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Consumer Trusted Reports is made possible by our talented team of experts, who put our reader’s health first by doing rigorous safety tests, checks and trials on every single product they review.

All our team shares the same vision: to give power to our readers by arming them with the full facts before any purchase. This enables you to make the right choice that works for your needs, improving your health and wellness with products that offer fantastic benefits for an affordable price.

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Our team of dedicated researchers put every product under the microscope and conduct dozens of tests and trials over weeks to discover if a product’s claims live up to expectations, and ensure that it’s safe for our readers to buy.

Only the products that show significant benefits after all our tests will be considered for recommendation by us. Safety of course plays a huge factor in deciding whether we’ll wholeheartedly recommend a product too, so you can rest assured that if we’ve given a product our seal of approval, our trusted team of researchers have carried out all the necessary due diligence needed.

As well as safety, value also plays a huge role in whether we’ll recommend a product. We believe improving your health and well-being should always be something that’s affordable to everyone on any budget, so we will only recommend real value for money at a price that can’t be beaten for the quality on offer.

Plus, all products would of course be nothing without the people who use them, so in addition to the above, we approach, you, the consumers, and gather all the feedback we can on products to really make sure that people are happy with what they’re using, that improves your health and well-being, and hasn’t caused you any issues further down the line. As you can see, our reader’s health is our number one priority, and ensuring you get trusted, accurate and up-to-date health info so you can make an informed choice, is what we’re all about at Consumer Trusted Reports.

When it comes to buying a product that you hope will improve your health and well-being, the internet is awash with thousands of health products vying for your attention. But as we all know – not all of them are created equal! As well as great products, there are so many inferior ones and duds that are trying to take advantage, so ensuring you receive something that really delivers noticeable improvements can be a minefield! So that’s where we come in…

We founded this site to give the power back to consumers, by informing you of the best health products on the market in a whole range of different categories.

And we do this, by rigorously testing as many health products as possible to see which meet our team’s high standards.

Our researchers really know what they’re doing too. With a team that’s written for a whole host of different health and wellness magazines, newspapers and established online media outlets over many years, we’ve managed to assemble a real group of pros when it comes to finding the top health products on the market today. So when choosing any health product on this site, you can be confident that we’ve put in many hours of hard work testing each one we feature, so you can pick out what suits your needs perfectly, and start improving your health in quick time. Happy browsing!