How to save money on TV and Internet

Are you finding yourself with a TV bill that’s just too much per month? Are you not quite ready to cut the cord on your TV and internet provider altogether? Well, do we have all the right stuff for you. We know that it’s hard to know how to save money on internet and TV, but with our top 5 tips and all of your FAQs answered, it’s surprisingly easy. From cutting down on live TV or cable to crawling the internet for free trials, there are so many ways to browse the internet and watch all of your favorite TV shows while scaling back the costs.

In this article, we’ll take you through our top 5 suggestions for saving money with your cable company, such as using streaming platforms and other TV alternatives to cable, as well as taking you through other ways to slash your internet bill or cable bill. Whatever questions you have, we’re bound to answer them – so sit back, relax, and read our guide for how to watch all of your favorite shows whilst saving the bucks. Pay attention and get your common sense at the ready!

Top Tips: How to Save Money on TV and Internet

Straight off the bat, here are our 5 top suggestions for saving money from your cable provider or internet service. If you’re looking to slash your cable bill, it’s always a good idea to look for alternatives for cable TV – with any alternative cable TV will be easily replaced.

1. Scale Back

One of the best ways to save money, as well as looking for a cable-alternative TV service, is to scale back on your service package. This can be easily done by chatting to your provider – which makes cord cutting as simple and pain-free as possible.

This is a brilliant way to save a little bit of money per month without engaging in wholesale cord-cutting by cancelling from your credit card. You might want to take a look at your bill and see where you can scale back, through:

  • The number of channels
  • Additional extras
  • DVR or media player functionality

If you go from this to a basic cable box service, such as satellite TV channels, you’ll soon find that the prices will drop. Your cable bills will look happy, and your credit cards won’t be so close to being maxed out.

If this is not ideal for you and you think you’ll miss the Food Network, USA Today, or Game of Thrones a little too much, consider scaling back on internet service – if you alter your internet connection or internet speed, this could also cut cost.

2. Group into a Service Package

You might also want to consider grouping your services with one provider. Your home is an important hub of communication, with mobiles, landlines, and TV services. If you’re ordering these different things from multiple providers, you’re almost certainly not saving the money that you want to save.

The best way to do this, then, is to group everything onto one provider. Lots of television providers show you bundles that can easily cut costs- i .e. Sling TV which offers both Sling Orange and Sling Blue packages. You could get a range of handy services, including your phones, internet, and TV from as little as $25 per month – so definitely look into getting a similar bundle so you can watch all of your TV shows unbothered!

A lot of places even offer you an annual contract as opposed to having to pay per month. This is handy for those that might forget their payments pretty quickly, and want to ensure that they’re covered. Be careful, though, there may be fees for early cancellation.

Give this a thought before looking for top purchases on the market. It’s easy to save top dollar or a buck here or there, but you need to do your research!

3. Negotiate Your Rate

If you’re not ready to slash your package all together but you still want to save a fair bit of money, consider negotiating. Don’t be afraid to haggle!

Get on a phone call to your company and inform them that you’ve seen the rates of others and unfortunately, theirs just doesn’t cut it. If your service company knows you’re about to cancel or make the switch, they tend to offer promotional offers to keep your loyalty. This could be reduced rates for months at a time, a shaving of your bill altogether, or just some extra freebies here and there.

Keep your wits about you when you haggle, people, you don’t want to be those people that get sucked in by ‘deals’ that end up costing you more in the long run because of add-ons!

4. Use Free WiFi Services

Perhaps one of the more rogue options to save the cash per month, this definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Loads of local establishments, from cafes to libraries, will offer free WiFi and internet services. All you need is a library card or maybe some money to buy a cup of coffee. After that, hours upon hours of free internet!

You can also use your library cards to take out movies and shows, so you can easily catch every episode of the latest HBO classic without having to fork out loads for cable.

If you’re still not sold on this idea, have a look at the information in the next section – about how to cut the cost by cancelling cable. With providers like Netflix, who needs cable television for all of your favorite television series?

5. Cancel Cable Services

When it’s so easy nowadays for streaming device to device, it’s so easy to find affordable cable replacements if you want to cancel your cable package. Amazon Prime is the obvious choice for all of your movie needs, as well as Amazon Fire TV. Streaming apps are increasingly common and are often the subject of advertising on social media – so it’s very easy to know where to look to save yourself a good five to ten dollars per month.

With searching for cable alternatives for TV, money can easily be saved. With services like these, you can easily meet your budget and watch the favorite episodes of the whole family. Any deal should be taken advantage of, especially if it offers a list of channels that give something for everyone.

For example, Amazon Prime is known for offering so many seasons of pretty much any show you could ask for! How easy to save money per month!


How can I save money on my TV bill?

There are plenty of ways to save $$$ on TV bills – you just need to know where to look. From sports fans, to Hulu addicts, it’s easy to find alternatives to cable networks and channels at a cheaper price. You may want to consider the cost of a streaming app, such as Netflix, for all of your favorite shows and movies.

There’s a ton of information accessible online, all in one place, so you can have all of the relevant information before you make the low-cost change from channels such as HBO or sports networks like ESPN, to Netflix and other services for movies and shows.

What is the best alternative to cable?

There are many an alternative to cable, thousands even, directly available for viewing on your laptop or tablet provided you’ve got your subscription. There’s no question, an alternative to cable will offer a premium experience and much of the quality you’d get – if not better – compared to cable. If you want premium entertainment, Disney Plus or Netflix is our go-to ; so sit down with a coffee, get your wallet out and purchase your membership today.

What is the cheapest way to watch TV?

The cheapest method of watching, episode to episode, needs to give you a budget price with all the options for any show you want to watch for that price. You may want access to Hulu and ESPN, while making easy savings on the price per month of your bills. We recommend streaming services for cutting cost, as well as the added bonus that you don’t have those pesky commercials.

Which TV streaming service is best?

Many TV streaming services can help you get your binge fix. Lots will offer the best of shows from networks such as NBC, ABC, or Showtime, and will give you easy reason to bank on a streaming company for all of your on-demand watching. If you’re after a season of addictive TV, Netflix or Prime Video are the best to go to in order to meet every demand in your home. Their rate is more than affordable per month, so have a little Google on your phone to see if they could be for you.

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