Best Cheap Refrigerators 2020

With such a huge variety of large appliances available in the market, buying the best budget refrigerator isn’t easy anymore. Gone are the days when there were only a few models and you could choose your refrigerator based on its size and colour. With the advancement in technology, the features included in a refrigerator have improved significantly.

And hence, if you are planning to buy the best budget refrigerator, you have a lot of prior research to do.Before you go any further, lets get you well versed with the different types of models available in the market:




Current Price


Midea WHD-113FSS1

Features a partial defrost option for enhanced performance


Kenmore Freezer

Drawer made of plastic to prevent breakage


Avanti RA731 6PST

Features removable glass shelves for extra storage space


Kenmore 73025

Frost free freezer to keep food fresh for longer


Hisense RR63 D6ASE

Features a stainless steel trendy design


Danby DPF07 3C1B SLDD

Features a drain type and water line connection


Samsung RF28H MEDBSR

Offers ample storage for liquid foods


Kenmore Elite

The refrigerator is energy star certified

Different Types Of Refrigerators

All the available varieties of refrigerators in the market can be classified into four different types of build models:

French Door

This build type of a refrigerator has two doors and they open outwards. The freezer is at the bottom of the main compartment.


In this build type of a refrigerator, two doors which open outwards are present. One door opens up for the freezer and the other door opens up for the fridge compartment.

Top Freezer

As the name suggests, in this build type of a refrigerator, the freezer is placed at the top of the main refrigerator unit.

Bottom Freezer

In this build type, the fridge is placed above the freezer.

A lot of varieties and additions have been made to these designs, but these designs wholly stand for basic fundamental designs of a refrigerator. All the fridges can be classified into one of the above four categories.

Now that you are well versed with the different build types, let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before buying the best budget refrigerator for yourself.

What Are You Going To Use It For?

To answer this question, you will have to take a good look at your lifestyle. Are you a single bachelor? Are you married? Do you live alone? What are you going to store in the refrigerator? How big is your house?

Answering these questions will help you a great deal in getting to know what kind of refrigerator is suitable for you. Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose the best budget refrigerator which will suit your need.


Deciding on how much dough you want to spend on your new fridge is an important step as it will sort out your options. Although the expensive fridges may look tempting, if you do some research and choose wisely, you can get a fridge which is your money’s worth for a significantly lower amount. So, you can get the best budget refrigerator with all the features that you need.

Does Size Matter?

Decide on what size is suitable for your house. For that, you need to measure the space where you plan on putting your new fridge. Also, you may have to measure the area around the fridge so that there is no obstruction when you open the door(s) of the fridge. Measure the size of the doorways also, just in case you decide to move your fridge someday.

After you have measured all these sizes and areas, you can easily decide the size of the fridge you wish to go for and it will help you to sort your options.
You can select your fridge’s size based on your use and what you want to store. You may want to go for a smaller fridge if you have limited uses. So, deciding what you want to use your fridge for will definitely help you decide the fridge’s size.

Power or Power Saver?

You are already going to spend a fortune when you buy a fridge. Wouldn’t it be great if your fridge can save you some bucks? Don’t get puzzled, this is very easy. All you have to do is buy an energy saving fridge. That way, you can save a considerable amount of money through the amount you pay as your electricity bill.

Now, you may be wondering how to check if a fridge is energy efficient or energy saver. Again, it isn’t that tough. Just check the energy saving ratings; the higher the ratings, the more energy efficient your refrigerator is. A high energy consuming fridge will only cost you more money for the same features offered by an energy saver fridge.


Fridges, now-a-days are flexible. By flexible, we mean that they don’t follow a general rule of how many compartments or freezers it should have. You can find a refrigerator with more than one freezer compartment or one with no freezer compartment at all. Some fridges offer temperature and humidity control. Now, this feature is a really useful feature for those users who consume frozen food a lot.

Temperature and humidity control allow you to keep your food fresher for a longer period of time as compared to other variants. It is all about finding the right balance. Your lifestyle, as mentioned earlier plays an important role here. Another important point to be considered is your food habit. If you consume a lot of frozen food, you may want to go with a fridge with a bigger freezer than the other variants.

If you wish to store fruits and vegetables, temperature and humidity control with a big basket compartment is what you should go for. If you are more of a liquid consumer, opting for more shelves and compartments on the door will be preferable.


In terms of refrigerators, user friendly is often referred to as how easy is the temperature control settings, the frost defrost control and how easy it is to clean the shelves and compartments of the refrigerator. Most companies these days offer easy control panel for temperature setting and automatic defrost option. In terms of cleaning the shelves, it all depends on how willing you are to clean your fridge.

If you are a busy bee and don’t care much about cleanliness, go for the glass or plastic shelves. They are easy to clean and the smudges can be removed with just a wet cloth wipe. If you think you can take out some time to clean, the wired shelves will reduce the price of your fridge significantly and is suitable for rough and tough use too.


All major electronic companies offer a limited period manufacturer’s warranty. Go through the company policy once before you select a fridge for yourself. Opting for a fridge which has a service centre near your house is a wise option as most fridges are bulky and transporting it can be a menace.

User Review Rating

All the major e-commerce websites allow their users to provide reviews and ratings of the products they bought from their website. When you have selected a model, then going through the user review rating is a wise choice.

That way, you get to know of all the negative features and faults that other users may have faced, if any, and also get a first-hand customer account of the product you selected.

Now that you are aware of the factors that you should consider while you are buying a fridge, let’s a look at the best budget refrigerators of 2018.

Top 10 Best Budget Refrigerators 2020

1. Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Reversible Door Refrigerator and Freezer

This superb refrigerator is made entirely of stainless steel on the outside. The refrigerator is of 3.1 cubic ft and is laced with interior lights. It also sports a partial defrost system which helps to keep the refrigeration process smooth.

The adjustable temperature control system is also good. It has a temperature range of 32′ to 50′ F for the refrigerator compartment. For the freezer compartment, the temperature range varies from -11.2′ to 5’F. The refrigerator also features adjustable legs which can be placed according to your comfort.

The reversible door is really smooth and moves from left to right. The fridge has separate drawers for fruits and vegetables. It also has a water line connection and requires 120 volts to function properly. The major building material is iron. The weight of the product is 52.2 pounds. The total capacity of the fridge is 3.1 cubic ft. and the freezer’s capacity is 0.92 cubic ft. The refrigerator has an energy star certification for its energy saving abilities.

The dimensional measurements of the refrigerator are 18.5 x 19.4 x 33 inches. This is an excellent option for users who have their budget between $150 to $180. The company offers a limited period manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year and the user review rating of the product is 3.9/5 stars.

  • Features an easy to use temperature control system
  • Comes with a reversible door that quickly moves from left to right
  • Comes with separate drawers for vegetables and fruits
  • Features a partial defrost option for enhanced performance
  • Comes with bright interior lights
  • The fridge is energy star certified
  • Lacks a large capacity as other options

2. Kenmore Freezer Refrigerator

One of the modern day refrigerators, this fridge comes in white and sports glass shelves. The refrigerator has 18 cubic ft. of interior space and has gallon door bins which makes the storage convenient. The fridge has energy efficient LED lighting and the adjustable shelves is definitely a good feature.

The refrigerator has a clean back design and the drawers are made up of plastic. The fridge has two drawers. The shelves are made up of glass and opens and closes by sliding the gate.

Item dimensions are length 32.63 by width 29.88 by height 66.13 inches. The refrigerator qualifies as a big refrigerator and takes up quite a lot of space. It is heavy too, weighing 195 pounds. The capacity of the freezer is 3.98 cubic ft. This company doesn’t include an ice maker. It requires 120 volts to function properly. It doesn’t come with an energy saving certification.

The fridge sports an automatic defrost which is a good feature. The company offers a paid limited time manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years and offers free unboxing and installation of your fridge. This device is suitable for users with a budget between $400 to $450. The user review rating of this product is 4.0/5 stars.

  • Features LED lighting and adjustable shelves
  • Drawer made of plastic to prevent breakage
  • It comes with glass shelves that open and close when the door is sliding.
  • Comes with an automatic defrost option
  • Priced fairly
  • The fridge lacks an ice maker

3. Avanti RA7316PST 2-Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

This black coloured refrigerator is a user favourite. It is energy star rated. It sports adjustable or removable glass shelves, which allows you to take full advantage of the space offered by the refrigerator. It also includes adjustable or removable door bins. The doors are reversible which means it can swing both right and left. It features a see through crisper with glass cover. One door rack can hold 2 litre bottles. It comes with an ice cube tray.

The interior lighting is good and is helpful when dark. It allows the user full range temperature control, so you can set the temperature of the refrigerator manually. This refrigerator is CFC free as it contains a R600A refrigerant. The refrigerator is also ADA compliant. It sports a black cabinet with platinum finished door, which makes it look classy and trendy.

It requires 110 volts to function properly. The fridge weighs 92 pounds and is hence, light weighted. Dimensionally, it measures 23 x 21.5 x 56 inches. The capacity of the refrigerator is 7.4 cubic ft. It uses a cycle type defrost system and the basic building material is steel. The company offers a limited period manufacturer’s warranty of a year. This fridge is suitable for users with a budget between $450 to $480. The user review rating of this product is 3.4/5 stars.

  • The fridge is energy star certified
  • Features removable glass shelves for extra storage space
  • Comes with adjustable and removable door bins
  • The fridge complies with regulations by ADA
  • Features an elegant black platinum design
  • Budget-friendly
  • No cons

4. Kenmore 73025 26.1 cu. ft. Non-Dispense French Door Refrigerator

This refrigerator sports a 26.1 cubic ft. capacity. One unique feature of this fridge is that it comes with dual evaporators, which cools the fridge and the freezer separately. This allows the user to keep the freezer and the refrigeration unit at the suitable required temperature and also allows the user to maintain the perfect humidity level.

The full width pantry drawers allow the user to store extra large items like veggie trays or food platters. The freezer is frost free which helps in keeping the food fresher and maintains the temperature at the optimum level. It also has a built in ice maker. Item dimensions are length 35.38 by width 35.9 by height 68.58 inches. The gallon sized door bins are an excellent addition as they provide you with the required space to store containers of milk and juice or other tall items which is tough to fit otherwise.

The cooling sources are independent and they are different for different zones. This fridge weighs 308 pounds and 120 volts of input supply is required for this fridge to function properly. The main building material is stainless steel and the resistance burner type is also good. This is a good choice for users who wish to spend somewhere between $1000 to $1100 on their new fridge. The company offers a limited period manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months and the user review rating of this fridge is 4.0/5 stars. This fridge is indeed a bit expensive but with all the features combined, this is one of the best budget refrigerators of 2018.

  • Comes with full pantry drawers to store extra-large items
  • Frost free freezer to keep food fresh for longer
  • Comes with different cooling sources for different zones of the fridge
  • Features dual evaporators for colling the freezer and fridge separately
  • Priced on the higher side than most of its competitors with the same features

5. Hisense RR63D6ASE Refrigerator with Single Door and Freezer

This is one of those refrigerators which is neither too big, nor too small. It will provide you with all the necessary storage options but in terms of space, it is super saving. It also sports a bright LED interior lighting which is more than enough to see inside the fridge during dark. The bins in the door are super spacious and can hold a few 2 litres bottles easily. The capacity of the fridge is 6.3 cubic ft. and the capacity of the freezer compartment is 0.8 cubic ft.

The shelves are transparent and helps you to see what is placed where from the outside easily. The fridge also sports a clear crisper and deli drawer. The fridge is also energy efficient as it has an energy star certification. The fridge weighs 68.3 pounds and dimensionally speaking, measures 21.1 x 20.4 x 50.4 inches. The colour is a unique stainless silver which makes the fridge looks trendy and classy. It requires 120 volts of input supply voltage to function properly. The major building material is steel. You can get this fridge for between $230 to $300, including shipping charges and installation. The company offers a limited 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and the user review rating of this product is 3.4/5 stars.

  • Highly saves on space thanks to its medium size
  • Comes with a bright LED interior which makes it easier for one to see in the fridge when dark
  • Comes with transparent shelves to help one know what is placed wherefrom outside
  • Features a stainless steel trendy design
  • Priced on the lower side
  • The fridge is energy star certified
  • No cons

6. Danby DPF073C1BSLDD Designer 7.3 cu. ft. Two Door Apartment Size Refrigerator

This fashionable new refrigerator from Danby is one of those refrigerators, which is suitable for all types of users. It offers its user 7.3 cubic ft. of cooling space. It sports a cycle defrost system which is convenient for easy maintenance of your fridge. It also features easy to use mechanical controls which makes the overall experience user friendly. The 3 adjustable slide out glass shelves provides the user with ample storage space for their food and the 4 clear door shelves allow easy storing of beverage and jars.

The transparent vegetable crisper is also superb. The loading capacity of the fridge is 206 litres. It weighs 94.8 pounds and the fridge is a free standing type. The fridge requires an input supply voltage of 120 volts and has a water line and drain type of connection. There is no option for defrost available in this unit. The main building material is steel and the item measures 21.5 x 21.4 x 56.3 inches. Priced under $350, this is the best budget refrigerator as it is compact and highly affordable because of its value for money nature. The company offers a limited period manufacturer’s warranty for a year and the user review rating of this product is 3.3/5 stars.

  • Comes with a transparent vegetable crisper
  • Features a drain type and water line connection
  • It comes with three adjustable slides out of glass shelves for ample storage space.
  • Comes with easy to use mechanical controls thus enhancing the user experience
  • Made of a compact steel construction
  • Lacks option for defrosting

7. Samsung RF28HMEDBSR French Door Refrigerator

This is a refrigerator which is suitable for users who want a big freezer in their fridge. The total capacity of the fridge is 28.15 cubic feet which is divided between the freezer and the refrigeration unit. The capacity of the freezer is 8.35 cubic feet while the capacity of the refrigeration unit is 15.98 cubic feet. It sports a Flex Zone drawer which is optimised for family organisation and the twin cooling feature maintains the optimum temperature and humidity to keep your food fresh for a longer duration of time. The item weighs 396 pounds and dimensionally speaking, the fridge measures 36 x 36 x 70 inches.

The fridge has French door opening system which adds a fashion quotient and goes well with home décor. It comes in a stainless steel colour. It has a built-in ice machine and ample storage shelves to store whatever food item you want easily. The company offers a limited period manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years and the user review rating is 3.0/5 stars. The user review ratings points towards a few issues that the refrigerator may face over time so you may want to go through them once before you finalise this unit. Other than that, this is a really good option for people who want a big and stylish fridge in a budget of anything under $3000.

  • Features built-in cameras
  • Features a French door opening design which adds to its look
  • Features a built-inn ice machine
  • Offers ample storage for liquid foods
  • It comes with large storage space; refrigeration unit is
  • Comes with two years warranty to supports its claims
  • Features touch screen
  • Priced on the upper side than most of its competitors

8. Kenmore Elite 79023 22.1 cu. ft. 2 Door Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

Another great product from Kenmore, this refrigerator also comes with a free unboxing and free installation package. The capacity of the fridge is 22.1 cubic feet and the fridge has two tier freezer drawers for organising all your freezer foods. It comes with the new multi air flow technology which makes it easier to keep your food fresh as air can be placed to every nook and corner of the fridge due to the strategically placed air vents. The tilt and Store door bin flip up and out of the way to create more vertical space for taller items. It also includes a full width pantry drawer to store large platters of food, pizzas and much more.

The vegetable crispers come with a humidity control system which helps to keep your veggies fresher for a longer period of time. Item dimensions are length 34.88 by width 29.75 by height 68.53 inches and the fridge weighs 231 pounds. The company offers a limited period warranty of 2 years on this product and the fridge is energy star certified. The user review rating is 4.2/5 stars. This is the best budget refrigerator for the users who can spend $1000 to $1200 on a refrigerator. The features and the user ratings make this product a strong contender for the best budget refrigerator of 2018 too.

  • Features new multi- airflow technology to keep your food fresh throughout.
  • Features a tilt and store door bin flip up and out of the way for increased vertical space
  • Comes with a large pantry drawer for platter food storage
  • Features a humidity control system in the vegetable crisper to keep the veggies fresh for longer
  • The refrigerator is energy star certified
  • Comes with a two-year warranty which is less than that of other manufacturers


Now, based on the factors mentioned and the short-listed fridges, your quest to find the best budget refrigerator may become a bit easier. Just do your research thoroughly and you can land up with the best budget refrigerator without burning a hole in your pocket.


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