Best Budget Washing Machines 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

Are you in the market for a brand new automatic washer? Finding the best deals on washing machines can be hard at times, and it can feel almost impossible to find a best budget front loading washing machine that suits you.

From making a comparison between running time, added extras, the level of maintenance, and amount of program settings, anyone would be stumped. It can be difficult to make an investment after having asked yourself, “what is the best cheapest washing machine?”

Thankfully, this is where we come in. Today, we’ve rounded up our 7 best inexpensive washing machine types that will battle it out for the best value washer. This will help you to find the best affordable washing machine for you at a fabulously low price. It’s never been easier to meet your budget and find a best affordable washer for you.

Some best value washing machine models are less expensive than others based on features such as front or top loading, size in cubic feet, and the variability of wash cycles. With this in mind, make sure you’re buying the best washer machines for you and don’t compromise on the features you could want!

If you want a high speed wash with ultra cleaning performance to keep your clothes clean, items like the ones we have listed will be perfect for you. If you want a particular large capacity front loadwasher that, with its size, still manages to get you saving, read on – we promise our models are energy efficient as well as being efficient to wash all of your clothes.

Here’s a table of contents of what we’ve got in store to help you find the greatest washing machines for you:

  • The 7 Greatest Inexpensive Auto Washer Picks:
  1. COMFEE Portable Washer
  2. Whirlpool Top Loader
  3. Samsung Front Loaders
  4. Magic Chef Compact Top Load Washers
  5. Whirlpool Top Load
  6. Amana Top Load
  7. Danby Compact Top Loader
  • Top Picks:
  1. Greatest Value: Magic Chef Compact Top Load Washers
  2. Most Inexpensive: COMFEE Portable Washer
  3. Best Overall: Whirlpool Top Load Washers
  • FAQs

7 Best Cheap Washing Machine Reviews

Here are our favorite 7 machines, from top load washer models to front load washers. We have everything for you, especially if you’re keen on saving energy and water- so settle down and find the dream washer for you!

1. COMFEE Portable Washers

COMFEE Portable Washers

Max Spin Speed: 700 RPM | Capacity Size: 1.6 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

Our first option just so happens to be amid the cheapest appliances available. This top load washer from COMFEE is portable, compact, and very easy to use. With quick wash times and five wash cycles, it really couldn’t be easier to get all you could require out of this cheap loading washer appliance, such as a heavy duty and easy amount of water use.

Better than many a front loader, the water and energy usage on this doesn’t even compare to the amazing cheap price you pay. With dimensions of 18.1 inches in width, 17.7 in depth, and 31.5 in height -as well as a brilliant cu ft – this can be stored so easily!

Compared to models that are front load washer makes, this top load appliance does an amazing job of controlling soil levels, the water level, and even steam technology if you’re after a steam option.

Features We Like
  • Safety measures such as door seal and child lock, as well as a handy detergent drawer- perfect for communal laundry rooms
  • Washing cycle times are perfect for allergy sufferers due to detergent and water usage. Keep your king size comforter hypoallergenic without sacrificing the cleaning results!

2. Whirlpool Top Loader- 4.5 cu ft

Whirlpool Top Loader- 4.5 cu ft

Max Spin Speed: 1160 RPM | Capacity Size: 4.5 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

The second products we have for you are an amazing choice, better than any Flexwash Machine or similar wash machine. From New York to New Jersey, this has the capacity to do your laundry with the highest efficiency. Whether it’s a clothes or bedding cycle, you’ll get all you want in this one from Whirl Pool.

One of the most obvious pros is that these products are compact and save space. For the price, it’s handy for all of your clothes if you’re crunched for space, as it’s just smaller than 4.5 cubic feet (cu ft). It efficiently gets stains out of any and all loads, no matter the cleaning products you use.

Just as good as, and even cheaper than, LG and Samsung products – these products are all you’d want and more. No need for front load with these!

Features We Like
  • Pre-soak setting and easy dispenser drawer
  • Does your laundry quickly and efficiently with the large drum size

3. ENERGY STAR Samsung Front Load

ENERGY STAR Samsung Front Load

Capacity Size: 4.2 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

At a cheap price, our next products have the capacity to wow you! They’re the Samsung energy star front load washer, which come with a fab energy star rate. As front load makes go, this is certainly one of the greatest front load washer makes you could opt for.

Though one of the priciest on this list, these front load washer makes are worth it for the price. The self clean option keeps your water fresh and negates the requirement for harsh chemicals.

What’s more, all components, including the water heater of this front load item and the door gasket, are quiet and efficient. You won’t hear a single drop of water – the quiet spin cycles of this front load are incredible.

Features We Like
  • Smart Care sophisticated tech that works with your phone
  • This front loader is efficient, quiet, and effective

4. MagicChef Compact Top Load Washers

MagicChef Compact Top Load Washers

Capacity Size: 0.9 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

This top load appliance is, according to product reviews, better than any front load washer in the game. At under $300, it’s a bargain for whatever feature set you need, and can easily fit into a small floor space.

The wash basket comes with 6 fully automatic cycles, and it’s easy to work because of the LED display and electronic controls. As home appliances go, this washer is ideal. With a 1.6 cubic foot capacity (cu ft), this provides a water supply and load type like no other washer types.

These washing machines will provide a sophisticated cleaning ability that’s better than a hand wash – from detergent residue to red wine, the stain removal is supreme whatever the load size of this top load machine. Household allergens begone!

Features We Like
  • Convenient – quiet vent system and efficient steam functions of these, which are better than front loaders
  • Will not break the bank in initial costs – no reason to dip into emergency funds – makes lots of savings

5. Whirlpool Top Loading

Whirlpool Top Loading

Capacity Size: 4.3 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

Our fifth appliance is perfect for all of your wash cycles, with the stainless steel wash basket that you can easily load your clothes into. This High Efficiency Top Load Washer from Whirlpool gives you a smooth stainless steel waved drum, with a super spin speed of 28 minutes for small loads.

The automatic water levels are able to regulate the liquid you require for your load in this top load washer, so grab the fabric softener and your credit card details – this is a must-buy.

In easily controlling the water temperature, steam function, and other elements such as spin speeds, this 4.3 cubic foot capacity appliance is one of the more high end washers at a low end price.

Features We Like
  • Larger capacity and durability – high standards and high efficiency, brilliant functions, guarantee to fit your lifestyle
  • Quiet and efficient- a true speed queen (that’s better and cheaper than an actual Speed Queen)

6. Amana Top Load Washers

Amana Top Load Washers

Max Spin Speed: 700 RPM | Capacity Size: 3.5 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

As our best washing machine under $500, this Amana washer from gives you all you want in front loaders at the lowest of prices.

As a front load washer with a ton of spin speed options, the deep water wash programs afforded by this Amana gives you a quicker wash time and a more confident clean. ‘Center agitator appliance’ never sounded so good. It gives you amazing bang for your buck on the spot, offering longevity and no shortage of powerful rinses. A high performer at an amazing sale price, it’s just common sense – keep the bills down and make this a key consideration that’s worthy of your attention.

The impressive spin speed of these front loaded washers cuts times down to as little as 30 minutes, and with the compact 3.5 cubic feet, this top load washer removes all tough stains and makes efficient usage of water and energy. The energy star is supreme, the deep capacity drum is superb, and Home Depot’s service calls this a special buy for very good reason.

Features We Like
  • Cheaper than competitors like the Kenmore Elite, and you can even pay in monthly instalments. A wonderful front load with low costs and amazing stain removing – smart and easy decision of purchase for many uses
  • Reviews talk about the fabulous energy rating and a best buy according to user experience – the washing performance and water consumption is superb. The customer support will also leave your jaw on the floor!

7. Danby Compact Top Loaders

Danby Compact Top Loaders

Max Spin Speed: 900 RPM | Capacity Size: 0.9 Cubic Feet | Load Type: Freestanding

Our final product is ridiculously cheap and shockingly good! You’ll be itching to buy this… and not because your fabric softener is bad! The Danby DWM030WDB is a brilliant top load machine, which is loved by many for its more efficient functioning than many front load options.

With compact sizing, 5 convenient wash cycles, and a bunch of additional features, why would you want any other – top or front load?

The high capacity drums are perfect for usage with any dryer, and the space-saving power of it means that there’s room to pop it anywhere… perfect for a family home! With reliability to boot and cheap prices to save your money, this appliance is definitely not at the bottom – quite the opposite.

Features We Like
  • An integral part of these appliances is its low prices – lower than many front loaded appliances
  • High reliability from the array of wash modes and six lb load capacities – low costs considering this!

Budget Options

Greatest Value

Our appliance with the greatest value is the Magic Chef 1.6 cu. ft. (cubic feet) White Top Loader. It’s easily portable, has a stainless steel tub, and is ideal for the laundry room in any apartment or compact space.

With 6 fully automatic wash cycles, this amazing washer boasts reliability for any fabrics: comforters, towels, it does it all!

This gives power to the people in its cleaning performance, as it goes the extra mile to ensure that you can make the right choice. You’ll have no issues with this family favorite – start looking now!

Most Inexpensive

The lowest cost appliances available come from Amazon and has a range of handy information and many positive reviews. The COMFEE portable offers smart operation from renowned manufacturers that work hard.

With the ability to meet all of your laundry requirements in the most compact of spaces, pop in your bedding, delicates, and even the odd sock – this machine will be kind to your load (which can go up to 6.6 lbs, by the way), and meets all types of reliability tests.

Reviewers say it’s a perfect pick for anywhere, so we’d recommend you cut the costs that many other appliances supply and go straight for this one. Its combination of impressive features is something that proves that these brands are on your side.

Best Overall (Premium)

Our favorite overall pick is a little pricier, but with the positive comments and many advantages, you’ll see why we give it this title. The Whirl pool 4.3 cu appliance is totally worth the cost in every way.

The smooth wave stainless steel drum is soft on every fabric, and provides amazing vibration to eliminate dirt in all washes. Get a small load done in as little as 28 minutes, and the automated water levels regulate the fluid levels based on your load’s sizes- it’s truly tailored to your needs with every function.

With an extended warranty from the suppliers, Lowe’s, you’re sorted for as many uses as you like, so you can make the decision to end your relationship with your purchase. Customers hail Lowe’s support team as one of the key differences between other companies just looking to make a speedy commission.


What brand of washer is the most reliable?

When you’re going for a cheap washer, you’ll want to find wash machines that are less expensive for sure – but also from reputable sellers.

It can seem impossible to strike a balance between the greatest functioning, top recommendations, and a low price. However, the brands we’ve listed here include some of the best washers, from front load washers to top loading washing machines.

The most reputable brands, and therefore the most reliable for large families that require large loads particularly, are any washer Samsung can offer, as well as the washer LG can offer.

Black & Decker and Danby also offer some brilliant deals, helping you to find all you require for every rinse cycle at a very agreeable price tag.

For every heavier requirements, every spin cycle, any volume of water you could want, these brands are the best. With an easy display menu and all the other basics – they’ll provide anything to boost the convenience of your wash.

What is the best inexpensive washer?

The best washing machines for the lowest prices can seem hard to find. From a top load machine to a front loading, from models with Wi Fi connectivity to those with Google Assistant voice assistant systems, it can seem almost impossible to find the best model for your money.

However, we believe the best inexpensive appliance for the money should include:

  • A deep fill
  • Multiple spin speeds
  • A large cubic foot capacity if heavier duty, but if you’re going for a compact washer make sure it’s powerful enough
  • An easy user interface and control panel
  • Full steam functionality and lots of different wash settings
  • A high drum capacity for all water levels and load sizing requirements of your laundry load.

You can find these sorts of features by looking through product reviews and owner satisfaction ratings. Customer satisfaction is the most important factor of buying different washing options.

Scroll up to see our recommended items, including the:

COMFEE Portable Washer

Danby Compact Top Loader

Are cheap washing machines any good?

One of your biggest fears when buying a new model with energy efficiency, a decent load capacity, and bunch of other wash cycle options to suit your laundry needs is: are cheap models actually okay? Are cheap washers really any good?

And the answer?

Of course they are!

As long as you look out for all the different features you want out of your washer, from energy consumption to app control and temperature settings, you should be more than covered to find a model that works for you.