How to Save Money on Furniture

We’ll bet you’re keen on saving money. Right? Why else would you be here? We know it’s hard to find the best furniture on a budget, because it all depends on the best time to buy furniture, the cheapest way to buy furniture, as well as a load of other options for ways to save money. Thankfully, this article will give you the top ten tips to finding save-a-lot furniture. You might have to put in a little elbow grease to find coffee tables that aren’t at the retail prices of shops like Pottery Barn… but in reality it’s more than possible to find furniture pieces at a discount.

Making a quality purchase when buying furniture means finding ways to save money on your credit card with the best furniture deals – involving the most high-end brand names. Read on to find something for you and your home- as our ten tips to save money on furniture couldn’t be easier. You just need a quick 10 minutes, and the determination to look.

Top 10 money Saving Furniture Tips

Shop Online

Shopping online for furniture is one of the best answers to that age-old question, “how to save money on furniture”. If you’re looking for a suave new furniture purchase for your living room, such as a coffee table or a set of end tables, it’s so easy to find cheap furniture online; so you can save money on furniture without having to trawl through furniture stores like Pottery Barn.

Of course, you’ll need to consider shipping costs and other things when looking at items in sales and online, but people generally find that it’s easier to find a cheap piece of bedroom furniture, or similar items, when buying online as opposed to in a furniture store. The price of pieces are often cheaper, and are nothing compared to in-store retail price.

Make sure you have a look at all the information you need before you type in your credit card details, such as:

  • Delivery times
  • Delivery cost
  • Reviews from customers
  • Sales sections
  • Color of furniture versus the color of your room- your husband may not spot a clash but you sure will!

If you factor this into your search when furniture shopping, you’ll be bound to find low-price items for a high-end look. Purchases have never been more accessible than when you can find everything you need on one website.

Shop Secondhand

From flea markets to thrift stores, to Craigslist and back again, shopping for secondhand furniture instead of looking in furniture stores is actually a brilliant way to make sure you save the dollars with every purchase.

There are many ways to shop secondhand and get a price cheaper than what you’d find in stores; you could search through yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops, and as we’ve said, sites like Craigslist. It’s not uncommon for people to flog their old furniture which, let’s be honest, will still be in pretty good condition.

Facebook Marketplace is another fab avenue if you want to combine secondhand and online buying, if you can’t leave your home to get to a garage sale. Garage sales – on that note – are a brilliant way for people to sell secondhand goodies… and you might just snag some quality pieces.

If you’re not entirely sold on secondhand furniture, you could check out warehouse sales, estate sales or consignment stores. This helps for shops that still need to meet sales quotas, so you can be assured you’re supporting the manufacturer.

Evaluate your Priorities and Budget

Make sure you evaluate your needs, and what you can realistically afford. While you might be tempted to pop to the furniture store and stretch the cost across three different credit cards, in the end this isn’t the wisest decision.

A good rule of thumb when buying furniture is actually the classic ‘less is more’ – the less furniture in your home, the more space you actually have to live. Regarding design, negative space can be a wonderful tool – so definitely check out some handy tips to optimize space with an arrangement that looks cool and saves your money.

Another great idea is actually to visit a few furniture stores in person, whether you’re buying online, secondhand, or whatever. This way, you can make sure you’ve honed in on your wants and needs. Consider it a trial run for the actual purchasing.

If you’re planning to buy from bigger stores, this is a great opportunity to see which stores have which furniture – you can even attempt to price match similar looking pieces.

Consider When to Buy

This is a tip that people rarely actually think about. When you consider discount furniture shops, you might want to consider just when they have their big sales. Any shop, from casual retail to outlets alike, tend to have seasonal sales. A seasonal sale is a brilliant way for someone to buy a sofa or different furniture products without having to change much of their budget. You can find some quality offers and a really good deal – you just need to know the place to look for it, and the patience.

This also depends on when stores and companies are clearing storage in anticipation of new stock. If you want a brand new family desk or some lounge chairs for the kids, every company will have specific times for getting rid of anything old in the inventory.

Finally, if you know anything about the market and the variety of issues with company warehouses, you’ll know that stores have sales quotas that they need to meet by the end of the month. If they’re not quite meeting numbers and are at risk of overstock, they may flog a certain range for cheaper – meaning you’ve got plenty of savings to hand.

Consider Upkeep

When you’re deciding on furniture, you might want to consider upkeep cost. Some types of fabric or some color choices require more maintenance than others.

For example, if you’re needing a steam cleaner for particular fabrics, or maybe a vacuum, you’d have to buy this surplus or hire a professional cleaner for your home – either option is not the most cash-friendly as it will incur an additional cost when shopping.

Nonetheless, considering investing in an upkeep item could ultimately cut costs; if you’re regularly maintaining your furniture it’ll easily have a longer life span.

Re-purposing and Recycling

Another brilliant way to maximise your savings and save a trip to the store is through upcycling your old furniture. This is essentially when you modify a product you’ve got lying around the house, so that it looks and functions completely different. You could take a plain looking end table it and upcycle it with new, funky colors and make it wear another lick of paint, or you could modify it with different features more suited to your style.

You could also re-purpose and recycle old furniture you don’t use as part of something else; this has the advantage of clearing up the excess stuff cluttering your house, whilst giving much of your existing furniture a whole new job, so you don’t even need to go trawling through the warehouse.

Get yourself some wood or materials in, and let your imagination go wild! Restoration, upcycling, the world’s your oyster.

Search for Cash-back Offers and Discounts

Another key suggestion is to set your sights on cash back, and other bargains. If you’re not fortunate enough to have pals on hand to buy you gift cards for your favorite furniture shops, you’ll want to trawl the internet for bargains.

Many websites and apps provide you anywhere between 1 to 10% cashback on your purchase, depending on the retailer. Ibotta, Ebates, and Swagbucks will reward you for online shopping with some sweet cashback offers.

What’s more, many websites online will offer discount codes, you just need to know where to hunt for them to find access!


If you’ve got access to power tools around the house, and access to someone that can use them well, you can easily build your own furniture! You also at least need to access some

Make your own piece that looks so suave it’s antique, and on the way you’ll easily make some savings as you’re not buying a brand new piece, for example a sofa or bed, for store prices.

Accept Hand-Me-Downs

If you’re not too keen on DIY, you don’t want to shop around, and you have access to a nice bunch of friends who are getting rid of their old furniture, you could easily accept hand-me-downs or cast-offs from someone’s basement or attic. This saves you so much time and effort if you’ve got access to somewhere you can get secondhand buys for your home.

It’s one of the easiest tried-and-tested methods and saves you needing to hunt for furniture coupons. You could easily go by one or two houses to see who’s moving out of their home and ask if they’ve got any stuff, from a bed to a wardrobe, they need to throw away… you never know, you could find the one thing you need!


Where to buy furniture if you’re on a budget

From wardrobes to treasure troves, from warehouses to goodwill, it’s really easy in any instance to find furniture on a budget. Millennials are absolute whizzes at finding a good value, no problem at all. Sure, it may have a couple of tiny stains here and there, but secondhand goods are a brilliant investment.

We also recommend looking for shops that are going out of business, those with availability of lots of bargains, and secondhand shops that allow you to find some rare antiques. It makes all the difference when you know where to look – you might find some treasures or some new favorites.

How to get a good deal on furniture

There are many tricks of the trade for getting a good deal on pieces. It’s one of the most common questions any salesperson will get, so this post provides you with many a handy section to show you how to get the best deal on pieces for the lowest amount of money from your retailer or salesperson.

How to save on furniture

Saving on a couch, bed, or just about everything else, is really easy. You can get some well-known brands on discount or sale from places like eBay, or from stores if you have the right coupon. Scroll up to go back through this article, to see how you can have the best buyer’s experience for cheap prices. Lots of stores earn money via commission, so you can easily haggle and take advantage of their need to fill quotas.

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