How Much does a Smart Home Cost?

When it comes to modern innovations and technology few devices offers quite the array of benefits as a smart home does. There are a multitude of reasons why you may be considering upgrading, but you are sat wondering how much does a smart home cost? Is it truly worth upgrading to a smart home and will i personally see the benefits? Do i truly need a smart thermostat and carbon monoxide alarm? We aim to answer this and more today!

There a variety of reasons you may be considering upgrading your home system by installing smart gadgets. Whether it’s improving your home security through the use of a video doorbell or lowering your heating cost through the use of thermostat and other similar devices, there will be an option that will fit perfectly inside your home.

Below you will find a variety of benefits associated with an automated system as well as tips on how to lower the overall costs. We have also answered some of the most popular questions associated with this upgrade, such as whether the costs are worth it. Read on to discover why we would recommend turning your home into a smart home.

The benefits of a smart home

There are a whole host of benefits when it comes to developing you home into a smart house, which is why so many people are currently doing it. With so many many devices like a self automated garage door opener or motion sensors on the market today, it is easy to find the right gadgets for you. The amazing thing is that when it comes to smart homes there a very few drawbacks outside of the initial cost. Below we have listed a few benefits of choosing to install smart gadgets throughout your home, but you can be sure that there are more.

Easy management

Perhaps one of the main reasons most people will opt into upgrading to a smart home is just how easier your day to day tasks will be to manage. A lot of home automation systems are voice activated or come with a remote control which means you can manage your housing systems with little effort. Check the weather forecasts by quickly asking your Echo Dot or clean your dining room floor by using a built in voice command featured in automated vacuum cleaners.

A lot of smart gadgets are also entirely self automated which can save you heaps of effort and allow you to focus on things more important to you. Most smart alarm systems can tell who is who inside a house thanks to a built in security camera. A smart irrigation system will use a watering system to water your plants at the same time each day, so you never have to be late for work again.

With so many ways in which a smart home can help you manage your day to day tasks, it is easy to see why this is one of the top benefits out there.


Flexibility is just another of the many benefits you can expect if you decide to automate home tasks using a smart home automation system. There are more smart features available today than there ever has been so you will surely find a component that will suit you.

Smart gadgets come in all shapes and sizes from a voice assistants such as Alexa found within an Amazon Echo or to self locking door locks featured in a front door. The smart market is one of the fastest developing markets around today. Due to this companies are competing to find the most innovative technology, which has massively broadened the array of options you will find available for purchase today. With such a wide variety of choice you will easily find the devices you are looking for, so be sure to compare potential purchases as each one will come with it’s own unique benefits.

You will also find a multitude of different control options that you can use to deduce how flexible a specific device is. Track your security footage on a smartphone app or dim your lighting installation with a remote control, flexibility is key to any smart home!

Increased security

Without a doubt, increased security is perhaps one of the one things most people will appreciate when it comes to smart homes. Not only does this protect your house from any potential damage or intruders, it will also make you feel far more comfortable in your own home. Automated door locks on your front door accompanied with an alarm system will surely ward of most criminals. Installing night vision security cameras on the front of your building that are hooked up to your home hub is another great idea.

A smart security system, whether thats a Z-wave surveillance system or a traditional door motion sensor created by alarm specialists, is a worthy addition to your smart home. Ensure that you always check the security cameras that are available as a multitude of different companies require a subscription service to view the security cameras footage.

But that’s not the only security that a smart home gadgets can offer you. You can also find things such as Lutron Serena self closing window blinds that close at sunset using data from Weather Underground to prevent nosy neighbours or a smart carbon monoxide alarm and smoke detectors. With so many security features to choose from it is easy to see why a smart home system is one of the best ways homeowners can feel safer in their home.

Lower energy costs

An often overlooked benefit of smart home systems is how much cheaper your overall energy bill will come to once you start to use smart systems throughout your home. Most people will expect a home automation system to cost more in terms of energy, but this just simply is not the case. Most smart gadgets will feature a way in which they can deduce the amount of electricity they are using and whether it is too much. If they see that they are starting to use too much, they will feature a method of reducing this usage massively. For example, a smart garden tech such as a lawn mower will ensure the grass is cut whilst monitoring costs related to energy.

Most smart light bulbs will also use less energy than traditional LED lighting as they will alter their brightness depending on the how light it is the in the living room. A vacuum cleaner is just another example of a smart gadget that functions with energy in mind.

As technology advances, you would expect their related energy consumption to be far higher. However, as companies are becoming more green friendly, you can expect the latest smart systems to begin to use less and less energy over time. There has never been a better time to install an automation home system than today. So if you are worried about the cost of your energy increasing, then you don’t worry anymore as a smart home is one of the best methods in which you can ensure your carbon footprint is as low as it can be.

Smoother running of appliances

Smart appliances will almost always be far easier to operate than their traditional counterparts as they will feature a host of control options. Control your light settings using a smartphone app or lock your garage door using a remote control. This can be especially beneficial to people who suffer from mobility issues that prevents them getting up regularly to control an appliance manually. You should be aware however that there are a few home automation appliances that require a constant internet connection through your home’s wi-fi which is something you should be aware of before upgrading your home system.

Or how about controlling your air conditioning unit remotely? This will ensure that the temperature in your home is regulated at all times.

You will find that your home life becomes way more convenient and comfy once you have installed your new home automation system. It is without a doubt an incredible benefit and one that you will find out about instantly. Convenience is the name of the game in the world of smart systems, which is why so many people choose to dive right in!

How much does it cost to set up a smart home?

This depends entirely on how you plan on installing your new smart home devices and what exactly you want your smart home contains. If you plan on installing most of your new smart devices yourself, including wiring and such then you should expect to pay anything between $500 and $5000. A video doorbell for example will fairly simple to install so shouldn’t require a professional. However, a lot of people won’t feel comfortable installing everything themselves due to some home devices requiring wires to pass throughout the building such as an alarm system.

If you choose to pay a professional to install your new smart lights and devices then you should expect to pay more than if you installed it yourself. The average cost lies anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 for a full setup throughout the house. This of course depends entirely on what you plan on installing. If it’s just a few smart locks and a smart lighting setup then the cost will be far lower. You will however have the security of being covered by a professional team. If you are unsure about lighting wiring or over installation tasks then this could be the right decision for you.

Smart home projects are usually broken down into different sections, deciding on which you can do yourself will also lower the overall installation costs. Most companies will offer a free estimation so you aren’t with a surprising cost at the end of the installation.

Decide on what you want installed within your home as you may find that some features aren’t exactly what you want or need. This will lower the cost and ensure that your new smart home is what you are wanting. If you are comfortable with a DIY installation then perhaps consider installing your gadgets yourself.

How can I make a cheap smart home?

One of the best things you can do to lower the cost of your smart home is to install all the devices yourself. Things such as smart lighting systems and a smart thermostat to measure your homes temperature habits should be fairly straightforward to install for most people. Most professionals will charge a premium price due to their work being fairly risky as it revolves around electronics, so this is usually the most expensive part of installing a smart home. Check to see if your chosen DIY system comes with a starter kit to help out with installation within your home as this will help lower the overall costs related to a smart system.

Another surefire way of ensuring that your costs are as low as they can be is by deciding on what you can and can’t live without, in regards to smart gadgets. Things such as smart home security systems hooked up to a smart lock are one of the best advantages of having a smart home but are also fairly pricey. Before making a final purchase decide on what you want included in your automated home system and you could save yourself a lot of money down the road.

You should also consider how much you will save in regards to energy when using smart gadgets as most are built to use a lot less power than their more traditional counterparts. This is especially true when it comes to smart lights and even a smart Next E thermostat. A heating and cooling automation system will lower your heating bills and help get the most out of your air conditioning units. As long as you consider every aspect of your new home automatization system then you should be able to save a ton!

Is having a smart home worth it?

Honestly, a lot of this comes down to individual preference but we would fully recommend investing in an home automation system. A smart security system to activate automatic door locks can make you feel much safer whereas smart cooling systems will lower your energy bills. All of this can seem pricey at first glance, but not only is it a long term investment but it can also improve how comfortable you feel in your own home. You also have to consider convenience too. Philips Hue mood lighting can be activated via verbal commands and you will be able to set up home theater systems that reacts to your mood.

With a whole host of benefits it is hard not to be excited by the prospect of a home automation system. If you save up and plan ahead then you will a smart home is more than worth it. If you have ever been on the fence about whether or not to upgrade then now is the best time before prices begin to sky-rocket.

What do you need to make your house a smart house?

There is no set thing that is required to decide whether or not your home is a smart home or just a regular home. There are a whole host of different smart homes each containing a variety of different devices. You may find a smart home that focuses more on aesthetics such as media streaming sticks or voice controlled LED bulbs. But then you may come across a more secure home that has a fully fledged home security system that knows who is currently in the house. You may however decide that neither of these options are for you.

There is no set option or feature that you need to ensure that your home is a smart home as long as you are happy with the smart gadgets it contains. Although a majority of homeowners are currently focused on cleaning robots and self cleaning kitchen counters, this may not be what you need. The best way of ensuring your home is a smart home is by choosing the smart gadgets that suit you.

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