Best Budget Robot Vacuums 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

Is your apartment just too messy and needs a clean? Of course you have heard of robot vacuums right! Well, here we review all the best budget robot vacuums available online. These handy little devices will solve the conundrum of having to move your tables and furniture off the ground to get to those hard to clean places.

Before you find the best robot vacuum on a budget, there’s a few things you should consider, and we’re sure there’s a few questions you’ll want answered to find your favorite robot vacuums. Want one for your pile carpet? How about a low cost robot vacuum that gets rid of all that pesky pet hair and connects to your wifi?

Read our FAQs and guide at the bottom before buying, for all of the tips on vacuuming robots that you’ll need.

In a hurry? Don’t worry! Here’s our favorite three:

Cheapest- Yeedi K600 Robot Vacuums

Premium- Shark ION Vacuum with Wi Fi

Budget- Tesvor Robotic Vacuum and Mop Attachment

10 Best Affordable Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Make sure you’ve read our advice and FAQs for consumers before coming here to make your choice! Here are the greatest recommendations we’ve got for you for the greatest botvacs around. Many manufacturers like Dyson or Samsung offer premium services and have high ratings, as you might have seen on many an advertisement.

However, it’s key to keep your eyes peeled and have common sense – realise that lower cost retailers will provide a fit-for-purpose make that works for you. What’s more, the level of customer support and respect of your consumer rights might be something that separates these robot vacuum brands from higher priced brands in the conversation of which is better.

Go beyond the advertisement and check which devices offer the easiest cleans, but also which company offers the greatest support.

1. Eufy RoboVac

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S - Slim

The first pick we have is the Eufy RoboVac. Fresh from the test room, this will zap up all fluff lying around on your bare floors, and it’ll do it better than market competitors like the Roomba 690, Roomba S9, or the EcoVacs Deebot.

Schedule cleanings as often as you want; this 1300 Pa strong suction, self-charging model number gives you premium features for your cleaning run at a low price. It’s therefore one of our best buy picks, and comes equipped with smart home compatibility, including app assistant compatibility.

  • Home connectivity and boost IQ technology for maximum cleaning functions/ cleaning capabilities
  • Cleaning ability aided by filters, side brushes, and more. For a clear cleaning path and efficient design, this is perfect
  • Warranty not honored
  • Doesn’t easily find and connect to the docking station

2. Eureka Groove Robot Vacuum

Eureka NER300

Our second pick can grab loads- even coffee grounds. With sophisticated laser navigation to mark boundary lines, the Eureka Groove is affordable, effective, and one of our products that is highly reviewed.

Its cleanliness ability is incredible for any carpet or piece of furniture, and the app design it comes with will help you to clean with no trouble, no obstacles. Clean your way with the easy to use remote controls. None of our other models give you power for cleaning floors, in any space. The efficient cleaning time and mapping capabilities shows that the cleaning power is amazing on hardwood flooring and more!

  • Good quality anti scratch brush roll
  • Efficient charging station
  • Weak suctions on carpet floor or around obstacles
  • Dozens say that this vac option breaks quite easily – so do your research, kids

3. Neato Bot vac D3

Neato Botvac D3

Our third listing gives you some great deals and everything you could need. Our editors chose this Neato vac because of its easy handling, in zones such as a couch corner or around a door. With no occurrence of troublesome cords, just pop in some batteries and try your hand at this model.

It’s got many a positive feature and is up there with some of the greatest amid hundreds in this category – for this reason we’d recommend it heavily for any homes.

  • Great for those with cats – easily picks up cat hair or cat litter with the D shape design which suits it to any floor plan
  • Lightweight and easy to use in the kitchen or the living room – does the rounds easily on whatever layout
  • Customer service
  • Dust bin errors

4. iRobot Robot Vacuum Roomba690

iRobot Roomba 690 with WiFi Connectivity

This next pick is incredible for any floors. Its self-charging technology makes it a pro amid models such as the Deebot Ozmo, Neato BotVac D7 or Shark IQ. It’s the Roomba690 from iRobot!

With a three stage program and patented dirt detection lasers for an easy spot mode, this is far superior to its sibling, the Roomba675. This vacuum does the job and, in addition, it’s world renowned. It needs to be part of your house to get up every last bit of dust spots.

This article also emphasises the easy scheduling of these- these objects provide you with the most convenient experience and, of course, they come at the greatest sale prices around. Perfect for any carpeting, the process of buying couldn’t be easier.

  • At least 90 minutes of run time
  • Easily controlled from your phone with in-app permission
  • Some have complaints about the bots’ function on hard wood. These details will create a problem for you and limit functionality
  • Recharging shows limited results

5. bObsweep bObi Pet Robotic Vac Cleaner

bObsweep bObi - Silver

Our next pick of robot vacuums gives amazing in-app control and effectiveness, and has sophisticated navigation systems for peak cleaning.

The bObsweep robotic will pass every test. The idea is that its sleek technologies will easily line across zones of cleaning performance with minimal effort, thanks to the handy wheels. Schedule your clean as you go about your day; it couldn’t be easier. This purchase is backed by two year warranties in case you run into any problems. So, if your pets’ fluff is still littering your pets’ bed or your living room, you can make a swift and easy return, end of story.

  • Invisible wall creation to section off spaces with ease
  • Full command remote for the easiest uses
  • Mixed review comments
  • Wheel breakages

6. Yeedi K600 Vac

Yeedi K600 - 110 Minute

Our sixth listing comes from Yeedi, and is the K600 Vac that comes with a turbo pressure of up to 1500 Pa! Its self-charging quiet sound is perfect for pet hair on hard floors and others, so you can easily maneuvre around obstacles like pet bowls. With the mapping systems you can set boundary markers with the cliff sensor – making this better than competitors such as the Shark IQ. Dirt be gone, this dustbin guzzles it up and does the job! These vacuums are truly fabulous.

  • Long runtime
  • Easily clean dirt in hard-to-get areas with the easy navigation
  • Battery errors and mid-cycle stops
  • Inefficient navigation around the house

7. Tesvor Robot Vac

Tesvor Robot Vacuum

The Tesvor Vac is a great make with effective suction. With 1800 Pa and a long battery life, you can keep this going for hours and hours.

If your place is a mess and you want some work done on your rugs with a device that can easily create maps based on order, you HAVE TO HAVE this vacuum! Better than roborock makes by far – it truly defines hassle-free maintenance.

  • 2-in-1 – test out its efficiency!
  • App compatible
  • Not suitable for long pile carpets
  • Lack of customer service

8. iRobot Roomba891

iRobot Roomba 891

This is the iRobot 891 which is compatible with Amazon programs! Get all of those hard to get corners and your stairs – this does it all. Its power-lifting suctions will run easily, and the dual multi-surface rubber brushes adjust constantly to stay in base contact with floors. Perfect for hard to reach corners, it can run for up to 90 minutes.

This machine hits all kinds of criteria compared to other types, so pay attention – with its easily cleaned dustbins, these are one of the easiest choices you’ll make. The manufacturer, for instance, is highly reliable so you won’t be taking huge chances by purchasing this from the page.

  • Smooth, no-noise functioning with no whistles or bells
  • Easy to setup and charge with 90 minutes of smooth operation.. little assistance needed, little issues to be had
  • Not good for throw rugs, says the content of some reviews
  • One of the downsides is that movement is inhibited with heavy hair or rugs – this kind of error makes many differences

9. Shark ION

Neato Botvac D3

This make is one of the greatest in the picture. Every bit of review news heralds this brand, Shark, as reliable with a high percentage of customer satisfaction and very little shortcomings.

With easily cleaned filter elements and a high energy input, you can easily make schedules as efficient as possible. It zaps up cereal like Cheerios, or rice, or just about whatever else you might find under your chairs. Messy toddler playing about in the flour? No issue! Stay on track with this object, which can easily clean in any direction.

  • Built, tested, perfected: rigorous manufacture testing is one of the company trademarks
  • Easy maneuvre method avoids damages to walls
  • Limited ratings so hard to see what someone else has said
  • Another of the caveats, it’s a little pricier compared to other makes. It won’t break the bank but is still on the higher end

10. Neato Robotics D6

Neato Robotics D6

The software and material of our final listing passes every test with a ridiculously high score. Anything is an easy feat with the Neato D6, which helps you clean up all your stuff on your terms.

We’re only human, sometimes we get our hands full and can’t manage the family chaos. Our children and their siblings can easily become a chore. However, these units will provide a true transformation to houses in every aspect, with laser smart mapping and masterful technologies to clean with an efficient program.

A ton of articles give the acceptance that this make is the front of the business – it will lead where another follows. That’s why you should give it the moderate credit it deserves and buy it today… you can bet we will.

  • Intuitive operation
  • Easy user interface
  • Pricier
  • Wifi and app connections

Our Top Picks

Best Inexpensive Robot Vacuum (Cheapest Overall):

Our greatest low-cost robot vacuums is the Yeedi K600 botvac. It comes with Turbo Modes, up to 1500 Pascals (or Pa, a pressure measurement) of suctions, and is self-charging! It provides an easy quiet cleaning mode for pet hair, bare floors and low pile carpets. The running time is nearly 2 hours, so you can be assured that these robotic vacuums are perfect for pretty much any every day task.

As efficiency goes, these robot vacuum models are incredible for all cleaning sessions on any flooring surfaces. These bot vacs are the best robot vacuum under $150 that we can find – so you know they’re well-priced.

Best Value Robot Vacuum (Best Deal):

Our best robot vacuums in this category are the Tesvor Robotic Vacuum and Mop Cleaner. With a strong 1800 Pa suction power and connectivity to Wi Fi and any smartphone app, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, these robotic vacuums are truly made for a smarter home.

Proven to come out strong in cleaning tests, going around furniture legs, such as table legs, this is a brilliant option for the mapping of no-go lines. For the purchase price, the technology involved in clearing floors with these budget robot vacuums is truly unmatched. Your cleaning cycle has never been easier.

Premium Pick (Best Reviewed):

Our premium botvac is The SharkION Robot AV751. It comes with wi-fi, voice control, and weighs a light weight 0.45 Quarts. With three premium powerful clean styles, these robotic vacuums are brilliant for all floors. They’re bound to zap up any pet hair, and beat out competitors like the Neato Botvac.

At an average rating of 4.7, it’s amid somof the greatest on this list, for pet owners and regular homeowners alike.


What are the Greatest Robot Vacuums For the Money?

Our greatest robot vacuum cleaner for the money on this list is the Tesvor Robotic Vac/ Mop Cleaner. It has a load of styles to aid any routine and provide a low run time. As robot vac options go, this is brilliant for no-zone cleaning settings using cliff sensors and other tools. Video reviews hail this as a brilliant model for hardwood floors, with expert room mapping technology. Its reputation precedes it, making it some of the greatest for customers in these categories. Just check the feedback to see the words of other people!

If this doesn’t take your fancy, try checking out the Eufy Robovac 11s, which comes at a small price.

Is it Worth Getting a Robot Vacuum?

When you think ‘robots’ vacuum may not be the word that comes to mind. Nonetheless, robot vacuums can be a great buy for all of your needs.

You might wonder whether you can find a non expensive robot vacuum, perfect for a low pile carpet or bare floors. Whilst you absolutely can, and it is definitely worth it to do so, here are the key considerations you need to remember when buying robotic vacuums:


  • A robotic vacuum gets stuck sometimes
  • You’ll want to search for a model with self-emptying, for ease
  • A long battery life is key to give a high performance around specific rooms around your home


  • The bristles of brushes need to be cleaned in between each cycle so bits don’t get stuck between them… you don’t want pesky dog hair


  • Make sure you get the greatest robot vacuum for every day use on your floors. While you don’t need to splash the cash on a high end model, robot vacuums need to be tailored to the area of use. Do you have bare floors or hard wood floors? Do you have a low pile carpet? Every pet owner might be inclined to test robot vacuums before buying the real thing to make sure it’s sufficient enough for your price range and all of the household detritus you have lying around


  • You could also consider whether you want a robotic vacuum with particular features – such as Amazon Alexa alerts or Google capabilities. With Alexa, Google, or other voice assistant programs, it’s never been easier to use your device with either a remote control or voice commands
  • You may also consider the strength of the navigation system for the model’s price tag: which cleaning modes are offered for the price point? Which floor surfaces and floor types will be cleaned?

What is the Best Economical Robot Vacuum 2019-2020?

The most economical models with the greatest easy cleaning pattern are the Yeedi K600. It’s got quiet functioning, powerful suction, and it’s cheap to get replacement parts.

What is the Least Expensive Roomba?

When you’re looking through clearance furniture appliances, you might have seen options that take your fancy. A lot of models come with a smartphone app or Alexa or google home capabilities.

Whatever the floor plans of your home, you can easily find something that suits you. Our favorite suggestions are the i Robot range of roombas, because they offer an array of fabulous features for a mid-level price and a brilliant rating.

Examples of these include:

We also recommend the runner up of the Roborock s6 MAXV, as these top the cleaning reports every time – their wi-fi connectivity and easy maneuvrability help you navigate around kitchen cabinets, wall edges, kitty litter boxes and more. As companies go, these are the best.