Best Cheap Gifts for your Brother 2020

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When it comes to the best cheap gifts for your brother, regardless of whether it is for his birthday or a Christmas present, it can be a pain to figure out exactly what you think he would like. With so many different options on the market today from engravable bottle caps to first edition Stephen King books, rifling through the many bespoke products can be extremely time-consuming. Which is why we have rifled through for you and come up with our pick for the top 10 best gift ideas for your brother.

Below you will find our picks for the best ideas alongside a handy gift guide to help you find a one of a kind gift for your brother. We have broken down each product and mentioned any specific features we like, so even if you are in a hurry you will be able to spot something to suit your preferences.

Don’t waste time stressing about what to get your brother as we have done that for you. Read on to see what we would suggest picking up when the next birthday or gift-giving event pops up!

Top 10 Best Budget Gift Ideas for your Brother

1. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Portable Speaker

Image of the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - Phantom Black

Best Features: Large sound in a small package. A multitude of different color options to choose from. High IPX7 water-resistant rating for added durability.

Is your brother a music lover? If so then you may be asking yourself what musical gift you can get him that you know he will fully appreciate. Well, ask yourself no more as this portable speaker from Ultimate Ears would make a fabulous gift for any music aficionado.

This portable, 15-ounce gadget, is small enough to take with you wherever you may be planning on going. If your brother is a fan of camping or regularly travels around, then this is a perfect option as it allows him to take his favourite tunes with him wherever he goes. An IPX7 water-resistant rating means that this portable device is protected against all but the most extreme rainstorms.

There are a host of different color options to choose from, from deep red to stone grey, so you are certain to find a color that your brother likes. This portable Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker is an exceptional gift for your musically inclined brother, if you aren’t sure what to get him then definitely add this nifty gadget to your considerations.


Item Dimensions: 4.2 x 4.6 x 5.3 inches | Weight: 1.32 Pounds | Average Battery Life: 10 Hours

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2. Funus Big Water Bottle

Image of a Funus Water Bottle in color black, with gold FUNUS print at the front.

Best Features: Large 2.2-litre capacity. Plastic material is both 100% BPA free and Non-toxic. Patented lid design prevents the bottle leaking in your backpack.

If your brother is fairly active and tends to compete in a lot of sports, then you may be asking yourself what is an ideal present to get? If you are completely stumped and don’t want to buy him specialist sports gear due to unfamiliarity with a specific sport, then perhaps consider purchasing him this incredibly large Funus Water Bottle.

Regardless of the sports, your brother likes to take part in, he will need constant hydration to ensure he is playing at peak performance. This makes a water bottle, especially one of this size, and exceptional present that he will surely appreciate it. With a 2.2 litre capacity encased in a 100% BPA and toxic-free casing, this bottle has enough durable to last a lifetime.

A unique patented lid design reduces accidental spillage and water leakage when carrying it around with you in a backpack. This is a godsend as even the best water bottles are prone to the odd leak when carrying them around with you. Customizability also plays a role as this bottle is available in two unique colours, an Army Green aesthetic or a more traditional Black design. Regardless of your brother’s preferences, he is sure to find something to appreciate about this gift idea.


Package Dimensions: 11 x 5.9 x 4.8 inches | Material: Plastic | Capacity: 2.2 L | Weight: 7.4 oz

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3. QUQIYSO French Press Coffee Maker

This is an image of a coffee maker in rosegold color with accessories.

Best Features: Premium quality stainless steel design. Thick, durable borosilicate glass is suited for extremely hot coffee. Portable design is suited for taking with you on camping trips and days out.

If you and your brother are prone to popping to a café to appreciate decent coffee, then this QUQIYSO French Press may just be the gift for him. Few coffees beat a fresh French press, your brother will surely taste the difference with this remarkable coffee maker.

Each metal attachment is crafted using the finest 304 stainless steel to offer unsurpassed durability alongside a shiny premium aesthetic. The internal water bottle that holds your freshly made espresso is completely BPA free, so you can drink without worrying about poor quality plastic impeding your coffee experience.

The carafe itself is made from durable borosilicate glass which provides an extremely robust product without sacrificing aesthetics or hiking the price up too much. This is backed up by a highly accurate measurement scale featured on its side that allows you to watch each step of the coffee-making process and ensure that your coffee is made just how you like it. Few coffee lovers will find much to dislike about this marvellous product, if your brother is a coffee lover then he will love this best seller coffee maker!


Package Dimensions: 10.3 x 8 x 5.9 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Weight: 2.35 lbs. | Capacity: 8 Cups

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4. Gresus Levitating World Map

An image of a Levitating Globe with C-shaped base and with LED lights .

Best Features: Futuristic design backed up by LED lights. Unique floating globe impresses friends and family alike. The durable base can withstand even the worst bumps and bashes.

Few things in this world are as interesting as the Earth itself. With so many fantastic places to visit, each with their own unique history and folklore, it is little wonder why 15th century Europeans were obsessed with exploring the world. If your brother wishes he was an intrepid explorer discovering new countries and continents, then this Levitating world map from Gresus is just what he needs.

Mixing contemporary with classic, this magnetic globe floats inches above its stations surface offering a unique futuristic look at our world. Give it a spin and choose your future destination with ease. The base itself is adorned with 4 separate LEDs, giving you the option to choose from Blue, Green and Red offering extra functionality as a night light.

Due to its aesthetic design, this would also be suited for decoration instances such as on your brother’s desk at work or beside his computer back at home. This gift will not only just impress your brother, but it will also impress his friends as they will all be wondering how the levitation works. If your brother is a fan of exploring or even just appreciates modern technology, then this is one of the best gifts you may come across suited to him!


Package Dimensions: 7.2 x 6.93 x 3.9 inches | Globe Color: Silver/Black |  Weight: 14 ounces

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5. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit

This is an image of a beard kit includes of beard wash, conditioner and balm. With Oil and wooden comb.

Best Features: Sandalwood scented product keep your beard feeling fresh. The provided comb is durable and small enough to keep in a wallet case. The kit comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

With today’s facial hair trends and a current obsession with Viking culture, it is no wonder that so many men are currently trying to compete with each other to see who can grow the best beard. If your brother is one of them, then this beard care kit from Viking Revolution may just be the perfect gift set for him.

As expected, this grooming pack contains all your brother will need to keep his beard in peak condition. A sandalwood scented wash will keep his beard clean which when accompanied with the provided conditioner will offer a premium groomed feel. This is reinforced by a sandalwood scented oil and balm that will keep his beard in check.

Growing a beard well can be fairly difficult, with all the grooming it requires and can end up costing a fortune in salon and hairdressing bills. Why spend a fortune when this beard care kit will offer everything your bro needs at a fraction of the cost?


Package Dimensions: 9.88 x 6.93 x 2.17 inches | Scent: Sandalwood | Suitable for: All Beard Types

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6. Golden Hour Chronograph Watch

|This is an image of the GOLDEN HOUR Men's Watch in black color, black dials, and analog display.

Best Features: The sturdy material is enough to wear to everyday. Selection of designs to choose from. Highly functional watch plate offers an array of functions.

Finding a decent and stylish watch at an affordable cost is no mean feat, which is what makes this chronograph watch from Golden Hour stand out. This stylish multi-faceted watch is impressive both aesthetically and functionally which makes it one of the most ideal gifts for men on this list.

A host of different designs are available from a sleek black and blue aesthetic to a more garish rose gold, meaning you will easily find the right design for your brother. The 304 stainless steel metal will rarely rust and can withstand regular day-to-day use with ease. This makes it especially suited for outgoing types who want to impress their friends with a stylish watch.

The watch face itself features a vast array of different functions thanks to a multi-functional sub-dial that can be programmed to show seconds or even adapted into a portable calendar. A 3ATM resistant design also allows its wearer to pass through water up to 30m deep without worrying about the watch sustain water damage. With such an array of designs and features that even the sternest people will appreciate, this Golden Hour watch is without a doubt an ideal present for any sibling.


Item Dimensions:  96.46 x 1.65 x 0.51 inches | Material: Stainless Steel | Movement: Japanese Quartz | Water Resistant up to 30M

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7. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

An image of a 100 movie scratch poster in black and tan.

Best Features: Comes wrapped in protective paper so it’s ready to give to your brother as soon as it arrives. The unique interactive concept offers more than your typical poster. Low cost makes it an ideal birthday gift.

If your brother is anything like mine, then he will consider himself a movie buff. With so many incredible movies to choose from, finding the right movie for a Friday night can be extremely difficult. This extremely impressive poster can negate this completely by offering a selection of the 100 greatest films of all time. When you have seen one of the movies listed on this poster, simply scratch off the section to reveal art relating to the film itself.

Few posters offer as much interactivity as this as it offers, not only an impressive take on cover art but a unique scratch-off concept suited for movie fans. The poster itself comes pre-wrapped in a protective paper that offers security during postage as well as a unique gift-wrap saving you the need to wrap it up in tissue paper.

This is without a doubt amongst some of the great gifts available on Amazon today specifically suited for your sibling. If your brother enjoys movies and can appreciate a good looking poster, then this scratch-off poster is easily a great gift that he will love.


Item Dimensions: 16.5 x 23.4 inches | Theme: Movies

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8. Teyslar Phone Docking Station

This is an image of a hone docking station in color brown, with mobile phone, eyeglasses, iWatch, airPods, and a ballpen on it.

Best Features: Dark ash wood aesthetic is extremely pleasant to look at. A perfect way to organise cables and peripherals. Sturdy and Eco-friendly item.

One of the most common problems in our home is losing your phone charger and blaming your siblings. The minute it goes missing, if your home is anything like mine, you immediately start pointing your finger at your brother or sister. If this is the case in your home too, then you may be interested in this superb wood docking station that will keep your brothers phone and all it’s peripherals safely together.

This multi-functional station provides a place for you to keep your phone securely held while charging so your brother will no longer have to traipse around the house looking for a spare charger. It also has room to hold all your external tech gadgets such as a smartwatch, his credit cards or a Bluetooth amplifier. Especially convenient cut-outs provide space for a charger to pass through without getting in the way or tangling up with other cords.

The stations wooden aesthetic stands out and will be perfectly suited to adorn a coffee table or a chest of drawers. The solid ash wood used isn’t covered by a toxic protective film that is sadly common in a lot of durable wooden products, which makes this an exceptional eco-friendly option. This is a great gift that your brother will surely appreciate. There’s no need to argue about who is using who’s charger when the whole media kit can be stored securely together!


Item Dimensions: 8.66 x 7.48 x 0.78 inches | Material: Wood

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9. Mixology & Craft Whiskey Set

This is an image of a Whiskey Stone Gif set for men in wooden box, two whiskey glasses ice tongs and granite chilling stones.

Best Features: Aesthetic storage box that can hold all the supplied items. Tools you need to make a good whiskey cocktail are provided. A unique idea that won’t be found in your everyday grocery store.

After a week of working and stressing about adult life, settling down into your man cave with a sip of whiskey is an incredibly effective way of winding down. This is especially true during the winter season where a dab of whiskey will help warm you up on a cold day. If your brother appreciates a good whiskey as much as the next guy, then this whiskey tasting set could be just what he needs. Whack out the bottle opener and get ready to appreciate whiskey in a whole new way.

Supplied inside a sturdy but stylish wooden box are all the items you need to create a pleasant drinking experience. Two high quality 10 Oz. crystal whiskey glasses come alongside a pair of slate coasters, that offer a premium whiskey experience commonly found in expensive bars and restaurants. 8 granite stones used to keep your drink cool without watering it down can be dropped in the glasses using the supplied metal tongs so you no longer need to worry about keeping ice cubes at home.

If your brother has ever expressed any interest in mixing his own whiskey-based cocktails then you can rest easy as this tasting set comes with a collection of recipes on nifty little cards. This provides an easy way to quickly find the type of drink you want offering a unique cocktail experience in the comfort of your own home. A whiskey set is easily a great gift choice that all men will truly appreciate, and this easily a contender for the best you will find anywhere at this low cost!


Item Dimensions: 10.66 x 8.62 x 5.07 inches | Weight: 4.47 pounds | Whiskey Glasses: 10 oz.

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10. DIGITNOW! Turntable Record Player

Image of a Turntable Record Player with white case.

Best Features: Choice of connection method, whether through USB or a typical record player connection. 3 different speed options suited for any sized vinyl. Briefcase style model offers a means of portability.

There are few better ways to appreciate a new album than by setting up your record player and relaxing to the unique sound quality that a turntable can provide. Whether it’s Soft Cell records from the 80s or the newest Gorillaz album on vinyl, listening to your favourite songs through a record player can offer a stellar experience. If your brother is a fan of music, then he will find something to enjoy with this record player from Digitnow!

Using a USB connection, you can hook this turntable up to your PC or similar USB device and play your music through the attached speakers with minimal fuss. But if you think your brother is after a more traditional method of use then worry not as this turntable will happily play any size vinyl, as the name might suggest.

Whether it’s an EP or an LP this record player has you covered thanks to a choice of 3 adjustable speeds suited for any record type you may come across. The inbuilt speakers are also no slouch as they offer superb audio quality more commonly associated with premium products. This record player is highly loved by an array of people, just check out the Amazon reviews to see why. A suitable gift for brothers of all ages, be sure to consider this when it comes to purchasing your next set of Christmas gifts!


Item Dimensions: 13.78 x 11.02 x 4.92 inches | Weight:  5.62 lbs | Speed: 3 speeds

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Considerations for Buying Gifts for your Brother

His Interests

The best gifts are those with a lot of thought behind them, gifts that you know they will both like but is something that they wouldn’t have considered purchasing for themselves. Gifts are a great way to show that you know somebody well and that you know what they do and don’t like and can also be a nice way to show someone that you care about them. It can also be a great way to impress the in-laws, especially your brother in law.

Before deciding on the right gifts for brothers, you want to ensure that you consider what his interests actually are and that you aren’t buying a gift secretly for yourself. If you are at all unsure what your brother likes, as sometimes it can be difficult to fully ascertain, then you may want to investigate. Try asking your parents or his friends what they think he would appreciate. You could also think back to previous Christmas gifts he has received and try to buy something related to one of those.

Ensuring the gifts you have in mind aligns with your brothers’ interests is the best way in knowing whether or not your brother will fully appreciate the gift you have in mind. No matter what though, at the end of the day we are certain your brother will appreciate anything that has thought behind it.


When it comes to narrowing down the potential gifts for your brother, you should always take their age into a consideration. You will usually struggle to purchase the same gifts for kids as you would for older men. For example, a kid shouldn’t be receiving alcohol for their Christmas gifts whereas a grown-up probably won’t appreciate the latest Fortnite Lego set.

This is also something that should be considered in sizing too if the gifts you are considering are wearable. Items such as t-shirts and watches will feature varying sizes suited for people of different ages. A grown-up will probably struggle to fit in a t-shirt that has been designed with kids sizes in mind. As long as you consider every facet of any gifts that have caught your eye and take your brothers age into consideration, you will be able to find the right gift for them.


Finding a present that offers a level of customizability can help enhance how much your brother will appreciate the gifts you have bought for him. Kids will especially love the novelty of having their name engraved in the front of their book or on the side of an enamel mug. This can help elevate what was previously a general gift into one that will stay with your brother for a long time.

Many gifts will come with a level of customizability so be sure to check if that option is available when it comes to deciding on the final present idea. You may also discover that you can fully mold a product to your brothers liking such as changing the colours on a pair of shoes to ones that you know are his favourites. When in doubt try to figure out what your brother would like the most and you will easily find the right gifts for him.


Although it can be hard to admit, you will tend to want to spend less on gifts if possible as long as you know your family will appreciate them. As tempting as it may be, you may not want to spend a fortune on the latest Nintendo Switch Lite for your little brother, you should save this for Santa!

Before you peruse the vast array of gifts available for purchase today, be sure to set yourself a rough budget so you don’t end up spending far more than you can afford. Siblings and family will rarely take cost into consideration if the gifts you have given are thought out and something that they will appreciate. Instead of buying the console perhaps just go for a one or two video games instead. You should also try to coordinate with your parents or other siblings as you may all have the same present in mind. If so you can just chip in together for a larger present, such as that Nintendo Switch I mentioned earlier, so you will all save in the long run!


What is the best birthday gift for my brother?

This depends entirely on your sibling’s personal preferences and what you think he would appreciate unwrapping. The best presents are ones that are adapted to suit your bros needs and where it is clear that you have put a lot of thought behind them. You should also be sure to check out any options that can be uniquely customized to suit your brothers such as engravings and specific color choices.

What are the best gifts under $10?

There are a host of different gifts that you can find for under $10, but the ones that I personally appreciate the most are those that show that you have considered my interests and hobbies. Books and other unique options are typically fairly cheap while still catering to your families interests.

Another idea is to find a present that allows the receiver to pick for themselves. One such kind of option is a gift card or similar voucher as this will allow your brother to decide exactly what they want without you running the risk of purchasing something that he isn’t really a fan of. This is especially ideal if you are on a budget as most cards start at around $10 so you can easily limit what you are spending with the knowledge that it will be appreciated.

What are some cheap gift ideas?

Much like the previous questions, this again depends on what your brother enjoys and what his hobbies and interests are. A good book is a perfect present for someone who appreciates reading whereas a younger sibling may appreciate a new video game, party game or similar product. When you give a gift you tend to overthink how much you are spending on it, but this rarely factors into how much the receiver will appreciate the present.

Even the cheapest options, as long as though has been shown, can make someone’s day. The next time you are trying to find the right present for your brother, just follow your gut and plan around his interests and he will be more than grateful with whatever you get him!

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