Best Cheap Full Suspension Mountain Bikes 2020

Cycling has gained immense popularity in the recent years. According to a survey, around 2 million people go for a cycle ride once a week. For many, it is a means of transportation, and for others it is form of exercise. Cycling can serve many purposes – be it convenience or health. Regardless of your purpose, cycling can be fun. However, you’ll not have a good experience riding, if you do not choose a perfect best budget full suspension mountain bike.

The market offers a wide range of choices of mountain bikes. But, finding the perfect mountain bike that suits your needs and fits your budget, owing to the plethora of choices available. In case you are reading this, then there are high possibilities that you are either considering to upgrade your mountain bike, or are looking to get your hands on one. Whatever your choices, this guide will help you make the process of purchasing easy for you.

In this guide, we have listed some of the important factors that need to understand, when buying a best budget full suspension mountain bike. If you want to save money, keep these factors in mind. For those who love adventurous rides, mountain bikes are a great pick. A basic cycle can be considered, but it doesn’t really offer a good option for exploring the country trails.

With the increasing demand, manufacturers have come up with designs and models to satisfy the varying needs. Hence, choices are aplenty, but go with one that suits you the most.

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Factors to consider when buying the best budget full suspension mountain bike

The Purpose of Buying: It is imperative that you take into account the purpose of the purchase. You should have clear answers to questions like- what is the main objective of the bike? Do you wish to go around on long rides exploring different types of terrain? The answers to all such questions will help you understand your requirements and know the style and components you should watch out for. If you’re looking for a mountain bike for terrain biking, you might prefer cross country bikes.

Such bikes generally have hardtail suspension, are lightweight and have larger wheels. Trail mountain bikes are not only the best for descent but also for ascents. These bikes are sleek, speedy and are amazingly responsive with decent suspension and small-sized wheels. For competitive riders, the market offers Enduro bikes that are smooth, aggressive and designed for more experienced riders.

Suspension is an imperative factor that affects the performance of these all these bikes. While several bikes have full suspension, others merely focus their attention on the front wheel. Enduro bikes are hardtail suspension bikes with a rigid rear end. It offers less control, meaning several riders will control the full suspension o the bike. It also offers maximum control on rougher trails. Another key point to take into account is the gear system. It is essential to have a gear system that is responsive and well-structured. Most riders prefer renowned brands for this and Shimano is an apt option.

Consider the Size: A very crucial factor to be considered is the right frame size. Everything else should be secondary on your list. However, it is not advisable to not stick to the standard size. A number of companies and manufacturers are turning their attention to small, medium and large sizes and are hence catering to all body types. However, you will definitely want to make sure that your best budget full suspension mountain bike fits you right. Have a close look and look for the distance from the saddle to the bars. Also see the stack – the distance from center of crank to mid-head tube.

Don’t be scared to go longer than you wish to with a road bike. A long front triangle will only put the axle ahead, thus conveniently allowing letting you weight it for a perfect grip. It will also help you to climb easily, keeping your front wheel intact. However, be careful and do not go long enough that there is no standover clearance. You will merely require a couple of centimeters. A short seat tube will provide you with a decent stand-over and also the perfect room for maneuvering. Ensure that you can still get a comfortable pedalling height without having to over-extend the seatpost.

Select Right Wheel Size

For many riders the diameter of the right sized wheels become a simple and binary choice of 27.5 inches. But, the wide-rimmed plus sizes and the trendy 29 inch downhill wheels are making their way in the market. These powerful, strong, stiff and light-weighted 29’ers will unequivocally become a regular option in the coming years, and they come attached with apt tires and frames. Currently, the most appropriate option largely is the same – bigger hoops for long miles, or small-sized, robust ones for enthusiastic and adventurous trails. The bigger sizes will be helpful in hardtails. However, they are sensitive to tire pressure and there always be skepticism about their durability.

Pick Hardtail or Full-Suspension

Even in the best budget full suspension mountain bike, the rear shock, bearings, linkage and extra manufacturing complication will be incurring costs for you. Thus, you will rather want to opt for some best parts on a hardtail against a full-suspension mountain bike at an equivalent rate. If you choose the former, then you will incur minimum maintenance expenses, as it has a good durability and handles even the toughest situations with ease. Full-suspension mountain bikes today, are more advanced than before. As such the modern full-suspension mountain bikes are a good choice. Therefore, there is no particular reason to not consider any of them.


Do not really fuss over the weight. The weight of the bike is imperative, but off-road, strength and power are a little more important. There is absolutely no where to go when random rocks, roots and ruts can surround you. The steering accuracy and cornering suffer in such a situation; it also drags down the pace with it. Thus it is advisable to carry a few extra kilos to keep your bike above the hedge.

Be Careful of the Flashy Trinkets

As a customer, do not get tricked by a nice rear mech (derailleur). It is a regular and common feature in these up-specked bikes. A good quality mech is imperative. But equally important are shifter and crank sets. Chain rings should also be considered with due importance. The lower spec components are heavier, more basic and not really worth any premium. As such, decide the features that you actually require before planning your upgrades.

Focus On The Suspension Quality & Not Quantity

Read the review by folks on full suspension mountain bikes you are plan to buy. You can make use of the manufacturer’s website to get details of the exact models. It is imperative to remember that the original equipment (OE) units may be different. It is often a lower spec than aftermarket that looks quite similar.

Search For Future Proof Design

Look for the trendy axle diameters and spacing. Check for the recent headset, bottom bracket and seatpost diameters. The internal routing for ‘stealth’ droppers is equally required. But, internal gear cabling/brake hosing does have remarkable looks and designs. However, it is noisy and lacks ease of maintenance.

Riding style: A cyclist’s style of riding is one of the key factors to take into consideration when buying mountain bike. The market is flooded with various options, each having different designs and features. Most of them are specifically designed for particular riding styles. The objective is to pick the perfect mountain bike that will suit the type of terrain you will ride on.

A free ride mountain bike offers a commendable features and flexibility, as it can be used on any terrain or style of riding. It is more or less, a multi-purpose mountain bike. A downhill mountain bike enhances downhill trail riding and is built for hills and long slopes and comes with chain guards and high-quality disc brakes.

On the other hand, full suspension mountain bikes are the best among them; they provide comfort riding experience in bumpy and intensive trail rides. These bikes feature both – a rear suspension crossbar and a front suspension fork. A cross country bike is made for moderate outdoor use and is lightweight and fairly rigid in nature and structure.

Comfort: For many, biking is the best form of exercise and fitness. While some people also take a ride on their mountain bikes for exploring the outdoors, several wish to make it an adventure with a group of pals. Professional cyclists train for hours to prepare for a race. It doesn’t matter if you are a normal (casual) cyclist or a professional one; you are likely to spend a decent amount of time riding your bike.

In such a situation, a comfortable ride is all you would wish for. It is imperative that you choose the best budget mountain bike that provides maximum comfort. Buying a mountain bike that is ill-fitted will ruin your biking experience. Also, there are chances of getting injured during the ride.

Bike fitting: As mentioned above, mountain bikes are available in three particular sizes – small, medium, and large. Just like you shop for clothes, so that it suits you the best, fitting is an imperative aspect when buying a mountain bike.

Many people are under the impression that the concept of bike fitting is only meant for professionals to worry about. However, it is not. Whether you are a learner, beginner or a professional cyclist, you will definitely benefit from a bike fitting. It is especially true if you plan to spend more time riding on your bike. If you choose a bike that doesn’t fit you well, your enjoyment is sure to go down the drain. One of the most popular ways of knowing if the bike fits you well is through professional bike fitting.

This process may consume time, but your time and effort will ultimately be worth it. Buying a well-fitted bike will assure maximum comfort, flexibility, and confidence while riding. You will be in a position to ride more efficiently and also avoid injuries. It will improve your performance standards. You will be able to tackle more technical and challenging rides with ease. Thus, it is imperative that you select a bike that suits your style of riding, and aptly fits your height and flexibility.

Mountain bike features: The more options, the more the confusion. Different bikes offer different features. In order to help you make your task easier and streamline your choices, it is best to make a proper list of the features that you desire in a mountain bike. Take into consideration the type of brakes, number of gears, wheel size, saddle, and frame material you want on your bike.

Needless to say, also take into account the price, as it will largely depend on the features. If you are a beginner, then it is recommended that you invest in an entry level bike. Such bikes offer basic parts and features. However, you have the choice to upgrade the components and features over time as you get better.

Consider the Budget: Purchasing a mountain bike is a significant investment, as it doesn’t come cheap. Several cost as high as thousands of dollars. However, you really do not need to spend a lot to explore and enjoy the sport. So, before you look around for best budget full suspension mountain bike options, you first need to decide how much will you willingly spend.

If you are an amateur, start by looking at entry level bikes. But if you have decent budget, then opt for high-end models. But do not exceed your budget on top-of-the-line bikes. You will require something that suits your skills, satisfies your pocket and provides you an easy and enjoyable ride.

Warranty: Before you finalize on any mountain bike, ensure you have complete knowledge about the terms and conditions of any warranty that comes along. In case it is a model that is a year old or over, ensure the warranty begins when you purchase it, and not when the shop bought the stock. A number of shops offer free tune-ups from 30 to 90 days after the purchase. This will help you fix parts that might have shifted during the break-in process.

Information and Reviews: Before you buy any product, it is essential that you have good knowledge about the same. As such, a customer has to do his/her homework well before making a purchase. Begin with understanding the specifications on different brands. There are a lot of factors that need attention, and thus knowing the details is important.

While personally understanding the functions and details, you also need to read the user reviews. How is the quality? Is it comfortable to ride on tough trails? With the user reviews and specifications, you will be able to find the bike that best suits your needs.

After understanding the features required to pick the best ride, you will be searching for options on the net. But, we have made your task simple. Our experts have put in hours of work and found the best budget full suspension mountain bikes of 2019. Take a look at the list and find the bike that suits you the best.

Best Budget Full Suspension Mountain Bike 2020

1. Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike, 26-Inch

The full-suspension mechanism offered by Kent KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike makes it a popular choice among riders. It is extremely affordable, as it available under $200. It provides 65mm of suspension; enough tackle the rough trail and also maintain efficiency. Thus it is a decent option for gate racecourses and cross-country riding. The dual suspension offers good stand-over height, making the bike greatly maneuverable. It impressively takes on bumps and absorbs road shock. As such, your ride becomes smoother and comfortable.

Having a mountain bike that is lightweight but does not compromise on durability and performance is what most riders dream about. This best budget full suspension mountain bike is exactly designed for this. It has lightweight frame built of aluminum that is strong enough to accommodate the rider’s weight.

However, there have been improvements to the frame by including a butted design. The new butted tube frame manages weight appropriately, keeping it to the minimum, making the bike more aerodynamic for better speed.

The bike comes with strong aluminum alloy hubs and rims making it sturdy enough to tackle the roughness of off-road riding. The tires offer a decent grip to lessen the problems that you experience over small obstacles. The Kent KZ2600 is a best budget full-suspension bike offering immense versatility.

Why we chose this:

If you’re looking for best-in-class performance, durability, and a can’t beat deal – go with our #1 rated Kent Kz2600. You won’t regret it.

  • It’s shockingly low price
  • It’s best-in-class suspension allowing you to go more places
  • It has a sturdy frame that’s solid and built-to-last
  • It has a great-looking tri-color finish
  • It’s gears shift effortlessly
  • It only comes in a men’s size


2. Northwoods Pomona Women’s Dual

Northwoods Pomona Women's Dual Suspension Comfort Bike

The Northwoods Pomona Dual-Suspension Comfort Bike is one of the best options in the market for someone who desires reliability, comfort and amazing value in a bicycle. The major component of the bike is the handcrafted, lightweight aluminum dual suspension frame that helps to tackle bumps even on the most uneven roads.

The proficiency is enhanced with combined lightweight parts like alloy rims, stem and a quick release seat clamp. It is available in both men and women frames styles. Though it has a sporty look, it is one of the best investments you can make. The design of the mountain bike clearly states that it is made to last long.

You can easily take it anywhere and it will duly serve the purpose. Even if it is a long city ride or a bumpy ride in a trail, you will experience the best of everything. The frame of the bike is well composed and is made from aluminum alloy that manages any road easily. It has alloy rims with customized cruiser tires.

The seat on Northwoods Pomona is made from foam, having a marvelous anti-shock feature. Additionally, it is coated with high-quality leather to safeguard the foam from any dirt or water that might ruin the material.

Why we chose this:

If you’re looking for an affordable women’s bike that rides smooth and just get’s the job done, go with this Northwoods Pomona model.

  • It has an extra-comfortable cruiser seat built for more-relaxing rides
  • It’s twist shifters require minimal force leading to easier operation
  • It has a solid frame that’s built-to-last
  • It’s suspension system is extra-responsive helping you go more places smoothly
  • It only comes in a women’s size


3. Beiou Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycles

Beiou Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycles All Terrain 27.5 Inch MTB 650B Bike SHIMANO DEORE 10 Speed 12.7kg T700 Frame Matte 3K CB22

The BEIOU Carbon Dual Suspension Mountain Bicycle has some extraordinarily exceptional features.

Many mountain bikes under $1000 are manufactured with aluminum or steel frames. But, this mountain bike has a solid and expensive carbon-fiber frame that is lightweight and durable.
The braking system of this bike has a hydraulic system with integrated Shimano components.

More specifically, it uses Shimano M355 technology, ensuring robust and swift stopping features regardless of the conditions. It also has a high end speed system, enabling the rider to swiftly blaze across the mountain trails. It is equipped with a 27 speed system that allows you to optimize your control as you pace.

Why we chose this:

Three words: carbon fiber baby. With this Beiou model, you’re provided with a sleek, lightweight, and strong frame that you’ll only get from carbon fiber material.

  • It’s carbon frame that’s sleek, lightweight, strong, and built-to-last
  • Its suspension system is responsive allowing you to go more places easily
  • It’s hydraulic brakes work great, giving you ultimate control
  • It’s perfect for mountain trails to casual street riding
  • The carbon fiber frame leads to a more premium price (but it’s well worth it)


4. GTM 26 Inch Mountain Bike 18

GTM 26 Inch Mountain Bike 18 Speed Bicycle Shimano Hybrid Suspension, Black & Red

In case you are searching for an affordable rocky mountain bike – the GTM 26” Mountain Bike 18 Speed Bicycle Shimano Hybrid Suspension is one of the best options the market. It is equipped with many features that makes it one of the best budget full suspension mountain bikes of 2018. It has a HI-TEN Mountain Bike frame with a Front Fork V-Brake and the Shimano rear derailleur offers precise and easy shifting. The rims are made from Aluminum. The bike has the capacity to be easily assembled and comes with proper tool allowing you easily install the bike with proper instructions.

Why we chose this:

We chose this GTM model because it gives you a great blend between a bike meant for rocky trails, and one you can ride all over the neighborhood casually.

  • Its sleek white and black frame that looks great
  • Its extra-comfortable racing seat built for longer rides
  • Its tire treads have excellent grip
  • It’s more expensive than other higher-rated full-suspension bikes on this list


5. Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Complete Bicycle MTB 27 Speed 26-Inch Wheel SHIMANO 370 CB004

Cycles are fun and entertaining. Be it in your childhood, or after you have reached a certain age, the happiness of riding a bicycle will always be the same. The Beiou Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Complete Bicycle is extremely reliable and comfortable for hours together. It has many features that make it enticing for cycle enthusiasts.

It is manufactured from T700 carbon fiber frame and as such, it is strong as well as lightweight. It offers a dual brake system, that makes sure that the rider is safe and secure in drastic weather conditions. Its brakes offer good support both in dry and wet conditions.

The carbon MTB comes with 27 different speeds, and the rider enjoys the flexibility of changing it as per requirements. It has soft and flexible tires that make it possible to work on rough terrains. Since it is lightweight, it easily portable in transportation. Though it is does not come fully assembled, you do not have to make use of heavy tools to fix it up.

Why we chose this:

Its another full-suspension carbon fiber mountain bike that’s affordable and provides above-average performance.

  • Its carbon fiber design leading to a lighter and easier to control ride
  • Its great-looking tri-color frame
  • Its suspension system is above-average
  • Its premium price level due to its carbon fiber frame


6. Raleigh Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

Raleigh Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike

The Raleigh Bikes Tokul 2 Mountain Bike is the best budget full suspension mountain bike under $700. The drivetrain attached, is the very first factor to be noticed, as it works well for both uphill and downhill activities. It even offers amazing pace for both fast and slow speeds and helps you to move briskly with several gear options. Its extraordinary shifting mechanism helps you navigate through even the roughest mountain trails. The tires and rims of this affordable mountain bike have the capacity to manage the toughest environments.

The wheels start with 27.5-inch Weinmann U28 rims, and are manufactured with lightweight alloy components. It has tires thick and wide enough to provide a firm grip to the rider – even in the toughest situations. They perform well in both dry as well as wet terrain; thus, it provides a safer and affordable mountain bike ride. The hydraulic disc brakes on this mountain bike are crucial to its safety. Tektro hydraulic disc brakes are attached to improve bike’s stopping power in all conditions. You can enjoy a comfortable ride with a smooth and easy to use fork at the front part of the bike.

The SR Suntour XCM fork uses a 120mm body and has a lightweight alloy structure to enhance the comfort level. The last key factor to look for, is that it is made up of an alloy component around its body, to produce a lightweight setup. The Raleigh Tokul 2 mountain bike is a specially designed model that has a fun layout. It is also easy to ride on and has a simplified control setup. The gear system as well as the robust strong braking layout adds the extra pinch to the comfortable design.

Why we chose this:

This is another lightweight bike that’s great for those who are on-the-go. For college students biking around campus, and nearby trails, this a great option.

  • There’s a lifetime limited warranty on the frame
  • Its lightweight aluminum frame is durable and easy to operate
  • Its rugged tires are perfect for rocky outdoor trails
  • Its frame isn’t as attractive as other models rated-higher on this list


7. 2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension

2018 Gravity FSX 1.0 Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike with Disc Brakes, Shimano Shifting

Gravity FSX 1.0 bike is made with larger tires, durable heavy wheels and with robust brakes. It is one of the best budget full-suspension mountain bikes available under $400 in the market. This mountain bike makes your ride easy and comfortable and also duly looks after your safety and protection. It is made up of advanced aluminum frames with hydroformed tubes, and offers a spectacular speed of 24 drivetrains.

Not only does it provide enjoyment, it also takes care of your health and well-being. In order to make sure that the mountain bike performs efficiently, it is designed using top-notch technology. There are a number of obstacles and bumps that come your way when riding a cycle on varied terrain, but you can easily overcome them with the Gravity FSX 1.0 Full Suspension bike.

It has an adjustable ear coil cover cartridge that helps enhance the performance. This mountain bike has the ability to brake in any circumstances, making your ride easy and safe. The Shimano Shifting feature provides extremely powerful components with 24-speed drive cassette and shifters. The Gravity FSX mountain bike has a more than the 6061 Aluminum frame – it is lightweight and also durable giving a longer support to your joyful bike rides. One of the most remarkable features, is that this mountain bike has stainless steel rims to prevent rusting.

Why we chose this:

Its frame is solid to the touch, and built to last longer than most models at this price range.

  • It’s great for rocky mountain trails
  • It has an above-average breaking system
  • Its frame is sturdy and built-to-last
  • It’s slightly more expensive than other higher-rated models on our list


8. Diamondback Bicycles Release 2

Diamondback Bicycles Release 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Bicycle Release 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike comes with a Rockshox Monarch Rt3 debonair shock, that helps the rider to combat the road shocks that you might face on rough, and uneven terrains. It comes with 7.5 inch Diamondback Blanchard wheels and 28mm internal width, making the bike lightweight and sturdy. With this bike you will not have to worry about grip and control.

It has a SRAM GX 1×11 drivetrain, to make your ride comfortable and joyful. The design will not only lure you but its features will satisfy your urge for an amazing adventurous ride. It is one of the best budget full suspension mountain bikes available under $2,300. Though the price is steep, the features offered will make it a wasted investment.

Why we chose this:

This beast from the famous brand Diamondback had to be included in our list for its superior large frame, and amazing pound-for-pound price.

  • It has extra-rugged tires so you can go to more extreme places
  • It has a thick sturdy-frame that’s built to last for years
  • It has an above-average suspension system that keeps your rides feeling smooth
  • Given it’s extra-thick frame, it demands a more premium price level


9. Extrbici FR100 Mountain Folding Bike Bicycle

Extrbici FR100 Mountain Folding Bike Bicycle for Adults Full Suspension 24 Speeds Shimano M310 Gears Aluminum Frame 17x26 Inch Wheel Mechanical Disc Brakes for Mens

The Extrbici FR100 Mountain Folding Bike Bicycle offers both, a front and rear suspension that is not easily available in other full-size folding bikes. The suspension is almost on par with some of the more expensive normal mountain bikes. The aluminum frame can withstand quite a beating. It also has a highly impressive set of disc brakes. The high-end duty brakes work amazingly, and as a result, the FR100 has a good set of grip providing tires. The bike can be stopped easily anytime.

The FR100 provides an absolutely perfect grip. At no point will you ever feel like you are losing grip. However, among all the other folding mountain bikes, this particular mountain bike has heavy tires. As such, you cannot carry it for a long time. Also, it has a heavyweight – as compared to most in the market. It is not one of the most affordable folding bikes, but it still worth the money, considering the features.

Why we chose this:

For those who need to take their bike to places that normal bikes couldn’t, this Extrbici FR100 is for you.

  • Its foldable design allows you to take your bike to places that were previously unheard of
  • Its extra-lightweight for easier operation
  • It’s shockingly affordable given its unique features
  • If you don’t use its portability, other options provide a better quality ride


Polaris Ranger 24 Inch Boys

Polaris Ranger 24 Inch Boys Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

The Polaris Ranger Full Suspension Bicycle is manufactured with a sturdy steel frame. The marvelous paint scheme and performance geometry, is the highlight of this mountain bike. It features Twist Shifters and a Shimano rear derailleur, aluminum rims and has 21 speed functions.

The bike has steel dual suspension frame with steel fork and has aluminum rims with 24×1.95 in. mountain bike tires and linear pull brakes. If you’re looking for a basic and affordable ride, then this is the best option for you.

Why we chose this:

It’s affordable price tag earns its spot on our list, but its performance leaves a little to be desired.

  • It’s steel frame is strong and built-to-last
  • Its tri-color frame looks fantastic
  • It’s shockingly cheap
  • It only comes in one finish
  • Other models provide a better combination of value vs. price


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