Best Budget Hot Tubs 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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Oh, summer. The time where you gather all your friends and family on the lawn for the perfect barbecue. The time where you laze in the sun, relaxing in your outdoor hot tub.

Any bargain hunter worth their salt will be ready to read our list of different budget hot tubs available; we have loads of different inexpensive ones to choose from… from portable tubs, to those with LED lighting, to the best tubs for giving you a fab experience with pulsating jets, skin-friendly water balance chemicals, and more…

Top 7 Best Budget Hot Tubs

1.Coleman Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman with interesting water features

Best Features: Power Saving. Ease of Use.

This first jacuzzi comes from the company Coleman. It’s the Inflating Hot Tub , ideal for 2-4 people. What an investment, costs are minimal!

As models go, who knew you’d find a pick that’s energy efficient and portable. The first option offers a power saving timer, which means you can adjust the temperature and other settings – such as your jet mechanisms and LED lights – up to 99 hours in advance.

This choice includes a remote, so you can manage the temperature, and jet mechanism. Of all the hot models, hot jacuzzis like these really make that extra dollar worth it. This could easily be the best hot tub under $1500.


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2.Bestway SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Features: Durability. Comfort and Spa Qualities.

Our third quality pick in our handy guide is the Bestway Saluspa, which sizes up to 71 x 26 inches. It’s perfect for all your relaxation desires, and totally beats out some of the others from pricier brands.

This is renowned for its super strength, with puncture-resistant, tri-tech material and l-beam wall construction. This means this will last for long times and won’t weaken with the capacity of lots of people. Worth considering for long lasting relaxation.

It really is designed with your relaxation in mind, as there’s a built-in clear soft softening mechanism which reduces the effects of hard waters to minimise skin irritation – what a brilliant combination. Let the warm, soothing ripples relax and soak your muscles after a long day… you can even adjust the jet flow from inside with the convenient command panel. You could even invest in a cover to keep the water warm when it isn’t being used.


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3.Bestway Miami SaluSpa Hot Tub

Best Features: Easy Operation. Portability.

Our fifth pick is another from super brand Bestway, with their SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tubs, designed for 4 people. Some of the better results for a cheap inflatable hot tub. Low price hot tubs have never been easier to find – they’re cheap and available, as this hot tub shows.

This super pick from Bestway is ideal for giving you quality, tranquil water relaxation. One of the key selling points is its easy operation – as you can adjust factors such as temperature and jet speed from inside with the easily-reached panel to manage controls.

Another positive thing, it’s pleasantly portable given its durability – whilst this is a heavy duty relaxation centre, you can lift the hot tub with the outer handles to move it around with ease, and it deflates compactly for easy storage. Users report hours of play with an easy put away!


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4.Intex PureSpa Plus Portable Hot Tub

Best Features: Spa Settings. Additional Features.

Our sixth pick is the Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus , which can seat 4 or 6 people depending on which you buy. It also comes with 140 bubble jet mechanisms for that maximum relaxation!

This amazing hot tub has everything you need – it gives you 140 jet mechanisms and a built-in hard water treatment. These settings ensure that you get the relaxation you need at the rate you can afford, as the water is gentle on your skin. Fitting up to 4 people easily, or six if you opt for the larger pick, this can be easily adjusted with the tilting command pad.

What’s more, if that wasn’t enough, this is equipped with LED lighting, filters and blowers, a carry bag, an inflation hose, and many more accessories – the hot tub comes equipped with EVERYTHING you need for relaxation at low, low prices.


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5.EcoiNVA Hot Tub Swimming Pool

Best Features: Versatility. Portability.

This seventh pick comes from ECOiNVA and is a cheap hot tub. Its durability is like no other, and with a lot of different sizes, you’re sure to find something that works for you.

This efficient pick is made from durable PVC and has a lot of impressive features. Most noted, its versatility allows you to install it anywhere- from hanging with friends, to treating your family and kids to hours of splash time. Summers have never been more exciting with this, and what’s even better, you can easily inflate it anywhere thanks to the easily used pump.

You can transport this anywhere, from use at home to taking on a trip, so its portability is a definite plus and is one of the more family friendly picks we have here, though it’s not a sophisticated mechanism.


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6.M Spa Apline Hot Tub

Best Features: Durable Material. Easy Controls.

Our eighth pick is the B-90 Apline Hot Tub. Its 62 x 62 x 27 measurements give you a premium size at an amazing fee, giving a brilliant capacity to fit all your friends!

A definite hallmark of this relaxing hot tub is its durability – with a built-in heater, 104 gallon water capacity, and a patented built-in command box with touch screen, this will last you a while and provide endless hours of relaxation fun – a great option for family play The premium triple layered PVC material means you’re bound to keep this for ages. Its 105 jet capacity gives you premium massage relaxation.

The built-in panel gives you the easiest command of controls… want to turn the jet speed on? No need to even leave your seat, just tap the handy touch pad and you’re all sorted. Convenient, fab value, suitable for all.


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7.Comfort Line Spa-N-A-Box

Best Features: Easy Set Up. Spa Relaxation Features.

As the name suggests, our penultimate pick has everything. It’s comfortable, it’s durable, it’s really easily portable – it’s the Spa-N-A-Box!

Our favourite elements of this have to include its easy assembly; have it ready to go in less than 20 minutes, no tools required! It plugs into any standard grounded outlet, and provides a 24 hour efficient filtration – so not only is it easy to set up, but once you have it set up it’s so easy to maintain.

A further bright side is it give you ultimate relaxation… there’s over 100 micro-air jet streams, a 1.3 HP TurboWave massage mechanism, and a 1000 W thermostat-controlled heater. This truly has everything to ensure maximum relaxation, which is why it’s the perfect portable pick for you.


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8.Intex Portable PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa

Best Features: Capacity. Simple Maintenance.

Our final pick from our list is this portable 77 inch from Intex. This comes with an amazing warmth mechanism and water treatment system, and can easily seat 4 people. It also comes with an energy efficient deluxe cover should you choose to purchase the cover. This gives a lot of value for money, making it the perfect pick for your price allowance – don’t pull the plug on it!

The shining feature of this pick is its capacity; with a 210 gallon/ 4 seater capacity, you can fit all your nearest and dearest in here for hours of relaxation time. It comes with a 6+ age grading and includes a warmth system, test strips, filter cartridges, and much more… even a carry bag for maximum ease of portability. Some of the better fields of positives, this allows the exterior to be protected and kept clean.

Another of the bright sides, you can maintain this in any location or on any space. Hours of excitement in your home backyard or patio unit can be had, because of its easily replaced filter cartridges, which provide clean, refreshing water – its easy cleaning mechanism minimises habitual bacteria. Move over Canadian Spa Company, this is the real deal – and the reviews say so too. Its water mechanisms and foam insulation minimises heat loss, making it one of the best market products from a solid manufacture. Perfect for any homes, with tons of benefits.


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Best Budget Hot Tub

Our best pick of low priced tubs, hot and affordable, is pick 6, the Intex 28429E PureSpa Plus. It offers a lot of positive elements, such as settings to ensure maximum relaxation, as well as handy additional bonuses. Providing the perfect atmosphere for guests, splash the cash and order now for a low-price, speedy delivery. Perfect for families, children, any customer at all – your friends and relatives will be so happy with the result. Something for everyone in this area.

What’s more, its setup and installation couldn’t be easier, one of the simplest things – with the idea that you should get to enjoyment immediately. The manufacturer has a fab reputation, comes with many recommendations, and has premium customer support and care. No other retailers can give their buyers and audience a better alternative.

Cheapest Hot Tub Available

Our cheapest model is pick 7, the EcoiNVA Inflatable Tub. Its durable PVC provides all the difference in making sure your product stays in great condition for peak performance. Make a commitment to this kind of lounge technology, because you definitely won’t regret it. Amid all the manufacturers we’ve provided in listings, many customers have a preference for this seller instead of other sellers or affiliates – the costs can’t be beaten, share some family fun and comfort for life!

Best Hot Tub Under $5000?

There’s no better feeling than trawling across tons of sites and finding the best tub for you that’s worth the expense, for all the luxury that’s offered. Different types of hot tub have different jet systems, different warmth and pressure, but you can find our ultimate pick (which may cost a bit more of your savings), in pick 1- the Coleman Saluspa Tub.

Its SaluSpa technology combines premium comfort and sanitation, perfect for any lounger – you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that’s had serious issues with these models.

Do your research and compare, but this in-demand tub provides spa relaxation that eases all your aches and pains. Sink into the bubbles – this choice of tub is the best of its type.

Coleman Saluspa 71" x 26" Havana AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub with Remote Control, 2-4 Person
  • Contents: 1 spa, 1 cover, 1 pump, 1 ChemConnect dispenser, 1 remote control, 2 filter cartridges (VI), 1 repair patch
  • Included remote control allows you to control the pump, temperature and massage system
  • Digital control panel heats the water up to 104 degrees F
  • Power Saving Timer allows you to set the temperature of your spa up to 99 hours in advance


Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Hot Tubs

But before we push ahead, we’ll be answering some of the key questions you’ll need to consider in searching for economical choices, such as “where can I buy a hot tub?”, “what do I need to consider when buying a hot tub?”, and the most basic question of them all: what is a hot tub, exactly? We’ll even show you the cheapest portable deals, to help you find the best tubs.

As we suggest, there’s a number of considerations you’ll need to think about before you search for those “hot tub sales near me” into Google. You can find one that suits all your needs from the comfort of your own home (home section), all you’ll need is your card details and email address.

What are Hot Tubs Exactly?

In order to find yourself some of the top hot tubs and the ultimate outdoor garden product, you’ll need to consider what a hot tub IS, and which one has what you want.

In the most basic terms, a hot tub is a large tub or small pool used for relaxation, pleasure, and hydrotherapy. Some of the latest relaxation experience hot tubs come with pulsating jets for massaging purposes, but some may only have air shooting jets.

Hot tubs are commonly known as a ‘spa’, or by their trade name, the jacuzzi. Depending on the person, jacuzzi models may be portable – meaning you can transport your affordable hot tub around with you to different relaxing locations. In this article we’ll be going through some of the greatest portable deals, so be sure to have a look at our fab hot tubs!

For example, an tub has a bit of an edge with portability. But now, you may be wondering, “where is the best place to buy a hot tub?” Well, luckily our list of easy Amazon links ready for you to peruse, so that when your friends come to you and ask, “where can I buy a jacuzzi?”, you can point them to the cheapest hot tubs online… thanks to us!

Typical Cost of Cheaper Inflatable Hot Tubs

Now, you’re probably wondering “how much do portable hot tubs cost?”, and it’s a fair question – it’s important to keep your eye on the dollar signs to find the most suitable budget friendly hot tubs for your families and friends. The best cheap hot tubs are not hard to find! This applies to inflatable hot tubs.

Thankfully, there’s a whole range of affordable hot tubs and spas. For more high end brands, you might be looking at a fair dollar, but for the cheaper hot tubs, inflatable and portable, you can get one for anywhere from $40, under $500 and the most expensive probably pricing under $1000.

Fear not, we have a load of reasonably priced hot tubs you can tailor to your needs – because the $$ of the tub will differ according to certain elements. For example, cheap inflatable hot tubs that fit one person will be a bit less pricey than some designed for numerous loungers. Material and surface counts too – a hot tub with wood walls might be a little pricier, or even require more maintenance. A different hot tub may come with particular exterior materials, or even chemicals inside like relaxation salt chemicals.

Size and Number of Seats

First and foremost, you’re going to want to know the size of your hot tub in both capacity and number of seats. Some might claim to seat 6 maximum, but when you check the water capacity, there’s no way you can get your friends in.

We suggest choosing a hot tub of 225 litres per bather, so you can find the picks with the lowest costs, that will actually seat your nearest and dearest. Maybe you want a two-seater with a little bit of mood lighting for those intimate moments… would be a shame if you couldn’t fit into yours comfortably! Make sure you have easy access, no matter the location – this will be a clear advantage.

Comfortable Seating and Depth

Your next consideration has to be the water depth and style of seating. If you want a pool that will give you premium relaxation, you need to check how comfy the seating would be, how easy it is to move from seat to seat, and whether the they will suit the height of the people that will be using it. It’s ideal that the greatest hot tub, inflatable or otherwise, will allow you to shift if you get too hot OR cold.

Additional Elements

Once you’ve considered the basics, you can start to think of the exciting stuff when considering the latest cheap hot tubs you’re looking at. Do you want a model with jet systems that caress the body, or jets that are more similar to bubble jets, how about pulsating jets? Or even a model with wood walls, instead of vinyl? What about an easy cleaning interior, to get rid of nasty debris, or a comfy shape?

Do you want your pick to be equipped with a state-of-the-art control panel where you can control a stereo? How about LED lights? All of these considerations will help you find the coolest picks for you and the people you’re buying for – make sure you can accommodate everyone, families and other, when you’re looking for the best cheap on sale.

What Can I Put Under my Inflatable Hot Tub?

Any tub, hot or otherwise, can be modified with plenty of different accessories and measures to ensure maximum comfort, safety, and efficiency. A great pick for us is an insulated ground mat – if your model doesn’t come with a mat, you can easily purchase this from the manufacturer or from retailer sites like Amazon.

You could even buy some foam sheets to place under your tub for maximum insulation. This ensures the heat of your tub doesn’t escape, and you have warm, relaxing water for hours upon hours. There are a range of other extras and components that you could buy for your inflatables, so have a look and go shopping for some safety measures that don’t break the bank.

Hot Tub Accessories

If that wasn’t enough for you, you can also buy some hot tub accessories to give yourself the fullest, comfortable experience. Follow our expertise, and have a look at some of the different parts and extras you can purchase to give your tub the ultimate advantage:

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