Best Cheap Fitness Trackers 2020

If you are a fitness lover, then you know what tracking your fitness progress means. You, therefore, need a fitness tracker to help push you to achieve your target fitness objectives. Gone are the days when you had to keep a handwritten log to keep track of your performance. A wearable tracker does the job better, efficiently, and effectively. However, there several trackers in the market, and choosing the best that comes with the right price can be a challenge. If you are on a budget, it is possible to get an ideal fitness tracker that guarantees top performance. We have come up with a comprehensive list of the best pocket-friendly fitness trackers in the market today.




Current Price



built-in alarm, Compact and light in weight



precise readings using the OLED screen


SkyGrand 2020

waterproof, durable and reliable, inbuilt GPS



long-lasting battery, light and comfortable to wear


Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Adjustable length, water-resistant


Fitbit Zip

light and compact, water and dust resistant


Fitbit Alta

OLED screen, reliable battery

But you will need to consider the following essential features before you pick your choice:

Calorie calculator

You have to burn calories to lose excess weight. You will, therefore, need to choose the best tracker to help you from consuming excess calories than your body needs. Go for a calorie counter to help you achieve your calorie intake goal.

Steps counter

A good tracker should come with features that log your daily steps. Some will record your entire daily steps while others are designed to record steps for a specified period only. There are some that calculate the distance you have worked.

Companion append compatibility

You should go for a tracker that can be used with your computer or smartphone. Such integration will give you a detailed report of your daily performance. Some trackers also come with features that allow you to set your goals. Such devices should be compatible with android, iOS, and windows.


You should go for a device that was built to last for long. If you spend a lot of time doing outside workouts and exercise such as swimming, biking, or hiking, you will need a sturdy device that can withstand rigors of such exercises. The trackers should also be water-resistant to avoid getting damaged by water, sweat, or rain.

Heart rate monitor

There are unique trackers is the market today that are equipped with features to monitor your heart rate. Some cheap fitness trackers come with these features. Other models have cut costs to incorporate such unique features. Such devices are handy for monitoring cardiac activity. Some can monitor your heart rate for 24 hours each day of the week. The tool is suitable for senior athletes who continuously engage in intense workouts.

Best Budget Fitness Trackers worth Under $50

1. Lintelek Fitness Tracker

Key design features

This waterproof device comes in a very slim design. It also comes with a built-in heart monitor that you will use to monitor your cardiac activity. Its accuracy is top-notch to give you the right count steps and calories using a pedometer. This device, which is suitable for people of all ages from your kids to adults, can monitor your heart rate and sleep habits for the entire day and night. You will get a better picture of fitness and sleep patterns to improve your general well being.

The accuracy of the device is unmatched, and you can depend on it totally to track your steps, distance, active minutes, fitness data, and calories burned. With this device, you are sure to reach your fitness goal in time. The device features a slim, compact design to make it light and portable. You will also find the one-inch screen easy to read. The tracker also comes with an inbuilt USB plug for charging. Besides, it comes with a very long-lasting battery.

Convenient features

This device is one of the most comfortable trackers in the market today. It is made of comfortable straps that won’t exert any tension on your skin to bring irritation. Besides, the device is so light that you will quickly forget you are wearing one. It also comes with a photo function that you can use to record your exercise surrounding. When you shake the unit, your phone will take a photo in a matter of seconds. You will have to sync the device to your phone before you enjoy the functionality.

What is more? You can use this device as an alarm to wake you up early enough for your workouts. The alarm is designed to give you a gentle buzz that is strong enough to wake you from your slumber. This device is very affordable, adjustable, and user-friendly. The tracker is sold in three different colors.


This fitness tracker promises the best performance. It comes cheap at $ 50 only. It also comes with several convenient features. The device can work with several platforms, including your smartphone. It has features to notify you of incoming calls, texts, and social media updates.

  • Comes with a built-in alarm
  • And alert system
  • it can alert you of incoming calls, texts, and social media feeds
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Very affordable and useful
  • Comes with a built-in heart rate to monitor heart readings
  • Very accurate tracking of fitness activity
  • It can’t work with the popular Fitbit app.

2. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker With heart rate monitor

Key design features

This is arguably one of the best fitness trackers in the market today. The device is equipped with features to monitor 14 different sports and activities. You can also sync the device with your phone to receive timely calls, texts, and alarm alerts. You can use the device to track your walking, swimming, dancing, hiking, and steps. You can also use the device for sports such as yoga, tennis, and basketball.

It also comes with a built-in heart rate that will be useful in monitoring your cardiac activity. You can pair the device to your smartphone to give you helpful information on your route, distance, and pace. You will use your phone to map out your exercise route conveniently .such unique features make this device to be ideal for cyclists, runners, joggers, and walkers. The tracker also comes with an OLED display with a built-in clock, which you will use to gauge time. The screen is obvious even at night owing to the light that turns on automatically when you turn the screen towards you

Convenient features

This incredible device is full of amazing convenient features. You will get SNS, SMS, and call alerts once you sync it to your smartphone. The screen is full enough for you to have a better viewership of the incoming calls. From this screen, you can access the message directly. It also comes with a shutter feature to guarantee better selfies on your phone’s camera.


The device comes very cheaply at only $3O, yet it has a ton of useful features. The app is very reliable though it is compatible with smartphones alone. With this device, you can rest assured to get accurate readings of your heart rate and activity level.

  • Comes with an in house USB plug
  • The device use wrist sense technology
  • You will get precise readings using the OLED screen
  • Can control the shutter feature on your smartphone
  • Shoe alerts for SMS, SNA, and calls
  • Capable of tracking 14 different sports and activities
  • The tracker is only compatible with smartphones. You can’t use it with a computer.

3. SkyGrand 2020 fitness tracker

Key design features

This tracker, which was recently upgraded, features a heart rate monitoring functionality. You can also use the device to track your sleep patterns. The updated model consumes less power but gives more accurate readings. It also features a high degree of integration. The device delivers uncanny accuracy and thus is dependable for reading crucial data that helps you to plan your overall work out. The device can track your activities all day long and present data in real-time. You can use the device to monitor user data such as miles walked, steps, and calories burned and the distance covered

The device also features a GPS connection, which is very rare to find in other brands in the same category. You will also use the device to understand a variety of exercise data thanks to the 14 exercise modes that come with the device. You will also find the GPS to monitor your stats, such as the location where you are, the pace, the distance, and the running route to take. It can be used for a variety of sporting activities, including dancing, running, football, and basketball, workouts, cycling, and walking.

Convenient features

The upgraded model comes with a longer-lasting battery compared to the predecessor. You will need only 1 to 2 hours to fully charge the battery, which will last for up to 2 weeks. With this device, you can conveniently receive calls, texts, SMS, SNS as well as calendar notifications. You will read all the alerts on the bright LCD screen that comes with the device. If there is an incoming call or text, the tracker will notify you promptly by vibrating gently. It also features a unique sedentary alert that is useful in prompting you to take necessary action when the activity has turned stagnant. This device is also waterproof and can be used in wet conditions. You can swim, bathe, or wash your hands without the worry of the device getting damaged.


For only $35, you will get a fitness tracker that comes with fantastic functionality features to aid your daily work out. The device is very dependable and durable. It also gives very accurate readings

  • It is waterproof, durable and reliable
  • Comes with a sedentary alert to let you know when to start moving again
  • It is compatible with your phone to notify you of incoming calls and texts
  • The sleep monitor is useful in giving helpful information about your sleeping patterns
  • Comes with an inbuilt GPS to assist in determining the exercise route to take
  • You will get heart rate readings throughout the day
  • It automatically tracks all your daily work out activities
  • You will charge the tracker using USB only.


Key design features

This is a very exceptional device owing to its unique functionality and design features. The tracker works like your coach in many ways. You can depend on this device to monitor your work out activity and beat your targets. The tracker is ideal for intense activities such as walking, cycling, swimming, and aerobic exercises. This model comes with a high amount of sensors, which is three times more than those of other brands in the same category.

The sensors are equipped with top-notch technology, including 3D Omni Motion, to help track your exact movements, including strokes, laps, and paces. The device is also very comfortable to wear on your wrist or ankle. With this device, you will receive coaching and training tutorials thanks to the electronic coaching feature, which comes with it. The electronic coach will help you build your muscles to keep your body in the right form.

Convenient features

This tracker is both water- and dust-proof. You can use the device for all outdoor exercises and in extreme weather conditions and environments. The product also comes with a six-month battery. You will use the device for long before you think of changing its battery.


It comes with a convenient 3D motion capture to deliver the best time results. With this device, you are sure of meeting your fitness goals and targets. It is also very affordable.

  • It is both water and dust resistant
  • The device tracks your sleeping patterns accurately
  • A long-lasting battery that can last up to six months
  • It is light and comfortable to wear
  • Audio coaching produces better training results
  • There are few complaints about the lack of intense tracking activity

5. Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Wristband Tracker

Key design features

This is arguably one of the best trackers in the market coming cheap at $50 only. The device comes with a good ergonometric design that makes it very comfortable to wear for long periods. You will use the device to record data on your steps, distance covered, sleep activity, and calories burned. You can also use the tracker to monitor your cardiac activity when you are running or walking. However, the device can’t track your heart rate if you are engaging in less demanding activities. It also comes with a bright OLED screen display to enable you to scan your data. You can sync the information to MI Health app for your future use. Moreover, the display screen is durable owing to the scratch-resistant glass it is made of. You will use the device for long before you think of replacing it.

Convenient features

The tracker comes with a button that allows you to toggle between all the activities you are monitoring. It also features an intelligent sleep monitor that can tell the kind of sleep you are engaged in, including REM, deep sleep, or light sleep. You can also use the device to determine the suitable sleep pattern that will give you maximum rest. The tracker also features a water-resistant rating and, as such, cannot damage when you are working in wet conditions or environments.


This device comes with amazing useful features to help get the best fitness performance. The device can be synced with useful apps such as Google Fit and Apple health. It also comes with an OLED screen and a real-time watch. If you are looking for a convenient tracker that won’t disappoint, then go for this device.

  • It comes with an adjustable length
  • It also features a smart reminder for calls, texts, and social media notifications
  • It is water-resistant
  • It works well with, most android and iOS smartphones
  • It provides detailed tracking of sleep activity
  • It comes with a heart rate monitor
  • The app only has necessary data provisions

6. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Key design features

This device comes with unique design features to allow it to be worn in any part of your body, including your wrist, ankle, belt, pocket, or bra. You can use this brand to monitor steps, distances covered, calories burned, and heart rate. It also features a user-friendly display screen. You tap on the display to get the device working. The screen is readable even in direct sunlight. This device is also compatible with popular apps such as the Fitbit App. You will use the app to create your personalized goals and track your daily progress. The tracker also comes with a long-lasting battery, which can last for up to six months, you won’t need to recharge the device regularly.

Convenient features

This device is built to last thanks to the sweat, water, and splash resistant materials it is made of. It is, therefore, suitable for people who exercise outdoors or in wet conditions.


This affordable device comes with very user-friendly features that will keep you on toes to achieve your fitness targets. You can use the tracker to monitor your steps, calories burned and the distance covered.

  • Comes with a very bright screen which is evident even in daylight
  • It is very light and compact making it comfortable to wear
  • It is water and dust resistant
  • Comes with features that clips to clothes
  • The screen only shows limited activities. The tracker cannot track your sleep patterns.

7. Fitbit Alta smart fitness activity tracker

Key design features

This tracker is designed to monitor all your work out activity for the entire day. The model comes with a unique pedometer that is useful in tracking the calories burned, and in following your steps. It also comes with an auto-recognition feature that is useful in recognizing all your workout’s activities. When you engage in activities like running or swimming, the device will sync the information automatically to your phone.

If you are doing outdoor workouts, you don’t have to carry your phone along. You will get instant notifications on incoming texts and calls, which is displayed on the full OLED screen. It is useful for busy persons who can’t afford to miss important calls when doing workouts. It also comes with a sleep mode. The sleep mode is suitable for tracking your sleep patterns and trends. You will determine the best sleep pattern that can boost your overall health.

Convenient features

When you compare the tracker with other devices in the same category, Fitbit Alta comes with unique, convenient features. For example, the tracker features a silent alarm that vibrates against your arm to get you on your daily fitness routine. With this tracker, you can easily sync all your information using the Fitbit app to any of your designed platforms such as android, iOS, and Windows devices.

You will also get all-day fitness data conveniently on a single full display. You will also conveniently monitor your daily progress, or set new goals or even challenge your friends using the device. You can also use the device to create your personalized work out features using the tracker. With this device, you will get useful daily sleep information. It is also capable of availing advanced sleep data on rapid eye movement, light sleep, or deep sleep.


Fitbit Alta won’t disappoint. However, it comes without some convenient features such as GPS and heart rate monitor. But it is still a very useful fitness companion that comes with uncanny accuracy when used to monitor calories or steps. It doesn’t also come with such irritating features as an itchy band. You can wear the device comfortably each day of the week

  • Comes with an OLED screen that is easy to read even in daylight
  • ‘it is water-resistant
  • The device will notify you of incoming calls and texts
  • It comes with a reliable battery that can last for long
  • You will get all-day tracking with this device
  • The tracker lacks a heart rate monitor and a GPS

Guide to Buying the Best Cheap Fitness Trackers

Before you choose the best cheap fitness tracker, there are a few considerations to make. Your goal should be to find the most affordable tracker with enough features to meet your fitness needs. You don’t have to go for high valued devices if you are on a budget. You can use the tips we have provided today to choose one of the best affordable trackers that guarantee top performance. But before you go out shopping, consider looking at the following essential information that will guide your purchase.

Why do you need a fitness tracker?

Before you go out looking for a suitable tracker, you should determine the reasons why you need one. Come up with a list of goals and align the goals to the features the tracker must-have. A good tracker should come with design and functionality features that meet your daily fitness needs. It should be able to track your steps, calories burned, distance covered, and sleep patterns.

It should also provide essential details on your exercises both for immediate and future use. A useful device should also be able to monitor demanding activities such as running, swimming, cycling, and aerobics. Some of the best cheap trackers in the market are equipped to recognize various activities and adjust monitor vitals automatically.

Are fitness trackers accurate?

There are several brands of trackers in the market today. Some are not reliable when it comes to accuracy. You cannot, therefore, depend on such brands. The best cheap trackers on our list are not only dependable but are also highly accurate. Go for a tracker that won’t give you false readings to wreck your fitness progress. Ensure the device you pick meets all the quality standards to guarantee the best performance. It should come with advanced metrics such as the altimeter, barometer, and accelerometer to provide accurate readings at all times.

Can you get annoyed by the fitness tracker when you are exercising?

The modern brands of fitness trackers are designed to be worn comfortably for long periods. Though there are a few brands that irritate your skin, the trackers on the list we have provided guarantees top comfort owing to their sleek designs. Some also are designed to be a wearable tracker which can be on your ankle or to be clipped on your clothes like a bra. Such design gives you an option to remove them from your body whenever you feel uncomfortable.

What type of battery

You should go for trackers that come with long-lasting batteries. A suitable device should be able to last for at least four days before a recharge.

Does it keep you motivated enough?

A good tracker should be equipped with unique features that will nudge you back on the track whenever you slow down. It should also come with inbuilt reminders to enhance your workouts.


Finding the right device that meets your fitness needs can be a challenge. With so many brands in the market today, you can quickly get confused. The list we have provided today features some of the top best affordable trackers that won’t disappoint. They come with practical, unique features that give you that much-needed motivation to help you meet your fitness goals. Go for one of the list today. We guarantee it won’t disappoint. Many top athletes are using the devices, so should you. You are going to find many cheap fitness trackers on the shelves today. But, going with the many customer reviews and user experiences, we believe the ones in our list are among the best. We hope you get one that meets your needs.


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