Best Budget Smokers 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

If you love the outdoors and cooking, you definitely need a charcoal smoker. Allowing you to add new depths of flavor to your favorite meats, smokers are a great accessory for anybody who enjoys regular BBQs. Deciding on which smoker is best for your needs and finding one that meets your budget criteria can be a little tricky, that’s why we’ve put together the best budget smokers review guide below.

From small smokers grills to larger models with fancy features such as temperature control, there are lots of options.

Top 15 Best Smokers 2020

Asking yourself what is the best cheap smoker? We’ve got the answer with our ultimate list of top products in this category below. You’ll find many different options giving you the freedom to choose the most suitable for smoker for your budget.

1.Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill

Royal Gourmet 30" BBQ Charcoal Grill

Total Cooking Surface: 800 square inches | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

First up on our list is the amazing Royal Gourmet BBQ Charcoal Grill and Smoker. With a width of 30″ it ensures that you have enough space to grill all your favorite meats or veggies for friends and family. While the cover is sold separately what you do get with this heavy-duty smoker is plenty of features and a sound cooking chamber.

As quite possibly the best meat smoker that we’ve found, you can easily remove the charcoal when not in use, and dump them easily. The traditional design with an offset smoker can also be used as a smaller grill area with enough space to get a good amount of food on.

Most users will add a small number of wood chips to enhance the flavor of the meat they are cooking. Included with this charcoal smoker are a smokestack, tempgauge, access door, side air vent, scald proof handle, and wheels for easy transportation. The additional black coating that is used ensures that the grill can withstand high temperatures for total peace of mind.

Features We Like
  • Easy to clean with a removable tray for charcoal
  • Fantastic temperature gauge so that you can reach the right heat

2.Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Charcoal Offset Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 1,176 inches | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Looking for the best deals on smokers? The Dyna-Glo DG01176BDC-D Offset Smoker could be the product of choice for you. At an insanely good price, there is lots to enjoy about this model of smoker that is both affordable and quality The heavy-gauge porcelain-enameled chip box ensures that the cooker can reacher high temps with ease while functioning as it should. With an electric pulse ignition system, you’ll be able to quickly start up the heat when it’s needed and reach the perfect temperature for your cooking needs. Easy to use and extremely versatile. There is lots to love about this smoker that’s built to last and easy to move. Offering a great temperature range and an exceptional heating element, this model is by far a standout.

Features We Like
  • Fantastic charcoal smoking abilities with a powerful chip box
  • Has an electronic pulse ignition system to kick-star

3. Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20070210 Analog Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 55cm | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Everything about the Masterbuilt MB20070210 electric smoker is exceptional. From its exterior design and smoking chamber to the stainless steel reinforcement proving that this cooker is going to last. A built-in temperature gauge makes it easier than ever to reach the desired temp you need in order to cook your favorite meat on the smoker. With convenient temperature control, you’ll be able to use the analog dial to get the exact heat you need ith no guessing work at all, unlike other models. The wood chip tray slides out very easily to remove ash as an when needed, while the three chrome smoking racks give plenty of grilling space As one of the best affordable smoker options out there, you won’t want to miss out on buying this excellent cooker for such a low price.

Features We Like
  • Reinforced steel makes this cooker extra durable
  • Temp gauge adds precision for cooking

4. Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 4 racks | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Wondering what the best affordable smokers are? We’ve got you covered with this awesome Masterbuilt digital smoker that comes in at a super bargain price! This fantastic electric option comes with remote control for easier than ever cooking and a large capacity for plenty of flexibility. The patented wood chip loading system allows the user to add in the chips without even opening the door for extra convenience making it one of the vest pellet smokers out there. Standing perfectly within the affordable price range, this budget smoker also features an electric control panel to switch it on and off as well as set the desired temp range and time to cook. You ill love the cooking surface that this model provides as well as the entire smoking process that is made as convenient as possible for you.

Features We Like
  • Great quality patented wood chip loading system
  • Digital controls for ease

5. Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker

Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 548 sq.” | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

For a quality smoker at a bargain cost, the Cuisinart COS may be an excellent choice given its wide range of fantastic features. With 548 inches of cooking space and an innovative cleaning system, you won’t have t worry about a thing when cooking on this grill from start to finish. The vertical footprint makes this smoker a great option for a patio space or barbecue kitchen without compromising on the cooking area provided. The char griller comes with 3 removable stainless steel shelves for the ultimate smoking experience and a built-in thermometer for accessible monitoring of the cooker’s ideal temp. Renowned for its excellent heat retention and ability to smoke meat to perfection, you really will enjoy all aspects of this best smoker on a budget.

Features We Like
  • Plenty of space at 548 square inch
  • Innovative cleaning system with minimal fuss required

6.Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Charcoal Smoker

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Charcoal Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 1890 square inches | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Next up on our list of cheap meat smoker products is this wonderful Dyna-Glow Charcoal Smoker that comes with 6 cooking grates. With over 1,890 square inches of cooking area, there is plenty of room to get all your favorite foods on the grill and smoked for a delicious dinner. The Charcoal and ash management system integrated into this cooker comes with a chamber, grates, and removable ash pan making it easy to clean after use and extremely easy to use. The stainless steel temperature control included comes with a smoke zone allowing you to see when the ideal heat has been reached for excellent infused smoke flavorings. with an exceptional amount of cooking space, and an excellent smoke flavor, this is a must-have for any BBQing enthusiast.

Features We Like
  • Comes with 6 different cooking grates
  • Has an excellent temp control system

7. Royal Gourmet Smokey Grill

Royal Gourmet Smokey Grill

Total Cooking Surface: 438 square inches | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

This smoker is an outstanding choice and will certainly provide you plenty of quality for such a low price. With over 800 sq” of cooking space, the smoker has heavy-duty porcelain coating on the steel wiring grates that make it easier than ever to cook your favorite food. The removable charcoal feature and ash pan mean that the user can dump away the ashes with ease and the offset smoker creates a dual style barbeque. With an excellent build quality, this is the perfect gift for a camp chef or somebody who is looking for a new smoking rack. All in all, the Royal Gourmet 30″ BBQ grill is one of the top charcoal smokers that we could find at a lower-end price. Included are a smokestack access door, temperature gauge, and wheels making it very easy to move around after a smoking session.

Features We Like
  • Outstanding build quality as one of the most robust options
  • Removable ash pan for easy cleaning after use

8. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 3 Racks | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Offering a decent-sized cooking area, this Masterbuilt Hollow Electric smoker is a sound electric option and comes with modern temperature controls for perfect smoking conditions. By far one of the best electric smokers out there in the budget category, there are lots of features to enjoy with this cooker. The digital panels allow easy on and off with the ability to preset the temp of preference and time to cook. The 3 coated steel smoker racks come with an ash catcher for all your smoking sessions. As far as budget options go, this BBQ comes with exceptional additional features included a fully-insulated smoker body, adjustable air damper for total smoking temperature control.

Features We Like
  • Able to preset the temp for complete control
  • Brilliant build quality and can withstand all weather conditions

9. Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 4 Racks | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

As one of the top-rated smokers out there, the Little Chief Front Load has plenty to offer in all ways. It comes with a handy recipe manual and instruction booklet as well as a 1.75 bag of wood pellets too for hickory flavor. With consistent low-temperature settings, you’ll be able to smoke and cook your meat of choice to perfection for any sort of occasion. The easy-slide chrome plated grills offer a maximum capacity fuel pan with wood chunks bringing about the smokey flavors. This is an extremely durable and sturdy model with an embossed aluminum construction making it suitable for any outdoor conditions.

Features We Like
  • Comes with all the components you need to get started
  • Great consistent low temp settings for perfect smoking

10. Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker

Cuisinart COS-330 Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 3 Racks | Built In Thermometer: Yes| Heat Resistant Finish: No

A solid electric smoker, the Cuisinart COS-330 is designed to provide the smoking experience you expect. With 548 square inches of the interior, there is plenty of room to cook meat dishes and much more. The vertical footprint feature makes it a perfect size for a patio or an outdoor kitchen, and you don’t need any fancy add ons. With 3 removable stainless steel shelves for grilling, each is dishwasher safe so that you won’t have to spend hours cleaning. The built-in thermometer feature will allow you to easily regulate the eat inside of the smoker for the optimum temp level. The cooking racks and every other aspect of this amazing smoker make it a fantastic option for a low price.

Features We Like
  • Has 3 removable stainless steel grates for easy cleaning
  • The built-in thermometer makes cooking easier than ever

11. Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D

Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D

Total Cooking Surface: 4 Grates | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

This petite yet powerful smoker delivers in all the ways you’d expect from a larger model at just a fraction of the price. Included with this grill are 4 cooking grates which offers 784 inches of cooking space that allows you to not worry about where to place all of your meat items. The charcoal and ash management that is built into the cooker makes it easier than ever to dispose of ashes and clean up in just a few minutes. In addition to its already durable body, you can also protect your smoker further with a custom-fit Dyna-Glo DGX780BDC-D premium cover that is sold separately. In addition, the stainless steel temperature gauge has a smoke zone to indicate the ideal temperature for infusing the perfect smokey flavors.

Features We Like
  • Plenty of power for a small smoker
  • Great charcoal and ash management system

12. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow

Total Cooking Surface: 3 Racks | Built In Thermometer: Yes | Heat Resistant Finish: No

The Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow is exactly what its name indicates – a master smoker for anyone who loves cooking outdoors. The featured digital panel allows you to have easy control over the temperature and time it takes to cook the meat you choose. With 3 chrome-coated smoking racks, there is plenty of room making this an easy to use the grill for smoking meat. The fully-insulated smoker body ensures cooking right through and comes with an 800-watt heating element for even and consistent smoking. The adjustable air damper allows you to have full control over the smoke output in any weather conditions.

Features We Like
  • Has a powerful 800-watt heating element
  • Comes with an adjustable air damper

13. Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Total Cooking Surface: 544 Square inches | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

With over 544 square inches of cooking space across 3 chrome grilling plates and a reliable electric power source, there are lots to love about the Char-broil smoker. The double-walled insulated construction comes with dual exhaust ports that bring about the smokey mountain flavors you want. For easy cleaning, the grates are removable and can be cleaned with warm soapy water quickly, making things simpler than ever. For temperature controls, there is a wall-mounted gauge with dual latches for extra safety allowing you to check without any concerns. In addition, this grill comes with a front-access water ray, wood chips tray for extra smokiness, and grease cup.

Features We Like
  • Easy to clean with a removable tray for charcoal
  • Has an electronic pulse ignition system to kick-star

14. Char-Broil Bullet

Char-Broil Bullet

Total Cooking Surface: 370 sq in | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

While you’ll only get a 370 square inch cooking area with the Char-Broil bullet, there is still plenty to admire about this compact smoking cooker. With 2 porcelain coated cooking grates that are easily removable for quick cleanup and an innovative airflow control system, this could be the best smoker under 100$. The max heat reached with this cooker is fairly impressive and the two camber lift handles allow you to access the lid-mounted temp gauge with ease. You’ll love the fire access door and steel tube legs which allow an accessible height. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this amazing small outdoor grill that will give you that wood flavor all in a petite bullet smoker.

Features We Like
  • Comes with durable steel legs for easy adjustment of height
  • Has two moderately sized porcelain-coated cooking grates for plenty of space



Total Cooking Surface: 450 Square inches | Built In Thermometer: No | Heat Resistant Finish: No

Dubbed the ultimate 6-in-1 product, this BBQ, smoker, and grill have plenty to offer anybody who loves outdoor dining and preparation of good food. With pellet grill technology, you can add in the desired amount of wood chips for the delicious smokey taste and achieve the perfect heat. By using a simple button you can start up the cooker and get the perfect smoking heat without any starter fluid. This cooker comes with a warming rack and smoke ring, to give plenty of different cooking options, making it stand out from other similarly priced grills. Tough on the higher end of the grill price scale, it’s certainly worth the extra money and will be a great purchase far into the future. For pork butts cooked to perfection, choose the Z Grills ZPG-450A.

Features We Like
  • Easy to use controls allow you to switch on and off quickly
  • Has both a warming rack and smoke ring

Buyer's Guide

Before setting out to buy the best smoker for the budget that you've set aside, it's a good idea to take some time to think about considerations. While you've likely already planned the amount you want to spend, and have a vague idea of the type of design, there is more to consider for electric smokers.

Smoker Type

There are many different types of smokers and while fundamentally does the same thing, the type you choose can impact things such as the cooking time, expenses, and more. The four different smoker options include an electric smoker, pellet smoker, gas smoker, and charcoal smoker. Review each type before making a decision on the one that you should go for.


You should think about size and capacity when buying a smoker, if you're the type that enjoys throwing parties in your yard or entertaining, a larger option would likely suit you best. On the other hand, if you want the best inexpensive smoker for just yourself and your family, a smaller option will likely suffice.


Smokers come with lots of different features from temperature settings to time settings. As a general rule, the fancier your smoker is in terms of settings, the more you'll have to pay. However, this doesn't mean that you can't find an affordable smoker with all the features you desire at a lower-end price.


What are Smokers Exactly?

A wood smoker is an appliance that allows you to maintain extremely low cooking temperatures for a prolonged period of time. The end result is meat and other food that is extremely tender and flavorsome, this can only be achieved through this type of cooking technique. When looking for the best value smoker, you'll want to ensure a few different features are present and carefully review the different options to you. There are various types of best smokers from an electric smoker to chip models.

Typical Cost of an affordable smoker

The great news is that no matter your budget, you should be able to find a cheap smoker grill that does the job well. Whether you're seeking a higher-end option with lots of fancy settings or a basic small smoker bbq, you can expect to pay anything between $150 and $1000. Set a realistic budget for your new smoker and stick to it! You'll find some of the best smokers under 400$ and may be pleasantly surprised at just how broad your options are.

Best Budget Top Picks

Still, wondering what is the best smoker for the money? Our top choice is the Masterbuild Smoke Hollow which offers premium quality for all of your smoking needs at a great value price. With 3 different coted racks for grilling and an exceptional heat source, you will enjoy the versatility of this small yet mighty cooker. It comes with a fully insulated smoker body and an 800 watt heating element for perfect smoked foods.

Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Digital Electric Smoker, Black
  • Exterior: 33.5 in. (H) x 18.2 in. (W) x 18.7 in. (L) Interior: 26.2 in. (H) x 14.8 in. (W) x 12.8 in. (L)
  • Digital panel controls on/off, temperature, and time
  • Three chrome-coated smoking racks
  • Integrated thermostat temperature control for even, consistent smoking
  • Fully-insulated smoker body

As far as the best outdoor burners for smoking food go, one of our top choices is the Dyna-Glo DG01176BDC is without a doubt up there. For an extremely reasonable price, you can benefit from all the features you'd expect from this type of product. The heavy gauge wood box for pellets is amongst the most quality that we've seen and the steel body ensures long-term durability right into the future.

Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker
  • Vertical design lends itself to naturally rising heat, achieving greater efficiency and improved smoke flavor. Offset design keeps direct heat away from the food, allowing for slow cooking.
  • Six height-adjustable cooking grates accommodate various sizes of food. 784 square Inch of total smoking area; 1176 square inches of total cooking space with 25-pounds capacity per grate.
  • Porcelain-enameled steel charcoal chamber is designed to keep briquettes stacked tightly for improved burn efficiency.
  • Charcoal & ash management system with the charcoal chamber, grate, and sliding, removable steel ash pan. Designed to handle large amounts of ash for hours of maintenance-free cooking.
  • Smoke stack features an adjustable flue for additional flavor and temperature control.