Best Cheap Blenders 2020

If you love the taste of delicious smoothies to start your day, then a blender is an excellent kitchen investment for you. A small but handy appliance to add to the kitchen that provides so much goodness. There are so many types of blenders in the market today. Getting a cheap quality blender can be a challenge. However, we have taken the trouble for you. This article is about the top affordable blenders in the market today. You will use the list of cheap quality blenders we have provided to make your shopping an easy task. But before you pick the best cheap blender, consider the following features:




Current Price


Vanaheim KB64

It is sturdy and tranquil, Good quality


Ninja 72nz

the base is locked with a satisfying click, very user-friendly



It comes with multiple preprogrammed speed settings and cycles for maximum controls


Kitchen Aid KSB1570SL

The blender will automatically shut off when overloaded


Shark Ninja Nutrition

The 900w power allows it to crush ingredients smoothly.


Dash Chef Series

This affordable machine is very powerful and versatile.


Breville BBL620

features an auto-clean function that makes it easy to clean

Power and speed

You should go for a simple but powerful blender that will blend both soft and harder food. The energy you need in a blender will be determined by the type of food you intend to mix. You should undertake thorough research to understand the model you need that will meet your needs.


You will need a high powered and durable blender to grind nuts and blend coarse foods. You should avoid subjecting a lower-powered blender to hard jobs. It will wear off quickly and may not last long enough.

Materials used

Blenders are mainly made of glass, stainless steel, or plastic. You should go for a blender that is made of glass. Glass containers are more stable, more substantial, and durable. However, they may cost more as compared to blenders made of plastic or steel.

Stainless steel containers are cheaper, and they come in a stylish look. However, they block you from seeing what is being blended. You may have a challenge checking the consistency and uniformity of the contents being blended. Plastic containers are very cheap and light. The blenders made of plastic are top-rated and readily available in most stores. However, they are less durable. They are also prone to scratches and can absorb the fragrance of pulverized content.

Space occupied by the blender

Before you choose a blender, consider the available space in your kitchen. If you have enough space, then go countertop blenders. They are bigger. But if you want to save up your kitchen space, then go for hand blenders. They are smaller. You can quickly squeeze it into a kitchen cabinet.

Top 7 Best Budget Blenders 2020

1. Vanaheim KB64 1450 W

Key design features

This fantastic product is made to crush even the hardest foods. It is equipped with a powerful technology that will turn the hardest food to a smooth soluble mixture in seconds. It comes with durable all-metal stain resistant blades to guarantee a powerful performance. You will get perfect results thanks to the fantastic 28000RPMs speed. The blender is powered by 1450 watts that will turn your ingredients into delicious smoothies. The device also comes with multi-programmed operations that you will use to make smoothies and drink of your choice, be it after or before a workout.

With this blender, you will get a seamless, uninterrupted operation thanks to the powerful 2.0HP motor that comes with this device. What is more, the motor is thermal shock resistant and can deliver up to 1450W power. The thermo shock-resistant functionality protects your blender against damages that results from content overloads.

What is more? This blender will operate with minimal noise as compared with other benders in the same category. The blender is constructed to be four times quieter. Besides, it is built to be durable thanks to the stainless steel reinforcement coupler. The coupler is also useful in transferring power directly from the motor to the blades to facilitate a smooth, seamless operation.


You will use this device to crush ice into sorbet thanks to the 1450w motor. It also comes with a nine-speed setting that you can use to chop, mix, puree, and stir ingredients into a deliciously healthy and smooth drink. The blender can also blend a variety of ingredients, including nuts and whole fruits, thanks to the multi-speed features that come with it. This cheap, versatile machine will help you make the best nut butter, milkshakes, frozen drinks, soup, cocktails, ice crush, and silky smoothies.

Ease of use and cleaning

The device comes with a self-cleaning feature. All you have to do is add drops of water and soap. Once you select the suitable speed, the blender will clean, rinse and dry itself.


If you want a cheap blender that promises a high-quality performance, then go for this blender. The device is designed to perform a variety of functions.

  • Comes with self-cleaning function
  • Good quality
  • It is very versatile
  • Comes with a nine-speed setting
  • It is sturdy and tranquil
  • May not produce intended smooth content when used with some ingredients.

2. Ninja professional 72nz Counter Blender

Key design features

This fantastic blender is designed to handle medium-duty jobs. It comes with a powerful 1000 watt motor that will guarantee delicious smoothies in seconds. Besides, the blender is very user-friendly owing to the plastic material it is made of. The plastic makes it easy for you to pour contents from the device. You will also get the ideal blending, ice crushing, and pureeing thanks to the powerful total crushing blades. It also comes with a control functionality that will allow you to control the blending to come up with your desired smoothness of the contents. You will use the blender to crush ice and frozen fruits easily.


You can use the blender to make frozen drinks or smoothies for all your family. It is equipped with top-notch technology and powerful blades to crush ice, whole fruits and vegetables in the shortest time. You can also use this powerful blender to grind large batches of margaritas and daiquiris. But you won’t use the device to crush hard nuts.

Ease of use and cleaning

This device delivers a powerful performance thanks to the 100 watts motor. It also comes with a lid and a dishwasher safe. You will assemble and disassemble the blades easily to enable quick cleaning. When cleaning the device, you should be cautious because the blades are very sharp.


It comes with a broad base unit that makes the blender stable. It is also made of plastic, which makes the blender very light and portable. This blender performs well and comes at very affordable prices.

  • The blender is very user-friendly
  • It comes in a sleek design
  • Comes with sharp blades to turn vegetables and fruits into liquids in seconds
  • the base is locked with a satisfying click
  • Its lifespans might not exceed two years
  • The pitcher comes with no warranty.


Key design features

This model comes from a reputable manufacturer who has been in the industry for over 70 years. The blender is made to last. It also comes with unique features that guarantee optimum performance to make delicious smoothies for you. The device features a powerful motor which you will use to pulverize greens, crush ice and crush fruits into tasty sorbets. It also comes with a three-speed setting that you will use to make salsas, smoothies, and shakes. It is made of transparent material that allows visibility of the content you are blending. You will easily control the smoothness and consistency of the drink you are making

The device is also built to be stable thanks to the ultra-strong BPA free plastic material it is made of. The machine also features a lid with a measuring cup. You can remove the lid when adding more ingredients without the need to take the top off. You are guaranteed effective and efficient processing thanks to the device’s large and sharp blades. This device is compelling thanks to the 1200 watt motor that is designed to rotate at a speed of 19000RMP. It is powerful enough to crush ices and hard ingredients.


This fantastic product comes with a smoothie cup measuring 24oz. The cup is light and portable enough for you to take it on a walk or a hike. You will use the preprogrammed setting to make salsa, smoothies, and milkshakes conveniently. You can also use your blender to pulverize kale without leaving chunks. Besides, you can use the device to crush ices, grind flax, and chia seeds.

Ease of use and cleaning

This machine is very user-friendly. You won’t need prior experience to blend your smoothie using this machine. The parts are straightforward to assemble or disassemble, making cleaning a speedy task. You are assured of getting delicious smooth contents thanks to the machine’s multiple speed setting. In case you want to pause the blending process, you will do so using a stop button. The device’s removable parts can be cleaned using soapy water. The other parts, such as the base unit can be cleaned using a damp cloth.


If you are on a budget and are looking for a versatile yet powerful cheap blender, then go for this device. It is worth every penny.

  • It comes in a compact, sleek design
  • It is very affordable
  • It guarantees a decent performance
  • It comes with multiple preprogrammed speed settings and cycles for maximum controls
  • It is very powerful and versatile
  • it is noisy
  • the blender cup is poorly designed and may spill off content.

4. KitchenAid KSB1570SL BPA 5-Speed Blender

Key design features

This is one of the most popular cheap blenders on the market today. Coming from a respected manufacturer, its quality is guaranteed. It also comes with very user-friendly features making it easy to operate. You will also get a constant blending speed thanks to the device’s Intelli-speed motor control. The consistent speed rate guaranteed very smooth content from your blender. This device is designed to detect changes in the inter- motor speed. When there is a drop in speed, the intel- speed technology will immediately compensate it to enable a consistent blending rate that guarantees quality smoothies.

The blender is also designed to give optimal blending results thanks to the steel-reinforced coupler that provides efficient power for better results. The blender operates quietly owing to the film of lubricant that has been used to coat the coupler. This is a unique feature that is hard to find in similar blenders in the same category. You will select your desired speed depending on the contents you are blending using the 1-5 speed setting that comes with the device.


The blender features five-speed setting modes. You will use each level depending on the ingredients you are blending. You can use the blender to chop, mix, liquefy, and puree your content. You will get delicious blends using all the five speeds which have been designed to work seamlessly. You can also use the device to crush ice and blend nuts.

Ease of use and cleaning

You will clean the device easily thanks to the 5- ounce BPA free pitcher. The pitcher is stain and also scratch-resistant to enable easy cleaning. However, portability may be a challenge because the base unit cannot be separated easily. However, this may enhance quick cleaning as you won’t need to assemble and disassemble the device during the cleaning.


This device guarantees high-quality performance. It also comes with a unique ergonometric design to enable easy portability. It also comes with a wide range of blending features, including arrays of blending speeds, soft start feature, and Intelli- speed system. This device is very affordable can be used in various kitchen applications.

  • It comes with a stainless steel blade which you will use in various ingredients with ease
  • It comes with a soft start system that prevents spattering
  • The blender will automatically shut off when overloaded
  • The blade pitcher and ingredient cap are all machine washable
  • Some users claim that the device doesn’t work well with frozen fruit
  • The device doesn’t separate from the base use which might make it hard to clean

5. SharkNinja Nutrition Pro

Key design features

This device comes with four main parts, including the power base, 180z cup, 24oz cup as well as 75 recipe guide. It also features a one-speed functionality feature that you will use to mix, blend, and process various ingredients to give you a delicious smoothie. It also comes with 24oz and 18oz cups that have been designed to make drinking easy. Once you have blended your contents, you won’t need separate glasses for drinking.

The device is also designed to enable you to extract the most vitamins and nutrients from your ingredients. It is powerful enough to extract nutrients from whole fruits and veggies to give you healthy, tasty smoothies for to meet the nutritional needs of your entire family. It also comes with a 900 watts motor, which is powerful enough to break and grinds hard nutrients to rich juices. You can also use the blender to crush seeds, and ice stems from smoothing content.


The device comes with an ergonometric design and sharp blades that will efficiently mix veggies, seeds, and crush ice to give you an excellent smoothie. When compared with other blenders in the same category, this machine is very versatile. It can quickly grind hard nuts to make smooth, nutritious drinks for you. The device is also very portable. You can carry it outside wherever you go, be it to outdoor parties or even to your workplace.

Ease of use and cleaning

You will get flawless mixing, blending, and chopping if you choose to buy this great device. You can stop the blending cycle conveniently using the stop button that comes with this device. The device is made to be user-friendly. You can blend your juice quickly and conveniently using the machine. Besides, it comes with a manual that will enhance effortless use. The device is built to last owing to the high-quality BPA free material it is made of. All the elements of this blender are dishwasher safer, making cleaning very easy. It is recommended to clean the blender promptly after use.


This cheap blender gives you more performance as compared to similar blenders in the same category. It is also very user-friendly as it comes with a helpful guide that will help you to make a variety of healthy drinks.

  • It comes with a helpful manual instruction guide
  • It is easy to operate and clean
  • It features a decent design
  • The 900w power allows it to crush ingredients smoothly.
  • It is noisy
  • It can be a bit unstable during the blending process. You may want to hold it down.

6. Dash Chef Series 64oz

Key design features

This device is very powerful. Coming with a massive bass measuring 10 inches high and a footprint of 8.75 inches in diameter, it is a tall device that is suitable for spacious kitchen cabinets. Before you go for this machine, you have to consider your kitchen cabinet. Ensure the cabinets are tall enough to accommodate the blender. This powerful blender is designed to handle hard ingredients. It comes with a high powered motor that can easily accomplish hard tasks that other blenders can’t.

It also comes with a useful control panel featuring 6 presets 10 speeds, a pulse function, and as well as a digital interface. It also features time buttons that you will use to set blending time to a maximum of ten minutes. Besides, it features convenient dial knobs that set and presets blending programs such as; frozen, puree, frozen, and soup. To set your desired programs, all you need to do is rotate the knob to a suitable program position.


This device can perform multipurpose functions. You will use the device to blend various ingredients, including kales, spinach, carrots, chia seeds, and flax seeds, to give you a relatively smooth but nutritious drink. Although the blender is not designed to make juices, you will get very delicious smoothies with it. You will also use the machine to crush ice easily without the need to add any water. The blender is also useful in pulverizing nuts into liquids to make meshes, sauces, spreads, and deeps. One of the unique features of the blender is its ability to blend both cold and hot ingredients. You can also use the blender to make delicious bulletproof coffee.

Ease of use and cleaning

This blender is one of the most popular products in the market today. It comes cheap but with various useful design and functionality features. All you need to get a stable performance is to place the jar on the base. The machine comes with an inbuilt blade assembly that makes cleaning easy. When fitting the pitcher, ensure you get a beep that will tell you it has fitted well. You will then adjust the rubber lid securely to prevent the content from spilling. However, this blender is not dishwasher safe. Despite that, the irremovable blades that come with the device make cleaning easy and convenient. It also features a self-cleaning procedure.


This device comes with useful ergonometric features that enhance optimal performance. The machine will work quickly to turn hard ingredients into delicious smoothies. You can use the machine to make quality and tasty drinks for your entire family.

  • This affordable machine is very powerful and versatile.
  • It comes with a robust, stable motor to pulverize even the toughest ingredients
  • The device is straightforward to use and clean.
  • It is also effortless to assemble
  • The device is not thermo shock
  • The blender may not last long enough

7. Breville BBL620 Furious Blender

Key design features

This high-performance blender comes with a very sleek design that is attractive to the eye. It also comes in a small size, making it suitable for a small kitchen cabinet. However, despite its small size, the blender delivers powerful performance. It is also made to hold a lot of ingredients without spilling them. The machine is also durable and easy to clean owing to the heavy-duty BPA free Tritan material it is made of. The material is stain and shatterproof. The device is also very stable when in use thanks to the heavy-duty die-cast metal used to make its base. This machine comes with useful four preprogrammed and five-speed settings that deliver powerful performance.


This machine can be used to chop, liquefy, blend, mix, and puree your ingredients to get a delicious smoothie. You can also use the machine to chop vegetables with a lot of ease conveniently. You can also use the device to make cocktails and soup for your entire family. The device can combine various ingredients to get delicious and highly nutritious smoothies.

Ease of use and cleaning

The blender is equipped with functional features to be used in making frozen drinks. It is a user-friendly product that features easy to use functionality and heavy-duty blades that is suitable in making delicious smooth drinks. The device operates efficiently with minimal noise. It also features an auto-clean function that enables easy cleaning. You will need only one minute to clean the device.


If you are looking for a cheap device that is designed to be durable and that delivers high performance, then go for this blender. It is suitable for use by large families owing to the various applications that come with it.

  • It operates efficiently and quietly
  • It is versatile
  • It is easy to run
  • features an auto-clean function that makes it easy to clean
  • Comes with a stainless steel blade to last long
  • You may experience challenges opening the lid. It corks very tightly.

Guide to Buying the Best Budget Blenders

The market is full of cheap brands of blenders. Not all cheap blenders come with the right quality. Consequently, picking the right blender to meet your needs can be a challenge. However, you need to consider the following factors when choosing the best blender that makes tasty, delicious smoothies:


Go for a blender that can perform various functions, including mixing, grinding, chopping. Such a blender can also perform as juicers or food processors.


A blender will be priced depending on multiple factors, such as the material it is made of. Price is also influenced by the versatility and the brand of the gadget. Durable blenders may cost you more. Such blenders are made of glass, which is stain and scratch-resistant. The plastic blenders are cheap but may not last long. They are prone to scratches and stains. The blenders that perform more functions are usually more costly.


Most of the household blenders come with power between 500 to a maximum of 2000 watts. The blenders that come with high power are usually more expensive as compared to low watt counterparts. The higher the watts, the higher the power -consumption. Go for blenders that won’t increase your power bills but which will guarantee high-quality performance.

Final Thoughts

Getting a quality cheap blender can be a daunting task. But if you use the tips we have provided, then your work will be much easier. You should also pick one of the blender s on our list. They are not only cheap, but they guarantee smooth smoothies and drinks. They also come with expanded functionalities such as making milkshakes, juices, and sauces. You will find many budget blenders on the market today, but the blenders on our list are definitely top of the list . Go for one today. We promise you won’t regret it.


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