Best Cheap Circular Saws 2020

In the modern age of electronic tools and gadgets, our lives have been radically transformed. These gadgets have empowered us with the capacity to perform complex tasks that was hitherto thought to be impossible.

The same kind of development is being noticed in the development mechanical tools and devices. The circular saw as a tool, has undergone vast changes in design and functioning. Our focus on this article is to deliberate on how we can choose the best budget circular saw.

Being one of the most common and widespread power tools in use, the circular saw can help in you in making precise cuts on a whole host of different metals such as steel, masonry and ceramic tile, and of course wood.

If you are a newbie looking to buy your first circular saw or a professional interested in upgrading your rig with a worthy saw – we have got all bases covered for you. Our expert team of professionals have researched over the factors which are decisive in the functioning of a circular saw.

We intend to use this invaluable experience to give you some of the best pointers and tips that will ultimately determine if the saw is worth the purchase. We have also undertaken comprehensive research across the market, to find out the best budget circular saws and why you should consider buying them in the first place. Initially, we will look at some of the best and most impressive features of circular saws in general that can convince you as to what additional benefits this power tool can grant you.




Current Price


Worx Worxsaw

Boasts a grip safety trigger feature for easy control and comfort


Rockwell RK3441K

The saw is stylish and slim for better comfort, control, and balance


Dewalt DCS391B

Comes with excellent maneuverability and flexibility


Black+ Decker BDCCS20B

Comes at a lower price compared to other circular saws with the same features


Skil 5280-01 15-Amp

The spindle lock and on-tool wrench lets one change the blades effortlessly


Makita 5477NB 15 Amp

Features excellent performance thanks to its powerful motor


Black & Decker BDECS 300C

Comes with a two-year warranty to back up its high-performance claims


Skil 5180-01 14-Amp

Features Enhanced dust blower to facilitate high performance


Ryobi One+ P505

The frame is quite sturdy


Circular Saw

The saw features a double safety switch button for utmost safety

Best Budget Circular Saws 2020

1. Worx Worxsaw 4-1/2″Worx Worxsaw Compact Circular Saw – WX429L

Our first product on this list is a highly rated power tool from WORX that has been turning heads because of its perfect balance of design and performance. The 4-1/2” WORXSAW includes a parallel guide attachment that basically takes your cuts to a whole new different level in terms of precision and accuracy. This ensures that you can rely on it if you have professional responsibilities to cater to.

Additionally, this circular saw allows you to adjust the 4-1/2” WORXSAW from 0-45° for a wide variety of bevel cutting, to undertake diverse kinds of cutting applications. You also have a depth adjustment allowance of 2 inches, which will undoubtedly help you in making your job much easier without compromising on full-size performance.

Also, a bodyweight amounting to 5.3 pounds makes this tool very convenient to move around your workplace as per your convenience. For all its emphasis on high-performance and sufficiency, when it comes to heavy-duty cutting operations, it also shows remarkable versatility as well as fantastic maneuverability.

Moreover, the left-sided blade design ensures great cut-line visibility. The tool is also equipped with a grip that has an integrated safety trigger feature, providing smooth, easy control, balance and comfort. Considering all these things, it is exceptional to know that this tool is available at such a budget price and this is exactly why it makes it onto this list as one of the best budget circular saws available in the market.

  • Extremely portable, the saw weighs just 5.3 pounds
  • Boasts reliable performance
  • Features a left-sided blade design for an excellent cut- line visibility
  • Boasts a grip safety trigger feature for easy control and comfort
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Features fantastic versatility and high performance
  • Less powerful as compared to other full-size circular saws

2. Rockwell RK3441K 4-1/2”

Rockwell RK3441K Compact Circular Saw

The next addition on this list is brought to you by Rockwell. As a finely streamlined power tool, this is ideally suited for all your cutting requirements, irrespective of whether you’re just doing this as a hobby or you have serious professional obligations at stake.

The RK3441K is an exceptionally versatile tool that has both the characteristics of compactness, but also strength and power. A significantly high-powered motor of 5 HP and 3500 rpm ensures that you get a standard of performance that is equal to a full-size saw.

Another excellent aspect of this fine tool, is that it is 50% lighter than conventional 7-1/4” circular saws; very much capable of comfortably cutting through 2x4s in a single pass. Also much like many other standard circular saws on this list, the left-handed blade design empowers you with great cut-line visibility.

In terms of design and outlook, this saw is incredibly stylish and has a slim, inline structure that allows for a significant comfort, balance, and control while also allowing for much better maneuverability for overhead cuts and the like.

With a maximum cutting capacity of 1-11/16” at 90 degrees and a bevel capacity of 1-1/8” at  45 degrees, this circular saw has very little that it can’t do with confidence and an assured sense of guarantee. If you’re specifically looking for a saw that is ideally built for cutting wood, this is really your dream product.

The 2″ nominal lumber materials will be surgically dissected according to your wishes with this beastly power tool. All factors put together, it is easy to see why this tool has been making so much noise in the market for all the right reasons.

  • Features compact size and excellent power
  • Comes with a high powered motor of 5HP and 3500rpm for excellent performance
  • Lightweight than most convectional circular saws in the market
  • Features left-handed blade design for better cut- line visibility
  • The saw is stylish and slim for better comfort, control, and balance
  • Not suitable for heavy use

3. Dewalt DCS391B

Dewalt DCS391B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Circular Saw, Tool Only

When it comes to Dewalt as a manufacturer of various kinds of power tools, there are very few who enjoy the same widespread recognition and trust of the general public in relation to their products.

Dewalt has consistently outperformed many of its competitors in sales of circular saws, owing to their strong foundations and excellent track record of long-term performance and superior standards for durability.

The DCS391B is another one of Dewalt’s masterpieces when it comes to circular saws and this 6.5-Inch Circular Saw with a  6-.5-Inch Carbide-tipped Blade has been turning heads in the market of many seasoned experts with years of industrial experience.

It is an extremely functional tool with the lightweight magnesium shoe providing a new enlarged scope of job-site durability in order to stick to its crowning history of long-term durability. Moreover, 50°(degree) bevel capacity allows for aggressive bevel cuts, making it incredibly simple and straightforward to undertake various kinds of cutting applications – both major and minor.

It also brings you an optimized rubber over-molded comfort grip that will enable you to exert a level of control and grip strength, that you probably would associate with a much higher end product in the market.

The tools come with a 460 MWO, 5,150 RPM motor that is powerful enough to give you strength, speed and accuracy of precise and accurate cuts. Weighing in at a healthy, but comparatively light 7.1 pounds, it also boasts of a higher potential for flexibility and maneuverability.

Considering all these factors, it is easy to see why this tool has been so widely approved and thus it justifies its position on our list as one of the best budget circular tools 2018 has brought to you.

  • Made of durable aluminum material hence high performance
  • Features an optimized rubber grip to enhance comfort
  • Features a 460 two, 5, 150 RPM motor for that powerful performance.
  • Comes with excellent maneuverability and flexibility
  • The battery pack’s lifespan is average

4. Black+Decker BDCCS20B 20-voltBlack+Decker BDCCS20B 20-volt Max Circular Saw Bare Tool

Circular saws have seen an explosion in sales in recent times, and one of the major manufacturers to capitalize on those sales have been Black & Decker. Responsible for creating a host of different power tools for a wide range of different purposes, this model from Black & Decker represents an enthusiasm and passion for creating an all-encompassing circular saw that can proudly claim to take care of all your cutting requirements – irrespective of whether you are a professional or just an average joe.

Comprising of a high motor of 5-1/2-Inches, this powerful tool is able to conduct various kinds of applications admirably, with a cutting blade that has specially designed to carry out a wide variety of cuts and incisions.

Also, the aspect of tool-free depth of cut makes it extremely easy and convenient to make depth adjustments. A lot of people have swooned over the design of this stylish saw because of its compactness and also because of ease of usage.

Other impressive features associated with this saw include, a high torque motor and bevel adjustments mechanisms that are highly beneficial for the dual purposes of heavy duty as well as menial operations. Considering all of these factors, it is no exaggeration whatsoever, to regard this tool as one of the best budget circular saws that you can purchase in the current market.

  • Comes with a high motor of 5-1/2 inches that is suitable for various tasks
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Features a high torque motor and bevel adjustments mechanisms vital for heavy-duty or menial operations
  • Comes at a lower price compared to other circular saws with the same features
  • Features a tool-free depth cut for convenience when making depth adjustments
  • The fitted blade is of poor quality

5. Skil 5280-01 15-Amp

Skil 5280-01 15-Amp Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide

Like many other manufacturers on this list, SKIL has been engaged in the art of saw-making for many years now and has developed a significant following in the process with a whole host of power tools, satisfying the daily requirements of consumers throughout the length and breadth of the world.

This latest 15-amp circular saw with a single beam laser guide is often said to be the pinnacle of circular saw engineering considering its modest price, excellent features and abundant positive reviews from people who are ecstatic with its performance.

As compared to the SKIL 5680, this new model has seen a 15% reduction in weight that is fundamental to its vision of reducing user fatigue and allowing long, extended and uninterrupted usage for seasoned professionals as well as hobbyists. The single beam laser is probably the most impressive and mouth-watering feature at this price as it has taken the power tool to a whole new different level,in terms of accuracy and precise cuts.

With an upgraded motor from its predecessor, the 5680-01, SKIL has made sure that you can comfortably complete your new deck or rip sheet good easily with the 5280-01.

Furthermore, the integrated dust blower is highly beneficial for keeping the line of cut free of sawdust as much as possible. Additionally, this saw is responsible for giving a much wider diversity in terms of angle and miter cuts, as the user is able to change blades very easily without any hassle with spindle lock and on-tool wrench.

The circular saw includes a 24-tooth carbide blade, along with a very handy carry bag that allows you to take your power tool anywhere you please. After this lengthy discussion, it should be clear to you as to why this circular saw is considered to be one of the best with respect to its price in the current market and any doubts you have regarding the effectiveness of this product should be discarded.

  • Lightweight as compared to the earlier versions from the same manufacturer
  • Features a single beam laser for accuracy and precise cuts
  • Features a powerful motor for excellent performance
  • Comes with an integrated dust blower to keep the line of cut free from sawdust at all times
  • The spindle lock and on-tool wrench lets one change the blades effortlessly
  • Features a 24- tooth carbide blade and a handy carry bag for enhanced portability.
  • Priced modestly
  • Not suitable for industrial operations

6. Makita 5477NB 15 Amp

Makita 5477NB 15 Amp Hypoid Saw

In the world of circular saws, the sheer number of diverse tools available in the market can sometimes become a hindrance to the average consumer.

The host of different manufacturers and millions of dollars pumped into enticing advertisements can often blur the real focus of what the consumer primarily requires. This model form Makita rises above the cobweb of mediocrity, to achieve a deserved reputation as one of the best and most complete all-rounded power tools of this generation.

Considerations of power are taken care of quite easily with the extremely efficient hypoid gears that provide much better surface contact when compared to conventional worm drive gears.

It also comes with a whole host of impressive features such as the oil bath technology and the sealed gear housing is fantastic for ensuring minimum maintenance costs. Considering the price of this product and comparing that to the extensive set of features that are provided, this really is a bargain – if there ever was one.

  • Boasts efficient hypoid gears for an enhanced surface contact as compared to other worn drive gears
  • Features an oil bath technology and sealed gear housing thus reducing maintenance costs significantly
  • Features excellent performance thanks to its powerful motor
  • Need more power to run

7. Black & Decker BDECS300C

Black & Decker BDECS300C 13 Amp Circular Saw with Laser

Coming in at number 7 on our list is a fine and sturdy power tool in the form of Black and Decker’s BDECS300C – a modern and highly efficient circular saw available at an extremely modest price.

This tool is ideally suited for a wide variety of sawing applications for making accurate cuts and is supplemented with highly user-friendly bevel and depth adjustments. It also comes with a handy spindle lock that allows for changing of blades with extreme ease.

In terms of design and construction, this circular saw has received large-scale acclaim from all quarters because of its lightweight body that is very much beneficial for avoiding fatigue and making sure that you’re up for long hours of productive work without distractions.

The final cherry on the ice comes with the two-year warranty that gives you great confidence regarding the functioning of this impressive tool.  All of these things together point to the fact that it has a legitimate place on this list as one of the best budget circular saw in this price range.

  • Features a handy spindle lock that makes changing of blades seamless
  • It is has a lightweight, compact design for increased portability
  • Comes with a two-year warranty to back up its high-performance claims
  • Features user-friendly bevel and depth adjustments are making it suitable for a wide range of tasks.
  • Maybe a little expensive

8. Skil 5180-01 14-AmpSkil 5180-01 14-Amp Circular Saw

With only a few places left in this extraordinary list of budget circular saws, we are nearing the end but have a few more enticing choices in store for you.  This one comes from SKIL as one that has acquired a fantastic reputation – as a complete power tool that can serve all your professional and personal needs of sawing.

The motor is a 14-amp powered beast, that gives you unflinching performance when it comes to power requirements.

Additionally, a 15% weight reduction as compared to the SKIL 5480, has been hugely influential in making this one of the best most flexible and saws in term of lightness and ease of mobility. It also has a 51-degree bevel with positive stop at 45 degree, that gives you a much-improved cutting capacity compared to the 5480.

A few other impressive features are also present, such as an improved dust blower that keeps the line of cut free of sawdust. Furthermore, it comes with a 20-tooth Carbide Blade – making it one of best selling circular saws in the market.

  • Features a 14- amp powered motor that offers excellent performance for a wide range of tasks.
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
  • Features Enhanced dust blower to facilitate high performance
  • Features a 51- degree angle and a positive 45 degree for better cutting capabilities
  • Performance could be improved

9. Ryobi One+ P505 18V

Ryobi One+ P505 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless

The Ryobi One+ P505 is our penultimate product on this list and like all of the ones before it, this one has also justified its laurels and has been hugely successful.

Currently being favored both by hobbyists and professional workers, this state-of-the-art machine has been breaking boundaries ever since it was launched.  When it comes to sturdy power tools, very few can compete with this one.

The handles of the power tool are lined with a rubber mold, which increases the friction between your hands as you use it. This is fantastic as it helps you in exerting greater control over your tool and managing it better as well.

The polyurethane blade guard is transparent and allows you the opportunity of maximum visibility, while making your cuts in a wide variety of environment and weather conditions.

It also comes with an adjustable bevel located near the foot of the circular saw up-to 50 degrees, in order to make cutting a lot more detailed and precise when tackling a variety of angles and different kinds of applications.

The extra side handle is also responsible for giving you much more assertive control as well as magnified visibility over your cuts during work. Considering all these factors, it is easy to see why this superb model has been receiving rave reviews all across the board in regard to its functionality and style.

  • Comes with rubber handles to reduce friction and increase performance
  • Features a transparent polyurethane blade guard to give the maximum user visibility when making cuts.
  • Comes with an adjustable bevel near the foot of the saw to make the cut more accurate
  • Comes with an extra side handle for additional control when cutting
  • Lacks blade replacement instructions

10. Circular Saw with Metal Handle

Circular Saw with Metal Handle

After covering a host of different circular saws with varying features and acclaimed reputations, we come to the final product on our list that is sure to leave you satisfied, should you choose to purchase it.

This saw has a very enticing one-hand operation design, that makes it incredibly easy to use and also a lot of fun to make cuts, as the tool can cut extremely quickly at 3500 rpm.

Moreover, it has an adjustable cutting angle of 90 degrees to 45 degrees, and also an impressive maximum cutting depth of 1-9/10 inch at 90 degrees. It also provides a bevel capacity of 1-3/10 inch.

The most impressing aspect of the saw is arguably it’s laser guide, that lets you have remarkable accuracy and control, so that you can manage to keep all your cuts on a straight line – no matter if you’re cutting on the wood/plastic/metal/tile. In case your worried about safety considerations, that aspect has been adequately covered too with the double safety switch button.

Also, the ability to switch blades increases its service life remarkable. Weighing in at a humble 8.27 pounds, the saw is very much easily movable and works very well, in case you have to carry it around as a matter of daily routine.

Considering all these factors together, it is easy to see why this saw has been selling like hot cakes in the market. It is not only because of its high standards of performance, or its stylish outlook or even its maneuverability. It is, in all likelihood, a perfect combination of all three.

  • Features a one-hand operation design that makes it effortless to use
  • Features an adjustable cutting angle of 90 degrees to 45 degrees for better performance
  • Comes with an excellent laser guide that offers high accuracy and control
  • The saw features a double safety switch button for utmost safety
  • Allows for switching of blades as preferred
  • Boasts a stylish and compact design
  • Awkwardly positioned safety lock


Basics Of a Circular Saw

Circular saws are essentially used to make quick, efficient cuts along the length of a board, while also allowing you to make bevel cuts as and when required. Standard components of this tool are:

A blade guard that is used to cover up the blade when the saw is not being used.
A foot plate or shoe that is used as a steadying mechanism against the sawpiece.
A depth adjustment tool that allows you to undertake cutting functions of different kinds of thickness of workpieces.

A bevel adjustment that is used to readjust the footplate in order to make bevel cuts.

There are two basic designs of circular saws that you can choose from:

The first, and the most common are sidewinders or inline saws, where the motor is located along the same axis as the blade. A shaft is used to run the blade directly using the motor. Sidewinder saws are often preferred because of their lightweight structure and compact designs, making it an ideal fit for most circular saw applications.

Worm drives, on the other hand, have a motor placed at a right angle to the axis of the blade and use gears to increase the torque that is transferred to the blade. This feature makes it great for heavy-duty usage and durable long-term rigorous use. Another aspect of worm drives is that they are much quieter in operations, when compared to sidewinders.

Power sources of a circular saw:

The operational limitations of using a saw, in terms of location and use, are largely determined by the source of power used to drive the tool. Even in this regard, two different options are available:

Cordless circular saws have been growing in popularity over the last few years and much like any other cordless device, they provide a greater degree of flexibility and convenience in locations where an extension cord is difficult to use. They are also much smaller than most corded saws, functioning effectively in tightly enclosed spaces,without having to contend with the hassle of carrying it around. These saws are easy to move and transfer to a different location.

Cordless saws are moreover preferred for cutting operations on wood products, as their batteries are limited in terms of power although metals and other alloys can be worked on, provided there is a significant power source. Cordless saws typically range in size from 5-3/8 to 6-1/2 inches.

On the other side of the spectrum, corded saws do not have to depend on batteries for power and can easily be used to undertake more complex and heavy duty cutting operations like masonry, steel, and continuous woodcutting. Most common corded saws are generally 7-1/4 inches in length and require a suitable extension cord to connect to a power source.

Features of a Circular Saw

Once you decide on the best kind of circular saw perfect for your unique needs and purposes, you need to take account of the various features that different models provide and compare them to get the best result :

More amps are available for corded saws whereas, cordless saws provide you greater voltage. The greater amps and voltage you have at your disposal, the more power will you be able to wield using your circular saw.

Blade capacity: is used to determine the depth of cut you can hope to achieve and as a general rule, it is observed that the larger blades have greater depth of cut. Generally, the average blade diameter is somewhere around 7-½ inches but the most blades with a blade capacity of 6 inches, are good enough to cut through a thickness of a 2-inch dimensional lumber at a 45-degree angle in a single pass. It has been seen over the years that usually, saws with smaller blade capacity are lighter in weight and also a lot more easier to control.

Electric brakes: are used to reverse the flow of electricity in the saw motor when the trigger is released. This is usually done to stop the blade’s momentum quickly without any negative consequences.

Electric brakes are capable of reversing the flow of electricity in a window of 2 seconds, something that is quite unimaginable for saws which are not endowed with this feature.

Spindle or shaft locks: are another additional feature that is found in quite a few circular saws. They are responsible for making it incredibly easy and straightforward to change the saw blade by immobilizing the shaft and blade.

Bevel capacity: is used to indicate the maximum bevel cut the saw is able to make. Bevel stops, on the other hand, are used as presets to allow quick adjustments for bevel cuts.

Finally, the last feature is that of the laser guides which are incredibly useful especially if you are a newbie, or relatively inexperienced in the art of using saws. It is used to project a beam of light onto your workpiece, enabling you to achieve a level of precision and quality that is usually associated with seasoned professionals.


Although it is partly true that a lot of the sidewinder circular saw look pretty much the same (except for the color), there can be vital differences in a number of crucial categories and such differences go unnoticed.

When you get the chance to test or use the saw, you will be able to notice  subtle differences, and the best way to experience these different aspects of a saw is to take a visit to your local tool supplier as soon as possible, and let yourself loose on some saws.

This way you will be able to answer many of the important questions when it comes to the long-term dependability of the product. Does the handle fit your hand well? Does the saw feel well-balanced and the right weight for you?

These are crucial questions to answer, to make sure that you are not in any way shape or form, inconvenienced while using the product, and that you can be assured of long-lasting performance while buying it.


Many different circular saws are fixed with varying blades in terms of material and orientation. Most modern circular saws are, however, provided with a carbide-tipped all-purpose wood-cutting blade that should be good enough to undertake all kinds of cutting applications.

Although this blade is more than enough for most kinds of cutting operations, there are other types of blades available as well, which are specialized and built for a certain kind of activity. You can buy various kinds of blades for cutting wood, metal, tile, and concrete.

The kind of blade you will require depends upon the type and intensity of the work you plan to undertake. For instance, in case you are planning to undertake some heavy-duty work for extended hours of the day, you will require a blade with a higher number of teeth, as that will give you the clear and clean cuts you might need.


In this article, we have taken a detailed and comprehensive look at the various contributing factors that make a circular saw worth buying. In the age of over-the-top advertising and rampant marketing campaigns, we have endeavored to clear the murky waters for you, so that you can be sure of what you are buying and how well is it going to come to use for you.

It is important to understand that when it comes to a circular saw, a lot of factors have to be simultaneously considered and adequately analyzed – if you are looking to successfully choose the best alternative. We have mentioned some of these factors and we also encourage you to do your own research regarding these aspects in as much detail as possible.

It also helps a great deal if you have someone to ask or seek advice from in relation to your preferred choice and try to get a hands-on view of your potential saw, that may give you some unique pointers that you might not find on the internet. Our overall focus has been to streamline budgetary considerations with the best possible products that have a track record of high-performance standards.

We have various models in the list that may be suited to different people and hence ultimately, the decision will have to be made by you only. We hope that we could give you the right guidance; in case you are a newbie and a few additional pointers which you didn’t already know if you’re a seasoned professional.

Now with all these essential tools of knowledge, we hereby declare you ready and empowered to choose the best budget circular saw to be found in stores today!


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