Best Cheap Golf Clubs 2020

Golf is sport which is not played by many, yet is is considered to be a good form of exercise. Are you a beginner, just introduced to the great game of golf? If it is so let me introduce you to the various best budget golf clubs.

Several unique golf clubs should be a part of the golfer’s bag. The vital five categories include woods, irons, hybrids, wedges and putter. Once you know the different types, you can easily choose the best budget golf clubs from the list we have provided.




Current Price


Callaway Strata

Easy to use clubs, excellent set for beginners


Aspire X1

longer clubs than standard size, flexible and gives control for low swings


Callaway Strata

high-quality clubs, two fairway woods, two hybrids, two wedges, a putter, bag and headcovers


Confidence Junior

complete golf set for kids, deluxe bag with double shoulder straps


Callaway Strata

user-friendly, excellent choice for the amateur golfer


Pine meadow PGX

affordable price, with a 3-wood, hybrid, irons 5-9 and a pitching wedge


Confidence Hybrid

complete set of golf clubs, high performance and consistency


Palm Springs

set of clubs is one inch longer than standard size


Wilson Ultra

standard set with a sack, beautiful gold, silver, and black design


Prosimmon X9 V2

Well balanced for accuracy and optimum control

Categories of Golf Clubs


The woods in a normal golfer’s pack will incorporate a driver and a couple of fairway woods, most usually a 3-wood or potentially 5-wood. Ladies and seniors may profit by including a 7-wood or 9-wood. The 4-wood is another normal wood, and a few golfers even use a 11-wood.

For amateurs, the driver (additionally called a 1-wood) will be one of the hardest clubs to ace. It is the longest club of the set – the common length nowadays is 45 inches – which makes it the hardest to control in terms of swing.

Fairway woods, similar to irons, are dynamic in nature; that is, a 3-wood has less space than a 4-wood, which has less space than a 5-wood, et cetera. Thus, a 3-wood will go more remote than a 4-wood, which will go more remote than a 5-wood, et cetera.

A 3-wood is typically the second-longest club in a golfer’s sack. Fairway woods have littler heads than drivers and get logically shorter than drivers. That makes them less demanding to control in the swing than a driver, and thus, learners are frequently urged to utilize a fairway wood off the tee instead of attempting to whack a driver ideal out of the entryway.


Irons come in numbered sets, normally extending from 3-press through 9-iron or pitching wedge. They have smaller clubheads than woods, particularly front to back where they are relatively thin (prompting one of their monikers: “sharp edges”). Most irons have strong heads, albeit some are empty. Irons have calculated appearances (called “hang”) scratched with grooves that assistance grasps the golf ball and bestow turn.


Hybrid clubs are the most up to date class of the golf club. They progressed toward becoming standard just around the turn of the 21st century, in spite of the fact that they existed for a long time preceding that.

Think about the club leader of a half and half as a combination of a wood and an iron. Henceforth the name “hybrid” (they are adding some of the time called utility clubs or safeguard clubs). Half and halves are numbered as are irons (e.g., 2-hybrid, 3-hybrid, and so forth.), and the number compares to the iron they supplant. That is on account of half breeds are viewed as “press substitution clubs,” implying that numerous golfers discover them simpler to hit than the irons they supplant. Be that as it may, if a golfer utilizes hybrids, it is undoubtedly as a substitution for the long irons (2-, 3-, 4-or 5-irons).


The classification of wedges incorporates the pitching wedge, hole wedge, sand wedge, and heave wedge. Wedges are their own sort of golf club, yet in addition are a subset of irons since they have indistinguishable clubheads from irons, simply more extremely plotted for more space. The wedges are the most noteworthy flung golf clubs. They are utilized for shorter approach shots into greens, for chips and pitches around greens, and for playing out of sand dugouts.


Putters are the most-particular golf clubs and the sort of club that comes in the broadest assortments of shapes and sizes. Putters are utilized for, well, putting. They are the clubs golfers use on the putting greens, for the keep going strokes played on a golf opening – for thumping the ball into the gap.

There are a larger number of assortments of putters available than some other club. That might be on the grounds that picking a putter is extremely close to the home process. There is no “right” putter. There is basically the putter that is appropriate for you.

Factors to consider before buying golf clubs

While looking for a best budget golf club, it is important to know your needs as well as the prime factors to consider before buying one. Below are some of them listed.

Comprehend what clubs and different adornments make up an entire set. The principles of golf restrain you to convey close to 14 clubs in your golf sack from putter to driver. That doesn’t mean you totally require 14, simply that 14 is the most extreme permitted. A benchmark set that is a decent begin for any golfer incorporates the accompanying:

  • Driver (9.5 – 13 degrees)
  • Fairway Wood (15 – 17 degrees)
  • Hybrid (19 – 21 degrees)
  • Iron Set (4 – PW, AW or SW)
  • Wedge (SW as well as LW)
  • Putter (33″, 34″ or 35″ – length is dictated by player inclination)

Beginning with the above clubs as your benchmark set, you would then be able to begin choosing hardware in light of your capacity level. In spite of the fact that the clubs above are recorded as a benchmark, there are a boundless number of potential outcomes to make an arrangement of clubs. Everything relies upon your inclinations and how well you hit each extraordinary club.

Long irons can be supplanted with half and halves or woods. Irons can even supplant woods. Also, any number of wedges can be been put into your sack. These are only a couple of approaches to switching up what is in your sack, however, 14 clubs are the farthest point by running the show.

See what you like best or what benefits your diversion best. The conceivable outcomes are inestimable, yet by beginning with this essential set you can all the more likely figure out what will be the ideal set for you.

The following piece of looking for clubs can get very confounding, yet we are here to make this procedure significantly less demanding. You have to comprehend the phrasing of the parts as well as how those segments convert into your diversion.

Golf Club Components

The four noteworthy segments being the woods, irons, wedges, and putter, these have a few elements which are common and are to be considered for a best spending golf club.

Grip – The hold is an elastic cover that goes in the course of the last eight or so crawls of the pole and enables you to (hold) onto the club. You will see clubs distinguished as having Standard, Midsize and Oversize/Jumbo grasps. Grasps can be chosen in light of the measure of the player’s hand. There is a wide range of plans, surfaces, and hues that can be found, yet all fill a similar need—to hold the club viable.

Shaft – The grasp is arranged on the pole, which is the following significant part of any golf club. This part is a round and hollow bit of graphite or metal and its length relies upon the club in which it is introduced. This segment comes in various flexes, which implies a club’s pole can be stiffer or more adaptable relying upon its flex.

Your club head speed is the greatest factor in figuring out which flex is best for your swing. The firmness levels are each marked by an alternate letter: “L” remains for women, “An” or “M” remains for novice or senior, “R” remains for standard, “S” remains for solid, and “X” remains for additional hardened.

Hosel – The following part is the hosel, which associates the pole to the clubhead and controls the lie point of the club. The lie point is a deliberate edge between the sole of the club head and the pole. Players now and again require their lie edges balanced in view of their stature, a safe distance or swing style. On the off chance that you require the pole twisted to build that point then you have an “upright” lie and on the off chance that you diminish that edge you have a “level” lie.

A customizable hosel plays out indistinguishable employment from the hosel—it associates the pole to the clubhead. In any case, a flexible hosel enables players to modify the space and lie edge of their club. Customizable hosels have been underway as of late (since 2009) and ordinarily are just found in drivers, fairway woods, and half and halves.

A movable hosel enables players to expel the pole from the clubhead, select an alternate space and lie point on the hosel, and reinstall the pole with the basic turn of a torque. (Wrenches are accessible with each customizable hosel.) This can be extremely valuable, as it enables the club to be tweaked for an individual player’s nuanced swing qualities and individual inclinations.

Clubhead – The last segment is the clubhead. This is the piece of the club that really hits the ball. It controls the stature and eventually the separation that the ball will travel.

The clubhead is the principle highlight of any club and is normally the main thing a player will settle on before some other trait or part.

Clubheads are outlined with every maker’s particular innovation properties and are adapted towards a particular player’s capacity, however, they all play out a similar activity—strike the golf and push it forward.

Top 10 Best Budget Golf Clubs 2020

1. Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set

Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Set

The Callaway Golf Set consists of a 460cc driver, a nifty 3-wood, hybrid (5H), 6-9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a hammer putter. It additionally accompanies a stand pack that has five pockets, and knapsack style lashes to make carrying simpler.

The key is thus the 460cc driver, which has a colossal sweet spot. The vibe at affect is something to view, and the hang time you get with this club will mean you can appreciate the ball going and going as you hold your posture.

The 3-wood isn’t so great, however, the hybrid is a stunning little club which is staggeringly simple to hit. The treated steel irons, which join dynamic sole-width innovation, are very forgiving, at the same time, more than that, they give you superb input with the goal that you can center around accuracy and control.

The mark highlight of the putter is the T-style arrangement, and it doesn’t take long to get the proportion of the separation control as well. With respect to the pack, this is one of most easy to carry stand sacks as per the examined among finish sets. It’s produced using quality materials, and, with a lot of pockets and capacity, Callaway truly hasn’t missed a trap from beginning to end.

The way that these clubs additionally give exactness and accuracy, and engage you to enhance your diversion by means of the input you get, is the thing that gives it an additional edge. It’s a reward that they’re simple on the eye as well, while the pack is a strong last bit of the perplex.

There are some fine total sets out there today, yet very few can make a case for toppling this specific bundle from Callaway. As an incentive for cash and quality go, this is one to emphatically consider in case you’re a sharp novice hoping to get the most out of a magnificent amusement.

  • Comes with a complete set of clubs for around
  • Easy to use clubs
  • High-quality clubs for a fair price
  • Comes with a durable stand bag
  • It is an excellent set for beginners
  • Can be used by right and left-handed golfers seamlessly
  • The bag can wear and tear fast

2. Aspire X1 Men’s Golf Set

Aspire X1 Men’s Golf Set

The Aspire golf set incorporates 460cc titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, putter, stand pack, 3 head covers and is just accessible in the right-hand introduction. This arrangement of a golf club isn’t intended for player taller than 6′ and it has two sort of golf sets one for the shorter individual and one for taller players.

The extra element of these clubs is that they are accessible in two sizes, one for players 6 feet and under and another for players 6 foot 1 and over.

The main drawback is that these clubs are just accessible in the right-gave introduction. As far as incentive for cash, the Aspire X1 finish golf is an incredible alternative.

  • Comes with a deluxe bag and headcovers
  • Available in black and green
  • The clubs come assembled and ready for use
  • The set has longer clubs than standard size
  • It is flexible and gives control for low swings
  • They are durable and offer a good grip
  • The driver easily dents after a few swings

3. Callaway Men’s Strata 18-piece Golf Set

Callaway Men’s Strata 18-piece Golf Set

Callaway men’s strata 18 piece golf set includes a 460cc driver, 3 and 5 fairway woods, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6,7,8 and 9 PW and SW, putter and a bag. It comes with well-balanced clubs having perfect weight. In addition to that the clubs are pretty attractive and durable for a longer time. Even the hybrid is very forgiving and easy to use.

Unlike the other golf sets, it comes with covers for most of the clubs which is a very convenient addition. It is the best for amateurs if you wanna start golf afresh. The driver coming off after multiple usage is one of the major drawbacks of the golf set. Others include the inefficient shaft on the pitching edge, which requires to be more durable. Otherwise, this is best budget golf club you can get in your budget.

  • The set has high-quality clubs
  • It is a complete set of all clubs necessary for golfing
  • It has two fairway woods, two hybrids, two wedges, a putter, bag and headcovers
  • Beginners are set to begin practice
  • Excellent pricing for the set
  • The bag has ample space and a rain cover
  • A functional set for beginners
  • The lightweight clubs can break easily

4. Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

Confidence Junior Golf Club Set

This present child’s golf club set comes standard with a 36 inch Driver/Fairway wood with additional space for simple hitting, a curiously large Ti-Matrix border weighted irons with vast, excusing sweet spot – 7 press, 9 press, White Ball Putter and long neck headcover.

The golf sack a lesser golfer will get is a fancy junior stand pack with twofold shoulder tie and a 4-path divider for the 4 golf clubs included (driver, 7 press, 9 press, putter).

It additionally contains 4 outside pockets with the goal that a lesser golfer can figure out how to sort out tees, balls, ball markers, divot fixers into the different outer golf pack pockets. Gratefully, its accessible for both left and right-gave individuals. So if your junior golfer goes under the tallness of 4’6″ at that point this is a wonderful pick for a best budget golf club.

  • It is a complete golf set for kids
  • Suitable for both girls and boys
  • Has a deluxe bag with double shoulder straps
  • The bag has for parts, umbrella holder, rain hood and multiple pockets
  • It’s affordable
  • Well designed for kids between 6-13 years
  • The set lacks a driver club

5. Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set

A 16-piece set that has a driver, 3 squares of wood that are useful for separate, hybrid that are intended for adaptability, and irons that fortify your control. It has a hammer putter for precision and a lightweight stand pack with a lot of pockets.

This is an exceptionally up-to-date set that likewise gives an awesome mix of separation and absolution as well.

Leading this driver and 3 and 5 wood is to a great degree vast, these aides extraordinarily when finding the sweet spot. In spite of the fact that in view of the flex in this pole one can never again essentially turn the driver to have the ball give a decent look.

The pack is incredible, it is lightweight and incorporates an extremely pleasant twofold shoulder lash alongside its own particular kickstands. It has heaps of storage space and has a pack cover for every one of the forested areas and drivers.

The line, the weight, and grasps of the putter are precisely what is required for a best budget golf club.

  • The clubs are user-friendly
  • Provide impressive distance and consistency
  • The iron provides optimum control
  • Comes with a bag, cooler pocket and rain cover
  • An excellent choice for the amateur golfer
  • The set comes with some head covers
  • Suitable for men 5’9″ and below
  • Unsuitable for fast swingers

6. Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

Pinemeadow Men’s PGX set is the thing that each new golfer needs while getting on the course out of the blue. This 9-piece set has every one of the clubs that you have to begin, and they are on the whole high caliber. The 460cc Driver with a graphite shaft is ideal for fledglings as it is very precise.

Aside from this, the set likewise has a great 3-Wood, 4-Hybrid, 5-PW Irons and it additionally accompanies headcovers for your three major clubs. Also, on the off chance that you factor in the way that it is extremely reasonable you will have a fantastic set that you can use to dispatch you’re hitting the fairway vocation.

This set accompanies a standard size 460cc Driver that is ideal for a novice. It has a graphite shaft, and it feels exceptionally lightweight. With this phenomenal driver, a novice can simply make certain of noteworthy exactness and separation. Be that as it may, you should update this driver as you enhance your hitting the fairway abilities.

The 3-Wood club in this set looks astonishing, and it likewise performs well. It is a really conventional club for a learner, and you can get up to 175 yards from it or significantly all the more relying on your abilities. The 3-Wood is additionally extremely predictable, and it feels great in the hand. Indeed, a few players will even utilize it to check whether the driver does not give them the separation that they need. Much the same as the driver the Wood additionally has a graphite shaft that likewise improves its execution.

Hybrids are most players’ most loved club, thus you can be sure that you will love the 4-Hybrid in this set. It is exceptionally predictable, and it will dependably give you a great separation. The long-extend Hybrid is of tempered steel and titanium amalgam, thus you can make certain that it won’t simply perform well yet additionally serve you for quite some time.

This set incorporates 5-PW Irons, and this implies when you get it, you have everything that you have to play the diversion. The 5 and 6 Irons are ideal for the fairway relying upon the separation you need to hit and furthermore your playing style. 7, 8 and 9 Irons will likewise prove to be useful, and the good thing is that all have fantastic shafts and heads.

Pinemeadow produces this set in both right and left-hand introduction, thus you can make sure that the clubs that you purchase fit in with your style of play.

The Men’s PGX accompanies three top-notch set out spreads toward your Driver, Hybrid, and 3-Wood.

  • Good clubs at an affordable price
  • No extra, costly accessories
  • Comes with a 3-wood, hybrid, irons 5-9 and a pitching wedge
  • Comes with clubhead coverings
  • Suitable for the beginner looking for clubs on a budget
  • Doesn’t come with a bag

7. Confidence Hybrid Golf Clubs

Confidence Hybrid Golf Clubs

The confidence hybrid golf clubs include an oversized 3 wood fitted with graphite shaft, 24 degree hybrid club with steel shaft, 6,7,8 and 9 irons with PW & SW, all with forgiving cavity backs, putter, stand bag with backpack style straps for added comfort. It is perfectly designed for a novice golf player and provides with all the facilities a beginner needs to play.

Instead of 14 clubs, the confidence golf clubs include the easiest clubs which provide you with the range of shots you need to get a brief knowledge about the course. Which is incredible, and truly rearranges the diversion for the tenderfoot by exchanging the emphasis on to picking up certainty and consistency in your golf swing first.

They’re the best budget golf clubs at any point seen for the quality you get. For the amateur, they are extremely perfect, with just a restricted measure of clubs they aren’t suggested for any golfer who is somewhat more experienced. In any case, for a tenderfoot you truly needn’t bother with each of the 14 clubs permitted, simply ask any expert and they’ll reveal to you that you should begin with a restricted arrangement of clubs as an amateur.

  • Comes with a complete set of golf clubs
  • Has a stand bag with auto pop legs and ample storage space
  • The club grips are suitable for all weather conditions
  • It an affordable collection for beginners
  • The iron clubs are bigger
  • Provides high performance and consistency
  • The drive has a headcover
  • The clubs have a simple design

8. Palm Springs Golf Clubs

Palm Springs Golf Clubs

The value it costs for the full arrangement of clubs including drivers says everything. It has a 460cc larger than usual drive which in reality is the biggest driver that is authentically permitted to play on the fairway. With the tremendous sweet spot accessible. An ordinary swing or multi-day that you cannot play out your best will be remunerated by this driver.

The fairway wood is additionally somewhat oversized contrasted with the ordinary golf clubs. Likewise present to you a bigger sweet spot and perfect for hitting the ball off the grass without the utilization of a tee. This will prove to be useful in the event that you need to utilize this woods on hitting the ball with the tee in green.

The high pit back plans make it a high snapshot of inactivity (MOI). In that capacity, the focal point of gravity brings down contrasted with alternate clubs. Enabling you to hit in a significantly more predictable ball hits. This is precisely the arrangement of golf clubs that we would prescribe for golf amateurs to consider in by and large quality and incentive for cash.

  • The set of clubs is one inch longer than standard size
  • An oversized driver for smooth hits
  • They are durable and have a beautiful design
  • An excellent choice for beginners or improvers
  • Offers excellent value for a fair price
  • Has several golf clubs for learning
  • Not suitable for high-velocity swings

9. Wilson Men’s Ultra Golf Clubs

Wilson Men’s Ultra Golf Clubs

The Wilson Men’s Ultra 2017 Complete Set involves a 460cc titanium driver, fairway wood, half and half, 6-PW irons, and a tastefully satisfying foot rear area toe putter. It likewise accompanies a lightweight ergonomic stand sack that has abundant pockets and storage room.

Any reasonable person would agree that Wilson hasn’t rethought the wheel, however, what they have done is consolidated incremental mechanical enhancements to make this a standout amongst the most all-around, excusing sets in the business.

The 460cc titanium driver flaunts an immense sweet spot, and a low focal point of gravity that promises you remove, a simple dispatch, and a lot of slack on terrible strikes.

In any case, while the driver is likely the primary fascination, we were additionally struck by the element border weighting on the steel-shaft irons, which confine the shape on mishits to such an extent that the ball remains amazingly straight. You truly do feel in charge.

No grumblings about the fairway wood or mixture either, and the putter has a strong vibe to it. The majority of this is adjusted off by a stand pack that speaks to an essential redesign on its 2015 partner – which rather relevantly speaks to this amusement change set overall.

  • It’s a complete standard set with a sack
  • It uses steel shafts and basic grips
  • Has a beautiful gold, silver, and black design
  • The set is classy and looks professional
  • The bag has many pockets for storage
  • Suitable for men with a height of 6’2″ and below
  • It offers excellent value to beginners
  • Not ideal for intermediate or pro golfing

10. Prosimmon X9 V2 Golf Clubs

Prosimmon X9 V2 Golf Clubs

The prosimmon X9 V2 golf clubs comprise of an oversized Titanium Matrix driver with a 460cc clubhead and graphite shaft (with perimeter weighting), a 3 wood with a 10.5 degree loft and graphite shaft (with perimeter weighting), 3-4 hybrid irons with steel shafts, 5-PW SW with steel shafts, enlarged sweet spot, and cavity back, a mallet putter with aiming markings and precision balance to improve control and feel ,a golf bag with shoulder strap which provides extra padding.

As a starter set of clubs, they fit the bill flawlessly. Larger than usual driver and high lobbed wood with graphite shafts and edge weighting. The larger than average clubhead enhances ball contact for the individuals who aren’t certain ball strikers.

Graphite is significantly lighter than steel so it advances speed in your swing bringing about any longer shots. The border weighting on the driver and wood builds the extent of the sweet spot which expands absolution which results in straighter longer shots.

Half breeds are awesome flexible clubs and perfect for amateurs who don’t exactly have the certainty to hit their long irons. The sack comprises of a 3 and 4 half breed. The irons included are from 5-PW and SW. These accompany a steel shaft as steel advances more feel and consistency which is fundamental for a superior touch around the greens.

You likewise get a curiously large hammer putter which is incredible for amateurs and in addition it advances more touch and pardoning on the greens.

The pack is spacious and has additional cushioning for those long 18 opening climbs. It’s not said in the case but rather the clubs accompany head covers and the pack has a rain cover. With a wonderful box of client audits, this flawlessly falls under the best budget golf clubs.

  • Well balanced for accuracy and optimum control
  • Fairly priced
  • Have more massive clubhead to increase chances of striking
  • A wonderful choice for beginners
  • Made from granite for more speed
  • The pack comes with a rain cover
  • The set lacks headcovers for the irons and putter


If you started golfing recently and are confused about the best budget Golf clubs, then this guide is perfect for you. Understand the different types and factors you need to look for when purchasing a gold club.


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