximum capability and security. We’ve got all the info complete with every recommendation.

1.GFIRE Tactical Modular Vest

GFIRE Tactical Modular Vest

Our first product is the Tactical Vest from GFIRE, which offers a Breathable Combat Training piece that offers adjustable size and lightweight fabric. There’s even three color options – so in whatever places or whatever stuff you have to store in a scenario, you can discretely keep these vests under your shirt.

Key Elements

This vest is perfect for all combat situations, as the removable anti slip padded shoulder pads, complete with hook and loop guides, offer the most protection. The velcro fastenings are tight and secure, too, and the side straps and shoulder straps are adjustable! Even better, the modular operator system includes heavyweight PALS webbing.

This vest also comes with adjustable size, so if it fits too tight, or vice versa too loose, you can adjust. Everything you need in one place – there’s also a wealth of pockets, and an adjustable cummerbund. If the comfort, design, size, or any other element is not up to scratch compared to anything else or any other name on the market, for whatever reasons you can make a return within two years.

What a deal!

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Pockets: So Much Space for Plenty of Items Like Water, or Radios
  • Loose Shoulder Straps
  • Unresponsive Customer Service

2.WarTechGears Tactical Vest with MOLLE and PALS webbing

WarTechGears Tactical Vest with MOLLE and PALS webbing

The second product we have is the WarTechGears Tactical Fast Vest, which supports 11″ x 14″ plates and comes in black, green, or tan.

Key Elements

This is one of the best plate carriers for its construction and 3D mesh systems. The back plates, armor plates, and plate pockets are all secured with sturdy velcro, something that’s really important when you’re considering the weight of the plates your carriers need to support. The MOLLE and PALS webbing provides ultimate comfort in a sturdy design – it really does have everything you need.

The size and fit should be perfect for most standard plates of this type, and with the easy to adjust material you’ll have easy access to your plates in any scenario at any range. People are raving about this plate carrier for its shoulder straps, front and back padding, and comfy chest rig – and that’s a fact. There aren’t many cons with this vest – the feedback shows it has oodles of flexibility, so it’s perfect for a plethora of environments… it even has brilliant functionality in your workout. The fabric is breathable and allows room for easy movement of the user. No issues on your end!

  • Quality Construction for High Performance
  • Max Protection for Your Organs
  • Durability
  • Scenarios of Muddled Orders, i.e. Wrong Color

3.DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile MOLLE Vest

DLP Tactical Phantom Low Profile MOLLE Vest

Our third product is one of the pieces better equipped for men of the field. It has comfortable mesh and can carry all your things – it’s one of the best plate carriers on sale… it’s the DLP Tactical MOLLE Vest. It comes in 4 key color options such as multicam.

Key Elements

Whether you’re protecting a civilian community or playing a wicked game of paintball, this plate carrier vest offers high performance and utility as an item of value. It’s light, in the matter of weight, and offers a low profile fit and feel for training or other scenarios.

The coverage offered by panels is highly desirable, considering this comes from one of the lesser known brands on the market. There’s also a selection of colors such as multicam, for the vest that holds your firearms – so whatever your preferences or reason, you can tailor the set-up to your needs.

It’s a great example of its type, offering high quality storage for your magazines and full body coverage whatever your sizes – even if this is X Large. The armor plates, chest rig, and modular operator are impressive, and the heavy duty cordura nylon provides front and back security – this plate carrier means business. With a high quality MOLLE design it has everything you need.

One of the better deals on offer, considering the customization too!

  • Front and Back Coverage with Easy Access
  • Storage, such as Armor Plates, Dump Pouch, Kangaroo Pouch, and More.
  • Shoulder Straps – Weak Design
  • Quite Small for the User

4.OneTigris Tactical Laser Cut Plate Carrier Vest

OneTigris Tactical Laser Cut Plate Carrier Vest

Product number four comes from OneTigris, and is the Laser Cut Plate Carrier. There are so many options available with this handy design.

Key Elements

This design boasts 500 D Nylon, adjustable shoulder straps and waist straps, and MOLLE webbing for attachment points.

Its comfortable fit is highly ideal and will save the life of someone by keeping their shoulders comfortable! Guys at work will seriously envy you. In any situation, the fact is that any team needs this. Top to bottom, this vest is full of attachment points for all of your combat attachments, so you’re set up and good to go – pop all your mags and tools in without a struggle.

The vest leaves room for comfort, has various uses, and will support you to no end – from civilian protection to paintball games.

  • Attachment Points and MOLLE Web
  • Comfortable Modular Operator
  • Only One Color Option
  • One Size Only- Limited Sizes

5.BYHai Tactical CS Vest

BYHai Tactical CS Vest

Our final product, the final part of our top five list, is the BYHai Tactical CS Vest, which comes with a breathable nylon fabric and adjustable straps. There are also 4 color options, to adjust to the areas you’re working in. Complete with advice and recommendations from reviews’ comments – with one reviewer buying this handy vest for his wife, you can tell that the detail offered in this single vest makes it perfect for any practice.

Key Elements

All of the guys at the office will be fawning over this really cool plate carrier. Whatever the situation, it’s seriously equipped to set you on your way in the world. Heat conserving, protective, and sturdy, thanks to the waterproof oxford cloth this vest is great for outdoor camping, military training, or even cycling and mountaineering.

The chest coverage of this item is brilliant, and its minimalist design and super lightweight quality provides a high capacity plate carrier at a very promising price. It’s a good option for sure, and will help you out for any kind of setup or types of activity you’re involved in. Inside, there’s a bunch of pockets to keep all of your valuables, such as mags, maps, or other components.

  • Versatility for Plenty of Outside Operations
  • Minimalist Design and Impact Reduction Settings
  • Differing Fit
  • Uncomfortable Material

Best Value Plate Carrier

Our best budget carrier is pick 1, the Tactical Vest from GFIRE. This plate carrier is one of the best plate carrier models on the list purely because it’s so budget friendly. Amongst all the options on the market, this option is sure to have your back.

This carrier offers brilliant front and back coverage and an array of useful features that every plate carrier should include. Just check the review comments on the web page – everyone has nothing but positive thoughts. To us, it’s fab.

Most Affordable Plate Carrier Available

Our most affordable plate carrier is the BYHai Tactical CS Vest, which is a perfect option for various things, such as military training. To us, there are a range of handy attachments – and these attachments make this plate carrier better than the rest. Make sure you don’t miss out!


FAQs – Buyers Guide to Picking Plate Carriers

What is the best plate carrier for the price?

The best plate carrier for the money, in our humble opinion, is the Tactical Vest from GFIRE – as we just explained above. Its MOLLE web and other features, as well as the color choices such as black, means it’s a good pick for any American… and the build quality is wonderful.


Who makes the best plate carriers for the money?

This guide has given you different plate carriers that are all good, but any other site or shop will offer others from different brands. Some of our favorite company picks are:


Which plate carriers do Navy Seals use?

Are you wondering which brand the Navy SEALS use? As far as we know, the most popular is the Crye Precision JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier). The Crye JPC offers a lot of different options and pocket availability for all of your needed inserts.

Are Condor plate carriers any good?

Condor carriers, while not included in this guide, come highly recommended by a lot of people. They’re said to be perfect for all levels, from beginner to intermediate users, and have a range of features like radio pouches for easy use.

What is a Plate Carrier, Exactly?

A plate carrier is best described as a hybrid of body armor and load-bearing equipment (LBE). Plate carrier vests are tactical gear used by lots of different people, such as: law enforcement, military personnel, and even gym buffs for hardcore workouts. This provides a key strength of this tactical vest: it’s very versatile and can be used for a variety of needs… no one will go without!

Using a carrier plate vest at the gym is a great alternative to weight vests, provided the tactical vest fits you properly and easily distributes the load you’re carrying. Carrier plates can be worn to do planks, sit ups, lunges, and more.

If you’re using low profile plate carriers for law enforcement purposes, as body armor, you’ll know that your department or unit will have regulations for the type of lightweight plate carrier you’re allowed to wear – so always refer to your superiors before making a choice. Weight and protection are the two key considerations for law enforcement plate carrier vests.

Typical Costs of Plate Carriers

The best plate carrier will come at an affordable price, no doubt about it. There are so many options that it’s hard to choose. You can find most plate carriers at around $40 to $50, meaning you can find the best plate carrier under $100.

Of course, plate carriers will vary in price depending on their body armor technology, chest rigs, side panels, and even color schemes. Many have particular plate carrier systems, such as a Molle system or specific release system that makes their operation and usability much easier. Material also makes a difference – as the best, strong cordura nylon comes at a pretty price.