Best Budget Cordless Drill 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

In this post, we’re taking you through the best budget cordless drills for under $100.

What is the best inexpensive cordless drill? From heavy duty drills, to drills with built in LED features, there’s a lot of choice available for you at great prices.

So, you’ll want to read on to see which is best for you! But first, we’ll answer some key questions for you: what are best cordless drills, how much do the good cheap drills cost, and what are some considerations for choosing a cordless drill on a budget?

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What Exactly is a Cordless Drill?

Put simply, they’re drills without a cord! This means you do not need to have the drill plugged in, as the power source is rechargeable batteries. Many of the features – such as variable speeds, LED lights, and their compact and lightweight nature – don’t differ from mains-powered drills. However, the key difference is the power source. Many drills use an ion battery. This maintains a high battery life, providing an efficient power source as you complete DIY tasks around the house.

Typical Cost of a Cordless Drills

Our top ten list will be taking you through the best value drills, cordless and affordable – however you’ll first probably want to know how much these are. If you’re on a budget, it’s great to benchmark a price from the start.

Thankfully, these affordable drills are really well priced, meaning you can easily find the best on a budget. Nearly all of the drills in our list are under $100, with most ranging between $40 and under $100. Those at the higher end of the scale will generally offer better features, such as a better battery life, or even a complete set for you to use around the house… so whatever you go for, it’s value for money.

Considerations Choosing Budget Cordless Drill

1. Voltage, Power and Battery Life:

Because of the growing popularity of the lithium ion battery, cordless types of drills are more popular than ever. These handy batteries are generally lighter than their older counterparts, making yours more lightweight and easy to use.

You’ll need to consider the voltage your battery offers, and how long the battery life is before recharging, when you pick your best budget cordless drill. A general rule of thumb is the higher the battery voltage, the more torque or power you’re equipped with to drill through the toughest materials.

2. Best Chuck for Your Buck:

Another key consideration is the chuck of the drill. A chuck is a type of clamp which is used to hold rotating tools and secure objects. Lots of chucks are keyless, which means you can easily replace bits without any form of hassle.

3. Drill Driver versus Combi Drill (Hammer Drill):

There are two main types of cordless drill: the ones with a cord and the combination type. These have two main functions: to drill holes, and drive screws. They’re useful for tons of different jobs, and have a keyless chuck so it’s easier to switch out your drills bits. They do, however, have a no hammer-action lock, meaning even the highest power models will struggle with tough materials.

A combination drill does all of the above, but also gives you a hammer-action mode for those harder surfaces. This gives you a little extra power, and these are generally better if your DIY projects involve concrete or masonry.

10 Best Budget Cordless Drills (Most Under $100)

Here we’ll take you through our top cordless drills for those on a budget. So, in no particular order and without further ado…

1.Black + Decker Max Cordless 20V Drill

Our first product is the Black & Decker 20 volt cordless drill. With its sleek design and convenient, light weight of 0.01 ounces, this is a perfect example of the best cordless picks for budget buyers. This model runs on a lithium ion battery, and can be bought with a spare battery if needed.

  • Ideal for all tasks:
    This drill is truly ideal for a variety of tasks. Its 11- position clutch and precise control technology means it call be drilled into wood, metal, and plastic, and is suitable for all screw driving tasks.
  • Variable Speed:
    This model comes with a speed of 650 RPM, and offers more than two speed settings – which allows countersinking without damaging the material. This gives you a lot of options for whatever task you’re undertaking.
  • Clutch Settings and Chuck Size:
    Whilst the battery of this model lasts for an impressively long time, the chuck is not suited to this relatively small tool. If the user is not careful, the chuck comes loose easily which leads to issues with holding screws in place.
  • Battery Life:
    Users may also have to exercise caution when checking the battery’s charge before and after usage. The battery is quite sensitive and can therefore lead to running issues further down the line if it is not continuously charged.

2. 2. DETLEV PRO Cordless 21V Drill

Our next product is this fabulous DETLEV PRO Cordless Drill. Battery powered with 21 volts, this powerful model is perfect for breaking through tougher materials. This takes 1.5 hours to charge and comes with more than two speed options.

  • Range of Accessories:
    One of the clear pros of this model is its range of accessories that come completely included in the price. This really is good value for money, perfect for those on a budget. The drill itself comes with 8-pieces, 33-piece driver bits, 1-piece extension bit, and a storage box for convenient carry. The rechargeable lithium ion batteries can support continued work for up to 1.5 hours.
  • User-friendly Ergonomics:
    Another key feature of this best cheap drill is its rubber grip handle. This provides you with a comfortable grip, meaning you can continue working for longer, completely unbothered by fatigue! What’s more, there is a bright built in LED light which allows illumination of darker areas.
  • Short-lived:
    As great as this drill is, it may not be your chosen budget drill if you want something that’s going to last. While it’s great value for the price, with all the features that are included, the lifespan of this is generally about a year. Keep this in mind when you’re considering how long you want the drill to last you for.
  • More Suited to Experienced Users:
    Many long time DIY’ers recognize the strengths of this drill, but it can be confusing for first-time users. The insertion of drill-bits requires pressing the unlock button at the top of the tool, something that isn’t obvious on a first glance. Inspect all the features of the drill before use and make sure you’re aware of how to perform every function!

3. Shuangcheng Cordless Drill

Our third model is the Cordless Drill with 24-piece accessories from TYWJ. With its sleek blue colour, LED light, and variety of included accessories, this drill is another example of a best budget drills – for good reason.

  • 24 Hour Guarantee:
    More of a pro with the customer service aspect, TYWJ promise to respond to customer queries within 24 hours. This means that if you have any problems, you’ll get them solved quickly and efficiently. This is one definite pro that may earn your trust, giving you the reassurance that this best budget cordless drill comes up top in all regards.
  • Seamless Usability:
    The design and function of this handy tool means that it’s easy to use and one of the most user-friendly drills in this list. The driver kit provides effortless screw driving and removal, as well as easy drilling into wood, metal, and plastic. Even more, the lightweight nature of the drill and its attached tools means that users can carry on with daily tasks without fatigue.
  • Battery Security:
    In some instances, users have reported that the battery connection can falter quite easily. It may be therefore worthwhile to buy two batteries – one, and a spare – to ensure maximum utility.
  • Lack of Instructions:
    Some users have also reported that the drill comes with no instructions, which can inhibit its use for certain people, like first time DIY’ers, who would like to read up on how to fully assemble and use.

4. CACOOP 20v cordless hammer drill set

Priced a little higher than our first three models, this CACOOP 20 volt cordless Combi Drill comes equipped with a 1600 RPM speed, a 0.5 inch keyless chuck, and more features that make this model easy to use and great on tougher surfaces.

  • Accurate Operation:
    This hammer drill, cord-less and efficient, is equipped with a variety of different functions that means it can operate on all sorts of materials – from wood to concrete. The model has a reverse, a 2 speed gear, a 21+1+1 clutch, and a speed control trigger with brake technology. This nifty model can be used for screwing, drilling, and impact hammering… truly suitable for a range of activities – it’s clearly one of the best in our best budget cordless drill selection.
  • 2-Year Warranty:
    As a CACOOP tool, the drill has a two-year warranty, all rights reserved. This means that if there are any issues at all, you can get them fixed straight away and your tool is protected against any major issues. What’s more, all CACOOP ion batteries are universal to all of their products.
  • Battery Connection:
    In some cases, the battery does not charge effectively, or does not register as charged when placed in. This is definitely frustrating, so it might be worth buying two batteries to cover yourself!
  • Chuck Jamming:
    Some users have reported that the keyless chuck gets jammed in heavier material or harder to drill areas. Whilst a minor occurrence, and something covered under CACOOP’s warranty, you might want to consider this before buying.

5. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Our fifth model is the compact, easy to carry cordless drill/driver kit from DEWALT. A favored choice by many users, this one can be purchased with an array of different accessories, including drill and screw bits. Its high speed transmission, ratcheting chuck, and lightweight design make it a clear favourite.

  • Battery Voltage:
    With a maximum initial voltage of 20 volts, and an 18 volt nominal voltage, the battery capacity weights in at 1.3 Amperes per hour. This ion battery delivers a high performance at an efficient rate, and it’s clear to see why this is another one of our best picks.
  • Ergonomically Friendly:
    This tool is a perfect choice for efficiency, style and comfort – it has it all! The ergonomic handle delivers comfort and control to its user, making any drilling task easy and efficient. This gives you greater control when employing the variable speed setting.
  • Battery Life:
    The battery of this model seems to exhaust fairly quickly, so it warrants you buying a couple of batteries to cover yourself in case of outage.
  • Loose Chuck:
    User reports indicate that the chuck can sometimes come loose after multiple use, and therefore caution is required to ensure that the chuck is in full working order.

6.TECCPO Cordless Drill

At around the $40 – $50 mark typically (prices can change), this TECCPO Cordless 20V Drill Driver offers a variety of settings, including 2 variable speeds. Equipped with 33pcs accessories, the drill comes fully prepared for any work you want to complete… meaning it definitely gives some value for money.

  • Speed Adjustment:
    The speed of this model can be easily adjusted to two different constant speeds. The 4-pole copper motor is powerful and gives you a 398 in-lbs peak torque, while the 21+1 position clutch gives you a precision of 100% when adjusting the torque… this gives a great degree of precision and equips you with any task you’ll need to complete!
  • User Friendly:
    The comprehensive design and array of adjustable features makes this drill a perfect choice for a first time DIY’er, and budget buyer. Not to mention, the rubber handle is designed with user ergonomics in mind, to provide comfort and minimise vibrations. Even more impressive is the trigger-activated LED light which illuminates any dark areas with minimal prompting.
  • Motor Mobility Issues:
    Some users report the drill working in one direction only and being tough to manoeuvre. Make sure you’re absolutely confident with the controls before beginning, to avoid any unnecessary breakages.
  • Less Suited to Heavy Duty Tasks:
    Whilst the drill’s mechanisms are brilliantly suited to light screwing and drilling of smaller objects, heavy duty duress and pressure on the device can lead to locking of mechanisms and stuck drill bits… something to consider if you’re after a heavy choice.

7. BLACK and DECKER Cordless Drill (20V)


Our second Black + Decker model, this 20V MAX Matrix Cordless Drill prices at just under $60 (prices can change). This one can be bought with additional accessories such as drill bits and screwdriver sets, but the drill itself is a real bargain buy.

  • Powerful Motor:
    The motor’s maximum 20 volts provides you with serious power to undertake a full range of tasks. What’s more, the model is still compact and lightweight, making it powerful without weighing you down.
  • Adaptable to Many Spaces:
    Given that the drill is so lightweight, users can easily carry out drilling/driving tasks in confined spaces and every little nook and cranny.
  • Limited Torque Settings:
    Some users have expressed disappointment with the lack of available torque settings. Whilst the drill is great to use in confined and hard-to-reach areas, there are a limited number of torque settings, meaning it is generally less adaptable.
  • Suited to Light Use:
    Users have reported breakages after continued heavy use on heavier materials. This is therefore more suited to lighter, easier DIY jobs which don’t require strenuous effort or power.

8. WAKYME Power Drill (12.6V)


This next drill comes from WAKYME, and incorporates a 12.6 V power, with built-in LED and variable speeds.

  • Price:
    First and foremost, this model is probably one of our most affordable! It’s therefore perfect for first-time users and those on a tight budget.
  • Powerful:
    The compact, powerful design of this model, equipped with an all-copper double bearing gear motor, means that the drill has a strong loading capacity. There is a no-load speed of 19,000-23,000 RPM – get a load of this powerful impact. This driver gives you all your daily needs!
  • Additional Tools:
    Less of an issue with the drill itself, if you choose to opt for additional tools, be wary of which ones you decide on. Some additional tools have been reported faulty, such as particular screws.
  • Aesthetic:
    Whilst the general usability of this device is up to scratch, it definitely isn’t as sleek and impressive looking as some of our other models.

9. TECCPO Impact Driver


Our ninth pick comes again from TECCPO, with the 20V Max Impact Drill/Driver. Its power settings, quick release chuck, and speed triggers give the user power and manoeuvrability.

  • Charging Time
    With a rapid charging time of just one hour, this drill is ready to go almost instantly… definitely a favoured element, meaning you can get started on handy tasks straightaway.
  • Chuck Release
    This model has a 1/4 inch hex chuck and a metal gearbox. The hex chuck has a quick release mechanism, whilst the gearbox provides max durability and tightness.
  • Battery Life:
    The battery of this model is slightly inhibited and prone to faults, so it’s worth buying a couple of batteries to see you through a safe and efficient usage.
  • Weight:
    Some users report faults with the drill’s ergonomics, as its heavy duty usage and additional features means that it’s a little heavy to hold whilst working.

10.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill


As our priciest budget drill, but still pretty good for what’s included, this DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Drive comes complete with a kit and entirely brushless motor.

  • High Speed:
    The drill/driver incorporates seamless speed transmission and 2-speed settings, one of the many drills that does so.
  • LED Feature:
    The drill comes with 3-mode LED lights, including a spotlight mode. This increases efficiency whilst working by illuminating those darker areas on site.
  • Price:
    This drill is admittedly the priciest, placing it at the top of our budget picks. Nonetheless, a great range of features are included to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • Chuck Security:
    Some users have reported that the chuck loosens and slips quite easily, meaning that extra care will need to be taken when removing bits, applications, and additional tools.

Best Budget Cordless Drill

Our pick for the best cordless pick is the Cordless Drill with 24-piece accessories from TYWJ. There are so many great features that enhance its usability, whilst its bargain price of $50 (prices can change) makes it relatively inexpensive.

Cheapest Cordless Drill Available

The cheapest drill available is for sure the Cordless Drill Kit from WAKYME. It offers a powerful motor, providing amazing value for money.

What is the best cordless drill for home use?

When considering a drill for home use, you’ll want to consider the sort of work that needs doing and the material you’ll be working on. You’ll want something lightweight, easy to use, that can perform smaller tasks in hard to reach areas. That’s why we’ve selected the Black + Decker 20V MAX Matrix Cordless Drill/Driver. Its powerful motor and use in many confined spaces makes it perfect for those jobs around the house.