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So, you’ve got your dream computer set up and all the games ready to play, but what about your chair for gaming? No gamer’s desk is complete without a gaming chair. If you are seeking the best budget gaming chairs, you’ve come to the right place with our comprehensive guide below. You will find the top high quality chairs for gamers right here, that we have independently reviewed in order for you to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing.

Who said a gaming chair has to cost you a lot? We’re here to prove otherwise with this list of affordable options that are guaranteed to get your approval. Whether you want a high back chair or are looking specifically for a racing style gaming chair, we have you covered. With our buyers guide you can take the stress out of finding the best gaming chairs that adhere to your budget needs as we have done the hard work for you!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current cheap gaming chair with a better replacement, or it’s your first time buying a games chair. we have answered all the important questions below. We have also been sure to include details about the best gaming chair options inclusive of the level of support they offer, the materials used, whether they have a high back, the overall style, comfort, and much more.

If you are going to be gaming for long hours you best ensure you have the ultimate games chair to use. No matter what style gaming you do, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’ve been looking for below. Let’s dive in!

Best Budget Gaming Chairs

Have you landed on this page seeking the best gaming chair options on a budget? If so, we have you covered with an extensive list of awesome games chairs to choose from. Each has been independently reviewed considering all the aspects to ensure it is a chair that you can rely on. Take a look at the best game chairs below and make your decision on which is going to be the top choice for you.

1. Pro Gaming Chair With Footrest

Pro Gaming Chair With Footrest

Best Features: Great support for all parts of body inclusive of legs. Excellent back rest. Adjustment bar is reliable.

Featuring just bout everything that you would want from a pc game chair, this pro’s top choice is also one of our favorites. Ideal for game rooms or simply your living room, just about every feature of this chair is going to impress. It is the only chair in our list that comes with a retractable footrest for extra comfort and doubles up as the perfect nap chair when you’re tired from games. The headrest pillow looks sleek and is going to support your neck and spine when you play. Add to this a fantastic overall ergonomic design and soft, plush gaming seat for an all-round winner.

This chair has a bit of a racing style to it, however, the gtracing pro is more of an essentials chair option for all sorts of pc needs. Available in a range of colors, you will enjoy how clean and sophisticated this design looks as a leather and mesh chair. It provides the legs with just as much support as the back and comes out in top reviews all over the web. Overall it is one of the best chairs in this category due to its striking style, and versatile design.

If you are seeking a reliable and strong chair for gamers with all the components you’d expect and more, this is a top choice. Fantastic for someone with problems in their knees, the added extra of a footrest will provide the ideal setup for lounging.


Weight: 51.3 pounds | Capacity: 350 Pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: 18.1″- 22″ | Recline Degree: 90-170° reclining | Warranty: 1 Year

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2. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Features: Has a good swivel mechanism. Cheap price for good value. High back for spinal support.

Next up our list we have the awesome OFM Essentials racing style gaming chair that is a great budget option. This particular model is colored green and really looks the part if you are seeking a standout option with a high back. Made of high quality bonded PU leather, it offers excellent durability and comfort with a great ergonomic design. The adjustable lumbar pillow support and armrests provide the perfect gaming setup for hours of play.

If you’re looking for a racing style-specific games chair, this could be the top choice for you. This model offers all the essentials such as good weight capacity and a solid steel frame too. The addition of mesh fabrics adds to this pc gaming chairs breathability meaning that you won’t have to worry about overheating or sweating. 360-degree swivel allows you to move about freely while the chair offers good lower back support too.

Overall, this is a quality chair that comes with a cheaper price tag than seen with most racing style options. It is one of the best in our list and is guaranteed to free you from the typical back pain experienced with a standard chair. If you’re looking for quality, look no further with this best pc gaming chair option. It also comes in a range of color schemes so that you can customize your gaming setup as you wish.


Weight: 16.8 kg | Capacity: 250 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: Yes | Recline Degree: 90-170° reclining | Warranty: 1 Year

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3. Merax High Back Chair with Lumbar Support

Merax High Back Chair with Lumbar Support

Best Features: Removable headrest. Super soft lumbar support. Cushion is one of the best.

Next up on our list we have a popular high back cheap gaming chair that also comes with a fully supportive headrest. The PU leather design is great for both lower back and general back support and tops any of the office chairs models you may be tempted by. While you will pay a little bit extra for this chair, it is still one of the best budget choices and the addition of lumbar pillows guarantees total comfort for long video games sessions. The cushion is probably amongst the best that we have seen and comes out as consistently good in user reviews.

The strong metal frame that this seat features ensures a top sitting experience and is capable of supporting a large weight capacity too of 225 lbs. While the headrest feature makes this best cheap gaming chair stand out from other models, it is removable for the user. It also comes with 360 degree swivel capability and a range of adjustment features including armrests and height changing. If you want something that is more of a neutral color scheme, the Merax is a great computer chair. With simple black white colors, this value chair looks sleek and cool.

As far as budget pc gaming chair go, this is one of our top options and it’s not difficult to see why. Pc gamers will love all of the features from the lumbar cushion to the PU leather material. You will be guaranteed superb stability at a low price point and all the comfort aspects with this gaming throne.


Weight: 14.97 Kilograms | Capacity: 270 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: Yes | Warranty: 2 Year

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4. Giantex Ergonomic Chair with Sport PU Leather

Giantex Ergonomic Chair with Sport PU Leather

Best Features: A top swivel applications we have come across. Good breathable material. Looks attractive.

Constructed with a super strong metal frame and boasting thousands of positive product reviews, this pc gamers chair certainly deserves a place in our list. The Giantex high back chair is constructed of quality PU leather and comes with exceptional lumbar support and lumbar cushions. As a budget gaming chair, it provides just about everything you needs and looks like a professional’s chair. With an adjustable seat height, this is a highly versatile option for all types of people and it also has armrest adjustability too. Giantex is a trusted pc gaming chair manufacturer and they are renowned for designing and making excellent products. Users will enjoy the backrest pillow which adds further to the level of comfort offered.

If you’re looking for the best pc gaming chair in terms of style, this model could well be the choice for you. The steel frame provides a full 360 swivel application will provide flexibility for movement. 5 castor wheels have been added to these gaming chairs which give greater freedom of movement. In general, this is a great breathable choice if you are concerned about sweating or getting too hot during your gaming experience. The optimum seating position offered by this series best gaming chair is exactly what every gamer needs.

A great budget chair option, this PU leather model is sure to bring about good support for back pain and long gaming sessions. As one of the top rated gaming seats, we rate it due to its durability and quality material which shows little to near wear even after everyday use.


Weight: 16.8 kg | Capacity: 250 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: Yes | Recline Degree: 90-170° reclining | Warranty: 1 Year

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5. Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair

Flash Furniture Swivel Ergonomic Task Office Chair

Best Features: Excellent posture support with high back. Locking mechanism for adjusting. Mesh covering to keep you cool.

While standard office chairs shouldn’t generally be used as pc gaming chairs, this option is one of few higher office chairs that is sure to impress. Constructed using a fantastic mesh material and various adjustment features, overheating in this executive chair is simply out of question. Great for playing video games, it has supreme build quality and a swivel mechanism allowing for you to move about easily. This best cheap gaming chair comes in a range of color options giving you a choice as to how you want to customize your desk chair. The enhanced back comfort in the high back is capable of supporting up to 300 pounds and it comes with lumbar support too.

For long hours of games, you will be provided with an ample amount of comfort within a reasonable price range. On top of being suitable for gaming needs, this is a good task chair for just about anything and rates highly among desk chairs reviews too. With an easy to use tilting lever, you can adjust the chair as needed to alter the angle of the backrest. Gamers will love the overall body of this chair and the mesh covered seat which stays cool throughout the warmer months.

As one of the less obvious budget models, this design still boasts fantastic ergonomics and a sleek design that will be appreciated. You can ensure sound posture when using your computer and a good locking mechanism when you adjust how the seat is angle-wise.


Weight: 13.2 kg | Capacity: 150 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: 101-109cm | Recline Degree: Tilt Mechanism

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6. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Games Chair

X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Games Chair

Best Features: Sleek design with simple coloring. Has a rocking ability for immersive playing. Provides good lumbar support.

An all-purpose PU leather budget gaming chair, this X Rocker is slightly higher in price but certainly worth it for the number of features it boasts. With a pedestal design, the gtracing chair is one of the high end models from X Rocker and delivers a range of fantastic comfort enhancements. The chair is highly versatile allowing you to play favorite games such as Call Of Duty in style with its immersive media controls. You simply need to input the wireless audio device of your choice to listen to music, play. or watch movies. Headphone jack compatible, you can also input headphones for extra convenience if your device isn’t wireless.

The high back rest comes with one of the most quality lumbar pillows that we have seen offering exceptional lumbar support for hours in end. Its overall ergonomic design is designed for a larger weight capacity meaning nobody is restricted from the ultimate gamers experience. While this particular racing chair design does not come in any fancy color schemes, the all black material adds to its sleekness as a rocking chair.

We really like the stabilizing armrests added to this v Rocker which make it even more convenient to use and the head pillow which is so soft. Lots of non-specialist office chairs also come with this feature, so if you fancy yourself some stabilizing armrests for office gear too, check out our best cheap office chair picks!

While on the higher end of the budget price range, you won’t regret investing in this seat which offers a lifetime warranty.


Weight: 0.26 kg | Recline Degree: Dulex Recline | Warranty: 1 Year

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7. Homall Gamers PU Leather Chair

Homall Gamers PU Leather Chair

Best Features: High density foam material. From a trusted brand. Easy to use tilt dial.

Next on our list, we have a spectacular high back race car style cair from Homall. With one of the comfiest lumbar cushion features and a supporting a larger weight capacity, it is an excellent choice if you are seeking a quality new chair for all of your gaming needs. With high density shaping foam for exceptional comfort, this chair gives a bit of a bean bag feels and is going to satisfy if you are looking for something that can be used for an entire day. As one of our top pc gaming chairs, this Homall gtracing gaming model is also durable and highly reliable as a racing chair.

Well within a reasonable price range, this chair also ensures great sitting posture with a Homall high back with headrest cushion. The backrest tilt will allow you to easily and conveniently switch up the way this chair is positioned and it comes with a tilt tension dial. No matter what game mode you are playing in, the seat padding on this chair will leave you feeling relaxed.


Weight: 19.59 kg | Capacity: 300 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: 17.3-21.5 inch | Recline Degree: 90 – 150 degree

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8. AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair

Best Features: Great value for money overall. Nice coloring and styling. Features 4D armrests with cushions.

Next in our best gaming chairs review list is the AKRacing Core EX chair that is a more high end option but is packed with a range of fantastic features. As one of our top gaming chairs it comes from a trusted gaming chair manufacturer and even has a recline feature. The fabric on the front and back is totally breathable so you don’t need to even think about the heat while the seat depth is perfect for anybody who will be using the chair for extended period of time. This particular chair comes with a super strong durable body which is coated to protect it against corrosion. The adjustable headrest offers optimum comfort and the lumbar support is amongst the best we’ve seen in a mesh chair.

Suitable for pc gaming setups, this is one of the top budget chairs in terms of styling too. The vivid blue coloring featured on the chair is highly attractive while the overall design is kept minimal. With 3D armrests, you can stay comfortable with this budget chair in every sense and play your games superhero style. There are two different mechanisms to choose from allowing you to change the chair into a rocket.

Though this chair does not offer any fancy aesthetics, it is one of the top budget pc gaming chairs due to its overall value for money. This is an excellent product choice for gamers of all types and the level of padding offered and look will satisfy.


Weight: 25.85 kg | Capacity: 330 pounds | Recline Degree: 180° reclining | Warranty: 5 Year

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9. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Features: All round highly versatile. Extremely heavy duty. Has a headrest pillow for added comfort levels.

As one of the most out there cheap gaming chairs design-wise in our list, this best gaming chair is vividly colored with red and black. From one of the top gaming chair brands, this PU leather option is made using breathable material making it a great choice if you like leather but require a sweat-free option. The adjustable lumbar support alongside the neck and headrest pillow ensures maximum comfort and total support for the spine when in use. We also love the addition of armrest padding for enhanced comfort in this gtracing gaming chair.

As a heavy duty racing chair, you can fully trust that this model is capable of supporting larger weights and that this chair isn’t going to break easily. The metal steel frame is one of the strongest that we have seen in best pc gaming chairs and it has a range of positive reviews in this aspect with ours to add. Easy lock tilt adjustment helps you to relieve any sort of muscle aches after long gaming periods and the wheels allow free movement around your living room.

While this chair is not suitable for tv gaming it certainly performs well for pc gamers. Every feature from the armrests to the back cushion have been executed with care making it a steal for its smaller price. If you re dubious about leather as your choice for a chair think again with this breath-easy option.


Weight: 16.8 kg | Capacity: 250 pounds | Seat Height Adjustments: Yes | Recline Degree: 90-170° reclining | Warranty: 1 Year

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10. RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Chair

RESPAWN 200 Racing Style Chair

Best Features: Very stable design for the user. Has a reclining feature. Memory foam which shapes to your body.

The final product in our cheap gaming chairs category is the Respawn racing style chair which offers a superb game experience. As one of our favorite models it comes with a range of comfort features to support good posture inclusive of a stable body and soft seat with lumbar cushioning. The 360 degree mute rolling wheels allow you to move around the seat with ease while the general leather fabric offers supreme comfort alongside the headrest. As one of the more high end gaming chairs, every material used in this chair is top quality and this model even features molded foam which adapts to the shape of your body.

Providing great lumbar support and a reliable gaming seat, the Respawn racing chair also reclines between 90 and 130 degrees giving you more control over your gaming position. The addition of mesh material means you won’t have to worry about overheating while enjoying a rocking experience at the same time. As one of the cheapest gtracing models, you will appreciate the strength of the backrest featured with this design and just how much great value for money it offers.

Overall, this chair comes out as a firm favorite in many reviews and we agree! It is a racing chair worth choosing due to every aspect from the lumbar pillow to the balance offered. There is nothing that this chair lacks in and we place it highly as a recommendation.


Weight: 15.5 kg | Capacity: 275 pounds | Recline Degree: 130° reclining

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Buyer’s Guide to choosing Gaming Chairs

You may be wondering exactly what types of chair for gamers are available and how they differ from each other. Don’t worry! We’ve answered in detail below. From racing style chairs to a rocker gaming chair, here are all the types and the features that they offer.

Rocker Game Chairs

Rocker chairs are a timeless favorite and one of the top options that you can find for all of your budget needs. They offer fantastic cushioning and are known specifically as gaming rocking chairs allowing you to move around comfortably. They offer excellent bucket seats for supreme comfort as well as a high weight limit with excellent durability.

Pedestal Game Chairs

A pedestal rocker chair is great if you want a fully immersive gaming experience as you can get close to your console gamer. These type of gaming recliner chairs are positioned closer to the floor and are great for a living room set up. Similar to bean bags, they offer a huge amount of comfort and are perfect for falling into to relax after a long day. Suitable for both kids and adults, this type of chair will still support a big load capacity and are ideal if you’re seeking a bucket style.

PC Gaming Chairs

The PC classic gaming chair is the most popular due to the different material offerings inclusive of PU leather and mesh, and the level of flexibility offered. While you can still find the racing chair variety within the chair gamer category, the typical pc gaming chairs usually are pretty simple in their design. The ergonomics of a gamer chair are important as they must be able to provide adequate support for long periods of time for the entire back.

Bean Bag Gaming Chairs

Though bean bag gaming chairs are lesser known than the typical high end pc chair, they still offer good lumbar support and are a solid choice. This type of chair is a great option for console gaming but cannot be used for pc gaming. Placed on the floor, they are super soft and a great alternative to the pedestal chair as they are still close to the floor. Gaming floor chairs are not for everyone, but if you enjoy game consoles more than anything you will enjoy a bean bag as part of your home setup.

Factors to consider when buying the Best Budget Gaming Chair

Before you set out to buy a gaming chair, there are multiple factors to keep in mind to ensure you find one with the best price tag aswell as optimum features. Just because you are going for a budget gaming chair doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality. Get a pen and paper ready to make note of all the different things that you should be considering when before purchasing a gaming chair…


For those who are not familiar with the term ergonomics, put simply it means that the user will be able to complete their task easily if the design is ergonomic. Gaming chairs should be highly ergonomic in the sense that they have supportive features inclusive of a high back, memory foam, support large weight capacity, and some even have a neck pillow. An ergonomic design will provide exactly what’s needed for long hours of gaming.

Just because you may choose an ergonomic design in a gaming chair, this shouldn’t make it not budget friendly. You should have full comfort and support while not having to pay a huge amount. While the best cheap gaming chairs will provide a sense of style they should be designed with the user in mind. A comfortable chair goes beyond a simple back rest, instead, it considers all of the ways in which the person will move when using gaming chair.

Unlike an office chair, that will usually not feature things such as a neck pillow, or adjustable arm rests, the best ergonomic gaming chair is going to have everything covered that you’re looking for.


The best budget gaming chairs can still be made using the best materials. In general, a gaming chair will be designed using several textiles and materials inclusive of PU leather, real leather, and soft fabric. It is important to consider the surface of the cheap gaming chair that you choose to ensure that you can enjoy longer game sessions in comfort. While leather may serve you well throughout the winter months, it may cause sweating if you are sitting for multiple hours a day. Also, the type of material that you choose can impact hygiene and the cleanliness of your pc gaming chair too.

Whether you choose to take PU leather or fabric may depend on a few factors. Firstly, a PU leather option is probably going to cause more sweating as the material itself doesn’t really breathe well. This can cause issues throughout the hotter months and simply make you feel uncomfortable while using your gaming chair. If you’re not a particularly sweaty person, you can probably get away with a PU leather desgin.

One of the advantages to a PU leather option is that these gaming chairs are great for stains and spillages. You can easily use a wet wipe or cloth to clean away the mess from the PU leather which can’t be said for some other types of textiles.

A PU leather gaming chair will provide great levels of comfort but they aren’t the most durable. In fact, over time you may notice small tears begin to appear in your cheap gaming chair. However, this typically won’t happen until a few years after use meaning that this type of gaming chair should still offer excellent longevity for the user.

A fabric gaming chair is going to be better if you do not sweat as much and bonus points as it will keep you cooler during the summer months. They are considered to better gaming chairs for keeping you cool as the material will breathe easily. If you do sweat often then you may find that a fabric gaming chair is going to end up tattered pretty quickly.

You can still clean a fabric gaming chair well using a fabric cleaning spray and if the worst occurs, stain removal for fabric. Fabric gaming chairs will offer good levels of durability, however, they too are not going to last forever. The material on a fabric gaming chair will wear away over time as your body comes into contact with it, and this style gaming chair can also be prone to bleaching.

Most people decide on the material of their gaming chair based solely on preference which can even come down to style. There is no winner for a gaming chair in terms of the fabric selection, but it is worth considering the different factors above to make the best decision for your own needs.


If you’re looking for a new gaming chair, the first thing you will likely notice is just how many different style gaming chairs there are. If you are seeking quality gaming chairs, we recommend you carefully review different aspects inclusive of the material used and its overall ergonomic design. For most people, the style of gaming chair can largely sway them towards a certain model and most people already have an idea of the gaming chair design they like.

The classic gaming chair is a spin on an office chair design except it has a more ergonomic design and is designed to be more durable all round. A standard office chair simply would not cut it for a gamer due to the restrictions in its style. The key differences between a pc gaming chair and an office chair are that a gaming chair features more of a bucket seat with extra cushion to support gaming for long hours a day. They also come with adjustable armrests and some even have lumbar support too and a high back.

More advanced models have speakers built into the 4d armrests, or may offer a memory foam seat cushion too. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, but we always recommend choosing a quality gaming chair that is going to provide you with the most comfort. This can be seen in the level of back support offered and adjustment options which can give you a feel for what the chair would be like to use over long periods of time when pc gaming.

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