Best Cheap Hair Dryers 2020

Anyone with long hair desires to have it styled just right. However, if you’re not into the idea of visiting the hairdresser’s, you’ll need a dryer that works for you. We’ve listed some things you can look into when making your affordable hairdryer purchase.

Best Budget Hair Dryers

1. Kaleep 1875w

Key Design Features

Weighing in at a little over half a kilogram, this model isn’t lightweight but makes up for that with its ease of use. Included is a concentrator, comb, and diffuser, certain to ensure you have straight or voluminous hair whenever the occasion calls for it. It can be packed up in an overnight back whenever you need to style your hair away from home. The comb and concentrator work best for straight hairstyles while the diffuser is ideal for giving your hair a fuller look. Users also get safety features like a removable air filter with this model. Its primary purpose is to keep hair from getting pulled into the duct while you use it.

Convenient Features

This model works well with different hair types based on its relatively high current of 1875 watts. It also incorporates ionic and infrared technologies to protect your hair during the styling process. The ionic tech locks moisture within each hair strand while the infrared tech dries your hair from the inside out, without negatively altering the strands.

You may think its weight would negatively impact its use. However, the large, easy to grip handle makes it effortless to maneuver during use, even when you have the added accessories mounted on it. It has various heat options to dry hair in addition to the cool air function. This is ideal for creating cold air gusts to help hold particular styles in place.

  • Uses ionic and infrared drying technologies
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Has styling accessories
  • Has a simple yet fashion-forward look
  • It’s considered heavy by most users

The different technologies integrated into it make it suitable for protecting and drying different hair types. You’ll also get more accessories in the same package to help you achieve your desired looks with ease.

2. VAV 1875W

Key Design Features

For those in need of cheap yet convenient driers, this option is worth the money. It comes with different heat settings for drying the hair, plus accessories that are ideal even for individuals with long hair. To dry your locks, different heat settings have been packed into one small button. Choose whether to have it on high, medium, or low heat. You can also get the cool blast option for blowing cold air. There’s also a button with two-speed options, depending on what you need.

Convenient Features

This affordable model protects the hair bu using infrared drying tech. Use the included accessories for guaranteed results. However, its design isn’t as strong as with other models in its price bracket. It’s the best gadget for eco-friendly individuals as it uses negative ion tech. This is exceptional at minimizing hair frizz, making it manageable while combing and in so doing, keeps the hair strands from getting damaged. As far as its heat settings, users have mentioned that the hottest option goes a little overboard. So, test it carefully while you use it.

  • Has a 1875w motor
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has a cold air setting
  • Has a two-speed setting
  • The hot temperature setting is too hot

It’s an affordable drier that keeps your hair protected through the incorporated negative ion and infrared technologies. The two-speed settings are also a plus with users.

3. Andis 1875w

Key Design Features

For a lightweight solution to your hair drying needs, this affordable option would work well. Its frame is a polymer, bringing its total weight to half a kilogram. It evenly distributes the heat during hair drying processes, making it a good choice for those who value the preservation of moisture plus naturally produced hair oils. The damaging of naturally occurring hair oils have been seen to have longlasting and undesirable effects of the hair’s health. That’s why this particular model stands out from others.

Adjust the settings based on your hair texture or overall preference. You have the standard three heat settings for drying your hair. The design is also a hook to make storage easy as all you’ll need is a hook to hang it. Sometimes, you’re not in a position to leisurely dry your hair. That’s where this model’s Turbo option saves the day as it’ll have your hair completely dried up in no time at all. There are also a number of combs included in the purchase, which can easily help you style as necessary.

Convenient Features

This model was created using tourmaline ceramic, which is a great addition if you’re in need of a hairdryer with even heat distribution. Add that to its ionic styling tech, and you’ve got a gadget that doesn’t weaken and deplete your hair moisture during the drying process. However, you should note that it has a safety feature that some of its users do not like. Whenever it becomes too hot, it automatically switches itself off until it’s cooled down to what would be considered safe levels.

  • The frame is a polymer
  • Comes with three heat options
  • Uses a 1875w motor
  • Incorporates ionic tech for moisture retention
  • Uses ceramics for even heat distribution
  • Automatically goes off when it reaches high temperatures

With technology that allows your hair to maintain its natural oils and moisture, this budget dryer does the job quite well.

4. Ceramix Xtreme

Key Design Features

When in need of a dryer that’s both aesthetically pleasing and gets the job done, look no further than the Ceramix Xtreme. It’s powered by a 2000w motor to give you more power at a lower price point. This fiery red, budget-friendly option comes with standard features to have your hair looking fabulous. Heat controls are located along the length of the handle, with the cool air option located higher up on the handle.

Convenient Features

This model’s powerful motor is a definite plus for users with tougher hair who are in need of an affordable drier. It’s also got ceramic panels that ensure even distribution of heat throughout the drying process. Add that to its infrared enhancement, and you’ve got a solution to a healthier styling process. Included in your purchase is a concentrator, as well as a removable air filter. Its plug, however, isn’t the best as it sometimes wobbles when plugged into some sockets and extensions.

  • Provides 2000w of hair drying power
  • It’s stylish
  • Incorporates infrared tech to protect hair
  • Offers different heat settings
  • Doesn’t come with a diffuser

If you’ve been looking for a more powerful dryer, then this is what you need. It doesn’t come with other additional accessories, but it does take care of your hair needs suitably with its heat distributing ceramics and infrared tech enhancements.

5. VAV 1875W Ion Hair Dryer

Key Design Features

From its easily manageable weight to its foldable, compact design, this makes a perfect low budget buy for either those who want something that’s easy to store or those who’ve been looking to move around with a hairdryer on hand. It weighs only 350g and is easy to use for creating your desired hairstyles on the fly.

Convenient Features

Don’t let the weight fool you into thinking you’ve got something that’s not up to the task. That’s because this petit dryer comes with a 1875w powered motor to serve you, plus a 1.7-metre long cable, which is certainly a feat worth mentioning when it comes to compact model designs. It’s also got the three standard heating settings as well as a cold air function for your intricate hairstyles.

It’s one more model that uses the negative ion tech to dry your hair with no damage to the strands. The long power cord means that even without an extension cable, you can comfortably use it from a wall socket. It’s also got the overheat safety feature to automatically switch itself off once it becomes too hot. Though not an ideal feature for some users, it helps to keep all the electrical circuitry within it safe from damage by the intense heat produced.

  • Has different temperature options
  • The handle folds for easy storage
  • Is compact and not heavy
  • Has a 1.7-meter power cable
  • Cannot be used as the main hair drying option

It may be compact, but its 1875w motor ensures you get the power you need to get your hair ready. It’s foldable design also makes it a great low budget option to hit the road with.

Best Budget Hair Dryers Below $100

Sometimes, being able to add a little extra to your budget might spell the difference between an okay dryer and the ideal dryer for your needs.

6. Panasonic EH-NA65-K


Key Design Features

Get a budget-friendly hairdryer that has a sprinkling of professional-grade characteristics with this Panasonic option. It has a 360 rotation power cord to minimize damage if you use it from different positions within the room. It’s also got a loop at the bottom for easy storage by hanging. With a weight of slightly more than 500g and its handy cord enhancement, it’s a sturdy design whose compactness makes it a fitting model to move around with easily.

Available Features

This lightweight option comes with a 1875w motor for perfect results regardless of your hair texture. Various controls are available to allow you the opportunity to set the heat you would like to work with. It’s got two-speed levels in addition to the heat settings. Apart from the heat setting, you can also achieve cold air bursts when you’re nearly done with your styling.

  • Uses moisture infusion tech to keep hair from damage
  • Has a stylish exterior design
  • Comes with premium-focus airflow
  • Comes with additional styling accessories
  • Allows a 360 rotation of the power cable for flexibility during use
  • Handling is a bit tricky

There are a lot of key features included in this affordable option to make it worth purchasing. It’s also durable enough to withstand the rigors of traveling with enhancements like those done to protect the power cord from wearing out.

7. One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer


Key Design Features

This unique design from Revlon allows users to not only dry their hair but also add volume at the same time. It looks like an oval-shaped hairbrush with firm bristles that do a great job as far as dealing with tangled hair. This model isn’t powerful in terms of drying hair, but it makes up for that with its brush-like appearance and easy to use round handle design. It has basic drying capabilities coupled with the volumizing brush to guarantee you get desirable styling results.

Convenient Features

It has a low 1110w motor, which allows you to place it closer to the scalp as you work without experiencing any discomfort. This also means you use less power to achieve results. In addition to the lower power, it also uses infrared tech to ensure your hair dries from the inside as well as on the outside. With its brush-like design, you can slowly part the hair into manageable sections so that you can easily detangle them. It’s easy to handle design makes it a fitting option for those with a lot of hair to style.

  • Uses infrared tech to dry the hair
  • Has a brush-like appearance to also help with styling
  • Ideal for users with abundant locks
  • Easy to use design
  • The fuller look created can’t be maintained for long

The ability to have it near the scalp while you work makes it fantastic at drying hair in manageable portions. The volumizing effect can also not failed to be mentioned for those who like fuller-looking hair.

8. Professional 1875W Quiet Performance


Key Design Features

This works well for busy ladies that need to dry their hair with minimal noise. It’s got a classy look with three options to manage the various drying options it can perform. These are located along the length of the dryer’s handle for easy access while you use it. The cold blast option is at the top, followed by the speed and heat options directly below it. Included in the purchase are a narrower, diffuser, and comb, making it more affordable.

Convenient Features

This is a 1875w design which can handle different hair textures. It provides consistent results, making it a reliable option for those who like sticking to the same dependable dryer brands. Since it’s only 110 volts, you can plug it in for use anywhere with a socket. With this option, you get a chord length of two meters, which makes it great for use around the house. Also, its minimal weight adds to its ease of use, as maneuvering it around doesn’t prove to be a hassle.

  • Is ideal for environments that require minimal noise
  • Has a 1875w motor
  • Can be plugged into any socket as it only requires 110 volts
  • Has its own accessories included in the purchase
  • The controls are difficult to operate single-handed for individuals with small hands

By choosing to purchase this model, you don’t need to purchase any other accessories as it has its own included in the package.

9. Ceramix Extreme


Key Design Features

Power is something you can always look forward to with a BaByliss budget purchase. It’s got a futuristic look and can handle all sorts of hair textures to produce the desired results. Its purchase includes a narrower which most users can easily work with. Choose your preferred temperature setting, as well as speed from those lined up on the handle to get you the look you’re aiming to achieve.

Convenient Features

To show you just how powerful this dryer is, it’s powered by a 2000w motor making it a top-rated option as far as powerful hairdryers on a budget go. It makes it a fitting option for users with a lot of hair, or those who need to dry their hair quickly. However, it’s advisable you first towel dry your hair before proceeding to use the dryer. This is a model that combines ionic and ceramic porcelain tech in an effort to provide a damage-free experience for the user. It also has a removable filter fitted into it.

  • Controls are easily accessible to users
  • Has a powerful 2000w motor
  • has a removable filter to keep hair from the duct
  • Is a sturdy design that can be relied on for longevity
  • It doesn’t enough controls to give users a tailored hair drying experience

Other than a need for more temperature control setting, the majority of users have nothing but praise for this model. It’s an excellent option for those looking for affordable yet powerful hairdryers.

10. Tourmaline Titanium 3000


Key Design Features

Unlike most hair dryers in the market, this one comes with a rubber-like outer casing, which is great in preventing the dryer from slipping while you use it. It’s a fitting option for a first time user. You’ve got heat settings, speed settings, and a cold air button. If you need the cool gusts, you need to press the button to achieve this continuously. Those with straight hair will be glad to know that a narrower is included in the purchase.

Convenient Features

With nearly three meters of cable length, you can use it from different areas of the house. It’s got a powerful 1900w motor to deliver speedy results when used. It’s infamous for its Titanium tech, which is a combination of infrared and ion techs. Using it will give your hair a shiny look once you’re done. This tech also allows for faster drying of your hair, which, in turn, allows you to style it more easily. It fits for those who need to use dryers severally throughout a week.

The rubber feel of the exterior not only allows you to get a good grip but also creates a stylish finish for a budget-priced dryer.

  • Advisable for those newly getting into drying their own hair
  • Offers state of the art grip with its rubber feel
  • Is extremely powerful
  • Has the design of more expensive models
  • The name is a bit misleading as it’s not a 3000w model

Its rubber feel makes it a good option for beginners as well as those who require power in addition to a good hold of it, as they maneuver quite a bit when drying their hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a hairdryer?

If you’d like to, there’s no reason you should. Be sure first to know which brands go well with your hair type.

I’ve got a lot of hair, will a hairdryer work well for me?

Yes, it would. Just ensure that you get a dryer with infrared and ion tech, which will ensure that your hair completely dries up but doesn’t get damaged.

Do hairdryers work with batteries?

If you’re in the market for an affordable hair dryer, those that need to be plugged would be a better option for you.

I’m always on the road. Are there portable hairdryers available?

There are plenty of portable options now available. Some even have foldable designs so that their more compact for moving around with more easily.

What is ionic tech?

This is an advancement aimed at helping you maintain the health of your hair as it doesn’t damage it during the drying process.

Do I need a hairdryer that comes with its own accessories?

You could buy accessories separate from the model you choose. However, it’s always cheaper to get a package with everything included.

Why does my dryer get hot?

The majority of driers heat up with continuous use. So if it doesn’t have an auto switch-off feature, you should turn it off for a little while to cool. If it’s too hot, you risk damaging its circuitry.

What is necessary for me to avoid burning my hair?

Each model comes with its recommended usage distance. Ensure you keep it at that distance and do not also use it for extended periods.

Can I achieve curls by using a hairdryer?

If curls are what you desire, you could opt for a brush-fashioned dryer or use a brush as you dry your hair.

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Best Budget Hair Dryers

Knowing things like whether you’d like a portable dryer or a low energy consumption model that’s still powerful are some of the aspects to keep in mind when shopping for your cheap drier. Make a purchase that checks all the criteria you’re looking to achieve with your purchase. Here are a few top factors to look into when checking out the specifications of different models:

Heat Options

Having more than one heat setting means you can tailor the experience to try and guarantee the results you get. Most have hot, medium, and warm settings.

Cord Length

Depending on where you’re setting up your dryer, the length will play a vital role in your selection. In general, longer lengths like two meters and above allow you to work easily as you don’t have to bend around too much to avoid pulling the plug out in the process. There are also dryers with 360 rotation to keep it from getting tangled, which quickly leads to its eventual damage.


Having a heavy dryer may prove challenging if you’re working on your own hair. There are also those who would like models that can easily be carried around. The weight will prove important for such users.

Additional Accessories

For budget purchases, always aim for models that come with accessories included. These prove vital, especially when you’d like to style your hair in a certain way once it’s dried up.

Technology Used

Hair dryer manufacturers also care about your hair. That’s why dryers these days come with technologies like infrared and ionic drying. These ensure that your hair dries up while locking in moisture to maintain its healthy look.

Speed of Operation

The speed helps users get great results when coupled with a powerful motor and multiple heat settings. So, make sure that all conditions are opportune so that the results are also worthwhile.


The wattage of any given model tells you the efficiency of airflow within that hairdryer. Levels like 1875w, 1900w, and even 2000w, are ideal for users who need a lot of power. However, other factors will play into the results you get after using it, such as the heat and speed settings. So also take those into account.


Most hair dryers have a plastic frame. If you’re looking for a low-budget option that’s durable, check to ensure it’s made of hard plastic. There are also models with rubber handles, which make them easier to grip while you work.

In Summary

There are those who like to visit the hairdresser, those who air-dry their hair, while there are also those who prefer to simply use a hairdryer. If you’ve decided you want to handle things on your own, start by knowing what options are available. You also need to know your hair type so that you know which models and settings will work to ensure your hair stays stylish and also healthy.