How to Travel for Free

Most of us would love the opportunity to travel the world; exploring each corner of the globe, going on adventures, and making great memories. What could be better than that?

What if you could travel the world for free? Or even get paid to travel around the world?

Most of us work full-time jobs, desperately saving up so that we can try and see as much of the world in our two weeks off we are allowed each year. But with the following tips, trick & techniques, you’ll be able to ditch the nine to five life for a lifetime of traveling.

We have advice on how to travel around the world by sea, land and, air for free. How you can learn to never pay for any accommodation again. How you can see the city without spending a penny.

So, if you have always wanted to change your life and see the world, but are stopped by fears of the cost, then there is no need to worry anymore.

Let your new life start this moment by learning how to travel for free with this great content on travel tips.

Considerations Travelling for Free

Before you start packing your bags, quitting your job, and saying Bon Voyage to everyone you know and love, there are a few things to consider first to help plan the easiest, funniest, and cheapest possible trip.

What skills you can offer in exchange:

Think about what skills or knowledge you have that others could possibly need. Not just professional skills or degree-based knowledge, but anything you are good at or passionate about. Do you love cooking for your friends and family? That will help.  Are you a whizz with computers and social media? Great skills. Can you take beautiful pictures, write well or paint perfectly? Any of these skills can help out communities or companies around the world. So make sure you know the best ways you can help others out, this can help you find free accommodation, food or transport as you travel.

Having a variety of CVs already prepared, suited for a variety of different jobs and positions means that you can still enjoy traveling while applying for exciting new opportunities. Opportunities that will be discussed further down.

How long you want to travel for:

It is always important to have a rough idea of how long you want to travel for, though for many, this is constantly extended, which can be easily done.

But, having a rough idea can help in many different ways. If you are just leaving for the summer, then only pack your summer clothes. You don’t want to be paying extra baggage for coats, scarves, and thick socks that will never be used. If you are going to be traveling for longer, then you will want to pack for every season and adventure you can expect. Just like you don’t want to lose money on baggage, you also don’t want to lose money having to buy all those things that you left at home. So it’s important to pack correctly to save money.

Also, packing light will not only save your back on long journeys, but it will also save your budget too. Most airlines will charge you for big, heavy bags. Find the right bag and only pack essentials.

Depending on how long you will be traveling for can also affect things like storage units. If you need to put all your possessions and furniture in storage, you can often get a better deal the longer you agree to when you first rent.

Where you want to travel to:

Some of us will want to see the whole world, some people only care to see very specific countries. When traveling on a budget, it’s best to be flexible with where you want to go. IF there is a job opportunity, a free lift, or a new friend in a cool city you can stay with, then go where the world is showing you. This way you will be able to visit and explore many more places, and hopefully discover countries and cultures that you never thought of exploring.

Set goals for countries, cities, and places you dream of seeing, and try making it there. It may take a strange and long route, but if you want to travel on a budget, this is one of the small sacrifices that must be made.

Having alerts set for cheap flights, trains, and planes for places you want to go will always help you get to these places eventually. That will be detailed more further.

Is it Safe?

Last, but in no means least, you need to consider safety. Traveling the world on a budget can be the most exciting time of your life, so make sure you know how to stay safe before leaving so that it stays like that.

Try and keep up to date with the countries you plan to travel to and that surround you (you’ll most likely find yourself in them without much notice, probably with newfound friends). Having this knowledge at hand means that you will always be prepared for wherever you are going, or in some small cases, wherever you may need to avoid.

Make sure you have medical insurance if you are not covered. You would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. A phrase that is often mentioned with insurance, but with medical insurance, it really does matter. Just in case you do need a hospital, doctor, or even a prescription, you don’t want to add to your worries with the fear of a huge medical bill. Especially when traveling on a budget.

There are loads of amazing and cheap insurances to find on the internet, all depending on where you are going and for how long. So before jetting off, you look into all this carefully to ensure that you can relax and enjoy your travels.

Nearly time to go

Once you’ve considered all these points, you’ll have a list of skills and an ever-growing list of places you want to visit. So now you need to find the best ways to get there, stay there, and most importantly, enjoy wherever you are going. So here are the best travel tips to help you travel the world for free.

Top 10 Ways to Travel for Free

Pet sitting

Petting sitting can be a great way to find a beautiful apartment or house to stay in, make some spare cash, and have a fun furry friend to play with during your stay.

Big cities are full of business people that are constantly having to travel for work. They can’t take their loving pets with them or their central housing. So what can they do?

Well, this is where you can manage to travel for free.

Many people don’t want to place their beloved pets to be left in a kennel and don’t have a friend or family member that can take on the responsibility. So there is always a need for reliable and responsible animal lovers to take care of their pets and their homes.

You can find people will offer their home for you to live in free of change, as well as payments for longer stays, in exchange for you to feed, walk, and love their pet. So you’ll have free accommodation all to yourself, a fun animal to play with, and loads of free time to explore wherever you are. Hopefully, the fridge will be left full for you as well for an extra treat.

Having a long and stable place to stay can also help you work from home, having a quiet area to sit at a desk is much better than a noisy hostel or crammed cafe.

So if you are a responsible and respectful person, that loves pets, then keep an eye out for these opportunities. There are loads of social media groups and tags to follow so you can always find the next opportunity.

These sites are not just great for pet sitting, but also just house sitting is a great way to find amazing places to stay for free. House sitting is just like pet sitting, but with fewer responsibilities, so always keep an eye out for those opportunities too.

Teaching abroad

Teaching abroad can help you easily to find a cool city to live in with a stable salary. Across Europe and Asia, every year they have more roles for teachers than they have teachers, so there are always opportunities available.

Don’t worry about having to go back to school for a few years to prepare, the role is often based on teaching children about your culture and having conversations. You will most likely be a teacher’s aid helping out. Though it is best to first get TEFL certified as some of the positions may ask for this, but it’s easy and cheap to gain.

These programs not only pay well so that you can comfortably live in an exciting new place, but they can help with the cost of flights and transport. Employers will also help you find accommodation or even give you a free month of accommodation so that you have time to explore the city to discover which area you’d prefer to live in. As well as visas, insurance, and other issues that you could come across trying to travel these places yourself.

Teaching in a school or academy will also bring you close to other travelers and ex-pats, so you can easily make friends with people in a similar situation. Groups of friends are normally formed so that you can go on further adventures on the weekends together, help explore the city, or even find some roommates to live with.

With teaching abroad, you could have a fun and fulfilling job that will let you move to different countries every year until you eventually get bored, which is very unlikely. There are teachers out there that have been teaching for decades; seeing the world, living their life, making great friends.

If you you are confident with children, teaching, and travel, then this is definitely a great option for you.

Au Pair

Another great opportunity to see the world if you love kids could be becoming an Au Pair.

Au Pair’s are normally given room and board, plus many will help with travel expenses for getting around the city or town and a little pocket money. This is an exchange for a few hours of child care, this can vary from cooking and cleaning to homework and excursions. Taking the kids on days out means that you will also get to see the museums or exhibitions for free. Therefore, it is always important to discuss with the parents what duties are expected of you, and how many hours you will work.

Having a free room and board, with short hours means that you can use your days for traveling around your new city or town, especially if you get your travel costs paid for. But with so much free time off, especially nights, as the children will be asleep, it is easy to find a part-time job in a shop or bar to help you save for more adventures and traveling.

It is always a trick to live with locals or people that have been living in the city for a long time, so they can help you with tips so you can get the best possible experience out of your time.

With the right family, you can easily become a member of the family and none of it will feel like work.

So if working with children, living in a family home, and gaining valuable experience to help with other jobs would suit you, look out for Au Pair sites and social media groups to find exciting new opportunities.


If you have ever read about the great American travelers such as Jack Kerouac, then you’ll already know that hitchhiking can be one of the greatest ways to travel easily, especially on a budget.

For those that don’t know, hitchhiking (or just hitching) is a technique of traveling that simply involved standing at the side of the roads and waiting to see which kind driver pulls up to give you a ride, then hop in and see where you go. Or, maybe ask where they are going first, just to make sure it is at least in the general direction you want.

Traditionally, hitchhikers would just stick their thumb out while walking down the road. The thumb at the side of the road is the known international signal for looking for a lift. But many hitchhikers have now taken to using signs. These signs could either have the city or country that you are hoping to get to; some people try to express their personality on these signs, adding messages and such on to help encourage drivers to help them out.

Hitchhiking is normally completely free, which is great, but it is the most unreliable form of transport. If you have all the time in the world, with no place to get to and no timetable set, then it is great. But if you need to catch a plane or reservation, then this is a very risky method to travel by.

As mentioned, hitchhiking is normally free but some people may ask for some money for petrol at least, so just be aware of this when you accept a ride. Maybe try and let them know on your sign or before getting in if you can’t afford to chip in for petrol. But most will understand, no one is trying to make money from picking up hitchers.

Hitchhiking can also be dangerous, getting into a strangers car in a strange place could be a little dangerous. So only get in the car if you are comfortable getting in the car, try not to go alone, and have your phone free just in case.

But, don’t let this put you off, most people hitch with no problems at all. It is an easy solution to getting rid of travel costs, as well as an exciting way to make new friends, meet locals, and get the best advice on the area.

So, if you are free with your time, love people, and don’t mind waiting for hours potentially on the side of the road, then this is a great option to help save your money and travel around the world for free.


WWOOF or The World Wide Opportunities on Organic Foods is another fantastic source to help you travel around the world for free.

WWOOF is a site to help both organic farms continue to produce great food & aids travelers in seeing the world and saving their travel funds. WWOOF helps connect you to these organic farms that are looking for workers.

WWOOF is a work exchange program for seasonal organic farm work. These farms will often have loads of free space and great food, but not the local workers or money to pay workers.

So WWOOF helps farmers give travelers the chance to come and help out on their organic farm. For a few hours a day, working in beautiful vineyards or maybe collecting coffee beans, the farm will give the workers a place to sleep and fresh organic food.

These opportunities can be a great way to escape from the big cities, from technology and stress. These farms are located in some amazing places that you can explore after work, normally only a few hours a day, and on weekends.

Living with locals also gives you opportunities to learn more about their culture, about where to travel to next in the country, and maybe even learn the language. You could also have the opportunity to learn other skills, these farms often have a lot going on. Maybe you’ll learn to horse ride, build fences, or drive a tractor. These skills will then help you get more opportunities as you travel the world.

So, if you love nature, working with your hands, and delicious fresh food, then farm work will be a great experience for you.

Work on a Cruise Ship 

Sea, sun, and sailors could be one way to get over long distances for free but get paid and have fun too. Cruise ships, yachts, and boats are always searching for hard workers to join their crew, with jobs from waiters and chefs, to lifeguards and entertainers.

Working on a cruise will not only save loads of money on travel expenses for international flights, as you’ll hope on a ship to travel across the globe. But while you are on board, you will get a cabin or room, food, and not spend a cent of your wages. So once you hop off the ship in your new destination, you’ll have a healthy pay packet to go and enjoy.

You can find a position on cruise ships directly on their sites that can easily be found online, there are plenty. For positions on smaller boats and yachts, there are many sites that post up to date positions, however, they do often have a joining fee. So once again, check out social media groups before joining any sites that charge.


Couchsurfing has recently moved from a free service to a monthly fee, but for only $2.39, it really is a bargain. You will save more than that using it just once.

Couchsurfing is a site that allows locals to welcome travelers to stay with them for free on their couch, but some hosts may offer a full bed, a hammock, or even a tent.

Hosts let strangers stay with them as they are normally travelers themselves. But if they can’t travel, then the next best thing is bringing other travelers into their homes. Often travelers will use Couchsurfing on their adventures and then when or if they ever settle down, they invite people to stay with them. It all comes full circle.

Not only will you save money on accommodation, but hosts will be able to give you the best tips on the city or town, especially on a budget. And each experience is completely unique, you could meet an older couple that will cook you a meal. Or a young traveler wanting to show others the nightlife.

All you need to do is create a profile, then search for the place and dates you want to stay. You’ll then be given a list of profiles of all the hosts that are accepting guests for those dates. You can read all about them on their profile and read reviews from others that have stayed with them, so it is easy and safe.

Couchsurfing is a great option as accommodation is one of the highest expenses, you will get all the best information, and you will have a kitchen to cook in too which is always a great money saver.


When looking for a place to stay for cheap and meet other travelers looking for fun, hostels are the best option. But we want to travel for free, so how can a hostel help.

Well, many hostels are owned by travelers and ran by travelers.

Hostels will often hire travelers, as they can sympathize with not only traveling on a budget, but they know that sometimes we will fall in love with a hostel and want to extend our stay.

So, many hostels will offer free room and board, maybe some beers too, in exchange for things like cleaning, reception work, or cooking. This will give you some time more to further explore, but unlike other tips for free accommodation, working in a hostel will let you still hang out with big groups of travelers.

Credit Rewards

You might think that a credit card is the last thing a traveler on a budget would want. However, there are a few tricks that you can use that a credit card helps you get free or at least cheaper plane tickets.

To start, some credit card companies have partnered up with a variety of airlines, so that any reward points you collect will be added to or even doubled.

But what are these rewards points? Well, simply the more you use your card or using your card with certain companies, will give you more reward points. They can then be used for discounted or even free flights.

There are also sign-up bonuses from many credit companies, which can include discounted or free flights, so always keep an eye out for these deals.

So, find the right credit card company and you could find your ticket out of here.


Across the world, there are thousands of opportunities for you to not only travel the world but to help improve the lives of people and their communities.

Volunteer programs can vary hugely, from working in schools to building the schools. Whatever your skills are, there will be an opportunity for you to help those in need.

You will come to learn about other cultures and communities, as well as learning about the world, with all the issues that sadly exist.

Maybe find a community, country, or issue that needs some help, then review your skills to discover how best you can help them.

You will often receive a place to stay rent-free and food, but most importantly you will be helping others and working on making the world a better place.

Ready to Travel the World for Free

Now that you have all the best content on ways to travel the world for free, nothing is stopping you from starting your next great global adventure.

There’s something out there for everyone, whether that’s making cocktails on a cruise around the world, looking after adorable dogs for someone, or working in your favorite traveler’s hostel. You will be learning new skills, pick up languages, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Just remember to prepare properly, keep an eye out on all the various social media groups and tags, but most importantly have an amazing time and stay safe out there.


How can I travel around the world with no money?

Traveling with no money can be hard but not impossible, at least to start.

The best way to start with no money, stay local, and slowly spread out.

Pack your bag and a good packet lunch and hit the road hitchhiking, so you already have free transport.

Try and already have either a job or exchange set up, close to home, so you can hitchhike there. Once you get there, start saving all the money you can, learn new skills, and make new friends. Then keep hitchhiking to your next adventure or maybe jump in the car with some new friends.

Other options could be to teach English abroad, as many companies will help with travel costs and accommodation. So you can find an exciting new place to live and work with no money, and you’ll finish with great memories, teaching experience, and money to keep traveling.

How can I travel and stay for free?

There are loads of different ways so that you don’t have to spend money on accommodation while you travel, which is usually the highest expense for most travelers.

Join Couchsurfing, where you will be able to stay on people’s couches for free, plus you’ll meet new people and get the best tips from the hosts that live there.

Many jobs such as being an Au Pair, working on a cruise, or helping out in a hostel will offer you accommodation and more in exchange for work.

Or if the weather permits, you can camp. Many counties allow free camping, so you could invest in a light tent, and carry your accommodation where ever you go. Hostels, swimming pools, and gyms are great places to find free showers so you can still keep clean and fresh.

How can I travel to the USA for free?

There are a few ways to travel to the USA for free.

You can look for work on a cruise, yacht, or boat; companies are always looking for crew willing to spends weeks at a time at sea. Find one that will let you off in the USA, and once you’ve arrived for free, you will also have saved up enough money from working that you can begin your adventure in style.

Check out which banks or companies are offering sigh-up deals or other promotions connected with airlines and flights when you sign-up for their credit cards. With the number of companies that now exist, there are always a few with plane tickets to entice customers which will allow you to travel the world for free, or at least help you save money on flights. Plus credit cards are great in a travel emergency.

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