Best Budget Hair Dryers 2020 : Buying Guide & Reviews

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If you have hair, you will need a hair dryer. Unfortunately with hundreds out there in the market whether they’re affordable hair dryers or not, it isn’t that simple. Depending on hair types, how you like to style your hair looks, or if you want a professional looking blowouts – what you might like for your blow drying experience will vary.

Buying the best hair dryers can shave precious minutes off your morning routine, extend the life of a haircut by months and get your day off to a great start. Choose badly and you risk things like untameable frizz or even irreversible heat damage – and wasting your hard earned cash.

Here we have 10 of the best hair dryers your money can buy – you won’t need to dip into emergency funds either as the prices of the products on this list are all under $100. Good cheap hair dryers can still have stunning results, or at the least mean you can achieve dry hair quickly in the mornings before your job.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryers

1. Remington D3190

Remington D3190

Best Features: Heat damage is a thing of the past: fast healthy styles with less frizz. Three heat and two speed settings for choice of airflow.

The first of our recommendations is this Remington D3190 Damage Protection hair dryer under $30 with ceramic ion tourmaline technology, in a striking purple color.

Usually, inexpensive dryers mean cheap plastic materials that can burn your hair. Here is the exception. Even though it’s extremely affordable, it as a ceramic dryer with a grill infused with micro-conditioners in the advanced coating, which help to provide three-fold the average protection. This is so useful for heat styling. Micro conditioners are deposited through the airflow for healthier tresses.

It’s also constructed with ceramic materials, negative ion generator capabilities, and tourmaline technology to protect the root from overheating. Finally, it has multiple heat settings and a quick-cool shot button so you can choose the ideal temperature for your specific hair type and lock in your gorgeous styles.


Wattage: 1875 Watt | Settings: Three Heat and Two Speed | Attachments: Diffuser + Concentrator

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2. Infinitipro by Conair

Infinitipro by Conair

Best Features: AC motor that works to dry your hair faster with longer dry life. Three heating and two speed settings on rocker switches for custom comfort when doing your next hairstyle.

Get salon performance with the Infinitipro by Conair. It is an 1875 Watt hairdryer with an AC motor, and doubles as a styling tool. This has thousands of ratings, and reviewers keep raving about how powerful, fast, and versatile it is. It has ion technology to cut back on frizz, as well as a ceramic coating so that the heat is distributed more evenly, which is safer for your hair drying for less breakage.

Multiple speed and heat settings help you dry hair quickly and at your preferred temperature, while a cold shot button allows you to lock in curls. An included diffuser attachment is great for curly or wavy styles, while the included concentrator helps smooth the hair.

Sure, most blow dryer have a “cool shot” button, but this one works really well. It’s not just room temperature air being pushed through, it does go from hot to cool in seconds. It’s perfect for setting your hair in style whether curls or waves and making sure your whole head is completely dry before you move on to the next phase of styling.


Wattage: 77 Watts | Settings: 2 Heat levels & 3 Timer

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3. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium

BaBylissPro Nano Titanium

Best Features: Powerful smart and convenient design to suit a coarse or thicker hair type as a titanium dryer. Geat diffuser and concentrator included to suit all hair types along with six heating and speed settings.

This blow dryer from BaBylissPro features 2000 watt power and lightweight ergonomic handling to save your hand from fatigue when drying hair. The price tag makes this maybe the best affordable hair dryer – even stylists may find this becomes a favorite.

Even though it’s small, lightweight, and foldable, the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Travel hair dryer packs a surprising punch. Thanks to the 1,000-watt motor, plus nano titanium and ionic technology, it dries hair quickly with smooth, shiny results. It also comes with a dual voltage option, so that you can truly bring it anywhere in the world, and weighs less than a pound — which are great features when you’re packing light and traveling internationally. The removable filter makes cleaning a doddle.


Wattage: 260 Watts | Settings: 50 Heat

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4. Conair Ionic Ceramic

Conair Ionic Ceramic

Best Features: Ion tech contributes to shiny, overall healthier looks. Tourmaline technology generates infrared for quick and gentle drying.

This 1875 watt power Ceramic Ionic Conair fast drying lightweight is a ceramic hair dryer with diffuser and concentrator. Offering a sleek black look and weighing under 2 lbs, this features Tourmaline ceramic technology – making it the best cheap hair dryer hair will love at less than $30.

Powered by a high torque DC motor, you can tame flyaways with the three speed and two heat settings and a non slip grip. This will make your mane manageable with a hinged filter allowing it to be maintenance free.


Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 3 Heat/2 Speed Custom

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5. Jinri Professional Tourmaline

Jinri Professional Tourmaline

Best Features: Negative ions reduce static and free to seal your cuticle – check for sleek, shiny locks. High quality build dryer with ergonomic design to make it agile and comfortable for your hand.

This blow dryer from Jinri is salon quality at home with negative ions and tourmaline tech.

The list of benefits for this hair dryer for hair of whatever texture or type – especially thick hair or curly hair – is long: it’s lightweight, guarantees a short drying time, and has negative ions that dries hair and keeps it from frizzing up. Plus, it comes with a diffuser that really does stays on and doesn’t pull at your tressesleaving your curly hair bouncy and full.

With a user friendly curved handle, this is lightweight and great for precision and curly hairstyles. This will last a long time with safety features like the long life DC motor so you feel reassured even though this is a foreign dryer.


Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 2 Speeds and 3 Heat | Attachments: Concentrator

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6. Conair Full Size Pro

Conair Full Size Pro

Best Features: This hair dryer is great for thick hair or curly hair with the ion technology. Full size for the perfect blow out selfie.

With ionic conditioning, this blow dryer is 1875 watt and full size. At around $20 with ionic technology and tourmaline – forget heat damage or a painful drying time with the even heat distribution. Turn heads with the results – the luxurious diamond finish is a nice touch too. With low speeds for delicate heads and high speeds with hot temperatures for more textured tresses – versatility is included with your purchase.



Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 2 heat/speed

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7. Revlon Compact and Lightweight

Revlon Compact and Lightweight

Best Features: Dries your travel hair with ease, whether after a gym shower or on holiday pop it in your bag. Price point – the best cheap blow dryer with travel use.

The Revlon 1875 Compact and Lightweight travel dryer. Other than the drugstore price anyone will love, the best thing about this compact hair dryer is that it’s really lightweight and super powerful. That means you’ll be able to blow dry your locks without your arm getting sore, whilst the hanging ring means storage will be easy too. Fantastic styling results on the go!


Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 2 heat/speed

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8. Jinri Infrared Professional Salon

Jinri Infrared Professional Salon

Best Features: Great for your morning hair routine, get dry hair fast. Styling will be a breeze – forget buying more hair tools.

 Jinri 1875W Infrared Heat Professional Salon blowdryer with negative ions for fast drying, an AC motor, with diffuser and concentrator and comb included with your purchase.

With its large included diffuser, this hairdryer has reviewers singing their praises for its impact on curls. This one not only has multiple heat setting and speed options and a powerful 1875-watt motor, but it also has multiple features in place to minimize damage — which is a must if you’re looking for bouncy, frizz-free curls. The negative ions function to reduce static frizz and helps to hold moisture deep in the shaft of hairs, so curly strands stay healthy and hydrated.

Infrared technologies heats hair evenly from the inside out, reducing damage to your curls. And while the dryer and diffuser attachment work great for curly hair, it also comes with concentrator and styling pik attachments so that you can use it for any other type or style of hair.


Wattage: 1875W | Settings: 2 speeds and 3 heat | Attachments: Diffuser & Concentrator

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9. Conair Cord Keeper

Conair Cord Keeper

Best Features: A bargain with ionic technology to control frizz. Wind up cord is such a handy feature for storing.

In stylish colors comes this 1875 Watt Cord Keeper hair dryer. For those who are looking for a compact blow dryer that isn’t a travel option, this hairdryer is it. It’s a great choice for limited drawer space or smaller bathrooms because it’s easy to hold, has a weight of roughly 2 pounds, and stores its retractable cord inside the handle. Don’t let its size trick you; it still features ionic technology, three heat settings, and two speeds. You can get this one in five colors: black, magenta and pink, teal and purple.

Let’s be real, it’s annoying to lug around a clunky and large blow dryer when you’re travelling. For your next trip, pack this sleek option instead. This hairdryer gets the job done, it’s not heavy at all, with the retractable cord and a foldable handle to make it super easy to store. Convenience makes it one of our picks. A removable air filter is included to manage lint buildup without frustration.


Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 2 heat/speed

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10. Revlon Infrared

Revlon Infrared

Best Features: Tourmaline ion tech in this hair styler is just one part of this tool you’ll love. Infrared and triple ceramic coatings will penetrate tresses quickly to style inside out.

Next, this Revlon 1875W Infrared blow dryer for faster drying and maximum shine, with bonus clips to split your hair into helpful sections. Regular blow dryers dry your hair by conducting electricity through their metal coils, but hair dryers powered by infrared technology like this one, create a current that heats your hair from the inside out. The result? Smoother, silky and faster drying times.


Wattage: 1875 Watts | Settings: 2 Heat/2 Speed | Attachments: Concentrator and Diffuser

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Buyer Guide

Choosing budget hair dryers depends on more than just the price. You want it to have tons of versatility for styling to match your makeup and not just get water out your hair.


Wattage refers to the strength of the blow dryer’s motor. When a hair dryer is equipped with a high wattage motor, the force of the wind will dry your hair quickly - without needing too much heat. When dryers are equipped with low wattage motors, they tend to rely on heat rather than air power to dry the hair.

Shoppers with easily damaged hair should opt for a dryer with a wattage of 1800 or more. In fact, a high wattage model is a must-have for anyone who wants their new dryer to last or for a better blowout. Low wattage dryers are more likely to burn out, as too much stress can be impact the motor’s performance.


For women with fine, thin hair, a heat adjustment feature is essential. On mornings when hair needs to be dry fast, the higher temperature settings cut down on drying time. When time isn’t of the essence, using the lower heat settings can prevent damage and keep your mane healthy.

Included Attachments

Whilst shopping and browsing through hair dryer options, you’ll definitely come across several detachable accessories or extra hot tools. Diffusers are one of the most common types of attachments; they disperse the dryer’s airflow, which keeps curls and their patterns intact in one step. They also help to cut down on frizz. Those with hair texture that normally needs more hair products or careful styling like African Americans may benefit from one.

A concentrator nozzle attachment actively narrows and directs the flow of the air, giving users greater control over their finished look. The concentrator attachment is most commonly used to achieve sleek, polished styles.


What is the best hair dryer for the money?

The best hair dryer on a budget has to be Conair full size pro, not just because of the value, but the blowout you'll achieve and protection with the extra tech included.

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive hair dryers?

If you utilise the deals on hair dryers in the market, you can trust even the best budget hair dryer can compete with expensive, top end ones, at least according to the thousands of online reviews. What you save in expenses that can come at price points near $200+ most likely won't be a problem, the compromise will be less extras than other counterparts - maybe less attachments or a different form to a trendy hair dryer brush or with a less powerful motor.

Is a 2000 watt hair dryer good?

High wattage hairdryers are not really advised for fine or delicate hair types because these types can undergo damage if your hair gets too hot. Airflow as powerful as 2000 watts is unnecessary for fine hairs since they do not take that much of a time to dry.

Regardless, if you still have to use a 2000 watt hair dryer, use low heating and speed settings and that would be fine - though these powers work best for curls.

Is ionic or ceramic hair dryer better?

Ceramic dryers are gentle on hair and evenly dries your hair without overheating. Another variety of ceramic dryer are porcelain dryers that are more refined. The effect of porcelain is similar to that or ceramic but the difference is that it takes lesser drying time compared to conventional ceramic dryers. While is it great for fine hair, its quick heating makes it suit all hair types. When a dryer’s heating components are covered in a ceramic coating like ceramix, this makes the heating up consistent and relatively gentle. Like ionic dryers, these options speed up the drying process. Ceramic and porcelain dryers are ideal for delicate hair that has been damaged by harsh dryers in the past.

The ions in water molecules have a positive charge. To combat this, ionic blow dryers shoot negative ions. This means positively charged molecules are scattered, effectively speeding up the blow dry process. When you use an ionic dryer, these scientifically designed devices help to remove excess moisture, close the hair cuticle, and mitigate unwanted frizz. That makes these dryers good options for individuals with thick, frizzy hair who want to achieve a sleek blowout without needing extra argan oil products or similar.

For people with thin or flat hair, however, ionic dryers aren’t always ideal. While they cut down drying time for people with naturally voluminous hair, they can over-dry the hair of people with thin hair, leaving their tresses looking worse on the eyes: dull, flat, and lacklustre.

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