How to Declutter your Home in One Day

We should all feel comfortable at home, it’s our one space to escape from the world and relax however we like. We can leave behind all our worries and stress of work, relationships, and other crises and just unwind. In a bubble bath with candles,  wrapping up in a blanket for Netflix, or just sitting down with some silence that is hard to find. So it’s important to learn how to declutter your home in one day so you can have this relaxing environment.

If your house is full of clutter and mess, then your home may not be a sanctuary of peace, but another location of stress, anxiety, even embarrassment. But there is no need to feel this way, as you can easily fix these problems by decluttering your house in a day. Just one day dedicated to decluttering your home and you will once again have a home that you can find peace and tranquility within.

So read our guide on how to declutter your home in one day and why it’s such an important but simple task to improve your life.

Reasons You Should Consider Decluttering


Decluttering your home in one day isn’t just about having a tidy house.

We all know, and the science has proven it too, that mess equals stress. Having a messy home can increase our stress, anxiety, frustration, embarrassment, and guilt.

Clutter and mess create a sensory overload, with so many different things to take in, it can often be very overwhelming. This can then take our attention away from other work and tasks as we are unable to focus.

Even if you are able to complete your work, our brains will see the mess and associate this with more work. Meaning you will never mentally feel like you have finished work, and won’t get the satisfaction from completing the jobs you have done.

Trying to be creative is incredibly difficult in the best of times. But when surrounded by clutter and mess, our freedom becomes both physically and mentally restricted. Creativity needs freedom so this will be a huge obstacle. A clean clutter-free area will therefore give you the freedom you need to explore your creativity to its fullest extent.

And whether we are inviting in a stranger or our best friend of years, we all have a small twinge of embarrassment if they come round when our homes are full of clutter and mess. We want to present ourselves well and we want them to come into a place that is comfortable and relaxing.

Home Presentation

Our home is often an extension of ourselves, our personality, and creativity. We construct a style and feel for each room and for the house in general. But this can often be lost in a sea of clutter; all the hard work and beauty washed away.

So decluttering your home is an important job so that you can present your house to others, and to yourself,  how you want and deserve it to be seen.

This will also help you present the best aspects of your home easier. If you have a glorious bookshelf, with a collection to be proud of or a beautiful fireplace, then decluttering will allow more focus on these rather than being distracted by the piles of mess that have been collected.

Less to Clean

Decluttering your house is the best way to maintain a tidy home in the future. Tidying and cleaning are great, but clutter will always come back out. Pushing all the papers into a draw, or shoving piles of shoes into a cupboard will seem tidy for a day or two, but they will all come out again when you are looking for something you need hiding under a mountain of clutter.

The less you have, the less there is to tidy. The less you have, the less there is for all your important possession to be hidden behind or underneath. You’ll never have to declutter again and the every day cleaning will be even easier.

Saving Money

When you decide to declutter your home, and you will make that decision quickly after reading this, then you’ll be surprised how things you own a multitude of.

As we mentioned, clutter is great at hiding things that we are looking for, especially when we really need them in a rush. So often, we come to the conclusion that we have either lost it or just give up in frustration and go buy another. Then this becomes a cycle until you suddenly own 17 different pairs of tweezers because you keep losing them in a draw of clutter.

But what is decluttering the house?

To declutter your home isn’t like a spring clean, it’s a very different task. While spring cleaning is about cleaning your house, such as cleaning all the windows, moving the big furniture to sweep under, emptying, and cleaning the entire fridge. To declutter your home is about trying to get rid of positions you no longer use, to pass on items that someone else could have a better use for, to free up for space and home to create a better living environment.

So remember, this is about getting rid of clutter, not getting rid of dust. You will be tempted to start cleaning everywhere you touch. But you won’t have the time.

Stick with getting rid of clutter in your home in one day, you’ll give you great tips on cleaning the house another day.

Where Should You Start?

One Day

Decluttering may seem like an easy task. Throw out a few items and you’re finished. But to know how to declutter your home in one day, you will need some preparation.

To start, this is about getting everything done in one day, so you will need one full free day. Find a day where you have nothing on, no other distractions so you can fully dedicate yourself to the task. If done properly and well, this will take up a whole day. But it is all worth it in the end. You will save time, money, and stress in the long run.

Next, you need supplies. It may seem wrong, but before you start decluttering, you are going to have to get some more items first.

Bags, Bags, Bags

You will want a lot of different plastic bags. Make sure they are strong bags and try and get as many different colors as you can find. This will keep you organized, which can be difficult when rummaging through so much clutter.

Have bags for all the things you want to throw any, a different-colored bag for recycling (or have the recycling bin near to save time and bags), and different colored bags for each charity you will be donating to. Which brings us to the next preparation.


Research and locate charities. The point of decluttering is to get rid of items you no longer need, have more than one of, and cutting down in general. But that doesn’t mean these items don’t still have value.

A lot of the clutter you find will be perfect for someone else, so take this opportunity to not only improve your home and life but help others out too. So find out which charities are accepting donations and what items they need. Local thrift stores will happily take donations too, even if it’s just one bag from your home. So allocate the charities their own colored bag, and fill them up as you go, ready to drop off.


For some people having extra hands to help is great and they try to get some friends or family to come to the house and declutter with you. This can work well as they will not only help with heavy lifts and packing bags, but they will be able to offer advice when stuck on what to get rid of and what to keep.

But some people find that it is a job that needs to be done alone. They don’t want friends and family to see the mess but they also don’t want other people going through their things and deciding what should be thrown out. So this is up to you, however, you feel you would work best, go with that.

Final Preparations

The night before your big decluttering day, you will want to just mentally prepare yourself. You’ll be losing a lot of items and positions which could be difficult, so just make sure you are ready. And be ready for other emotional items, it is always hard finding photos and letters from exes, so be careful with those.

Decluttering Day will involve running around the house, moving nearly everything you own and carrying heavy boxes and bags. So wear some comfy clothes, old clothes are best as they may get dirty or ripped in the chaos of the decluttering.

Have a big breakfast so you’re ready to go. Have lunch ready if you can, it’s best to not have to start going through kitchen cabinets for pots and pans to cook, as you’ll be trying to clean and cook on the go. Have a nice lunch ready and use this time for a well-deserved break.

Finally, music. This will be a long, hard, tiring day. The only thing that will help you get through is having the perfect playlist ready to help you clean.

Methods Of Decluttering

Now the day has come. You have all our bags ready to be filled, you’ve got a great playlist set to encourage you, and you’ve had a marathon runners breakfast to get this all done in one day.

But where to start?

It’s best to tackle one room at a time. This will help you not waste time running up and the house. You don’t want to carry a dozen different bags with you all day from room to room. So stay organized and take on one room at a time. From the master bedroom to the living room, each room is its own job. You can then separate other bigger jobs in rooms to their own section, like the hall closet, the linen closet, or laundry room. See these larger places as rooms themself, and tackle them by themselves.

Creating different piles before putting things into bags works best. The piles help you keep track of everything as you can see each item, but you can also see the size of them better.

Being able to see everything that you are moving on from of will motivate you, seeing that you are decluttering by the ever-growing pile.

This will also keep you stricter with what you keep. If you suddenly have a giant pile of items you are going to keep and not much in any other pile, then you’ll see that you need to work hard and be stricter about what you keep and what you don’t.

So have a few different piles, like; Keep, Bin, Donate. This is the easiest and most ambitious way to organize, but if you are feeling a little more nervous, you can add some different categories and piles.

Have a pile for Maybes. Things that you are struggling to let go of, or things you think you might need later on. Leave these in a separate pile and think about them for the whole day. You might be holding onto a great pair of shoes, to then throughout the day of decluttering, find a dozen more that you prefer. Or you might have something in the maybe pile and then find several other items exactly the same because you kept losing one and buying another.

A re-gift pile can also be a good option. You might find clothes that you no longer wear or don’t fit, but know someone that would look great in it. You could use this as a chance to give to your loved ones, especially if they are helping you out. Let them help you declutter by taking some of the clutter and making it a loved item once again. Then, when they see your clutter-free home and decide to do their own, then there might be some cool gifts coming your way in return.

So try and place everything into piles, then once you have made all your decisions, bag them all up and find each item that you’ve kept its new place. Remember that this isn’t the day for cleaning, so try and ignore a dusty shelf you might be putting an item onto, we will get to that another day. One day at a time.

If you are struggling to decide about whether you should keep an item or not or struggle to keep focused on the task, there are some great methods you can follow.

The Quick Method

The quick method is to remind you to stay on task easily and, as the name states, quickly. The quick (or Q.U.I.C.K) method stands for:

Q – Question the purpose.

What is the purpose of the item and is it needed. Also, question what is the purpose of the room, a kitchen is for cooking, a bedroom is for sleeping, the dining room is for eating. Try and use this time to separate rooms into their function. Things should only be in the room if it suits the room. This can then create a better balance in life, as things like the bedroom being used for eating and watching television can affect our sleeping pattern.

U – Uncover everything

Once you are in the room, you need to find out everything you have. So tip everything out, open everything up, find everything in the room then go from there.

I – Into piles

Then comes the pile system that we’ve already discussed, so you know what to do here. Have your different categories of piles and find which pile each item should go into.

C – Curate

Once everything is organized into a pile, bag up everything that isn’t staying and start finding a place for each special thing that deserved to stay. Remember that each room has a function and style, so try and make sure you curate each to its own. The kitchen should be clean and sanitary. The bedroom should be relaxing, maybe even a little sexy.

K – Keep clutter out

Once you’ve taken all this time and energy to create a more balanced, stress-free house, make sure it stays that way. Try and not get it all cluttered again. When you are buying anything, try and think whether you need it, what is the purpose, and if it would have survived the decluttering.

So copy down Q.U.I.C.K so that you stay concentred and directed so you can declutter your house in one day.

KonMari Method

The KonMari method is now famous thanks to its inventor Marie Kondo. Her decluttering method is so useful that she even got her own series on Netflix dedicated to tidying, organizing, and decluttering.

She has a lot to say on the subject of decluttering, one that has helped many people and is always a good piece to keep in mind if; does it spark joy? You should only keep things that speak to the heart, that has meaning to you, that spark joy. Always consider this when decluttering. Excess is also an issue, so when you declutter your house, think about how many pairs of shoes one person really needs.

Maria Kondo also has a YouTube channel with loads of tips, so we would advise becoming a subscriber to her channel, become a fan like we are, and let her declutter your home. She will get started with her tips, info, and guaranteed results.


So, once you’ve gone from room to room, you’ll now have stacks and stacks of bags. Depending on how much clutter you have and how big your home is depends on what happens next.

If you only have a few bags to throw away, hopefully not because you’ve not decluttered well enough, then just throw the rubbish in the bins and put everything that can be recycled in their appropriate bin. But if you have a lot more stuff, you might want to think about making a trip to the dump. You don’t want the bags in the house and be tempted to start taking things back that you don’t need.

Then finally, you just need to drop off the bags of donations to charity shops like the Salvation Army and the local thrift store or to your friends and family if you found anything to re-gift.

If you’ve accomplished your mission of decluttering your house in one day then you’ll now have a wonderful night to enjoy a clutter free home. You can have a truly relaxing bath without being distracted by a messy bathroom. You’ll need a nice relaxing bath as purging your home of clutter in one day can be a tiring job.

Once your house has been decluttered, enjoy your new space and remember to question each purchase you make from now on. Does it spark joy? What is its purpose?

Good luck with the great purging one item at a time.

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